Emerging Issues in HRDS

DOWNSIZING Reducing the total number of employees at a company through terminations, retirements. In a business enterprise, downsizing is reducing the number of employees on the operating payroll. Some users distinguish downsizing from a layoff, with downsizing intended to be a permanent downscaling and a layoff intended to be a temporary downscaling in which employees may later be rehired The basic GOAL for a successful downsizing is "work better and cost less”. To help achieve this goal, it is important to review and learn from the experiences of organizations that have downsized--and recognize that downsizing does not always achieve the intended result. Eg: - Jet Airways CORPORATE RESTRUCTURING
Restructuring is the corporate management term for the act of partially dismantling and reorganizing a company for the purpose of making it more efficient and therefore more profitable. It generally involves selling off portions of the company and making severe staff reductions.

Corporate Restructuring refers to multidimensional process. However, the term corporate restructuring is used here for operational restructuring as long term strategy of business Operational restructuring is an ongoing process, which includes improvement in efficiency and management, reduction in staff and wages, sales of assets (for example, reduction in subsidiaries), enhanced marketing efforts, and so on with the expectation of higher profitability and cash flow (1). Rising competition, breakthrough technological and other changes, rising stock market volatility, major corporate accounting scandals have increased the responsibility to managers to deliver superior performance and enhance market value to shareholders. The companies which fail to deal with the above successfully may lose their independence, if not face extinction. In India, corporate houses have recently witnessed an increase of restructuring in different organizations. Some organizations have done their restructuring through acquisition and mergers and some through demergers. There is also corporate restructuring done through changes in corporate structure and optimization of resources including financial structuring. EXAMPLE :- Reliance Industries Ltd., Larsen and Toubro Ltd. For example, the acquisition, merger, and demerger of Reliance Industries Ltd. Mergers of Reliance Petrochemicals Ltd., and the recent demergers of four entities like Reliance Communication Ventures Ltd., Reliance Energy Ventures Ltd., Reliance Natural Resources Ventures Ltd., and Reliance Capital Ventures Ltd.

which spun off from Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL), and were perhaps the most prominent restructurings in recent times. Even the recent demerger of the cement division of Larsen and Toubro Ltd. (L&T), named Ultratech Cement Ltd., seems to be one of the L&Ts grand strategies to concentrate more on infrastructure, engineering, energy .

WORK–LIFE BALANCE Work–life balance is having enough time for work and enough to have a life.Maintaining the essential work life balance has become a business imperative, and is mostly not very easy to achieve. That's where IBM's employee-friendly policies come into picture. Be it flexible work arrangements or child care services, they recognized that these have a positive impact on employee productivity & retention, and therefore are looked upon as a business imperative. Complementing these policies are Well-being services, which spans several areas ranging from Influenza Vaccination to Emotional Well-being programs.

OUTSOURCING Outsourcing can be defined as a process in which a company delegates some of its in-house operations/processes to a third party. Thus outsourcing is a contracting transaction through which one company purchases services from another while keeping ownership and ultimate responsibility for the underlying processes. The clients inform their provider what they want and how they want the work performed. So the client can authorize the provider to operate as well as redesign basic processes in order to ensure even greater cost and efficiency benefits. .