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7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley

The 7 Day Chakra Overhaul

Bringing clarity, focus, & relaxation to your life & business
Carrie Hensley

The 7 Day Chakra Overhaul is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.


7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley

Table of Contents
Brief Overview of Chakra System
Day One: Muladhara Chakra (Root Chakra: Grounding)
Day Two: Svadhistana Chakra (Sacral Chakra: Creativity)
Day Three: Manipura Chakra (Solar Plexus Chakra: Personal Power/Purpose)
Day Four: Anahata Chakra (Heart Chakra: Art of Relationships)
Day Five: Vishuddha Chakra (Throat Chakra: Speaking our Truth)
Day Six: Ajna Chakra (Third Eye Chakra: Wisdom & Intuition)
Day Seven: Sahasrara Chakra (Crown Chakra: Connection to Source)


and your creativity with the world. not just with your family and close friends.7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Introduction Welcome! It is an honor for me that our paths have crossed. You know you have… 4 . your wisdom. your passion. I believe you are here because you know it is time to… Stop Playing Small I believe you are here because you are ready to share your gifts.

7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley My intention with the 7 Day Chakra Overhaul is to provide you with practical tools to jumpstart this process and create a solid foundation to build upon. and possibilities for growth and release. List of characteristics Each chakra has a list of characteristics particular to that chakra. sense. Here we define each chakra. and greatest obstacle to overcome when working with this chakra. make you aware of limiting beliefs. particular function. Questions to Ask Yourself Thought provoking questions to stir your soul. There are several components to each day of the overhaul. 5 . its related element.

Namaste’ Carrie February 2012 6 . access our gifts and talents and share them with the world. I believe we can uncover this purpose. This purpose becomes buried under the stress and tension of everyday living. I believe this is just the beginning for you. I believe the world needs you and your talents. Are you ready to stop playing small? I believe in you.7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Chakra Overhaul Challenge Each day will present a new chakra challenge to help you connect with that particular chakra. I believe you are a gift to this world. It is my belief that each of us comes to this earth with a particular purpose.

wellbeing. you will begin to uncover areas that feel deficient or overworked and gain techniques to recalibrate your system for optimal health. 7 . When a chakra is deficient it is blocked in a closed state. Throughout the upcoming week of the 7 Day Chakra Overhaul. and clarity. It is unable to generate or receive energy on that particular plane. It receives all energies through that particular plane.7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Chakra System Overview According to yoga philosophy. focus. By working with the chakras you can remove blocked energy and uncover old limiting belief patterns that prevent you from living the life you deserve. A chakra is excessive when it is stuck in an open state. the chakras are wheel-like energy centers. There are seven main chakras located along the spine and twenty one minor chakras located throughout the body.

is the foundation for all other chakras. or root chakra.7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Day One: Muladhara Chakra Muladhara Chakra~ Root Chakra Meaning: Root Support Location: Perineum Element: Earth Sense: Smell Color Association: Red Function: Survival. Grounding Greatest Obstacle: Fear Basic Right: To have The Muladhara chakra. In order to work our way up through the other chakras. financial stability. These needs include food. The first chakra explores our relationship to our tribal family and seeks to make sure our basic needs are met. 8 . and physical health. shelter. we must first ground or “root” down and create stability.

the first chakra will become deficient and/or closed. and the support we need to explore. extend. or addiction. Grounding will prevent an overload of the stress and tension we encounter on a daily basis. . and grow. such as hoarding or fear of change. security. The first chakra is stuck open when there is an abnormal amount of clinging. 9 When there is not enough support or stability. over reactivity.7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Chakra Deficiency or Excess This act of grounding down provides the stability. We may experience this as an excessive amount of fear.

nationality? How is my physical health? Do I make time to move daily? Are my food choices healthy? Do I consider my home a safe haven? Is my home clean and clutter free? How much time do I spend on my business? Am I overwhelmed with my business? Am I able to support myself/family financially? Do I know my debt to income ratio? What are my greatest fears? 10 . culture.7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Questions to Ask Yourself: Did I have a safe upbringing? Was money an issue in my family? Was there food on the table or was it scarce? Do I experience a sense of overall belonging to my family.

7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley First Chakra Overhaul Challenge Practice one of the following grounding techniques today:  Grounding Meditation: http://www.carriehensley. 11 .com/chakraoverhaul  Yoga  Spend time in nature walking or hiking  Dancing  Any time of activity that brings your attention to the present moment and home in the body.

and the possibility of change. 12 . with the second chakra we are now ready to explore our emotions. With our basic needs met through the first chakra. we can now turn our attention to realize our deepest desires.7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Day Two: Svadhistana Chakra Svadhisthana Chakra~ Sacral Chakra Meaning: Sweetness Location: Sacrum Element: Water Sense: Taste Color Association: Orange Function: Desire. movement. Sexuality Greatest Obstacle: Guilt Basic Right: To feel Whereas we worked to ground and stabilize our energy through our first chakra.

When the chakra is stuck open. in the womb of the second chakra. we are ruled by our emotions. 13 The greatest source of deficiency in the second chakra is fear of change and an inability to feel emotions. It is here. There is a tendency to overreact and move from one extreme emotion to the next. the life we each deserve to live becomes a reality. realized. that our greatest dreams incubate.7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Chakra Deficiency or Excess As we come home to our deepest desires. . nurtured. the seed of potential planted.

7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Questions to Ask Yourself: Do you make sure everyone else’s needs are met before your own? Do you know what makes you happy? Do you believe you deserve to achieve your greatest desires? Do you give yourself time to relax and decompress on a daily/weekly basis? Do you rest when your body needs it? Do you feel guilty when you want to do something for yourself? What do you do to release stress and tension? Is your life balanced between work and pleasure? Are you able to process your emotions in a healthy capacity? Are you in touch with your own sexuality? Do you need to control everything in your environment? Do you adapt to change easily? Is gratitude an essential component in your life? Do you see your life as half full or half empty? 14 .

do both!)  Take yourself out to lunch  Go for a hike in nature  Clean out your closets and donate unwanted items to a local charity  Write your business plan for your next business venture  Insert your plan here ________________________________________ 15 .7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Second Chakra Overhaul Challenge Today do something nice for yourself:  Take the day off  Receive a massage  Receive a manicure/pedicure (for extra credit.

we start to understand our habitual patterns that produce negativity. This creates the space for us to own our personal power. The third chakra focuses on transformation. we simply move through them. When we learn to observe versus react. 16 .7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Day Three: Manipura Chakra Manipura Chakra~ Solar Plexus Chakra Meaning: Lustrous Gem Location: Solar Plexus Element: Fire Sense: Sight Color Association: Yellow Function: Will/Power Greatest Obstacle: Shame Basic Right: To act When we are grounded. we do not react to our emotions as they arise.

our self-esteem and confidence grows. A deficient third chakra can be manifested through digestive and metabolic problems. . Our inner guidance and trust builds. We begin to live our lives authentically. making choices that nurture and honor ourselves. From this place. 17 Lack of self-worth and a deep rooted sense of shame are at the heart of both a deficient and excessive third chakra. we ultimately come to know our true authentic self. An excessive third chakra is usually displayed by pride and the need to appear larger than one is.7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Chakra Deficiency or Excess As we release all that prevents us from experiencing these qualities.

whole.7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Questions to Ask Yourself: Do you consider yourself a confident person? Do you know your worth at your core? Do you recognize that place within you that is perfect. and complete? Do you believe you have gifts to offer the world? What are your greatest strengths? What are you most proud of yourself for accomplishing? Are you confident in your abilities to create the life and business you want? Do you stand up for yourself on a regular basis? Do you trust your gut? Do you get paralyzed by life’s disappointments or are you able to overcome these obstacles? Do you believe you have choices? Do you give your power away by allowing someone else to make choices for you? 18 .

7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Third Chakra Overhaul Challenge Take a risk today:  Create a list of the negative beliefs you hold about yourself. Now go burn it  Balance your checkbook: The reality can be painful but it is empowering to know where we stand in order to recognize where we want to go  Write out 5 Personal/Professional goals you want to accomplish this year and write out three action steps for each  Ask for a raise  Write a list of all of the accomplishments you are proud of. Laminate it and stick it on your wall where you can see it  What other risk could you take? 19 .

7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Day Four: Anahata Chakra Anahata Chakra~ Heart Meaning: Unstruck Location: Heart Element: Air Sense: Touch Color Association: Green Function: Survival. exploring our deepest desires and emotions without attaching to them. and owning our own power by shedding negative habit patterns). We begin to create this wholeness by working through the first three chakras. We learn to integrate all aspects of our self. Love Greatest Obstacle: Grief Basic Right: To love The fourth chakra works to generate balance. 20 . making us whole. (securing our fundamental needs.

. When the heart chakra is stuck open. We do this through the art of relationships. one experiences depression. extreme isolation.7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Chakra Deficiency or Excess It is then that we are ready to extend and receive the gift of love. 21 When the heart chakra is deficient. and fear of intimate relationships. explore and grow through relationships. As we work to connect. true healing begins. one is unable to establish healthy boundaries and gives without replenishing.

7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Questions to Ask Yourself Do you believe it is your birthright to love and be loved? What do you love about yourself? Is it easy or difficult to connect to others for you? Have you experienced unconditional love from someone? Who do you love unconditionally? Do you feel love for all beings? How do you express your love to those around you? Is it easy or difficult to forgive others who have hurt you? Do you still hold onto old resentments and past anger? How do you create balance in your life between work and pleasure? Do you experience peace on a daily basis? What would you need to do to create more peace in your life? 22 .

7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Fourth Chakra Overhaul Challenge Nurture a relationship today:  Write yourself a love letter  Write someone you know a love letter  Make a new personal/professional relationship  Grow your twitter/facebook account by making new friends  Volunteer  What else can you do today to nurture a relationship? 23 .

self-expression.7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Day Five: VissudhaChakra Vishuddha Chakra~ Throat Chakra Meaning: Purification Location: Throat Element: Sound/Ether Sense: Hearing Color Association: Bright Blue Function: Communication/Creativity Greatest Obstacle: Lie Basic Right: To speak & be heard In the fifth chakra. It is here that we learn about true communication through sound. we learn to speak our truth. we begin to cultivate intuition. 24 . In learning to honor our own truth. and creativity. vibration.

not what we were taught or what we think is expected of us. There is an undeniable freedom and authentic power born from being able to choose ourselves. . 25 With a deficient fifth chakra. A person tends to over talk without saying much when the fifth chakra is stuck open. we begin to follow our own path (dharma).7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Chakra Deficiency or Excess As we learn to trust ourselves. what is best for us. One may experience tightness in the throat and/ or shoulders. there is difficulty or no communication.

monthly. yearly? How strong is your willpower when it comes to accomplishing these goals? 26 .7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Questions to Ask Yourself Do you believe you can express yourself openly and honestly? Can you express your feelings? Do you feel you have a right to express yourself truthfully? Do you surround yourself with people who honor your personal truth? Do you have to hide your truth from certain people in your life? Is creativity a daily part of your life? What do you do to express yourself creatively? Can you express your creativity in your business? Do you experience moments of silence throughout your day or are you constantly busy? Do your actions match your words? Do you set goals for yourself weekly.

7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Chakra Five Overhaul Challenge Do something creative today:  Make a painting  Journal  Make jewlery  Take a pottery class  Take a camera and go take photos in nature  Download some yoga chants from Itunes & sing  Spend the day in silence  What other creative endeavor could you do today? 27 .

express our emotions. cultivate relationships with others. We have worked to create stability.7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Six: VissudhaChakra Ajna Chakra~ Third Eye Chakra Meaning: Command Center Location: Brow Element: Light Color Association: Indigo Function: Intuition/Imagination Greatest Obstacle: Illusion Basic Right: To see We are continuing up through the chakras. and begin to speak our truth. not as we previously thought it was. As we move into the sixth chakra. access our personal power. 28 . we begin to see reality as it is.

. one sixth chakra deficiency comes through as insensitivity. we begin to access more frequently that place within us that is non-changing and perfect. As we witness it in ourselves we are more capable of recognizing it in others. With an excessive sixth chakra. one’s intuition can manifest through hallucinations and an inability to decipher one’s intuitive capabilities.7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Chakra Deficiency or Excess Through constant self-observation. We truly begin to feel the interconnection between all things at the sixth chakra. 29 While it is more difficult to discern deficiencies and excesses in the upper two chakras.

twenty years? Are you limited or expanded by your imagination? What would be different in your life if you realized all of your dreams? 30 .7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Questions to Ask Yourself Do you believe your life has meaning? Do you see your life struggles as having a greater purpose to teach? Do you believe you are responsible for your life or is someone calling the shots? Do you believe you are a human being having a spiritual experience or a spiritual being having a human experience? Do you consider yourself an intuitive person? What wisdom do you tap into regarding your life. five years. your happiness? Do you like to learn? What books do you read to access life’s wisdom? Do you use visualization techniques to grow your life and business? Where do you see your life and business in one year. your business. your finances.

have you been able to tap into your intuition and trust yourself when making current life and business choices?  What else would you add here? 31 .7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Chakra Six Overhaul Challenge Extracting wisdom:  Write down 5-10 “difficult” life/business experiences (relationships that have dissolved. business transactions that failed)  On a separate piece of paper. write down everything you learned from these experiences  How have these life experiences shaped you?  From these experiences.

as all illusions dissolve. God. 32 . Through right understanding we experience bliss.7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Day Seven: Sahasrara Chakra Sahasrara Chakra~ Crown Chakra Meaning: Thousand Fold Location: Top of Head Element: Thought Color Association: Violet/White Function: Understanding/Bliss Greatest Obstacle: Attachment Basic Right: To know Through the seventh chakra. we ultimately come to understand that we are all one. Spirit. It is here that we achieve ultimate liberation and connect to our concept of Source.

Another tendency with an overactive seventh chakra is to dissociate with reality. there is a holier than though know it all attitude.7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Chakra Deficiency or Excess You are one with all. . When the seventh chakra is stuck open. 33 A deficient seventh chakra occurs when one has the inability to think for themselves and constantly seek validation from others.

and joy that exist around you? How often do you experience the beauty of the arts? Do you participate in any rituals. and change? What are your greatest attachments in this life? What do you need to let go of in order to experience bliss? Is gratitude an essential value in your life? 34 .7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Questions to Ask Yourself Do you feel you have a particular path/purpose in this lifetime? Do you believe in a higher power. grace. sacredness. Spirit. like connecting to the equinox or solstice. hardships. Source. or participate in regular activities that access your connection to Source? Do you meditate? What are your truths about life. God? Do you tend to get caught up in the details of your life or can you see the bigger picture? Do you acknowledge the beauty. death.

temple. mosque  Spend time gardening  Create art  What other ways can you connect to the Sacred? 35 .7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Chakra Seven Overhaul Challenge Connect to the Sacred Around You:  Spend time in a museum  Attend the symphony/concert  Spend time out in nature  Spend time in a church.

I believe you are already on your way or our paths would not have crossed. Working through some of the questions and exercises helps us appreciate where we are stuck in limiting beliefs. already are at our core. The next step is finding the courage to let go of what no longer serves us in order to become who we are meant to be. 36 .7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Conclusion Were there any big surprises this past week? What was your greatest lesson? Were you able to commit to the daily challenges? As we begin to work up through the chakras. we come to understand that our past does not need to define us.

d Eastern Body. Ph.d The Seven Fold Journey~ Anodea Judith. Western Mind~ Anodea Judith.d & Selene Vega Healing with the Chakras~ Ambika Wauters The Book of Chakras~ Ambika Wauters 37 . Ph.7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Resources Wheels of Life~ Anodea Judith Ph.

a yoga studio. or to learn more about her. Inside The Bungalow. please visit her website at www. She now works to coach passionate entrepreneurs ready to uncover their own life’s purpose. Over the years. and event venue. Carrie opened her first successful brick and mortar company. Carrie has had training in various yoga traditions including Astanga. Anusara.carriehensley.7 Day Chakra Overhaul~ Carrie Hensley Meet Carrie Carrie Hensley is a yoga teacher and entrepreneur. café. 38 . and Forrest Yoga. In 2005. To work with Carrie one on one. Carrie began teaching yoga in 1998. Healthy