Measuring the Emotional Intelligence Eko Budhi Purwanto There are no reason to say that EI (Emotional Intelligence) can

be measured. All intelligence aspect , sure can be measured by valid and reliable psycho-measure ment. John D. Mayer in example, He say: â In regard to measuring emotional intelligence â I am a great believer that criterion-report (that is, ability testing) is the onl y adequate method to employ. Intelligence is an ability, and is directly measure d only by having people answer questions and evaluating the correctness of those answers.â Itâ s just for along time scientific side see and believe that all intelli gence aspect can be measured. Intelligence is capability aspect, and I always te nd to say that all capability can be measured. Multifactor Emotional Intelligence Scale (MEIS), Seligman Attributional Style Qu estionnaire (SASQ), Emotional Competence Inventory (ECI) are the good alternativ e measurement , be used to take some norm value for Emotional Intelligence. By t he way the best proper measurement to take a valid and reliable result for Emoti onal Intelligence aspect is based on the Projective Multi-Phases Orientation Met hod. Emotional Intelligence is an ability to control and manage all personal nee ds , not to be more and not to be less. They are social need , need to be secure d, need to achieve individual goal, need to be interested, need to have a self e steem, need to nurturance , need to take individual intuition, need to dominate , need to destruct . People with a high score on EI will be able to balance all his or her needs.