Major Raver wins Enduro thriller – Gixerben great second – Support success for Wookie Pete – Raver rolls out of FTCC – Strong meeting for Matthewsde – Nizmo shows promising speed.

Major Raver gave Alfa its first ever enduro victory. Entry and News No change on the car front from round 1, although Matthewsde was now entered for the Enduro at the wheel of a Porsche Cayman. Matthews had been had at work getting to grips with the Renault and his Focus was now in full championship spec as well. Nizmo showed up with West sponsorship now on his Chevrolet Cobalt in the Touring Cars, and he too was happy with some solid testing. Gixerben had been rumoured to be changing engines in his heavily financed Audi S5, that some were worried would make a mockery of PI handicap. Maverick was confident of a good performance in the Astra having set the fastest testing time around the circuit, whilst rumours were abound that he may be thinking of moving from Lamborghini if the opportunity arises. Wookie Pete was confident of being quicker than Gixerben in the Enduro and his testing pace in the Volvo and Renault had been impressive, whilst Wise was also looking forward to building on his strong showing from Round 1. Tattoobloke was still struggling with his rear wheel drive Scion, but felt a little more at home in his Subaru, whilst Major Raver was gunning for top 3 places in all 3 championships and had set very fast times in his Alfa in testing, although his Golf needed a rebuild after a roll in testing. ELF RENAULT 5 CUP – SILVERSTONE NATIONAL Wookie on pole was the last thing most the grid wanted and he shot off the line to lead in to copse corner, followed by Tattoo and Nizmo. Maverick and Gizer gave chase and by the time they headed for the complex for the first time they had got up to second and third, only for them to go wide, dropping Maverick to sixth and Gix to third behind Tattoo. Raver was already in trouble, wise hitting the kerbs at Becketts on the first lap and hitting the side of the Mobil sponsored car. Wookie had a fantastic lead at the end of the first lap and never looked threatened as he rolled off an easy victory. Behind though things weren’t so clear. On the

run down to the stadium, we Tattoo, Matthews and Gix three abreast, the former two touching under braking and releasing Gix through it all. Now Maverick and Major fancied a go, the racing frantic, Tattoo getting shuffled down the order on the last lap with Maverick and Raver’s late braking, it was hectic stuff.

End of lap two and Wookie had already left the Renault pack behind. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. RESULT AFTER 5 LAPS Wookie Pete 5minutes 33seconds Gixerben + 3seconds Matthews + 5seconds Maverick + 8seconds Major Raver + 9seconds Tattoobloke +9 seconds Nizmo + 10 seconds Wiseoldduck +12 seconds Fastest Lap Wookie Pete 1:05:807 (NEW LAP RECORD) MARTINI FX TOURING CAR CHAMPIONSHIP – SILVERSTONE INTERNATIONAL Controversy reigned at the start as chaos happened at Becketts on lap 1 and saw half the field shedding bits of their cars and facing the wrong way, through the mayhem came Tattoobloke and Raver who had started last, but made it through only to be greeted by the red flags and a race stoppage, although Tatt took it well Raver wasn’t best impressed with the decision, with Pete facing the wrong way he saw a big chance to open up a massive championship lead lost. So the cars reformed on the grid for a second time and this time they got away although Gixerben and Matthews had a coming together through Becketts which dropped the Focus to last, through all the problems Pete had got into the lead followed by Raver, with Nizmo looking strong in third. Already in trouble though was Tattoobloke who was finding the Scion a horrible car and wasn’t enjoying it at all. Pete built up a good lead over the first two

laps to lead Raver by nearly three seconds, but then Raver stormed through the first two thirds of the lap, taking chunks out of the Volvo’s lead that when they came through Bridge corner he was a second behind. He tried too hard to close the gap though, and copied his testing accident by hitting the inside kerb and rolling heavily, bits of the TNT sponsored car flying everywhere. This moved Maverick up to second place who had had a steady start and overtaken Nizmo after the Chevrolet’s gearbox started playing up. For the next few laps Pete extended his lead until lap 6 when Maverick started to come back at the Volvo, taking half a second out of it every lap. Maverick was too far behind to do anything about it, and followed Pete over the line for second, believing had the race been 20 laps he would of caught and passed the reigning champions car. Pete was overjoyed with the win and feeling slightly lucky for the restart, Raver’s roll and Maverick having too much ground to have to make up.

Maverick here passing Nizmo, flew in the second half of the FTCC race. Nizmo’s gearbox was getting worse and he started to fall away from the front two and in to the clutches of Gixerben, and on lap 7 the Seat moved up to third and continued their until the end whilst Wise now started sensing blood on the crippled American car and closed in. Going in to the last lap the Honda got close but not close enough and Nizmo held on to his fourth place. Both he and Wise knew that they could of and without problems would have been closer to the podium. Matthews kept going and came home 6th, showing some good pace in the Ford after his earlier problems, whilst Tattoobloke trundled around in 7th and was so slow that Raver’s mashed car was catching him every lap. Don’t expect to see the Scion again this season. There is no doubt that the new touring car rules are proving a success, as three people lapped quicker than the winner and the racing has been fantastic, with two different winners and Maverick again showing great pace. 1. 2. 3. 4. RESULT AFTER 10 LAPS Wookie Pete (Volvo C30) 15minutes 13seconds Maverick (Vauxhall Astra) +4 seconds Gixerben (Seat Leon) +9 seconds Nizmo (Chevrolet Cobalt) +16seconds

5. 6. 7. 8.

Wiseoldduck (Honda Civic) +17seconds Matthewsda (Ford Focus) +31seconds Tattoobloke (Scion TC) +57seconds Major Raver (VW Golf) +1minute 14seconds Fastest Lap Maverick 1:29:596 (NEW LAP RECORD) GULF ENDURO CHAMPIONSHIP – SILVERSTONE INTERNATIONAL Major Raver had pole for the main event and alongside him was Nizmo who had shown promising pace, behind them came Pete and Matthews, who when the lights turned green almost stalled and was swamped by the whole field. Raver nailed the first lap and opened a small lead on Nizmo, who had behind him Maverick and Gixer giving chase, with Matthews making up places quickly. Nizmo’s run at the front hit problems on lap two with gearbox problems, and this saw Matthews charge through to second and Maverick fighting in vain to hold off Wookie, who had slipped past Gixer, and the championship leader.

Maverick led Matthews Porsche early on, the Porsche though beating him at the end. Raver was continuing to lead out front by 6 seconds, Matthews keeping him honest but he was having to watch his mirrors as Wookie wasn’t far behind who in turn had Gixerben all over him, these in turn were now dropping Maverick’s Lamborghini. A couple of times Gixerben got close until finally on lap 10 he made it up to third and then Pete found he had gearbox issues and made his stop. Gixerben now homed in on Matthews and Raver set his fastest lap of the race to move the lead out further until on lap 14 the Alfa driver made two mistakes and found his lead down to 3seconds, and also found that the Championship leader had moved into second place. Gixerben wasted no time in latching on to the rear of the Alfa and bought the Porsche with him and now it was game on three fighting for the lead. Although the Audi got close it couldn’t quite get close enough to make a move for the top spot, Matthews decided on lap 20 to leave them to it and make his stop and get some clean track, rejoining in fourth behind Maverick but a head of Wookie Pete who was having real issues with the Subaru and dropping back. Out front and Gixer now free of looking in his mirrors became more aggressive in his fight for the lead, although fair, sticking his nose up the inside for little looks, trying to unsettle the Alfa. The Audi was faster over the later part

of the lap but Raver was faster through the first half, especially through Copse corner where he would eek out a lead. On lap 26 Raver finally made a mistake and went wide at Beckett’s. Going on to the grass, Gixer smelling his chance steamed up the inside but left his braking far too late and he slid on to the grass letting the Alfa back through, the Audi leading for less than a second. Gix rejoined a couple of seconds behind the Alfa and set off after it again, catching it within a lap and asking the question of was Raver holding him up and would he be better on a clear track? We found out on lap 29 as Raver went wide again and this time the Audi needed no second invite taking the lead, we now expected Gixerben to do as he did at Road Atlanta and clear off, but he didn’t!

The battle between Major ang Gixer was hard and very close, but fair and very clean. Raver was swarming all over the back of him and got a alongside on the run to copse only to find the door slammed in his face, Raver having to brake hard to avoid spinning the Audi out. Incensed by this he chased after the Audi again and through Luffield he through the car down the inside and made it stick, although Gixer had to give him the room to make it work, and did so in a very fair manner. Raver led for the next lap before pitting on lap 33, and he set off getting his tyres up to the right temperature and knowing he needed a good out lap. Matthews behind them was 7 seconds back which had been surprising as it was expected the Porsche may have been closer to the warring pair out front. Gixer pitted the following lap and all eyes were on the pit lane exit, the Audi rejoining the track as Raver came in to Copse, but the Alfa had the speed and momentum and Gixer knew it and promptly put his car in the middle of the circuit leaving Raver with a choice, he decided on the outside line to Becketts even taking to the grass slightly, to take the lead. It was hairy to watch but it was fair by the championship leader, giving Raver just enough room. So 5 laps left and things were the same as they were before the pitstops with the Audi swarming all over the 7up car. Raver though was covering his lines and Gixer kept showing his nose, doing well not to make any contact with the rear of the leader as close as they were. In to the last lap and Gixer looked for his chance, especially coming out the last corner were Raver forcefully slammed the door shut on his rival, Gixerben though happy in the knowledge he had a massive points haul coming his way in a 570PI car. So Raver crossed line 3tenths to the good a head overjoyed with the win, but for the spectators it had been a total cracker and credit to the pair.

It wasn’t a good race for either Tattoo or Wise. In third was Matthewsde who had driven superbly in his Porsche Cayman on his Enduro debut and he is certain to be a major player this season, whilst Maverick drove well as he always does at Silverstone to bring the twitchy Lamborghini home fourth after a very lonely race in the newly sponsored Gulf supercar. Wookie had a poor run and made a second stop late on to repair damage, and the pre-season favourite looks to be struggling a bit which will be a worry to him. Sixth and the last runner at the end was Nizmo. Nizmo had shown once again some great pace in the Audi, but also suffered from Mechanical issues to the black and silver car which left him well down. He also copied Ravers Touring Car roll at Bridge, having the same destructive results. Wise went off on a big way on lap 18 and that forced his retirement, it was a shame as had he not he would of beaten Wookie to 5th place, whilst Tattoobloke retired with car problems on lap 4, after showing some strong early pace, looking more at home in the Subaru. So Raver wins and now moves up to second in the championship, Gixerben though taking massive handicap bonus points which gives him a 7point lead in the championship. Gixerben survived a visit to the race stewards after the race due to his fastest clean lap being 8 seconds off the pace. He explained this as being close to other cars at all times, which the stewards accepted. Thankfully to all as he didn’t deserve to be disqualified after playing his part in a cracking race. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. RESULT AFTER 40 LAPS Major Raver (A595 Alfa Romeo 8C) 58minutes 01 seconds Gixerben (A570 Audi S5) +0.322seconds Matthewsdea (A600 Porsche Cayman) +8 seconds Maverick (A590 Lamborghini Gallardo) +43 seconds Wookie Pete (A580 Subaru WRX07) +1minute 16 seconds Nizmo (A600 Audi A4) + 3 Laps Wiseoldduck (A600 Mitsubishi Evo 6) DNF Tattoobloke (Subaru S22B) DNF

Fastest Lap Wookie Pete 1:24:867 (NEW LAP RECORD)

The Renaults entertained as usual. ROUND UP & QUOTES DRIVER OF THE DAY: GIXERBEN BATTLE OF THE DAY: MAJOR RAVER & GIXERBEN in the Enduro RACE OF THE MEETING: ENDURO MAJOR TALKING POINT: FTCC Restart Quotes Major Raver “Credit to Gixer, it was a great battle” Gixerben “Hard racing but it was fair” Matthews “Disappointed with the Touring Cars” Maverick “I was so tired at the end I was falling asleep” Wookie Pete “Needed good support results after last week” Nizmo “Speed is there just got to get consistent” Wiseoldduck “A bit disappointed after last week” Tattoobloke “My Touring Car is F***ing useless” So no Enduro cars next week, the Enduro is for the Renault 5’s, and there will be a lot of people happy to see the back of that Audi for a week. The Renault’s should be fun and the Sebring short circuit lends itself to slipstreaming mayhem. Maverick leads the Renault series and will be hoping to leave round 3 on top of the Championship table meaning his Enduro campaign will also have kicked in. And will he make it 3 different winners in the FTCC series? Wise’s Honda should fly around Sebring, and Nizmo and Matthews both went quickly at Silverstone, and Gixer will be hoping for his first Touring car success of the season. As usual it should be a cracker!