Creation of Backup Data Center in DEAC Guarantees 100% Business Continuity for t he Eurasian Companies Backup data center

in DEAC guarantees the continuos working ability and effecien cy of any Euro-Asian company. The Baltic largest data center operator IT company DEAC provides the creation of backup data center, improving business continuity with developed disaster recovery plan and optimizing the total cost of ownershi p with estimated return of Investments in company’s long - term IT infrastructur e perspective. Riga, Latvia, February 19, 2010 -- Doing business without interruption nowadays is critical for most companies in any case. "Creating a backup data center in DE AC is new guaranteed opportunity for representatives of medium and large Euro-As ian businesses. That ensures the business continuity with disaster recovery plan for the operation of company’s IT systems in the shortest time for up to severa l minutes," notes DEAC CEO Andris Gailitis. "It is simply necessary for the larg e companies and holdings to have the backup data center with standard availabili ty of IT resources at the level of 99,995%. Company recess because of inaccessib ility to information resources is fraught with serious financial and image losse s," continues Andris Gailitis. Using the backup data center diversifies almost all infrastructure and human ris ks, including the elements of unfair competition. According to various estimates , on average 2/3 of all information systems’ downtimes and data losses are due t o failures of power supply systems, ventilation, air conditioning and as a resul t of external factors such as flooding, natural phenomena, fires, etc. According to statistics from Gartner Group, only 6% of companies survive in the emergenci es, and the average cost of business interruption for 1 day is more than 10 mill ion U.S. dollars. "Studies conducted by independent companies show the high effi ciency of backup data center use in addition to the core in protection of busine ss against natural and technological disasters," emphasizes Andris Gailitis. "Ba ckup and skillful organization of services is key to 100% guaranteed reliability of information systems," says Andris Gailitis. Reduction of ownership costs with the assessment of return on investment is calc ulated individually for each company. Development strategy of the company, its r equirements to recovery speed of IT systems’ functionality, the number of staff, affiliates and their geographical disposition are taken into consideration. "Th e use of backup data center in the long term will be perfect investment in the c ompany’s future. For example, the initial cost of a monthly rent for rack with t he provided Internet connection and the initial level of service with the subseq uent possibility of vertically or horizontally scalable computing resources star ts from 340 EUR, in case if all servers and storage systems with additional equi pment occupies a part-time server rack," epmhasizes Andris Gailitis. Contacts: Olegs Naskidajevs, Head of marketing and development department DEAC, Ph: +371 6707 2100, +7 499 5029 722, Mob: +371 2917 0284, +7 926 448 2657, e-mai l: About DEAC: Company DEAC is the largest data center operator in the Baltics. Company s activ ities focus on providing services of data center and IT outsourcing on a scale o f Eurasia. The total area of data center server room owned by DEAC (DC "Riga" an d DC "Grizinkalns") is 1000 sqm; a power scheme provides multiple overlapping po wer transmission until TIER IV. Communication connections provide direct connec tivity to all regions of Russian Federation, including the data exchange points in Moscow (MSK-IX) and St. Petersburg (SPB-IX), as well as access to the largest European data exchange in Amsterdam (AMS-IX), Frankfurt (DE-CIX), London (LINX) , Riga (LIX) and in other major cities with the required Internet connection spe ed.


More than 2000 customers from 20 countries (Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Finland, Shweds and Holland) choose DEAC as a reliable and stab le partner. Among them are Spanish telecommunication operator "Telefonica", "Dan ske Bank", "Unicredit bank", "Latvijas Banka", "Rietumu Banka", "", "one .lv", "Elko Group" "DEPO DIY", "Microsoft Latvia", "Philips Baltic", "TV3 Latvij a", "AAS Balva", "Kvadra pak" and others. DEAC is the developer of most popular Latvian school management system e-klase – DEAC is an official distributor of DELL in Latvia and an official partner of „Mi crosoft”, „APC” „VMware”, „EMC” and „Synterra”. More about data center operator DEAC: - - - ers#p/u/1/HDASlvvdrNU Press Contact: Andris Gailitis DEAC Riga, Latvia +371-67072100