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Lucy Murray

PLSC 323
Professor Robinson and Krasno
May 5, 2015
The 114th and 115th Congress Yearend report
Dear fellow Americans,
I want to first thank for all the trust that was placed in me in
representing Tennessees 4th district again in the 115th Congress. I have
continuously held traditional views supporting Americas advancement
and maintaining conventional values. I hope to convince that my
record in Congress can help me receive continue support not only from
the Republican Party but all of America. With president Obamas
reelection and republican majority in congress we have shown every
effort to work with the democrats and the president to get things done
and help America be the best America it can be. As the republican
representative of Tennessee I have taken pride in my state and held
important responsibility in continuing the fight for my people and
maintain traditional values. I wanted to represent all of my fellow
citizens not just the wealthy or the poor but everyone. I truly believe
that the best government there could ever be is where everyones
struggles and opinion are valued the same way. I also believe that the
government has really deteriorated with the amount of debt we have
created since the 2008 bail out of the financial crisis. As we try to help
the American people we are really not when we create more debt. As
debt collects up, our citizens are losing faith in America. I am not afraid

to cross party line in congress to protect Americans against future

consequences of a bill.
With my recent health issue dealing with cancer, I have taken
priority to improve Americans health. As obesity becomes more
common, we are seeing more people with heart diseases, diabetes and
cancer. These are not problems that we only see in adults but also
children. Having been a doctor for all these years in a hospital I see
many citizens struggling with health issues that is caused by being
overweight. I wanted to dig deeper into the issue of why Americans are
having so much struggle losing weight. As we introduce more and
more products to help American lose weight such as reduced fat, sugar
free and less calories, why is obesity becoming a bigger issue every
year. I worked with close colleagues to see what is really happening
with the American Diet. Many patients had come to me with health
problems from a low-income family. As they struggle to put food from
on the table, the food stamp program is pushing out more canned and
processes food not only for our working class but also for our future
generation. The prices of fresh produce are high and the accessibility is
low. I have hand-written a bill to help Americans have more affordable
diet that will affect their all around health in a positive way. Since the
first lady, Michelle Obama launched the Lets Move campaign in 2008
she has progressively changed the movement from a healthier diet and
moderate exercise makes a healthy lifestyle to Children need to

exercise. We are facing a bigger issue here and that is the dominant
food industry in all of our lives. With the farm subsidy bill it will be the
first successful attempt in fighting against large food corporation. It
has been a very controversial bill to push through congress but I realize
that I am here through each and every one of your trust.
My years in medicine practice have really built a connection and
an understanding with patients. It has become more and more
common for Americans to have health insurance whether it is provided
by work or self-paid. More and more Americans are educated about
health care every year and the government should provide more
options for people to chose from. That is also the beauty of
industrializing health insurance. With the passage of Obamacare, we
have forced Americans into a choice that they might not want to make.
Obamacare not only threatens individual liberty but also businesses. I
personally took it as a defeat when Obamacare passed through the
congress. Since then I have tried to help repeal this law in everyway. I
supported the continuous passage of HR 31. As supporters of this bill
faced strong criticism, we came up with a better program than
ObamaCare that gave the people more freedom. Instead of taking
cheap public health care away all together we gave the people that
would have of relied on ObamaCare an alternative.
I have been open about speaking against gay marriage. Even
though I am harshly criticized for my opinion against it I am trying to

protect American values. Marriage has been around for centuries and
centuries. It has also meant the same thing where a man and a woman
take their vow for each other to spend their life together. Over the
years there have been many new words that are added to the marriage
vocabulary such as polygamy. As society evolve creating new social
situation that has become more common and accepted the right thing
to do is to create new word or category. Changing traditions around not
only degrade our history but also erase the past. As society opens up
to new circumstances I must firmly stand my ground to protect
American values.
In the 115th congress I have also supported the repeal DoddFrank Act which I believe to be hurting our economy more than it to be
helping. The bill was drafted under good intention to strength economy
by supporting business but also keeping them in check so we dont
have a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis. After the bill was passed, the
effects of the bill have hurt small business while protecting larger
businesses. If we remember what happened on the fateful day of
September 15, 2008, Lehman brotherss bankruptcy lead to a series of
bank and financial company to fail. It was the big business that started
it all. Dodd-Frank Act did the opposite of what it is intent to do, which is
to eliminate unaccountable bureaucracies. Dodd-Frank Act also came
especially hard on small businesses that are suffering more. With all
the new regulations that are complex it will not only be time

consuming but also costly. Larger firms can afford lawyers and other
employees to specifically analyze them. Some larger firms are also
protected by the feds for the specific category of too big to fail.
A large government program that has really put financial stress
on Americans is the Social Security Program that was created by
Franklin Roosevelt to help the disable and the elderly recover and
survive during and after the great depression. While the idea of it
might have work in the 1930s, since then the birth rate in United
States has fluctuated drastically. The baby boomers are now starting to
retired and the current generation cannot keep up. The program is
running out of money. We need to end it before it continuous to
generate debt as people who have previously paid feels entitled to
their social security check. There is no easy way to just completely cut
it off. If we do it gradually and slowly cutting off funding then it would
have less effects on one specific generation. The program should also
refine in people who desperately need the program to survive. Social
Security was intended to be more of a welfare program so since its
start it has developed in to a program that is similar to government
bond pay now, get it later.
Keeping the country running is no easy task. It depends on the
president and all of us. I am committed to represent my state and all of
America. I want to continue to take apart in the money committee
helping the country out of this budget deficit problem. I hope the

congress will see a lot more of me as I continue to push for bills for
everyday Americans in the 116th congress. I am proud of my work in
the 114th and 115th congress but most importantly I want to make my
supporters and America proud. I will be part of the task of making
America stronger.
Representative Scott Dejarlais
Tennessee 4th district