Approach 1 – try adding linked server: What provider should I select here?

If I choose Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers, how do I fill all the fields: Product name, Data Source, Provider String, Location, Catalog?

In Control Panel->Admin Tool:

If I open ODBC and try to add a FileDSN, I will see the following:

So as you can see, Lotus NotesSQL Driver (*.nsf) has already been installed, in fact, you can see I have already created couple dsn, they are all working in ACCESS, or even SQL 2000, for example, in Access, I can create a link table by choosing ODBC data source:

And then I will see all the available dsn:

I select what I want, I can see all the objects in the nsf file:

It’s also easy to do that in SQL 2000 Imports Wizard:

Samething as Access, I just need to choose Lotus NotesSQL Driver (*.nsf), then pick the dsn I already created:

I will then be asked for password, then I will see all the tables and views. However, in SQL 2005, I no longer see the same option in SSIS import wizard:

I don’t know where it goes? Or SQL 2k5 just stops supporting import data from Notes? I searched Internet and read many discussion on importing data from Notes to SQL, always seems someone are able to do that but no one ever provided a complete solution. I also tried to use .NET to import notes data, I came across the connection string:

Approach 2: Then I tried to create .Net code:
Dim oConn As New OdbcConnection Dim conStr As String conStr = "Driver={Lotus NotesSQL 3.01 (32-bit) ODBC DRIVER (*.nsf)};Server=(local); Database=names.nsf;" Dim conn As New OdbcConnection(conStr) It throws this error message: ERROR [IM002] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified

What I have installed: 1. NotesSQL 3.02j From this link at IBM: k=ALL&S_TACT=104CBW71&status=Active&q=notessql You have to create a IBM ID to download it, and ironically the first time I clicked on the download button the page actually crashed, but it works when I tried it again.

C978NEN.exe, file version:, size: 3,216,466 bytes created on: If you need the file I can send to you so you don’t have to register and download again. 2. Lotus Notes client tool – required before you install Notes2SQL driver

I installed the oldest one because I don’t want to suck too much junk into my box, and this version works. If you need this Notes client tool, I can send it to you as well. My email: