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Progress Test 40 minutes



is sometimes more than one possible answer.

1 I drink occasionally coffee.

I occasionally drink coffee

2 She walks from her flat to the city centre seldom.

3 Jan goes once in a while to visit her sister.

4 I read every so often the newspaper.

5 He most weeks goes to the gym.

6 We have most of the time a healthy diet.




7 Tom stays rarely at work after 5.30.

8 Alice every now and again sends me an email.

9 I more often than not do some work at the


Choose the correct prepositions.

possible? If not, choose the correct one.

1 Im not very interested of/ in politics.

2 We used to go/went to Spain on holiday last year.

2 Australia is famous about/for its beaches.

3 During the summer we used to play/d play in the


5 She was very satisfied with/for the course.

6 Were you aware in/of the problem?

7 Im not sure with/about the colour of that tie.

8 Anna was shocked for/by the standard of driving.
9 I was very fond of/about music as a child.
10 I was fascinated in/by the local culture.

12 My tutor was impressed by/for my exam results.

13 Frank is sick of/with driving to work every day.


11 Is Tim excited about/with going to Japan?



1 When I was young, I used to be /d be very shy.

4 We were really disappointed of/in our hotel.


to buy a new
car, not a second-hand one.
Its an interesting article but I dont agree with the
planned to go to the USA, but
in the end we went to Italy instead.
My only
of the restaurant is that
the music was too loud.
If we change our minds, people will see it as a sign
I didnt think his reason for being late was very
. Did you believe him?
Do you think he
meant it?
Despite wearing a hat and dark glasses, Madonna
was immediately
to everyone.
Try to plan your time more
. You
cant do everything in one day.
I wasnt sure it was the right thing to do, but in
the end I was
by his arguments.

Look at these sentences. Are both verb forms

3 My mum is terrified for/of big dogs.


3 I think it would be

Correct the word order in these sentences. There




Fill in the gaps with the correct form of these words.

improvereal (x 2)convince (x 2)weakorigin
1 Ive seen a great
2 He needs to take


in your work.
for his actions.

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woods for hours.

My mother is always complaining/always
complains about how much everything costs.
When Adela was younger, she used to have/d have
a pet rabbit.
Our kids will play/play their music too loudly it
drives me crazy!
My father didnt use to/used to like cooking.
Once I used to try/tried to write a novel, but I
never finished it.
Uncle Harry never used to like/liked gardening.
Every day when I get home, I ll have/m having a
packet of biscuits.
When I was a child, I wanted/d want to be famous.
My neighbours will park/are always parking their
car in front of my house!
What did you use to/used to do during the school

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Instructions p232


a Thats

, but fatty food is so bad

for children.
b I see what 3
, but not if they only
get a little bit now and then.
a You might 4
, Tim. I give my
kids burgers or pizzas on Saturdays, but they
eat healthy food quite happily all the other days,
which is what all parents want.
b Well, I cant 5
. What about fizzy
a I let mine have what they like, you know, lemonade,
cola. I cant really 6
forcing them to
drink water all day. A bit of sugar gives them energy
and it doesnt do any harm.
b Oh, do 7
? Sugar makes children
a I suppose youve 8
b Well, Im 9
. My kids run about all
day and theyre not overweight.
a Yes, I see 10
. But what about all
the chemicals they put in those drinks? Some of
them are very bad for you, I think.
b Oh, I 11
that. Most of that stuff is
harmless. If it was dangerous, they couldnt put it
in the drinks, could they?
a I 12
, actually.

Fill in the gaps with the correct positive, negative or

question form of used to, be used to or get used to.
Sometimes there is more than one possible answer.
1 When I was younger, I

used to
eat a lot of
2 I grew up in the country so when I first came to
London I
city life.
3 I dont think I
speaking English all the time!
4 Weve just moved to Australia, we
different customs.
5 My grandparents
drive they
preferred to walk.
living in
such a hot country yet?
7 Where
when you were at college?
8 The office
be very noisy, but its
much quieter now.
9 Nick works as a waiter in the evenings, so he
going to bed late.
10 Johns only been in Germany a few days so he still
driving on the right.
11 Walking to work this morning was tiring because I
taking the bus every day.
12 I dont think I could ever
a foreign language every day. 

Fill in the gaps in the conversation with these



Tick the correct sentences. Change the incorrect


1 More often than no he gets to work late.
2 Ive been to Italy twice in my life.
3 It took me years to be used to the cold winters.
4 He ended up working as an English teacher.
5 Hes needing some help with his homework.
6 Last week weve seen a great film on TV.
7 Hes been working in that office since March.
8 I dont remember to meet him before.
9 They forgot to pick up the car from the garage.

I dont think children should eat fast food like

about that
b Oh, I dont know 1
. Surely, if
its not allowed theyll just want to eat it more,


Instructions p232

Cambridge University Press 2012

11 Its been a long time since we met, isnt it?

12 My father is bilingual at French and Spanish.
13 Youd better go or youll be late.
14 I picked out some French on holiday.
15 Lots of people went to the lecture, but I wasnt.

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about thatbe right therewouldnt say

got a point there suppose thats true you think so
argue with that see the point of a good point
still not convinced you mean your point

10 Hes stopped to play football professionally.