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Table of Contents
Track 1 The Art Of Sexy Dirty Talk
Track 2 It Is The Man's Job
Track 3 Fantasies
Track 4 The Steps To Take In The Bedroom
Track 5 The Proper Use Of Words
Track 6 The Art of Sexy Dirty Talk Teleseminar
Track 7 The Word Command Is a Very Sexy Word
Track 8 Simultaneous Orgasms And The Threesome
Track 9 Come On The Count Of 10
Track 10 The Mind Set For Dirty Talk
Track 11 Getting Her To Talk Dirty
Track 12 When To Start Dirty Talk
Track 13 Sensing When She Is Ready
Track 14 Knowing That She Won't Be Offended



Track 1 The Art Of Sexy Dirty Talk

Hi, this is David Shade. Welcome to my teleseminar on "The Art
of Sexy Dirty Talk.
First let's define Promiscuous women and Sensual women:
Promiscuous is a validation to make up for some void in her life,
usually self esteem. Many men interpret that as sexy. But many men
are horny, not sexual.
But for a sensual woman, she responds most powerfully to the
mental aspects involved in sex. She requires a man who can make sex
much more than the physical by incorporating mental. A man who can
make it mentally stimulating.
Then lets define Physical sex and Sexuality:
Good looks and nice physique are great, but only take a man so far.
If that is the only thing the man has to offer, a highly sexual woman
will eventually tire of it.
A truly sexual woman is a woman who incorporates her entire
mind. She uses her imagination. She likes creativity, she likes
playing, and she likes role playing. She needs to feel powerful
feelings as well as the sex. Actually, for her, sex is only a part of it all.
It is all the imagination and fantasy and creativity and mental aspects
that makes the sex incredible for her.
It is important to learn Sexy Dirty Talk because:
Most women are sexually submissive. Almost all women are at
times sexually submissive. It is in those times that she wants to get
lost in it all and be lead through a sexual experience where the man
assumes all responsibility for what happens. This releases her from
the need to initiate anything and the need to become a "slut" in order
for her to have the experience.
She wants to do sluty things, and feel sluty, without BEing a slut.
His leading her through it gives her permission to feel this. When he
takes the initiative it is his responsibility and his idea, so she goes
along with it because he told her to, and it just happens to be
something that she wants to do. But she would never initiate it herself,
www.Masterful-Lover. com


because to do so would define her as a slut. everything must be totally congruent with him being in charge. A man needs to be comfortable with the fact that she is a sexual woman. SUZANNE: Dirty talk during sex is very important for most women. and loose. She could not possibly respond to it. cheap. A man needs to understand that anything he says in the context of heightened sexual arousal will be taken in a completely different context. He must be totally believable. He needs to set up the buildup. he cannot let her know that. years ago. the sky is the limit. Many men feel uncomfortable about talking dirty in the bedroom. He can tell her to do anything and she will do it. she will respond powerfully to it. It reeks of horny. or that some men are not comfortable with being in control. He must do everything with absolute conviction. The important context here is a sexual situation and of consensual sexual power exchange.Masterful-Lover. of her being sexually submissive. and is counter to her being submissive. one night. He must be totally congruent. Track 2 It Is The Man's Job DAVID: It is the man's job to set it up such that she can be sexually excited. by demonstrating her responsiveness to him. And especially because he tells her to do it. It cheapens the act. com 2 . her being told what to do is congruent to her being submissive. Raunchy talk turns off all women. It is one of the many ways that a woman pleases her man. And it puts the man in 2 www. Once. At the same time. She will detect it. I was dating a guy who had not yet initiated dirty talk in the bedroom. When done properly. Once he builds it up. of her being lead through an experience.THE ART OF SEXY DIRTY TALK because that would define her as a slut. There is a difference between dirty talk and raunchy talk. I said to him "Oh yeah. He is leading and she is doing what she is told. If sexy dirty talk is new to a man. It is degrading. That context is one of being in the moment. It is contradictory to having respect for her as an individual. I never called him again. while we were doing it. That is because such men think she will take it wrong. and him taking the lead and responsibility. and it will backfire. fuck your bitch!" He stopped cold and said "You're not a bitch!" It was an instant turn off to me. So. That is especially exciting for her.

there are three types of men: horny men. You may ask "What is a sexual man?" A man who caters to her mind. She knows she will succumb to him. He fucks her mind. but in the living room. she may loose control. They are no threat. They often brag about their sexual prowess. She is just fine and in control herself. and Sensual men. she may end up doing things she may have been apprehensive to do. www. He lets her find out for herself. No woman feels excitement from them. SUZANNE: In my experience. Horny men are cavemen who just want to get off.Masterful-Lover. He is mysterious but not deceiving. A man cannot say to his woman in the kitchen "Wash my dishes bitch!" It is in the sexual connotation that it is exciting. They are just looking for a woman to masturbate inside of. She goes home and thinks about him all the time. They are harmless. Sensual men: Women respect him because she knows she may get lost in it all. This is only in the bedroom. No woman takes them sexually seriously. A girlfriend once told me. thank you. he never brags about it. In the bedroom you can say to your woman: "Suck my cock bitch!" and she will gladly serve you. It is not exciting when you say stuff like that while out shopping. Androgynous men do nothing for a woman sexually. He creates intrigue and interest in her for him. but never all at once." Track 3 Fantasies DAVID: This only applies to the bedroom. Androgynous men." It takes away from the "uniqueness" of him. He lets out a little bit at a time. He lets her taste a little more each time. They are devoid of sexuality. The high self esteem woman does not want to succumb to anyone in her day to day life. being subservient is degrading and a complete turn off. not just her body. Almost childlike.THE ART OF SEXY DIRTY TALK the category of "most men. "The man that gets me is the man that can fuck my mind. If a man is good at something. com 3 . It is a turn off to women.

He was teaching me things that I had only fantasized about before. such as making that fantasy real for her. Make sure you talk to her about these delving things outside of the bedroom. I didn't want to believe that a nice girl . make her tell you a fantasy she has had but has never told anyone else. An Intelligent Sensual man knows she will be shy. he started whispering things in my ear about how he'd like to tie me up and how he'd like to spank me right there in the museum and let everybody see me with my skirt pulled up and how much I'd probably enjoy exposing myself because I was a naughty little slut. He will always show full acceptance and appreciation for any fantasy she brings up. Before I knew it. and about you.could want to do things like that. Then it seems like she told you to do it." This makes her think about it when she is alone and it makes her even more excited about it. I want you to tell me then. don't go and do that right away. But I wanted to hear more. even though I was horrified. you can tell her "I don't want to put you on the spot right now. And the next time we are together. while in a relaxed honest state. such as when you are mentally putting her into a sexual state of mind and describing a fantasy of what she is going to do to you when you two get back home. I kept going out with him. Outside of the bedroom. you can see how powerful it can be to introduce a woman to a fantasy that she has never imagined for herself. make use of that knowledge you have about her. Here is a letter that was written by a woman to a book author: "On our third date we went to a museum. tuck that information away for use at a later time. when you ask her for one of her fantasies. com 4 . and will lead her through the experience. He knows she is reluctant to tell him so that he does not think she is sluty. because I really liked him as a person. I almost ran out of the museum. But you can also make use of her existing fantasies. 4 www. When you learn something new about her sexually. not in the bedroom. Now that I look back I realize that I was horrified because he was saying exactly what I wanted to hear. At a later time. talking about fantasies.Masterful-Lover. such as talking on the couch. And he was great in bed. Some of them I hadn't even fantasized about. and while we were walking around. a very powerful thing you can do is. it is the place for action. Instead." So.whatever 'nice' means . Also.THE ART OF SEXY DIRTY TALK But there are specific exceptions to that. I want you to just think about it when you are alone. because in the bedroom is not the place for questions or delving.

Each step takes time. She needs to know that his main goal is not about getting off. Again. Then say to her: "You are a sweet precious innocent beautiful thing. undress slowly for me so I can watch you undress. because that puts the responsibility into her hands. Very powerful. Foreplay goes on all day. Then press her against the wall and hold her hands above her head and make out with her. when she is all giddy and silly. It's like she's being bad even when she's not supposed to be. com 5 . Lead her through the experience of becoming completely vulnerable to you. Then tell her to get on the bed. but it is about him leading her into pleasure she has never known. Her not initiating sex does not mean she is not wanting it.THE ART OF SEXY DIRTY TALK When she can't even concentrate at work. and say to her: "Baby. Track 4 The Steps To Take In The Bedroom To set up an interaction with her. It is not even important to him from her perspective. non sexually. The intelligent sensual man does not ask for permission. you are my very naughty little girl. He is not in a hurry to get off. He also sets things up so that she WILL be interested. women usually don't initiate sex. But the intelligent sensual man sees the signs she is giving out that she is interested. Now let's talk about what happens in the bedroom." All this time you are still completely dressed. Lead her into a place where she is totally naked to you in every way. she likes it when her man initiates it. which she doesn't want. www. It's all in fun. That is the number one thing that will differentiate him from all the horny guys." This whole process is slow. most women are sexually submissive. is to not seem like her man is in any kind of hurry. First of all." Then get close to her and make your voice deep and say "But I know that really." Say sexy things like "I love to adore your body. The intelligent sensual man knows that his woman wants it. She is still standing. It's the kind of thing that makes a woman wildly crazy for her man. You are beautiful to me. Then lightly touch her.Masterful-Lover. Tell her how you adore the view of her on your bed. Examples: Light a candle.

Fuck her from behind while you hold her hair in your fists. It is not like you are trying to get the pussy. I love it when your nipples get hard. you love it when I use you to get off. say things like: "Oh yeah. You are my very naughty little bitch. you are being a very naughty little bitch. However." And then. and you love it when I fuck you like the bitch that you are. You wanna get fucked. Then say "Oh yeah Baby. you are getting very wet." And right before she comes. It is extremely erotic in the moment of the experience.THE ART OF SEXY DIRTY TALK Go back and forth between sweet." After she comes. treat her like a piece of property. once that happens. sexy. It is the shock of that dichotomy that makes it exciting for her and allows things to be lead into an even higher level. That makes you want to come. you love it when I fuck you. You want her to concentrate on her own pleasure so that she will have a very powerful orgasm. I know you want it. And then. then you CAN talk about her pleasing you. say "Oh yeah. but I want you to show me how good you can come for me Baby. You're my little cum slut. and fuck her from behind while you hold her hair in your fists. Come like a good girl. sexy. you are being very naughty. it is about how you revel in all of it. as you get undressed and get more sexual with her. you say "Oh yeah." It is important that you first call her your bitch. Come for me Baby girl." Then while you are touching her pussy. You wanna come so fucking bad. say to her: "Oh yeah Baby. tell her to get on her hands and knees.Masterful-Lover. You wanna make me cum so fucking 6 www. and not about her being a slut." Do not talk about your own pleasure during sex because it may distract her concentration from her own pleasure. because then it puts it all into the context that it is about her being sluty for you. you love it when I fuck you hard. She has to feel beautiful. and dirty. and say to her: "Oh yeah Baby. You love it when I fuck you like the naughty little slut that you are. and sensual. com 6 . while you are fucking her. Her orgasm is of utmost importance. While she is on her hands and knees. and say to her: "Oh yeah Baby. but can also feel sluty. as it may server to excite her even more.

Do not call her bitch. com 7 . and she is wearing the sexy underwear. And then get into a place or a position where nobody can see it when you slide your hand in and start touching her while you tell her "Everybody sees you as being a very proper woman. In the living room. I just can't hold you close enough. You must reassure her that you see her as a beautiful innocent creature. What you do and say right after having sex is very important. There are many other ideas for opportunities to use dirty talk. you are being a very naughty little girl. This is very important. but really. But in the bedroom. do not use proper anatomical terms like vagina and penis. That was a fun one. about how it makes her feel very sexy to be in that sexy underwear. That would only make her laugh. and then while you two are out at the night club. That would be vulgar. whisper a fantasy into her ear. or slut. Say this to her: "Oh Baby. so that it can be enjoyed again. in the context of heightened sexual arousal. In the bedroom. or any other term that she despises." Again. Fuck me hard like the bitch that you are. But never ever call her a cunt. It must be remembered in good light. you make me feel so close to you. Track 5 The Proper Use Of Words Now." Similarly. or whatever.Masterful-Lover. in the living room. I know. Everything in context. And certainly do not use funny terms like "Willy the one eyed wonder worm. call her your bitch. Now let's talk about pillow talk. do not use cock and pussy. It must be totally believable and purposeful." That is very exciting for a woman. As for terms you call her. because you do not want her to have remorse for what has happened. that on the inside. use proper anatomical terms like penis and vagina. The "remote control egg" is an excellent example of that. and especially that you respect her for the unique individual that she is. use terms like pussy and cock.THE ART OF SEXY DIRTY TALK hard. call her Baby. Another example is taking her shopping for sexy underwear." www. a few words about words. or it will break her out of state. all of this must be done with absolute conviction. But only do that if she has already gotten off at least once. and sometimes servers to get her off again quickly.

com 8 . if she has big breasts. This lets her know that now that you two have had incredible sex. that you are open to being emotionally communicative. Women love things that men point out in her that he likes in her. Reward her good behavior by giving of your true self. It is the life essence of a successful relationship. 8 www.THE ART OF SEXY DIRTY TALK Then point out something about her that you really adore. For example.Masterful-Lover. Then talk about deep emotional feelings that are very important to you. don't tell her how much you love her tits. tell her you adore how her waist curves in. especially horny men. Women love that. Instead. that no other man notices. in such a feminine way.

" I've bought a lot of information products and some of them work a bit. this is David Shade. in Ontario. had not been with anyone in 3 years so the pent up demand was there on both sides. Now. after 15 years of marriage.Masterful-Lover. shuddering orgasm that went on for about 5 or 6 minutes that almost tore my wrist off. when did you get started with my products and how did things go for you before you learned about them and after you started this? Bob Well. you know.THE ART OF SEXY DIRTY TALK Track 6 The Art of Sexy Dirty Talk Teleseminar David: Hi. it's not easy to get there. Bob. herself. And the first night all I did was the deep spot technique. had she had vaginal orgasms before? Bob Yea. Bob And I thought "that's pretty good. David Excellent. There's a little bit of luck that's involved or she's got to be totally in the mood or whatever. I am pleased to have a special guest speaker. what was her previous experience with orgasms. And I met a girl and if I hadn't had you stuff it probably would have gone very. Thanks for inviting me. Ah. David Well thanks for being on. how ya doing?" Bob I'm doing great David. which I had read on your website and she had this crazy. Bob e-mailed me and had very good luck with dirty talk and a number of other things and I wanted him to talk to us "Hey Bob. being with the same woman. because. you were with a new woman and you did the deep spot on her and she had an orgasm that went on for many minutes." Today. so. very differently but. But. I really appreciate that. I hadn't been with a new girl in about 15 years. and welcome to my teleseminar on "The Art of Sexy Dirty Talk. some work a lot. she was a person who can orgasm but I think that her experience was that some guys don't get her there or some guys get her there once in a while. but she. yea. you got back into the dating scene. and some don't seem to work but that worked pretty good. David Naaa. Alright. com 9 . you are my "ace in the hole" because I had been married for many years and then I was not married and then I was nervous about getting back into the dating scene. She www.

set it up. to where when you said your going to have an orgasm she would believe she would have an orgasm? Bob Yea." something like that. And I didn't realize how well this was gonna work but the moment I said to her do you want me to give you an orgasm something is her just goes "yea" and she's totally now looped into the expectation that I can do it. she was very appreciative of having a number of orgasms in one session. She had to already see me as someone who already could." So. The turning point for me was when I commanded her to orgasm and when I. so. www.THE ART OF SEXY DIRTY TALK doesn't always get there. And she'd experience that because she had that very." so she believes that I can do it. doing the deep spot on her and giving her a very powerful. So. 5-minute long.. David Alright. that can believe it and let it happen. she was saying to me. Track 7 The Word Command Is a Very Sexy Word David Bob Ok. Right. did a dirty talk session over the phone it just set up the whole thing so well. expand her sexual envelope or whatever. from there. very long. shattering orgasm and she actually said to me "I feel like you have a blueprint of the inside of my body. "you the man. com 10 . really powerful sessions. All I had to do was be commanding and believing and present and the power of the words just took over. Now a lot of women would have a self-limiting belief that they would not be able to do that. And thus. That 5-minute orgasm was the convincer for her. if I say to her "do you want me to give you an orgasm?" She would "yea. she took what you said seriously and she was able to respond to that. you the man.Masterful-Lover. It set up the conditions where she was like her subconscious mind had this green light waiting for me once I had. as you like to put it. vaginal orgasm. How did you set it up. I wouldn't say that to a woman in the first 20 minutes of getting together.. she's the only one. you know. Davis Alright. she believed that you had a "blue print" to her body. And it's only her that can make me be able to do it. in her own mind. you said that she had to believe that she would be able to have an orgasm. She believed that you were capable of making her feel the things she had always wanted to feel. So. you know. you guys continued dating and how did it go? Bob It was really good because it was. sort of.We just had really. so.

come now." Then I counted down just like hypnotic induction. there's a quality in there's like "command me." David Hmm." And the command is "come now!" And she went "ok" and I say "ok. com 11 . All I said to her was. and I say the word command and there's a visible "growl. I'm looking in her face. "that was really the great the other day" and she was "yea. blah. But I'm looking at a woman I'm attracted to a woman..." And I said "I wish I was there right now. I'm just giving you feedback based on my limited application. looking in her eyes. blah. willing she was to do that." you know. And then I said "ok" and she said "yea. Bob This was not on the phone. Bob Right.THE ART OF SEXY DIRTY TALK David That you could then do other things to her.Masterful-Lover. 8. we had done a dirty talk session over the phone. Finally a guy who knows what I want.1 would say a few words like "we're getting closer. "keep coming" (laughs). so. I interspersed in 10. David Excellent! You two got on the phone and you told her. when you were together with her in person you would say to her "do you want to have an orgasm?" Bob That's right. www. Bob And the word command.." and then" one. excellent! Alright. but my very successful application. 9. locked and loaded and ready." "wait for me. Another thing that you had said on the tape is you can delay the orgasm by saying "I'm almost there." "I'm almost there." David Alright. able. we're doing stuff. we're engaged.." "come now. And I was surprised by how ready. this was when we we're together. Although." "Yea" and I was like "ok. "I'm going to give you. you know. That's what I want. very sexy word. And how she sort of knew what the procedure was. David Alright. I want to be commanded." "don't. you know. the word command is a very." and "blah. she knew. when you two are in the bedroom and you said "you want to have an orgasm?' and then how did you use the word command? Bob I said to her I'm going to count down from 10 to 1 and then I'm going to give you the command." And then I said her name "come now!" and I said her name and that was very powerful.

But actually there is something really powerful about simultaneous orgasm because when you are both coming at the same time it just seems to trigger all this super-duper flaring of intense. Track 8 Simultaneous Orgasms And The Threesome Bob Now. So. in the right context. more recently. the right timing. the right timing. David Ok. the right words. she loves that and it's really great. or going out. you know. Bob It's a very. and what's good for www. and it's not hard to do it because once you can say to her "come now" and she comes now then you just say "command me back" while I'm doing 10 to 1 you do the same thing. I would give the impression of I'm about to come to so just stay with me for a minute and naturally she would be able to do that because it seems like a reasonable expectation in that moment.THE ART OF SEXY DIRTY TALK David Yea. So now we're having this thing called simultaneous orgasm every time we get together and. So much so that in one session I could just literally say to her do you want to have an orgasm? "Yea" then I'd give her one then "would you like another one?" "Ok. um. very good at being commanded. We're dating. You create the conditions where she can believe that without too much critical analysis "yea. David Excellent! So using the right words. You feed off each other and you keep on cranking up to a higher level. Bob Right. but if you were to say to her sitting in the kitchen "hey do you think you could jump into the middle of an orgasm and put in a command and extend it for 5 to 10 seconds?" "Gee I don't know it sounds like advanced algorithmic something. And she is very." I'll give her another one and then ok let's come together and then we can come together. sensation for both of you. so you would do that during intercourse? Bob I would actually give the impression.Masterful-Lover. you were able to extend her orgasm. how could I do that?" But in the moment. I'm with another woman now. or whatever you want to say. And there's this whole romantic aura around coming together first of all this particular woman is quite experienced and she'd only ever experienced it once or twice and totally by accident. why couldn't I add 5 seconds on to my orgasm?" And she just does. com 12 . you know. it definitely happens. very good trick.

she can experience that. Bob Usually. and you're still seeing her now? Bob Yes. very good (laughs). David Outstanding. she was probably not very vaginally orgasmic until after 30. Bob Right. um. So. very good. David Exactly. yes. Bob Right. So she's bi and she's had a number of interesting experiences and all that. You're not going to let her be the dominatrix. Alright. a couple of times. David Which gave her even more confidence that it works. David Fabulous.THE ART OF SEXY DIRTY TALK the goose is good for the gander. David Oh. right? Bob Yes. but I maintain command in this way that I say to her "do you want one" she says "yea" Then if she say" come with me" I say not yet a little later. you know? I let you know when I'm ready to let you command me. which worked. she is vaginally orgasmic. it works just as well for me as it does for her. hmm. she can totally when I tell her to. and she has simultaneous orgasm in intercourse with you every single time. Bob Yea. You're going to keep running the show but you're going to let her do a little bit. which gets her even more involved with it. David Oh. very good. And what has her history been with vaginal orgasms? Bob Um. So you taught her how to do it right back to you. www. Excellent. She knows she is and when she's relaxed. David Oh. And then she became pretty open-minded and pretty determined to explore all kinds of things. And she gets to do it on you.Masterful-Lover. David Alright. com 13 .

Well. com 14 . it was a great experience for me to be with a woman that say "yea.Masterful-Lover. I thought this was a really good woman because one night I told her about this other woman that I was seeing a little bit and. let's do it. um. we got together and had a couple of drinks one night. Bob But. Ok so you and her and the other girl did have a threesome? Bob That's right. there was. So. I don't know what you want to know but it was. vaginal orgasms in intercourse and intercourse on command and all that stuff. the fact that she's bisexual? Bob Well. So. you talked about them exploring their sexuality and all that sort of thing. and she's all fine with that. screaming. David Excellent. alright you said that she was bi? Bob Yea. And I haven't talked to her a lot about it but I'm sure that she must realize on some level that it 'aint the clit. in that light she figured yea I want to do more with this man including having threesomes. Um. you know. you had talked about how women. I couldn't see a tinge of jealousy all I could see was joy and a little curiosity and I said I'd introduce her you know. you know." David Ok so it's because you had truly awakened her sexuality giving her all these wild. you know. you know. and have you leveraged that. in that particular circumstance. Bob Because that's what they have been trained to believe David Right. we went to this girls place and the girl was nervous because she had never had a threesome and so I did whatever I could to stage manage things and all the sudden bam there we were. And. we've done it in certain positions where there's no possible way hat the clit could account for that orgasm. the fact that she has orgasms in intercourse. So. we had an experience recently with another friend of mine.THE ART OF SEXY DIRTY TALK Bob Like a lot of women she thinks the seed of all her orgasms is in her clit. let's experience that" and it's all positive "yea let's go. Outstanding. David Oh yea. David Mmhmm. 14 www.

" I talk about the importance of romance and how you can be romantic but not be in love. It was really amazing. The girl. Fabulous. something has happened in her that she triggered an incredible readiness. I was fucking this girl. Excellent. In my "Dirty Talk" CDs and "Setting the Foundation for a Wildly Sexual Relationship. she. not from any particular stimulation on her body because nothing was touching her genitals in any way. Bob The highlight was my girlfriend was on her period so she had her underwear on and she didn't want to put a towel down or anything like that she just wasn't comfortable. David Excellent. I wrote that you do it from 1 to 10 but 10 to 1 works for you.Masterful-Lover. You e-mailed me about something else too. David Outstanding. Bob So. David Excellent. I was fucking the other girl from behind. while you were fucking the other girl doggy-style and your girlfriend was underneath but her genitals were not being touched but your girlfriend had an orgasm. My girlfriend was underneath that girl. David Yup. and it worked right on the number one for her. My girlfriend was underneath this girl and she has the orgasm. it's interesting that you did the ten-count and you did it from 10 down to 1. she said that she had an orgasm. just being part of it. Bob That's right. So. ah. well. She is highly responsive to you then Track 9 Come On The Count Of 10 David Now.THE ART OF SEXY DIRTY TALK David Ah. and women www. Bob I'm sure that if I had said "I'm going to name 10 flavors of ice cream and when I say pistachio you'll come" it would have worked. exactly. com 15 . So. Bob Right David Outstanding.

I had this girl over for dinner. we did this and we did that and it was a very nice night and the next day I woke up thinking "man. oh geeze. we have wine. very intelligent. I put down a blanket and pretty soon she's on all fours and I poured Bailey's Irish Cream on different parts of her body and something about this night. she does reiki. how she justified having Irish Cream licked out of her ass under the context of it being romantic. uh. yea. there was a night. David Yea." Now the lights are off the neighbors won't be able to see. I love it. Outstanding. You had a funny story about romance and a girl that was over at your house. she's involved in new age thought and practices and etc. very nice woman. So. much of the Bailey's Irish Cream ended up on her asshole. 16 www. David (laughs) Bob Like this little thin patina under which you can put raw sexuality and the rawer the sexuality and the more you want to engage in the raw sexuality the flimsier the pretext can be. well. Bob Yep. Alright. we go behind a tree. I was licking it off that part of her body for quite an extended time and she was really enjoying it. a night of "hey baby you want to go out in a field and I will lick your anus while your buns-up in the air pointed to the stars?" "I don't think so pal" but if you get into the right situation suddenly that happens and it is highly romantic.THE ART OF SEXY DIRTY TALK can do things in the context of romance and in the context of romance it's ok. David Lovely. com 16 . you had to ask me about that. you know. she. we have a really good time we have dinner. So. you know. ok. Tell me about that story that you wrote me about. that was fun but what was the deal with her anus and my mouth and the Bailey's Irish Cream?" I got this little e-mail from her saying "thank you for the fun and romantic evening. Bob Oh boy. David (laughs) Bob So. She's a trans-medium and she's a psychic and." At that moment I really understood the romance mood. let's have a romantic evening under the moonlight (laughs).Masterful-Lover. we're having a really great conversation and I say "let's go up to the meadow. Outstanding. very spiritual. We go in the meadow.

So. once you're approaching intimacy. that this is a great gift to a woman in the right context. I would interact with the one girl. your rapport. sex with no talking versus sex with talking. if you do this and if you don't do this you're seriously ripping yourself off and whoever you're with. the other night we were together and we were having a really good time. we just play make believe.Masterful-Lover. It seems like you're going to be disrespectful. everything. It is so much more powerful when there is talking Bob Well. Because having. David So very true. It cranks everything. you know. I've had it both ways and with the dirty talk it just cranks everything. We talk about scenarios. then I would interact with the other girl. her enjoyment. So we are just lying there and we are not going to sleep just yet. you're going to be doing something your mother or your sister would think you're a bad guy over. you're going to be with this www. who you really are. Now what would you say to the guys on the call? What do you have to get over? What mindset do you have to have in order to be able to do talk dirty to your woman in the bedroom? Bob I think there's a moment where there is a little bit of a leap. let's have our orgasm and go to sleep. we start talking. And then saying "now you. then I would interact with the other girl. let's do it. I would command the one girl to do this and. you're obviously very comfortable with dirty talk and being able to talk dirty to a woman in the bedroom. So. we've already done everything. and blah." But if you had told me a year ago "ok. But I think you just have to experience. com 17 . we're talking. that's a great contrast. But the difference between sex with no talking and sex with all kinds of saucy talking you're going to multiply your enjoyment. you know.THE ART OF SEXY DIRTY TALK Track 10 The Mind Set For Dirty Talk David Alright. I don't know how it happened. because we have a great session and then. That is so very true. blah. Now. as David said. Oh my god. So. you going to be rude. we're cuddling. her respect. but the scenario she was describing was that I was with these three girls and each girl had a clearly defined persona. I ended up having sex with each of the three girls. and it's a pretty small leap because you've never done it. we're kissing. once the rapport is there. now. something opens up and I suppose you have to really have to go slow and get your bearings in that world. blah. commanding them to orgasm a couple of times. Once they respect you. we're holding.

. one's like this." I would say "that's a little bit far-fetched. It's sort of like spontaneous co-creation. now I want you to make me come. David Now. Now. I'm going to play the devil's advocate and I'm going to make like I don't fully understand what's going on. you know. Bob I've never met a woman who is not a really good actor and all it takes is you just say "hey. one's like that.. yea." Fabulous. having a real appreciation for each other. David So she is. so that she can come." That's fabulous. um. fabulous and that's actually a very powerful one. So.THE ART OF SEXY DIRTY TALK girl. having a really good rapport. she was talking out loud. I'm curious about these three women. Bob Yea. what she did is she took on three different personalities.Masterful-Lover. Bob Ok. I don't even remember the circumstance because it is really late at night. So. and then the third woman was her. what if this or what if 18 www." And if I were to read it I probably wouldn't believe it. And. where either you tell her that she's a different person and that she's feeling what that other woman is feeling or that's even better when she says "I'm going to make believe I'm a different person and I want you to fuck that person. two other personalities. then have a commanded seventh simultaneous orgasm and then go to sleep. Now. com 18 . David Oh. making a fantasy true for you? Or was she pretending that she was three different women? Bob She was pretending that she was three different women. But part of it is having a woman who is very suggestible. I think it came out of her mouth that there were these three different women and she said "ok. Somehow. and I was playing along. she's just now can't wait for me to tell her to come. very good. does she narrate fantasies to you while she was masturbating you. very good. well actually. in the first personality she probably told you about a scenario where she's like some really proper school girl or something like that and the second one she's a dominatrix that needs to be disciplined and the third one she's like "now it's me." You know. you know. But. and it gives her the opportunity to give some of it back to you. you're going to command six orgasms. David Outstanding.

. it tells you other things because certain things cause a little intake of breath and certain things cause a big intake of breath. And in the context of role play she can be ruthlessly expressive but it's ok because she's playing somebody else. David Fabulous. You get her participating." "I want you to put your cock in." "Oh. That's how I've always done it. role play is so powerful." "Can you say that one more time? I like the way it sounds. Bob And they'll say" what do you want me to do now. And if you start saying things that are causing a big intake of breath. what part of me. I like to get the woman to start talking about the body parts. that's good. the distinction you make is penis in the living room and cock in the bedroom. all the green lights are there for you to do whatever you want.Masterful-Lover. Oh yea. really. Bob So. so. the door is open. So you say to a woman. com 19 . David Oh. ok." Do you see what I mean? And it just starts the conversation. David Outstanding." "Well. that's good. and I'm a rank amateur compared to you so feel free to say "are you crazy? You're doing it all wrong!" But what I have found is you just launch into it gradually and ramp up by watching closely and seeing how it's working. right? David Right. what do you want me to do now?" "I want you to put it in. you know.. And if you are aware of a little breath.THE ART OF SEXY DIRTY TALK that?" And all the sudden you're playing and it is quite powerful. Bob That's right. Track 11 Getting Her To Talk Dirty David Some guys are nervous when they go into the bedroom and then they're naked they're with their woman how do they go about talking dirty? I mean what's the first dirty thing that you say when you're in the bedroom naked with her? Bob What I like to do." "You want me to put what in?" "I want you to put your cock in. you get www. you know. where do you want me to put my cock?" "I want you to put your cock inside of me. David mmmhmm.

I'm quite amazed how deep it goes and how powerful it is. to command. or they're turned on by a good talker or whatever or maybe I thought I could never be one. based on watching her. the difference for me. or maybe I thought I was a bit of a good one or whatever. Bob And. my goals have changed. once you get that she is completely susceptible to words. so in my mind I was make sure she was well taken care of. you know. David Oh. I want it to be pleasurable for her. listening to your tapes or reading the stuff and thinking about it. basically when you understand that orgasm is basically mental. com 20 . really good time. you know. Bob Yea.Masterful-Lover. very good point where when you're in the bedroom you start out slow and you gradually ramp up based on your calibration of her. if I may. that's fabulous. watching her level of arousal. Because we think of sex as physical but from my experience once you get that the orgasm is almost like an abstract concept somewhere. Right? "Wow. When you understand that orgasm is some abstract concept. that's a place. David mmmhmm. It's something I never. ah. And I find the 20 www. I have not negative anticipation of anything I'm just thinking maybe we can go to new places and just think how great it could be. slang terms for anatomical parts. How the power that words can have on sex. um. very good point. which makes it so powerful. to suggestion. But since becoming really aware. I'm looking forward to it. which is I have no doubt she's going to have many orgasms I have no doubt we're going to have a really. see. that's very good. which I've gotten to. I would quite deliberately say "tonight I am going to do that activity and see how it goes. There's another place." Oh. sum it up." Ah.THE ART OF SEXY DIRTY TALK her making. then you know to leverage the mental. I gave her two orgasms I'm really a stud man. The slang terms that are used in the bedroom get her to use the words "cock" and "pussy" and you get her to point "Please fuck me like a slut. so. Alright. you know. The difference for me is whereas before I was a guy who wanted to please a woman." Well. using words. Bob Yea. I was quite determined to do so and you know had a reasonably good success track record at doing so. I think somewhere in the back of my mind I always knew that women were turned on by talk. And that just ramps up her excitement. it changes everything. Oh. so the. and. boy I hope I can give her an orgasm or even two." "Please ram your cock in my hot pussy. Very good.

Bob Hey. it's what all women dream about and it's very romantic for them. Your phone should be un-muted.Masterful-Lover. It's an amazing thing. David And that's where all the good ideas come from in the heat of passion. very romantic idea in women's minds. Ok. And it's very easy when you have command of her orgasm. I suppose it is a gift to me. fabulous. Very good. Victor. I really appreciate you sharing these things with us. that's when you take the beliefs that you have and you turn them into actual actions that are extremely effective. What I'm going to do now is I'm going to open up the floor and let the listeners ask questions of either you or me. com 21 . David That is very powerful and very romantic that Holy Grail of the simultaneous orgasm. Hi. Fabulous. we have a hand raised and I will un-mute you. So you were doing absolutely the right thing. That's when you become inspired that's when you become creative.THE ART OF SEXY DIRTY TALK simultaneous orgasm thing to be really powerful because to me it's some romantic notion so what? You happen to come at the same moment. It's obvious that you have internalized the teachings. Folks that are on the phone if you want to ask a question of either Bob or myself hit 5* on your telephone and I will un-mute you and you can ask us a question. David Hello Victor. it was in the heat of passion. Bob. David mmmhmm. David. Bob. thank you very much for talking to us. That's a very. is it? From experiencing it repeatedly recently it really cranks both people at the same time. Alright. and it worked out fabulously for you and you have some pretty good ideas. big deal. How are you sir? www. who is this? Victor Uh. Bob And I think that you know when your romancing a girl you have the ability to engineer simultaneous orgasms. You have leveraged the knowledge and you have done it in your specific way. Track 12 When To Start Dirty Talk David Outstanding.

. I've notice that there's a point when there's no going back there's only going forward and from there. very good. Victor. ah. there's no going back. do you get her participating in. I haven't analyzed this and spent years working on it. All I know for sure is because I haven't dated. also. I think that's been my goal is to get her to start using the words because once we're both using the words we're pretty well. what is your question Victor are you saying you want her to partake in. you had your girlfriend participating in dirty talk. you can start I'd say. yea. What is your question. Victor Ok. once you're both totally committed to going forward and having a sensual experience together. you know. At about what time do you get her to participate in it also? After that's been started? David Alright. Bob. Yea. when you're actually on the bed and you know doing the foreplay? David That's a very good question. I know I'm going to be the leader of this but is it also important to get her involved with some kind of way. early in the session? David Ok. um. I don't think you need a technical. I call it you're both in the canoe.Masterful-Lover." Talking about how you feel. And we keep on ramping up from there. Victor? Victor Uh. um. you know. I just start ramping up gradually and watching. You talked about an example where even before there's intercourse you get her using slang terms. Bob. would you like to speak to that? When do you start dirty talk in the bedroom? Do you start it when first get in the bedroom or when you're both in the bed naked? Bob Well. yea. things like that. I've 22 www. do you start the dirty talk. Once you're.. yes. thank you. you may not start with the super-intense dirty talk you want to get to. um. at what point in arousal. you know. Correct? Bob Right. You may not start with the. um. Victor Yea. com 22 . You might just start by talking about "does that feel good?" "I'm going to make you feel good.THE ART OF SEXY DIRTY TALK Victor How are you David? David Uh. you know. immediately as soon as you enter the bedroom like your sitting there both naked? Or is it appropriate to start it. you're the man. in the session. hard-and-fast rule.

THE ART OF SEXY DIRTY TALK never ramped up to the place where David gets on the tapes. what is it tell me what you like?" "I like it when you touch me there. She's open to it. if you have that concern in your mind. you're probably. yea. What I suggested before was. and basically doing that then that's sort of like and unconscious "go. Bob Yea. um. you know. Victor So that basically after that if she's. let's just saying you touching her breast and you say "oh." "Do you like it when I squeeze you breast?" "Yea. your breast feels so good. like a. I think you're quite right. I'm sure I'll get there but there's a moment when your comfortable that you absolutely saying this is going forward. it's not as though she's sticking her toe in the water. um." "Do you like it when I touch you there?" She says "yea" maybe ask her "hey. David Ok. we're doing stuff to each other.Masterful-Lover. Bob And you're not going to be comfortable if you don't believe that you can talk that way without disrespecting her. and talking enhances the whole experience a lot. she's not going to be comfortable if your not comfortable. by the way." You know. go further and further on it to it. Bob Yea. I understand what you were saying earlier about you might feel uncomfortable talking that way to her." You see what I mean? Victor Yea Bob It's just getting her involved in the dialog and you can go from there. we're touching each other. she's committed. If you can get her to say the words and say www. you're definitely going in the right direction. Victor So basically once you get her to start talking and the slang terms and everything that pretty much is like a. you know. open invitation to she's open to that kind of thing. Victor Right. squeeze my breast. It might seem like your disrespecting her but once she's involved once she's started talking the slang language and." "You like it when I touch you where exactly?" "I like it when you touch my breast. That's good feed back. you'll see. So. If she's getting turned on if she's breathing differently and she's interacting with you on a more deeply sexual level. com 23 . we're about to start we're feeling good.

. the next day you might exchange e-mails or texts or have some kind of a phone call Victor mmmhmm. Because she's saying to you "I'm with you I'm enjoying. I don't know what it is but that is a trigger that is a phrase. Victor Ok. I just notice that. And then you hear the woman go "uh huh. what are you doing right now" And you say the words "I wish I were there right now.. Victor." It's very powerful it's like a total state change. thank you" or blah. David Ok. Victor. David Oh. and I. com 24 . Victor Ok. Victor. Bob You know when you spend time with a woman have a really nice night. And Bob has an excellent answer to that. blah. David (laughs) Ok." She's very ready to do so. you talked to me in an e-mail about just that. blah. c'mon let's go" and you'll get to where you really know how to go forward." Or mmmm. David Yea. Bob. David.THE ART OF SEXY DIRTY TALK things and say thing to you it is absolute proof that you're not disrespecting her. "mmmm. thank you. Track 13 Sensing When She Is Ready Victor Ok. on the phone. Bob People tend to send e-mails with mmmm like." It's almost like she's ready to reach for her vibrator or something when she hears those words. tell the different stages of arousal from the girl on the other side? What to listen for really. My question is how can you. I was impressed by the phone sex CDs that you made and everything. thank you for your question. that's a very good question. that was nice. I found on the phone talking to a woman you say "that was really nice. 24 www. very good. I appreciate it. "I wish I was there right now" because it is saying "let's imagine I'm there right now. and when you say to her "I wish I were there with you right now" and she replies "mmmm" that would be a good sign.Masterful-Lover.

You get really close and then you say to her "oh yea. you listen to the breath. Bob. Bob Another thing I just remembered is when do your describing all the stuff and then doing and the girl is starting to play with herself and she's getting really close to orgasm. And I would be continually asking for feedback. if you don't hear you can actually ask for feedback. tell me you take over and a woman not going to say I can't do that she's going to and she's going to start saying things and now you've opened the door to where she's really stepping up to the plate and talking dirty right back. And www. how much farther to go along with it. It's like hey I'm there you want me to come your going to have to start talking dirty to me now.Just had to do with how close she had the microphone.THE ART OF SEXY DIRTY TALK Bob David. you know. very good.Masterful-Lover. let me just jump in for a second and to help Victor get the answer because part of it is. which is where he got his girlfriend to use the slang terms and that's an excellent example of something that he could use on the phone I'm sure. take me home. you listen to her tone of voice. com 25 . David Another thing is I noticed in those CDs I had her talking to me a lot during it. very easy at that point to say I am almost there. Victor Ok you just ask questions you like (what's the word I'm looking for?) like closed-end questions? Basically just ask her a question and from that get her feedback from her and from that gauge. Because a lot of times I couldn't hear it during it . Oh. very good Bob Right David And it's a position that she can't get out of fabulous. Oh yea. you know." And she has no choice then but to partake in the dirty talk. what exactly do you want me to touch?" And he could hear the inflection in her voice when she replied. When she has her orgasm right it's very. But I remember too listening to the CDs and you're able to her when a woman is getting orgasmic. that particular night to her mouth. you listen to her breathing. David Well. Is while he is describing the fantasy to her of what he would do while he was there. take me home. Oh. David oh. you know. If you've done it a lot so you're able to hear subtle little vocal tones where you know bam that's it is at the point of no return. Talk me home. He could ask her "and what body part do you want me to. So. that's good that's good. very good. had an excellent example.

I wanted to say I really like your concept of no going back point or like a tipping point. Track 14 Knowing That She Won't Be Offended David Bob. actually it's a big turn-on when you've been doing all the dirty talk and all the sudden she's going "oh. Bob One thing I've notice. You know. fuck me like a slut. Victor? Victor No that's pretty much self-explanatory right there (laughs). And how do you detect that the tipping point has happened? Bob I just base it on the state of arousal that the woman is in. It's that point where you know that she's committed to the evening's activities moving sexual. sometimes it's great to have a quickie and it's great to have 26 www. very good. I would almost say that women are infinitely arousable. David Very good. she's panting you can be pretty sure she's aroused and she not going to be offended by anything you're using a work that is not spoken in classrooms. Men can get aroused right away and women it takes a while. Fabulous. com 26 . David Alright. I think it's just a matter of amping up and amping up and amping up and amping up.THE ART OF SEXY DIRTY TALK Bob Yea. Very good. lick my clit." Oh yea. she could have been much more aroused and you. yourself could have been much more aroused. And that allows her to be even more ruthlessly expressive. You can have sex with a woman and she can have an orgasm.Masterful-Lover. So. David mmmhmm. Did you have any little questions on that. play" or whatever. I mean there's a lot of literature about women and their arousal and how they need foreplay. And once you sense that tipping point then you know that you can continue and you can be confident knowing that the things you are going to say are going to be taken in the correct context. it's like hey this is really cool. good luck with the dirty talk. Bob Right David Their going to be taken in the context of sexual talk not raunchy talk. you know. but relatively speaking. Oh yea or when she says "fuck me harder.

Even if shed never admit it in a thousand years it's really what she wants and you have to introduce it gradually so that you yourself know for sure that this is real. that a lot of people think that men get aroused quickly but women it takes a long time to get aroused. yourself are not comfortable saying these kinds of things you think you're going to get slapped or you think you're going to insult her or whatever.THE ART OF SEXY DIRTY TALK a quickie but if you wanted to get to the ultimate arousal it would probably take a lot of activities some talk some different things. Because you're not going to get to the bad stuff if you don't prove to yourself that this is a great gift to her that she will be very thankful that your introducing this that she will. I have found that women get aroused much quicker than men. David That's because most men are lousy lovers. um. you know. Alright. In actuality. nobody else has asked any questions. So. David Exactly. that's where you need to focus. Bob I'm not sure Victor who they the question revealed that I think some guys are really concerned that this is appropriate that the're not going to be offending the woman they're not going to be dishonoring the woman and so I think the most important thing is to get comfortable yourself with the idea. let you lead her and by letting you lead her she's going to look at you with more and more respect and it's ok to start gradually. www.Masterful-Lover. it's all in the mind and it's the talk that gets you there. This raises a very interesting point you said. com 27 . If you. But I think you have to know for yourself that this is totally appropriate totally kosher and you know really what she wants even if she doesn't even know it or she couldn't ask for it. I guess all the questions have been answered.. Bob Right. Then you're going to have a lot of fun.. And. David Yea. right and. David Exactly it's the talk that makes it all happen Bob It engages the mind. women can get to states of arousal that are incredible but I don't think you can get all the way there without the talk. I don't quite know how you would. Bob Let me just interject one thought.

I really appreciate it.THE ART OF SEXY DIRTY TALK David Very good points. com 28 . Bob. Bob Thank you. for talking to us today. thank you so very much. Alright. So absolutely true." I'm David Shade. Bob. David Alright I want to thank you all for calling in today to my teleseminar on "The Art of Sexy Dirty Talk. 28 www.Masterful-Lover. Fabulous. I'm sure that the guys really learned a lot from hearing about your experiences and your implementation.