KERRY LIVELY 2515 Texas Ash Irving, Texas 75063 Phone: (469) 337-1928 Email:livelyinc@yahoo.


OBJECTIVE: I would love to work for a great company that will allow me to use my talent s and years of experience. I am a top salesman that can sale anything and close it whether it be business t o business or individual sales . I believe that we can learn something new everyday that will improve our talent and life.

QUALIFICATIONS Professional Sales Manager for multimillion dollar companies responsible for gen erating sales business to business and to individual home owners, sales and clos ing training, advertising, recruiting, preparing budgets, bidding jobs, reading blueprints, design of HVAC systems for commercial and residential, preparation o f sales materials, price sheets, management, customer relations, establishing sa les goals and then surpassing them. I am computer literate in Microsoft office programs. Hiring and finding subcontractors for repairs do to water damage, sheetrock repa ir, floor repair and painting after remodeling jobs or adding new HVAC systems a nd then finalizing billing for jobs. I am computer literate in Microsoft office programs. I have a very good knowledge of HVAC systems and have also written a book titled HOMEOWNERS GUIDE TO HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING in 1998. EPA certified univers al.


1970-1974 San Saba High School 1974-1977 Texas A&M University BS Economics/Business

EMPLOYMENT 2004-Present

Business to business sales, internet sales, direct marketing and individual sales of jewelry. Cold calling and telephone sales of jewelry manufactured by my self and sub contractors that work for me. I built this business from ground up. Sales are great and have a unique product and get to use my talents every day.

2003-2004 Airco Mechanical Austin, Texas epts. $ 112,000 with Salary and Commissions

General Mgr over Sales and Service D

Airco called me back and made me a substantial offer to work for them and co mmute back and forth because revenues had decreased since I left and the Service Mgr left. I resumed my old position as Sales Mgr as well as Mgr over Service D epartment. I resigned my position after 9 months because I have a home here in Dallas a rea now and the commute 2 times a week was very tiring. If my son and home were in Austin I would still be working for Airco but now my home is in the Dallas area and l my son is a priority in my life. I do not mind commuting but 3 hours one way is a little to much for me.


Big Tex Heating and Air

Dallas, Texas

Sales Manager

$ 68,000 with Salary and commission Sales of HVAC equipment retro change outs and new housing throughout Dallas are a. Designing of systems, estimating, training techs and helping troubleshoot pr oblems, setting up and helping to implement new inventory for warehouse to mak e business more profitable and job takeoffs more precise, helping with advertisi ng and establishing a retro market for Big Tex, cold calling on new construction builders and estimating costs. I enjoy working for Mr Brodin at Big Tex but the office is a smoking office where everyone but 3 of us smoke. No one goes outsi de to smoke as in most offices they stay inside.


Airco Mechanical

Austin, Texas

Sales Manager

$ 98,000 with Salary and commissions Sales manager for residential and light commercial up to 30 tons, training o f sales force, designing systems for retro and new construction, overseeing chan

ge out crews, customer relations, budgeting, sales materials development, advert ising, trade shows, technical training for service techs in sales, complete turn around of department that was loosing money to profit maker, cold calling on ne w builders and remodel construction, procurement of equipment and ordering of eq uipment over internet, acquiring financing programs and implementing them. Worki ng closely with City of Austin in their programs for energy savings and rebates such as duct sealing, weatherization, solar screens and overall tighter houses to save energy. Airco is a great company to work for but I wanted to move to Da llas to be closer to my son.


Christianson Service

Round Rock Texas

Sales Manager

$ 75,000 with Salary and commissions Sales Manager in new home construction custom builders and single-family retro c hange out of HVAC systems, layout of systems, water conditioning sales, procurem ent of equipment and acquiring financing for homeowners.

Christianson Service being a large new construction plumbing company had no wate r-softening department and I was asked to establish that part of their sales dep artment, which I did.

Individual sales in HVAC of over a million dollars per year and the last being 1 .7 million in individual sales not including my sales people.

Christianson Service was one of the best companies I have ever worked for and on ly left to move to Dallas to be closer to my son but before I could get moved A irco came to me and made me an offer that I could not turn down.

1994-1998 merged)

Autumn Heating and Cooling / All Seasons Heating and Cooling (they

$ 60,000 with Salary and commission Sales and service tech. Sales of residential equipment, service work and re pair. Trainer for new employes in sales, service, and duct cleaning sales. Diag nostics of repairs, introducing new products to sell, duct systems replacement e stimates, design of HVAC systems, inspections of installs and customer relations . I left because company did not have benefits that Christianson Service offer ed me.