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The gods must be crazy

“Look at me marge, I am reading The Economist!
Did you Know Indonesia is at a crossroad?
Homer Simpson.

When I was young, long time ago, I saw a funny movie, with a guy whose name was Xi; he was
living in the Kalahari Desert with his San tribe, they were very happy because the gods had
provided everything they required to live. One day a Coca – Cola glass bottle was thrown out of an
airplane, and fell to the earth without breaking. Xi and his San tribe couldn´t understand why, it
was a “gift” from the gods, to the end Xi began a trip to return the bottle because that had caused
a lot damage in his tribe. In the same way, when the economist and policymakers considered
necessary interest rates start to rise, make a budget, cut in health and education. This way we, like
Xi, don´t understand why the gods give us this present. Enjoy this trip to try to conclude, why
serious people like economist and policymakers do what they do in their jobs, and recognize the
famous people in the economic history who inspired to change the world in their time, their
eccentric personality, and maybe just maybe like the goods in the movie, we can finally
understand why the gods must be crazy.
The history of the economy as a science has always had a challenge; creating a theoretical model
for trying to understand, analyzing and designing ways to investigate relationships within social
systems. This exercise is the base in every single step in the line of history, for inventing economic
thought. This process begins with the change in social life; this is the key to understand why
different economists study the same phenomenon and get a diverse result.
Adam Smith is known as “the father of modern economics” who belonged to the physiocrats and
classical economists; they tried to develop ideas about the major changes in the history of
economy “the industrial revolution”. Smith´s successors examined different ways to comprehend
the relation between capitalist and laboring class who produced and distributed national output.
Marx against the classical economist said the capitalist system castigated and exploited the

his work is an explanation of conflict between an ownership class and dispossessed laboring. laissez passer” mind state must be out of the economy. so he never applied regulating himself. that population does invariably increase when the means of subsistence increase. but his father was a controller of the Customs in Kirkcaldy. His work is famous for the application in welfare economics. tried to make a new knowledge for people like Homer Simpson. John Maynard Keynes 1st Baron Keynes belonged to “Bloomsbury Group”. by misery and vice” Malthus was a pioneering of birth control methods. He called capitalism the “dictatorship of bourgeoisie”. The father or modern economics is our first guest. that the superior power of population is repressed. He belonged to the classical economics. he went back home. what kind of temperament the most important economics in history had. so he can understand why Indonesia is at a crossroad. In the followings lines. Adam Smith who was a moral philosopher and all his life used the French citation: “laissez faire. Curiously. and the biographer Silvia Nasar wrote: “Marx never learned to properly speak English and never visited an English factory despite living in England during his last thirty years” The fourth visitor in this trip is maybe the most important form the modern economists whose ideas have fundamentally affected the theory and practice of modern macroeconomic. I´d like to show. He dedicated all his life to defend that the free trade and free markets could regulate themselves. but he was living all the time with his mother. the third one. Our second guest is Thomas Malthus who was an English cleric and scholar. is Karl Marx. New Classical macroeconomics. but the different studies were influenced by the personality from the economist who worked on them. and wrote: “That the increase of population is necessarily limited by the means of subsistence. he had one son and two daughter´s. and when he tried. Our next guest. The fifth guest is Arthur Cecil Pigou who was a teacher in the University of Cambridge. the teacher Pigou also was famous because of his misogynist behavior. and. . but Marx didn´t have a job. New Keynesian. Economics made a new comprehension about social systems and their actors.Since Marx´s time. intellectuals. this was an influential group of associated English writers. the father of the modern macroeconomics had bisexual relations during several years. economics of all kinds of formations: communist. In that group. Keynesian. Socialism. philosophers and artists. and how this character influenced in their work. and he didn´t teach women in his class. and the actual population kept equal to the means of subsistence.

this trip is intended to end. For Xi and his San tribe. they have an imperfection in their personality. “wish to punish”. economist of University of Chicago who received the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 1995 for his studies in Rational Expectations. to understand why the gods must be crazy.. they decided to give it back to their gods. and that my friends is a problem because we don´t have a correct way for predicting what the future will bring. In any case. but in the case of the NINJA crisis (No job no incomes in 2008 crisis). perhaps this is because they make bad decisions to maintain economic health. it was a nightmare. . and their story is very different comparing their work and their life. the Coca – Cola bottle became a problem and for this reason. it is a present from the gods. she put on paragraph 6 “Wife shall receive 50 % of any Nobel prize…. From the time of Adam Smith and the problem with his independent life.The last story is the case of Robert Lucas Jr. they answer our prayer” maybe in our case the gods aren´t perfect. One curiosity with his wife. passing to Marx. because Xi gave back the bottle to his gods and never understood why they gave him this present. like Oscar Wild said. and they have a lot problems for modeling the situations in our economic life. Oscar Wilde said. well his ex-wife is that in the document of divorce.” he won. when have a lot money. Homer tries to explain Marge why Indonesia is at crossroad. In the universe of history of economic thought. “When the gods wish to punish us.. because the most important thing in the system is the human behavior. Keynes and the rational expectation of Lucas. Malthus Pigou. Similarly. and had to pay the middle of the reward to his ex-wife. we can try like Xi. maybe with those examples. For us. you can find a lot of eccentric personalities about people who study and change our social systems in the time. the important thing is that the economists are humans.