Environmental Job Websites

E Jobs*****Highly recommended, has many links www.ejobs.org or www.ecoemploy.com E Jobs links to environmental opportunities in the USA and Canada. Employment includes careers such as environmental engineers, nature and wetlands scientists, GIS, technicians, chemists, earth sciences / geologists, policy and law, wildlife conservation, planning, education, wastewater treatment and operations, program and project management, natural resources, etc. Can search federal, state or local governments for environmental jobs, search by state for all private and non-profits that have environmental jobs. Environmental Career Opportunities http://www.ecojobs.com Posts: Natural Resources & Conservation Jobs, Environmental Policy, Legislation & Regulation Jobs, Environmental Advocacy & Communications Jobs, Environmental Science Jobs & Engineering Jobs, Outdoor & Environmental Education Jobs, Environmental Jobs in Higher Education, International Environmental Jobs, Environmental Degree Programs and Environmental Internships. Does require a subscription to see all listings, can view select ones for free. Idealist.org*****Highly recommended, has many jobs www.idealist.org Jobs, internships, mostly non-profits. Great resource Environmental Careers Organization www.eco.org Offers professional short term (3 month) to 1 year internships with government agencies, private firms, and non-profits. Often, pay and benefits comparable to full-time job. ECO associates have a good alumni network and many internships lead to full time job offers. Student Conservation Association http://www.sca-inc.org/ The Student Conservation Association (SCA) provides interns and volunteers with meaningful conservation service opportunities in our National Parks, Forests and other public lands Environmental Career Center http://environmentalcareer.com Environmental Career Center (ECC) assists individuals and employers alike, in matching potential employees with employers with an extensive job board. The School for Field Studies-Environmental Job Fields Websites http://www.fieldstudies.org/pages/2304_job_search_websites.cfm Environmental Expert

http://www.environmental-center.com/jobs.htm Environetwork http://www.environetwork.com General Environmental Job website USAJOBS http://www.usajobs.opm.gov The official job website for the United States federal government If you look under agency: Environmental Protection Agency, Department of the Interior, Department of Agriculture, and Department of Energy have environmentally related jobs. Federal Jobs Bank Comprehensive and updated listing for jobs at the EPA http://federaljobsbank.com/agencies/environmental-protection-agency ECEA http://www.eceajobs.com Environmental, Construction, Engineering, and Architectural disciplines. EcobusinessLinks-Environmental Directory http://www.ecobusinesslinks.com/environmental_jobs.htm Green Dream Jobs http://www.sustainablebusiness.com/jobs/ Green Energy Jobs http://www.greenenergyjobs.com/ A united platform bringing together the diverse skills required to make the renewable energy industry a continued success Greenbiz.com http://www.greenbiz.com/jobs/ Environmental information, resources, and tools to the mainstream business community. National Registry of Environmental Professionals http://www.nrep.org/ Cyber-Sierra Natural Resources Job Search http://www.cyber-sierra.com/nrjobs/index.html Tons of links to environment-related organizations with potential job openings. The Outdoor Network-JobNet http://www.outdoornetwork.com Great resource for jobs in outdoor education, outdoor recreation and adventure travel.

Misco Jobs http://www.miscojobs.com/search/jobs.asp?S=4&P=60 All types of worldwide environmental industry (engineering, technicians, scientists, etc) jobs. Environmental Education Directory http://www.enviroeducation.com/careers-jobs/#spec General information on various environmental career sectors and areas Careers in Environmental Journalism http://www.sej.org/careers/index.htm The Job Seekers Guide for International and Environmental Careers http://home.att.net/~ejobs/#F)%20Fellowships,%20exchanges%20and%20grants%20in% 20natural%20resource%20management

NYC Specific
NYC Department of Environmental Quality http://www.nyc.gov/html/dep/html/jobs.html NYC Department of City Planning http://www.nyc.gov/html/dcp/html/about/joblist.shtml NYC Parks and Recreation http://www.nycgovparks.org/sub_opportunities/employment/employment_ops.html Mayor’s Office of Environmental Coordination http://www.nyc.gov/html/oec/html/home/home.shtml NY State Department of Environmental Conservation http://www.dec.state.ny.us/

Environmental Social and Networking Stuff
Ideal Bite http://www.idealbite.com The concept behind Ideal Bite is an easy one — if we all knew what to do in our day-today lives to help impact the planet and our communities positively and painlessly (and without preachiness), we would all do it. Facts and suggestions on green food, travel, products, services, and more are spoon-fed daily via email, and our editors' personal

stories about using those tips are found in daily blog postings. (Similar to Daily Candy with a green spin) Greendrinks www.greendrinks.com Environmental happy hour held once a month in Manhattan and Brooklyn Metro NYC Environmental Meetup http://environment.meetup.com/289/ Social, events, volunteering where NYC environmentalists can meet others Be sure to check out the calendar! Upper Green Side http://environment.meetup.com/230/ Grassroots, making the upper east and west sides more sustainable NY Backpacker’s Club http://backpackers.meetup.com/113/ The NYC Low-Energy Light Bulb Street Initiative http://environment.meetup.com/275/ NYC Peak Oil Meetup http://oilawareness.meetup.com/36/ NYC Alternative Energy Meetup http://alternativeenergy.meetup.com/45/ VegOut Meetup Group http://lgbtfriends.meetup.com/9/ New York's social group for lesbian, gay, bi & transgender vegetarians & friends. NYC Animal Rights Meetup http://animalrights.meetup.com/7/ New York Restoration Project www.nyrp.org Events, volunteering and job opportunities NYC Green-Links http://www.green-links.org New York's environmental community resource Earth Day NY http://www.earthdayny.org/events.html

Provide year long information and links of environmental activities and volunteering opportunities Riverside Park Fund http://www.riversideparkfund.org/calendar.htm#August Events and volunteering opportunities Healthy Living NYC http://www.healthylivingnyc.com/ Mini-NYC healthy living eco friendly living Learn About Foraging in NYC with Naturalist "Wildman" Steve Brill http://www.wildmanstevebrill.com/ Reuse Alliance http://www.reusealliance.net A non-profit organization of, and for reuse enterprises in the NYC metro area. Human Rights Watch International Film Festival http://hrw.org/iff/2006/ny/ Amazing independent films, check for 2007 schedule as it becomes available The Bronx River Alliance http://www.bronxriver.org/
Works in harmonious partnership to protect, improve and restore the Bronx River corridor and greenway

Prospect Park Alliance http://www.prospectpark.org/help/main.cfm?target=volunteer Event and Volunteering opportunities GreenHome NYC http://www.greenhomenyc.org/page/events Green Building Lecture Series