COC Medication Sheet Generic Name: Omeprazole Trade Name: Prilosec Route, Dose, Frequency: Safe Dosage: 20mg

once/day for 4-8 wk

Student: Michelle Ince Classification: proton pump inhibitor

Physiologic Action (Actions, Therapeutic Effects): suppresses gastric acid secretion relieving GI distress and promoting ulcer

Observation/Precautions & Nursing Considerations (Contraindications, cautious use):     
Contraindications: long-term use for GERD; duodenal ulcers; proton pump inhibitors Caution Use: dysphasia; metabolic or respiratory alkalosis; hepatic disease Monitor UA for hematuria and proteinuria; period liver function tests with prolonged use Report changes in urinary elimination Report severe diarrhea

Adverse Reactions (side effects) (Most common and life threatening):
    Headache Dizziness Hematuria Proteinurea

IV Considerations: NONE Compatible Fluid: Incompatibility w/ other drugs: Why Client is receiving (be VERY descriptive):

Is drug effective or not (be VERY descriptive, should have measureable evidence such as lab results, vitals, or assessment data):

Pharmacokinetics Onset: 1 hr Peak: within 2 hrs Duration: up to 72 hrs