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Childhood mortality, though most prevalent in

third-world countries such as Africa, is still a
major problem in first world problems like the
United States as well.
Meningococcal infectionWhooping cough
Pertussis influenza measles, mumps,
varicella [chicken pox, and] rubella (Child 2)
are all illnesses that are preventable just with a
simple vaccination but kill thousands of children
each and every year.
Most states in America do not prevent parents
from avoiding vaccinations for religious or
philosophical reasons. Only West Virginia and
Mississippi mandate that all children receive a
vaccination (States).

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Ashleigh Galloway
English 102
Leslie Jewkes
29 June 2015


"It's the greatest

poverty to decide
that a child must die
so that you may live
as you wish."
Mother Teresa

The Cost
Of the estimated 8795 million deaths in
children younger than 5 years worldwide in
2008, infectious diseases caused 68% (5970
million) and most of these were preventable
diseases had the children been immunized
Many families fear that vaccinations may cause
diseases and disorders that arent worth the risk.
Some of these diseases and disorders include
but are not limited to-narcolepsy
Alzheimer'stype 1 diabetes mellitus
Since 1999, the foundation has committed
US$2.5 billion to GAVI[to provide] funding to
buy vaccines for, and provide technical support
to, countries with the greatest needs (Vaccine).

In many countries like Africa,

disease is often caused by
malnutrition, lack of vaccinations,
unclean living spaces and a lack of
safe drinking water. There are many
organizations around the world who
are taking measures to raise money
and help countries in need to prevent
further damage and attempt to fix
what damage has already been done.