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”God Is Alive-Project Temple” Fund…Bank Account Name: Ferdinand Y. Gonzalez & Jane M. Manucdoc Branch: Metrobank Cabanatuan City, Maharlika North Account No.: 237-3-23704848-3 Date:_______________________

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Beloved friends, Peace, prosperity and protection be upon you through our Lord Jesus Christ! For almost 20 years of serving, praying and waiting, the God-appointed time has now come. He has also prepared the people that He chooses by placing them in the right places & right situations in this life, for them to become channels in fulfilling the purposes of God. Nothing is by accident; all good things were planned by God, even the coming of this letter in your hand. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. Now is the time to build the House of God and the appointed time for God’s chosen instruments from all parts of the world to participate in the building of God’s house. As of now, all the brethren are helping in gathering the needed amount for the fulfillment of the Project: Temple of God’s Glory”. All are communicating to their friends, relatives and brethrens and to all who love the Lord here in the Philippines and in other parts of the world to ask for financial support. We are doing this because of the need at hand and for the glory of God. Anyone who gives will be of much help in this very glorious project. We are boldly asking you to please help us. We know that is the joy of every human being to serve God and offer Him that best from whatever we own, even our selves if necessary. The Lord will not forget & will reward all who are doing good. All our good works are recorded in the book of heaven. We pray for your continuous prosperity, both body, soul & spirit. • NEEDED FUNDS ENUMERATED / NECESSARY TO BE RAISED: o (latest & more accurate computation): -Amount needed to construct a simple church building= -Amount needed for the important equipment= -Amount needed for the full payment of the 1st set of lots approx. 996 sq. mtsr.= -Amount needed to pay the 2nd set of additional lots approx. 1,000 sq.mtrs. Being paid monthly to RCBC at P15,000/month for 5 years (started on May 2007), interests and taxes included (approx.)= Total Need: -(Note: Fence & Paint not yet included.)

P 1,700,000.00 P 250,000.00 P 102,443.22 P 1,250,000.00 P 3,302,443.22

Thank you, All for the glory of God,

*My response to the Lord:
”I want to be a part and help for the lot and House of God construction” *Amount given: ________________ *Date given: ____________________ *How it was given _______________ *Name:_________________________ *Address:_______________________ *Contact Number:________________ *Date of response:________________ *Signature:________________________ (Please return this part for recording and reporting purposes) For more information please visit our website: www.god-is-alive.org

Rev. Ferdinand Y. Gonzalez Senior Pastor

Sister Jane M. Manucdoc Finance, Properties & Resources Dept. Head

Sister Olive Deluna Church Treasurer

Chapter: Cabanatuan City Start of church: Sometime in February 1987 Church Age: around 20 years Mission & Purpose: *To bring the gospel of Christ into all the world & to make disciples of all the nations.” *To seek & save the lost & to destroy the works of the _devil.” *Preaching, warning & teaching every man to present them complete & perfect in Christ Jesus.