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Post-Graduate Programme
in Management for Executives


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From the Directors Desk

Dear Recruiter,
I am pleased to introduce to you the PGPX class of
2015. Every year, 85 of the best mid-level professionals
from India and abroad are selected for a unique oneyear learning experience in the PGPX programme.
Selected students have demonstrated intellectual
ability and rich experience; this class, for example,
has an average GMAT score of 705 and an average
work experience of approximately 10 years, of which
international work experience accounts for an average
of 3 years.
Our PGPX students bring rich insights and execution
acumen from their past careers to classroom learning
and campus activities. Learning from one another and
from world class faculty in a rigorous and challenging
curriculum, they develop leadership skills and subject
Graduates of past batches of this programme have
excelled in leadership positions across functions in
a diverse set of industries. I am confident that in this
PGPX class of 2015, you will find the highly motivated
professionals with skills, temperament, and experience
that will add tremendous value to your organization.

Professor Ashish Nanda
Director, IIM Ahmedabad

From the Programme Chair

Dear Recruiter,
Putting myself in your shoes I can realise how difficult
it is for you to identify a particular Business School
and a specific programme to pick the right individuals
to manage your business. The candidates from IIM
Ahmedabads PGPX programme make this decision a
bit easier. We offer 85 candidates with fantastic track
records and rich experience. They are comparable
with the best in the world and most of them joined
the PGPX programme as a matter of choice, not by
The rigorous one-year programme ensures that
these nuggets of gold go through fire and make
themselves better in the process. I, as chairperson
of the programme, can vouch for their academic
capability, integrity and potential.

Professor Anurag Agarwal

Chairperson, PGPX

Each of these candidates is fully aligned with what

is happening around them and is agile enough to
respond in a reasonable period of time. Most of them
have international exposure even before joining the
programme and during the programme they had
the opportunity to be exposed to some of the best
business leaders, and imbibe idealism judiciously
blended with realism.
Im quite sure that you will be delighted to recruit
candidates from this programme, who come with
a diverse background and experience, for a suitable
position matching with the candidates aspirations
in your organization.

From the Chairperson, Placement Committee

Dear Recruiters,
Standing in the sanctum sanctorum of the
ancient and imposing Sun Temple executed
in granite at Modhera, Gujarat, visitors are
awestruck to know that the Tropic of Cancer
passes-through right under their feet! Sixty
miles away from this place, I invite you to
visit the Indian Institute of Management
Ahmedabad (IIMA) for a similar experience.
Standing in the precincts of a monastic brick
structure executed more than half-a-century
ago, you will be awestruck to know that the
best line of career progression for business
executives passes right through IIMA.
Welcome to IIMA! It gives me immense
pleasure to introduce to you the 85-member
strong contingent of executives that
constitutes the PGPX class of 2015. These
executives were selected through a rigorous,

Professor Satish Deodhar
Chairperson, Placement Committee,
IIM Ahmedabad

process that included leadership profiling,

personal interviews, and a highly competitive
average GMAT score of 705. The candidates
have an average work experience of about 10
years, and, despite being away from school
for a reasonable period of time, they have
gone through a highly demanding academic
programme and the intellectual rigour of
IIMA. The programme design is based on a
vigorous debate that brought out the best
from corporate executives and IIMA faculty.
In my dual capacity as Placement Chair
and instructor for the course Firms and
Markets, I have followed the academic
progress of these executives very closely. I
can confidently say that they are the best in
the business. It is no surprise that PGPX has
been consistently ranked amongst top two
international business schools in terms of
Career Progression by Financial Times. Come,
visit us and harness the rich experience,
commitment, integrity, and the management
skills of executives that we have nurtured
here at IIMA.

PGPX Course

PGPX is a one year full time Post Graduate

Program in Management for Executives.
The objective of the program is to transform
bright and enthusiastic professionals into
management leaders and change agents in
the global landscape.


One Year
MBA in India

Financial Times,
Global MBA Ranking
2012, 2013, 2014


Globally in
Career Progression

The design of the program, developed

through vigorous debate among the industry
leaders and the IIM-A faculty, gives the
program cutting edge superiority in creating
the business leaders of tomorrow. Not
surprisingly within eight years of its launch,
the PGPX program has been ranked number
two in career progression in the world
and ranked number one overall in India by
financial times Global MBA ranking. The ninth
batch of students has been selected through
a rigorous admission process conducted
across the globe.
The famed case based pedagogy and rigorous
academic curriculum of IIM-A ensures that
PGPX students are more than adequately
equipped and empowered with requisite

knowledge and skill-sets to attain leadership

positions and add value to their organizations.
PGPX students also undergo an intensive
two week International Immersion Program
(IIP). In this program, the students attend
sessions at leading global business schools.
This segment equips the students with
understanding of macro level dynamics of
business in an international setting.
The amalgamation of rich industry experience
and proven leadership potential across
geographies adds unparalleled value. The
IIM-A academic rigour, produces talent that is
ready to hit the ground running from the very
first day in complex business environment.
As a result the batches that have graduated
have been welcomed by corporate houses
in need of management talent at the middle
and senior levels. Students have been placed
from senior managers and consultants roles
to general managers and CXOs.

List of Courses - Core & Electives

Leadership and Management

Finance and Economics

Core course

Core course

Leadership, Values and Ethics

Financial Reporting and Analysis

Leadership Skills

Corporate Finance

Corporate Governance

Strategic Cost Management

Management Communication

Financial Markets

Business Simulation Game (Capstone)

Mergers and Acquisitions

Strategic Human Resources


Firms and Markets

Open Economy Macroeconomics

Organizational Behaviour

Management Control and Metrics for

Organizational Performance


Managing and Creating Creativity


Inspired Leadership through Personnel


Carbon Finance

Advance Course on Managing and

Creating Creativity

Effective Management of Financial


Management of Indian and International

Commercial Contracts

Infrastructure Development & Public

Private Partnerships

Financial Statement Analysis

Potential to Performance: The Journey

of Self-Awareness

Venture Capital and Private Equity

Coaching and Counselling Skills for

Team & Leadership Effectiveness

Derivatives and Risk Management

Business Relationships and Networks

International Economic and Political


International Financial Management

Business Strategy



Core course

Core course

Core course

Modeling for Decisions

Designing Operations to Meet Demand

Assessing and Creating Customer Value

Analysis of Data

Setting and Delivering Service Levels

Strategic Management

Quality Management

Delivering and Managing Customer


Legal Aspects of Business




Logistics Management

Business Analytics

Management of New and Small Firms

Business Turnaround and

Organizational Transformation

Marketing Management in the World of

Hi-Tech & Innovation

Strategic Thinking & Decision Making

Strategic Business to Business Market


Strategic Management of Information


Real Estate Management

Retail Management

Strategic Marketing

Exploring the Consumer

Understanding and Assessing Risk

Social Entrepreneurship: Innovating

Social Change

Strategy and Innovation

Doing Business Abroad

Supply Chain Management

PGPX Recruiters


(n)Code Solutions







Bharti Retail


Centre for Innovation Incubation and

Entrepreneurship (CIIE, IIMA)

CGI Group






J P Morgan


Deutsche Bank

Jayaswal Neco Inds Ltd

Sears Holding India

Dr. Reddys

L&T Group

Shapoorji Pallonji

Educational Initiatives

Marvel Realtors

Take Solutions

Ericsson Global


Tata Motors



Tech Mahindra




Gati-Kintetsu Express Private Limited




Mphasis Software & Services (I) Pvt. Ltd.


Goldman Sachs

Multiplier Foundation



NSSL Limited

Wipro (Financial Services)

Hero Motocorp

Oracle Financial Services

Yes Bank

Hindustan Coca Cola








Roland Berger


Placement Statistics - Class of 2014

Industry Chosen


Outgoing Functions

Marketing / Sales

Operation / Supply Chain

Systems / IT

General Management


Yet to decide








My one year at PGPX was a truly enriching

and memorable one, thanks to the
unbeatable combination of course content,

Locations Placed

pedagogy, quality of the faculty and the

diversity of fellow batch-mates. Needless


to add it was also extremely demanding

and intensive.
The course provided me with tools &

National Capital Region

insights and sharpened my ability to

think, strategize and execute business.
More significantly it helped me achieve a


15% 6% Pune



radical shift in industry from Information

15 %


Technology to Energy and widen my span




Rest of India

from Account Management to Enterprise

I get calls from aspirants asking for
guidance on management studies, my


Yet to decide

advice has been to simply go for the

program and undertake this life changing

Class of 2014 Placement Track Record :

Sriram Vishwanathan, PGPX Class of 2013

CEO - Thermax Onsite Energy Solutions
Limited at Thermax


Recruiters Say...

For Bharti Airtel, 2013 was the first time we

came to IIMA PGPX. It was a delight to meet
a group of experienced professionals, who
had made the choice to undergo a rigorous
PGPX programme at IIMA. We found in
them an urge to relaunch themselves, and
a burning ambition to get back to work and
excel. The placement team went out of the
way to present the batch credentials in a very
impressive manner. Today, all the PGPX hires
are handling exciting roles in IT, Networks
and Finance in Airtel.
Ms. Harmeen Mehta, CIO
Mr.Srikanth Balachandran, Global CFO
Bharti Airtel


We have been meeting PGPX students

over last nearly six years. We find them
scholastically very bright, often with unique
experiences in global environment. In
addition, they display great deal of maturity
in their people skills, leadership style as well
as high level of pragmatism in pursuing
appropriate career choices. Over the years,
this has helped us hire several of them to fill
up our unique senior management positions
in RPG across our varied businesses.
Dr. Arvind N Agrawal,
Management Board Member,
President - Corporate Development &
Human Resources, RPG Enterprises

IIMs have always been the hallmark of

excellence. The 1 year residential PGPX
program at IIMA has a rich and varied pool of
candidates and Ericsson Global Services has
recruited great talent from the program. This
partnership has created a win-win situation
for EGI and the students and we at EGI look
forward to strengthening it further.
Priyanka Anand,
Vice President,
Human Resources & Organisation, Ericsson
India Global Services Private Limited

The PGPX program has been one of the

top programs that we have recruited from.
For our Commercial Leadership Program at
Philips, we are looking for talent who bring
the intellectual horsepower needed to build
high growth businesses and yet combine
the maturity and interpersonal skills needed
to connect with the team, ease into the
organizations DNA and perform/grow into
positions of leadership. We have found this
in the talent pool we have recruited from
Krishna Kumar
Vice Chairman & Managing Director,
Philips India

PGPX candidates come with the right set of

attitude, skills and expertise and can prove
to be an ideal fit for senior roles in any
organisation. The graduate we hired has
adapted rapidly to a new industry and has
proven himself in multiple roles within the
organization. This flexibility is invaluable in
a startup environment. I recommend hiring
from this program for candidates who are
able to run the gamut from hands-on work
to strategic thought and leadership.
Kiran Gopinath
Founder and CEO,
Ozone Media Solutions Pvt Ltd

We found an excellent pool of people

available with the right technology and
business background.
We found people with the right mix of skills,
attitude and values which is required for
any senior lateral hire. It seems the 1 year
full-time residential PGPX program at IIMA
has managed to package the best of their
successful 2 year program for experienced
managers. We look forward to recruit from
the PGPX talent pool going ahead.
Vineet Gupta
Global Head,
Digital Business Practice, MindTree


Faculty Say...
The PGPX has been growing year after year,
since its first offer in 2006-07. The program
offers solid grounding for those high achievers
who wish to accelerate their career and/or
switch tracks. Selecting the participants was
a pleasure, though tough, given the choice in
quality. Engaging them in class is a pleasure,
given their sheer hunger for learning. I believe
recruiting them will be a pleasure, though
Prof G Raghuram
Founder Chair, PGPX, IIMA

I find PGPX participants exceptionally high

on global mind-set, leadership acumen, and
structured decision making. As Indian economy
enters into a phase of high competition, it is
imperative that organizations recruit people
having strong global business outlook,
professional commitment, and leadership
skills. The fact that PGPX participants chose
to hone their management skills after gaining
substantial work experience (average work
exp. is 10 years) shows their inclination and
commitment for learning. It is my firm belief
that PGPX participants of IIM Ahmedabad
are capable of adding immense value to
an organization at middle and senior level
Prof Sunil Sharma
Strategy Area, IIMA

The PGPX batch, with almost eight to 10 years

of work experience, brings to class vibrancy
matched with high degrees of energy and
enthusiasm. In my association with the PGPX
students over the last six years, I have always
enjoyed animated interactions with them.
Class discussions are enriched as students
challenge and engage in intellectual pursuits
through presentation of diverse perspectives
and mature understanding of business
practices. Undoubtedly, their capabilities, skill
sets, and intellect will make recruitment an
enriching experience.

As someone who has been teaching PGPX students for the past 9 years, as a past PGPX Chairperson
and the present Dean (Alumni and External Relations), I am delighted to introduce the graduating
PGPX class of 2015. I have taught them the basic marketing course and hope to teach them an
elective as well. The PGPX class of 2015 represents a very interesting mix of backgrounds from
different industry sectors. Continuing the tradition of PGPX program, you will find that the PGPX
class of 2015 are ready to hit the ground running in middle and senior management positions in a
range of functional and general management positions. The PGPX class of 2015 represent some of
the most heavily recruited students with an average GMAT score of 705 and experience of 10 years.
I encourage you to have a conversation with them to choose the best candidate that your company
can find in this genre, I daresay, anywhere in the world.
Prof Arvind Sahay
Dean (Alumni and External Relationships), IIMA

Prof Asha Kaul

Communication area, IIMA


PGPX - Class of 2015 at a glance



Batch Profile - Class of 2015

Project Management

General Management

Business Analysis
System Designing
Quality Assurance
Software Maintenance


PGPX - Class of 2015


Abhinav Upadhyay
B.Tech. (Chemical), REC/NIT

Aman Phogat
B.E. (Electronics & Comm)
Six Sigma Green Belt

Amarendra Tiwari
MBA (Marketing)
B.E. (Mechanical)

10 years of expertise spanning Operation, Process & Project

management in manufacturing industries

10 years of Consulting and Business Development for IT in

Automotive and Aerospace Domains.

11+ years of experience in Corporate Finance, Strategy

execution, business development, and in managing P&L

Operation Management, Manager, Vedanta, India

Operation In-charge, Alumina Refinery; managed a team of
6 engineers and 100 operators
Integral team player in amalgamating the PSU and Private
sector culture after disinvestment of BALCO
Achieved 4-5% reduction in cost of production by
analyzing technical capabilities and implementing
significant improvement projects
Head of Carbon Process Control
Led a team of 20 to optimize process parameters
by brainstorming and adopting root cause analysis
methods; managed key cost drivers by scheming raw
material supply and inventory
Worked directly under the company CEO to achieve
EBIDTA target

Business Development, Tech Mahindra, China

Turnaround of Passive Safety project, from $0.9 mn loss
to $1.4 mn annual profit.
Improved operational efficiency by resource leveling
and risk management.
Worked closely with the VP and Director APAC, for
Passive Safety.
Managed team of 20 of Chinese, Polish and Indian
Developed project proposal for Integrated Antitheft
device for BRIC countries.
Handled RFPs and presentations to support Pre-sales

Assistant Vice President (Corporate Finance) Tata Capital

P&L responsibility leading a team of 5 Relationship
Business development, Assessment of investment
proposals managed a book of `1.5 bn
Successfully implemented turn around programme at a
loss making BU within 4 months
Recognition by Tata group chairman for contribution to

Project Management
Area Lead, Bechtel, India
Managed a multi-national team of engineers and
suppliers to complete reduction packages worth $14 mn
Accomplished Model Review of Units by cross-functional
team collaborations
Lead Engineer, Emal, UAE
Deployed Project Management System (PIMS) to
streamline project activities
Key member in implementing Vendor Management
Star of Business at Vedanta
Bechtel Certified Engineer
CEO Kitty Awards for projects

Management Consultant, Tech Mahindra, EU & India

Cleared 11 man-months backlogs using effective
scheduling and team motivation.
Managed stakeholders across geographies, Germany,
Czech Republic and India.
Won $0.2 mn/year project for IT support.
First consultant for Czech Republic operations.
Led a pilot project to reduce testing cycle time by 27%.
Technical Consultant, Honeywell, India
Developed the Reliability Safety Team for Transmission
systems in Automotive.
Lead IT design and implementation team for Parking
Brakes, for McLaren P1 Sports car.
Lead team for IT implementation of Secondary Electrical
Power Distribution for Airbus A380.

Area Sales Manager, ICICI Bank Ltd

Scaled up market share in retail lending business
managing a team of 6 RMs
Built profitable portfolio with `1.2 bn book by optimizing
product mix based on risk return matrix
Implemented distribution channel strategy for cost
optimization and to enhance penetration, visibility and
Product Manager, GSFC Ltd
Product Management of industrial chemicals
Key role in imposition of anti-dumping duty against
imported melamine
Developed B2B distribution channel through deemed



Amit Kumar Sharma

Amit Kumar

Anand Joshi

B.Tech. (Computer
Science & Engineering),
U.P. Technical University,

B.Tech. & M.Tech. Dual

Degree (MME), IIT Kharagpur

B.Tech. (Metallurgical Engg.

& Materials Sc.), IIT Mumbai,
M.Tech. (Ceramics &
Composites), IIT Mumbai,

9+ years of global experience in Relationship Management,

Analytics, IT Delivery, Pre-sales and Strategy across diverse

7+ years of Global Experience in Project Management &

Strategy Development in start-up environments in the High
Tech Industry

9+ years of experience in innovation management,

technology consulting, strategic planning, and new
business growth

Relationship Manager, Program Manager, and Lead Business Analyst, TCS, US

Successfully managed the relationship between TCS and
a newly acquired fastest growing PBM client in the US,
achieving revenue growth of over $2 mn in 1 year
Formulated and implemented strategy to generate
analytics on the data for 7 merged/acquired companies
by the PBM client
Successfully managed the Business Intelligence modules
worth $2 mn for one of the largest healthcare retail
chains in Chicago and $1 mn each for 2 media clients
in LA

Engineering Manager, Orbit Technical Solutions

Led technology transfer from Israel and Belgium for
setting-up Indias only nano-fabrication facility, worth
$200 mn for ISRO.
Managed on-time installation of used semiconductor
fabrication equipment worth $20 mn saving up to 20%
in installation costs
Developed and presented pitch for $0.5 mn KPO
contracts to teams from Silicon Valley

Intellectual Property Consultant, CPA Global

Devised technology strategies for key stakeholders
to support acquisitions, alliances & competitive
benchmarking; creating an impact of $5 mn+
Generated & managed new growth opportunities;
generating annual value of $1 mn+
Led 50+ multidisciplinary projects involving teams of
varying sizes (10+)

IT Delivery and Product Management, Pre-sales, TCS,

Denmark and India
Spearheaded IT delivery based on onsite-offshore
model for a top Fortune shipping conglomerate from
Managed e-Tracker product development
Core member of the pre-sales team, which won a total
business of $40 mn within 1 year, since the inception of
the e-learning practice
Setup processes and teams serving 3 Fortune clients
across Australia, Europe, and the US, generating $10 mn
revenue per annum for the e-learning practice
Selected for TCS Inspire leadership development
program in 2013

Process Engineer, IMFS (joint venture with Intel)

Technology transfer for a $3 bn high-tech green-field
semiconductor fab coming up in Singapore
Led cost saving initiative resulting in savings of over
$0.75 mn annually in raw material costs
Senior Applications Engineer, Applied Materials
Liaised between R&D team in Israel and key clients such
as Intel, Samsung, Toshiba for a newly launched $120 mn
product suite garnering $30 mn contracts
Independent Consultant

Evaluated and negotiated with overseas technology
partners for setting up a 10 MW Solar farm for a mid-sized
power company in India
Advised Wall Street firms such as Alliance Bernstein &
Goldman Sachs on evolving semiconductor market

Licensing Manager, Honeywell

Spearheaded firms technology & brand monetization
business in India, developing an opportunity of $10 mn+
Formulated & executed go-to market strategy for India in
liaison with business heads
Created cross functional Centre of Excellence (across
SBUs having 10,000+ R&D engineers and 13,000+
patents) to facilitate technology transfers and alliances
Bravo Silver award (presented to <1% employees)
for displaying outstanding leadership in planning &
executing the 1st ever licensing campaign in India
Runner up award, among 50 projects submitted at
a company-wide competition, organised to invoke
innovative solutions for business growth

Anshul Srivastav

Anurag Singal

B.Tech. (Electronics
and Communication
Engineering), Malaviya
National Institute of
Technology, Jaipur

Chartered Accountant: All

India Rank 22nd in CA Final
and 25th in CA PE-II

11 years of global experience in business development,

technology program management and domain consulting
in financial services industry
Senior Manager, Infosys (Europe)
Core member of client engagement team for a key
account with annual revenues of $150 mn
Managed business development and led a 200 member
team spread across 9 countries. Achieved annual
revenues of $10 mn at 60% CAGR over 2 years
Program Manager, Infosys (Europe, India)
Identified $6 mn daily fraud exposure for a US bank and
led the future-state mitigation strategy implementation
($4 mn program)
Managed a $5 mn business transformation program for
a European bank to reduce merchant acquisition cost by

B.Com. (H), St Xaviers

College, Kolkata

5+ years of post-qualification experience in Corporate

Finance, Strategic Planning and Business Development
Manager-Finance, Essel Mining, Aditya Birla Group
EA to Unit Head-Coal SBU
Deal pricing and risk assessment for Coal Mine Developer
& Operator (MDO) projects
Part of the core team driving the two largest deals won
by the company project revenues of $3.2 bn
Appraisal of M&A opportunities due diligence and
business valuation
Greenfield project implementation of a 20 MTPA Coal
MDO project, the first of its kind in India. Cost reduction,
indirect tax optimization and aligning reporting systems
to group
Driving business review for Unit Head and tracking
actionable to closures

Principal Consultant, Infosys (Europe)

Executed consulting engagements in the merchant and
card domain. Eliminated $2 mn revenue leakage and
improved merchant net promoter score by 100%
Led analyst interactions for merchant acquiring, digital
transformation and emerging payments
Participated in capability due diligence of a $3 bn target
asset for a private equity firm

Manager- Financial Planning, Tata Steel

Implemented financial forecasting model for Corus UK
Liaised with underwriters for refinancing of a $ 5 bn debt

Best engagement award for winning the largest
international cards RFP (contract value of $35+ mn) in
2013 and setting up four new relationships
Business value gold medal for generating platform
reengineering saves of $2 mn for a large US bank

Audit & Assurance Services, Deloitte

Major clients: Tata Steel, TCS, Voltas

ARTICLESHIP (3 yrs full-time)

Strategic Planning, ITC Ltd
Mapping the competitive landscape across multiple

Founded, Indias first job website
exclusively for CAs
Conferred with the CA Young AchieverManufacturing
Sector Award at 6th ICAI Awards 2013

PGPX was a great enriching all-round

experience for me. I learned a lot
at PGPX, not only from classroom
teaching but from the interactions
with fellow students having great
diverse experience. It also gave me an
opportunity to introspect and reflect
on my own capabilities and provided
a platform to hone my skills for future
challenges. Apart from learning
management principles, PGPX also
helped me to build perspectives and
adopt a holistic approach towards
general management.

Udit Goyal - PGPX Class of 2011

Business Head - Interventional X-Ray
and Digital X-Ray, South Asia
Philips Healthcare


Arya Saurabh

Avanish Verma

Chaitra Chandrashekar

MCA, Birla Institute of

Technology, Mesra (AIR 1)

B.Tech. (Mechanical
Engineering), IP University,

B.E. (Information Science),

National Institute of

MBA (Power Management),

National Power Training
Institute, Ministry of Power

ITIL V3 Foundation
certification (2013)

B.Sc. (Computer
Applications) St. Xaviers
College, Ranchi (Gold


9 years of experience in Project and Team Management,

Product Development and Managing Stakeholder

8+ years of Leadership experience in Business Development,

B2B Marketing, and Corporate & Regulatory Affairs in
Energy Segment

8.5 years of experience in Business Analysis and Design,

Project Management and Client Engagement in a Global
delivery model

Technical Team Lead at Intel

Led teams of 8-10 engineers spread across time zones in
India, China and the US, to execute strategically critical
Managed engagement with stakeholders worldwide - in
US, Russia, Israel, Poland, China (PRC and Taiwan) and
India across 4 different Intel products
Managed entire technical product life cycle, including
coalescing with vendors, partners and external

Tata Power Regional Manager

Handpicked by management to drive growth. Strategized
& led a cross functional team to ramp up turnover from
few crores to `1500 Cr, thereby achieving 2nd largest
market share within 2 years. Awarded with Outstanding
employee rating for 2 consecutive years
Conceived & implemented a 1st of its kind business
model for sourcing reliable power. Currently in use by
900+ industries
Due diligence of power projects (`1000+ Cr) for sharing
financial risk and return
Lauded universally in regulatory advocacy space for
innovative contribution towards a vibrant Energy
market by measures such as formation of Power Traders

Business Design Consultant, IBM India

Led a team of 15+ to successfully execute 20+ large
and critical projects in 18 months for 4 major enterprise
Engaged in resource management in terms of
recruitment, assignment & mentoring.
Industry SME with a focus on front office transformation

Module Lead at Wipro Technologies

Led teams of 5-7 engineers to execute projects for
external clients from Japan and the US
Managed direct technical engagement with clients,
Discussions and Final Product Releases
Responsible for Team Management, Performance
Appraisals, Project Planning and Execution and Product
Conferred with Feather-in-My-Cap Award, Certificate
of Achievement and Divisional Recognition Award for
outstanding overall performance
Awarded Star of Business Group, Best Programmer and
Star Performer for excellence in technical execution
and deliveries

Jindal Steel and Power - Assistant Manager

Achieved turnover of `3500 Cr through B2B marketing
from Indias 1st merchant power plant with record
payback of 2 years
Handled competitive bidding for power projects
encompassing strategic decisions of fuel sourcing,
negotiation, contracting & agreement, regulatory risk &
financial modelling
Resolved regulatory issues through liaisoning with State
Utilities, Regulatory Commissions & Ministries

Business Analyst, Infosys, USA

Responsible for driving discussions with project
stakeholders and partners to identify the business needs
and developing high-quality, cost-effective and correct
solutions after in-depth analysis.
Involved in defining statement of work (SOW), developing
project plans and reviewing effort estimation.
IBM Service Excellence Award in recognition of deep
commitment towards delivery and enhancing client
Infosys Excellence Award, in recognition of exemplifying
excellence in team spirit, execution excellence and
customer satisfaction

Chirandeep Mallick

Dr. Damayanti Datta

Debasish Addy

B.Tech. (Electronics &


Ph.D (Computer Science),

Louisiana State University, USA
M.S. (Computer Science),
Georgia Southwestern State
University, USA
B.E. (Chemical Eng.),
Jadavpur University, India

Bachelor of Computer
Science & Engineering,
Jadavpur University, India

Oracle Siebel Certified


9+ year experience in Business Development, Project

management, client management & Consulting in CRM for
Insurance & Pharma Clients
Project Management & Business Development, Cognizant
Managed projects end to end starting from lead follow
up, opportunity recognition, bids & negotiations, project
execution & rollout to Project Financials and Process,
Quality & Risk Compliance
Managed Portfolio having net worth over $20 mn with
clients such as Farmers Insurance, MassMutual & Abbott
Managed Business Development for CRM technologies
i.e. Salesforce, Siebel & Microsoft CRM & acquired new
clients such as Gard, RSA & Guardian Life with worth
exceeding $5 mn annually
Global Client Management from both onsite and
offshore locations
Architect & Consultant, Cognizant
Worked as Business Consultant for Farmers to Design
CRM application for its Sales Channels
Delivered Technology Consulting in Salesforce, Siebel &
Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Farmers, Al Rajhi Takaful &
Architected CRM Solutions and Integration Platforms for
MassMutual & Pfizer Inc.
Conferred Star of the Quarter & Above & Beyond
awards for outstanding contributions in 2008 & 2013

8+ years of international experience in leadership roles in IT

industry and academia.

15 years of diverse international experience as a software

architect and consultant for telecom products and services

Senior Software Engineer, Bitscrape Solutions (P) Ltd,

Software Engineer, Cognizant Technology Solutions,
Involved in feasibility and requirements analysis, effort
and cost estimation, and quality management of
overseas software projects.
Successfully led teams in software development and
software maintenance projects for overseas clients.

Principal Systems Engineer, Aricent

Software Architect for Base Station (BTS) products
developed for Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN)
Technical Consultant for integrating Aricents WCDMA
and LTE products for telecom equipment manufacturers
like Qualcomm and Spirent
Engaged with cross functional teams in NSN such as
R&D, Product Management, Production and M&S to
come up with multiple products, updates and solutions
for customer specific requirements
Led a team of 130+ engineers in multisite product
development spanning across 6 countries
Successfully delivered engineering content of proposals
worth US $7 mn yearly revenue for the past 5 years
Technical Risk Management and Quality Management
for multiple Base Station programs
Internally Accredited Trainer for Wireless Telecom
Technically managed product roll out in live networks of
some of the largest telecom operators such as CMCC,
Vodafone etc.

Faculty, Faculty of Science & Technology, ICFAI

Foundation of Higher Education (IFHE), India
Faculty, Methodist University (MU), Fayetteville, USA
Successfully placed 100% of the students in summer
internships as Internship Coordinator for all departments
Introduced a new student outreach program for
African-American students as part of Student Retention
Committee at MU.
Redesigned the curriculum as part of a committee
introducing a new concentration in Interactive
Multimedia Application Development at MU.
Taught core Computer Science courses.
Published research papers in Computer Science and won
the Best Student Paper Award at ITNG 2007, USA.
Committee member of conferences ITNG 2009 and
PDCCS 2008 in USA.

Software Developer, Ushacomm

Core team member for first release of Ushacomms
Interconnect Billing Product
Aricent Leadership Quotient Award in 2013


Deepak Aggarwal

Devi Prasad

B.E. (Mechanical), C R State

College of Engineering,

B.E. (Electronics &

Communication) MIT,

Six Sigma Black Belt trained


13+ years of experience in Global Strategic Sourcing,

Commodity Management, B2B supplier relationships,
Commercials and Talent Management

14+ years of experience in Product Development, Project

Management, and strategy in Semiconductors and
Embedded Systems domain

General Manager, Whirlpool of India Ltd

Delivered 3% average cost reduction over 7 years in
B2B contract negotiations worth $120 mn annualized
through Relationship Management and Competitive
Developed 14 strategic suppliers in 5 years with annual
spend of $100 mn in developing economies such as
China & Thailand and in developed economies such as
South Korea & Singapore
Executed component sourcing worth $50 mn in 18
months from Asia for Whirlpool Global, US & Italy
Led Procurement activity in sync with Marketing and
Design, over 3 years for a Corporate strategic drive on
Steel aesthetic for all appliances to gain leadership
Saved $1 mn over 4 years with Financial hedging of
Copper on Pan-India - Risk Management
Developed a disruptive Sourcing model of Refrigerator
freezer First mover in industry with saving of 25% - $1
per piece

Technical Manager, Mimos Berhad, Malaysia

Led a multicultural team and delivered 10+ Proof of
Concepts and showcased in the annual technology
Delivered an optimized video analytics solution platform
with four times improved performance over existing
Reduced system prototyping cycle by fivefold through
process automation, resulting in a cost saving of $ 30K.
Served as a key member of the Intellectual Property
Committee to qualify the patent disclosures for their

Top talent, 1 among top 5% Became Youngest General
Manager (Procurement) in Whirlpool India
Recipient of the highest award in Whirlpool Corporation,
Special Recognition Award =>Top 50, <1% Contributors
across globe

Senior Project Leader, Accord Software & Systems Pvt.

Ltd, India.
Led and successfully delivered state of the art GPS
receivers worth `25 Cr for avionics, defence and space
Innovated many aspects in system design of GPS
receivers that improved the performance and reliability.
Received Individual Excellence Award for contributing
to the success of many mission critical projects at Accord.
Co-authored seven patent disclosures (two filed in WIPO,
three in MyIPO-Malaysia, and two are in drafting stage).
Published three papers in International journal and

Gaurav Gupta

Gaurav Kishore

Hafiz Karim PM

B.E. NSIT Delhi University

B.Tech. IIT-BHU, Varanasi

MBA, IIT Delhi

PMI certified PMP

B.Tech. (Comp Science), NIT


Executive Certificate in
Management Program,
University of Virginia, USA
12+ years of experience in business development,
key account management, consulting and product

15+ years in Strategic Planning, Business Transformation

and Account Management in Telecom, Healthcare and
Credit Card Industry

14+ years experience in IT systems architecture consulting

& leading technology teams for Large IT transformation

Management Positions held in RBS, Nagarro, Headstrong

and Sapient.
Key Account Management
Advised ecommerce client to grow account from $40k
to $1mn in a year
Managed customer relationships at CXO level of $ 1.5mn
portfolio at 50% gross protability and high satisfaction
Business Development
Stationed in territories of Germany, Austria and Sweden
to consult and sell solutions.
Acquired 15 clients through remote and direct sales
Assisted direct sales in building market position by
dening, negotiating and closing relationships
Product Management
Developed strategic product plan to revive dying product
leading to 300% increase in trial accounts
Conceived a utility application of which 2000 copies
were sold
Program Management
Successfully lead GBP 10mn SEPA banking program with
cross cultural team of 80 people across NL, UK and India.
Developed Platform Vendor strategy leading to 8% cost
saving through productivity gain credits and volume
Above and Beyond
Accredited in Future Leader Program of RBS
Undertook process improvement initiatives with benets
of GBP 825k

Account Manager, IBM

Delivered Application Management Services in Telecom,
Healthcare and Electronics sector. Managed day to day
delivery, customer relationship, budget preparation and
tracking and renegotiation of contracts.
Managed teams and programs of up to 150 people and
of US$ 100+ mn TCV
Planned and Executed multiple Multi-Million Dollar
Transition and Transformation programs for Fortune
500 clients in Telecom domain in Europe, the US and
Set-up Global Delivery Center of Excellence in Nordics
to increase Global Delivery presence in these countries.
Signed new deals with US$ 100+ mn TCV
Participated in IBMs Mentorship program and as a
mentor and people manager mentored 100+ people
over a period of 7 years
Winner of Organization Innovation Deployment
Workshop, a company-wide innovation competition
Awarded Top Talent (top 2%), winner of Service
Excellence, Team player and Bravo Awards
9+ years of onsite client facing experience in Europe, the
US and Australia.

Extensive hands on experience in defining IT Transformation

strategies & SOA based architectures for N.America based
Tier-1 Property & Casualty Insurers, supplemented with deep
insurance domain knowledge.

Associate Consultant, Kanbay (now Cap Gemini)

Worked on customization of Credit Card package Vision+

Lead Architect TCS, USA (OHIO) & Chennai

Led the TCS technology teams involved in an industry
first packaged software Policy Admin implementation
for a Tier-1 insurer.
Designed SOA based Integration and Data Migration
architectures to integrate the new Policy Admin system.
Soln. Architect TCS Transformation Delivery Group
Integral member of the technical team tasked
with architecting solutions for large Insurance IT
Transformation RFPs.
Lead Architect TCS, USA (TX) & Chennai
Multiyear experience working across Policy Admin &
Claims Admin transformation programs in the Auto
& Home Insurance domains for a Tier-1 insurer. This
reengineering program is widely acknowledged as the
first successful IT transformation effort by a Tier-1 Insurer.
Progressed from the ranks of a technical lead to a Lead
Architect, spearheading technical teams varying in size
from 30 80.


Harish Sridharan

Harleen Sachdeva

MBA (Marketing & Finance),

Osmania University

B.Tech. (Computer Science)


BCA, S.V. University

10+ Years of experience in Relationship Management,

Wealth Management and Retail Banking with 4 Years in
General Management

Over 10 years of experience in project management and

customer relationship management in India, United States
and Netherlands

Branch Manager, Kotak Mahindra Bank,

Set up a new retail banking branch in a HNI location.
Responsible for the P&L of the unit while leading a 16
member team

Handled customer acquisition, cross sell, customer
engagement, operations and liaison with regulators and

Manager - Projects, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Managed a strategic government healthcare project
generating $7mn annual revenues. Successful delivery
contributed to winning of additional projects worth
Directly led 40 member team and brought down double
digit attrition rate to zero. Team went on to earn best
quarterly team award
Managed the first client delivery of Cognizants
BusinessCloud-OMaaS solution, an e-commerce
solution offered as-a-service. Project ranked amongst
top 6 global projects of the year in Cognizant
Successfully managed prescription management project
for a $4bn client. Negotiated with stakeholders and
transitioned project from fixed bid engagement to timeand-material one to resolve complex contractual and
financing challenges due to clients merger and freeze
on additional funding
Earned Virtuoso award for setting up technical
competency for niche content management skill
Awarded for performance excellence while leading
development of reusable framework and documents
handling application that considerably reduced clients
dependency on external teams

Wealth Head, Citibank

Managed a private wealth advisory unit of 6 relationship
managers, advising HNI customers on wealth and risk
management growing our AUM from about ` 200 Cr to
over ` 300 Cr
Designed an innovative distribution strategy to weather
regulatory change in the wealth management industry
resulting in a sustainable revenue mode


Passionate about equities and trading instruments and
have more than a decade of experience in trading in
Equities, F&O, Currencies and Commodities
Adept at designing and executing complex hedging and
arbitrage strategies
Achievements & Extra Curricular
Member of placement committee and finance club, IIM-A
Branch was among the top 50 branches of the country
within 12 months of inception
Among the Top 5 RMs of the country in terms of revenue
generation for the years 2009 and 2010

Indraneil Deb
Bachelor of Science
(Honors), St. Stephens
College, Delhi University,
Masters in Information
Technology, Delhi
University, India
14 years of experience in telecom consulting and
management of software projects in the telecommunication
Senior Project Manager, Aricent Technologies
Handled delivery responsibility of portfolio of software
development and deployment projects generating
annual revenue of $12 mn per year across different
Handled a peak team size of 70 engineers (including 10
managers) located in different geographies including
Ramped up a 20 member team for a major
telecommunication OEM in 2 months resulting in total
annual revenue of `3 Cr per year.
Core member for Aricents diversification into Smart
Energy domain. Initiated and supervised the first Smart
Energy project transfer from Belgium to India, resulting
in annual revenue generation of $1.2 mn each year over
3 years.
Project Manager, Aricent Technologies
Led a 3 member consulting team that advised a Tier 1
network operator, with a subscriber base of 200,000, in
launching 3G services across Canada.
Led a 5 member cross cultural team that delivered voice/
data call charging solutions to Tier 1 and Tier 2 network
operators across Europe.
Among the top 10% performer in Aricent Technologies
for last 3 years.

IIM Ahmedabads case based

pedagogy is very rich in learning
and provides exposure to advanced
concepts. With diverse backgrounds
and an average work experience
of 10 years, participants of PGPX
considerably enhance level of
Class discussion and with it group
learning. PGPX has substantially
increased my business intuition and
business practice. PGPX is a world
Class program which provides rich
opportunities to participants for all
round growth.

Vivek N. Joshi - PGPX Class of 2007

Associate Director, Kotak Investment
Advisors Ltd

Jaideep Singh Panwar

Jayanta Ghosh

M.Sc. (Environmental
Management), National
University of Singapore

B.Tech. (IT), Kalyani


B.E. (Electronics and

University of Mumbai

PMP, Project Management

Institute, USA

I bring growth-markets focused expertise in environmental,

social, and governance (ESG) investment and management

10 years of global experience in program management,

business development and technology consulting in BFSI

Associate Director, Sustainalytics, Singapore

Led six multinational ESG analysts in Asia and Europe
Stewarded team through start-up acquisition
Advised firms CXOs on Asia strategy
Wrote sector-, issue-focused, and company reports.
Sustainable Stock Exchanges was a basis for topical
Rio+20 discussions leading to commitments from the
NASDAQ, BSE and other exchanges
Advised / joined clients ($100+ bn AUM) in ESG dialogues
with companies
Developed a private equity ESG service and applied it to
two $30-50mn deals in SE Asia & Ghana
Brand building at industry talks and in the media
Globally rated among the top 5 research firm ESG
analysts 2013

Delivery Manager, IBM

Managed a $4 mn per annum client relationship with
a Fortune 200 Insurer ensuring overall Green KPIs.
Awarded Service Excellence for outstanding leadership.

Generated new business of $3+ mn IBM service
offerings in 18 months. Contributed domain and process
intelligence to presales activities, leading to 2 new
customer deals.
Achieved Gross Profit margin of 105% of organizational
average by using productivity levers, staffing mix and
ABC based costing.
Steered Year-on-Year value-add generation of 15% of
contract value though focused implementation of LEAN

Consultant, EY, India

Executed sustainable business and disclosure projects
valued at $0.85mn (2 years); led execution of $0.25mn
Experience of regular C-suite engagement, crossfunctional sustainability integration, and visits to sites
Executed EY Indias first AA1000AS sustainability
assurance project; co-developed a stakeholder
engagement service
One of seven India nominees - EYs global Chairmans
Value Award 2010

People Manager, IBM

Built and led 50+ member team that outperformed SLAs
for 3 consecutive years.
Performed talent management, hiring and attrition
management, and compensation planning
Consultant, IBM
Proposed innovative CSO mortality table upgrade
approach that saved $1 mn for client through elimination
of migration cost to a new platform.
Top performer (top 10% in IBM India) in managerial role
for 4 consecutive years (2010 2013).
Recognized as Top Talent (top 2%) in IBM India.


Kapil Luhadia

Kavita Duggal

Lokesh Sharma

B.E. (Electronics &

Amravati University,

M.Sc. Horticulture,
B.Sc. Agriculture, CCS
HAU, Hisar, Haryana, Gold

B.Tech. (Mech.), Govt Engg

College, YMCA, Haryana.
Gold Medalist
MDBA, Symbiosis

10 years of global experience in Information Management,

Strategic Business Development and IT consulting in RetailCPG domain
Technology Lead, Infosys
Conceptualized and implemented a complex data
migration project for US based CPG giant, leading to
expansion of its business in Europe and adding $2.5mn
annually to the top line of Infosys
Streamlined information of finished goods portfolio for
a large CPG company. This included SKU attributes data
harmonization among various stakeholders present in
68 countries
Spearheaded team of 15 associates located in US, UK
& China to deliver first of its kind technology upgrade
project which generated $4.5mn of annual revenue for


Technology Consultant, IBM India

Provided technology consulting for information
management solution of large UK based CPG firm,
resulting in $1.5mn of annual revenue for IBM
Ideated and incorporated performance improvement
measures resulting in 10% reduction in application
processing time
Exceptional recognition and appreciation from client
senior management for outstanding performance during
product portfolio management program
Award and recognition for brilliant contribution in the
growth of business unit of Infosys

9+ years diverse experience in Ad Operations, Quality

Management, and Publishing (Copyediting)

12+ years of experience in B2B & B2C Sales and Marketing

handling Regional and National responsibilities.

Ad Operations and Quality Team Lead (Google India

Internet- 4.5 yrs)
Led Ad Operations for Google AdWords (Team size 20):
Team with highest quality at 99% accuracy
Led ad quality team locally and globally (Team size 7-11):
Handling quality reviews for over 300 ad reviewers
Worked with Engineering teams for peer-review-based
quality tool development for sample size increase (3fold) and early error detection
Collaborated with Google AdSense team to capture
publisher and user feedback on Google ads for CSATaligned quality evaluation
Won Gold Awards for teamwork as well as individual

Deputy General Manager

B2B Business - National Key Account Manager for Godrej
Managed business of `125 Cr from 70 Key Accounts with
a team of 40. Work involved making presentations at
corporate headquarters, maintaining relationships and
formulating customized solutions to assure profitability
growth along with top-line.
Represented Knoll Inc. as National Head to generate
awareness of Knoll products among HNWIs and launch
the brand in India. Set up the first Knoll Experience center
at South Mumbai.

Assistant Manager Operations (Spectross Digital Systems

- VLSI 9 months)
Formulated hiring, firing, performance evaluation
policies for startup environment
Streamlined workflow for Engineering teams
Scientific/Technical/Medical Copyeditor (Techbooks
International 4 yrs)
Excelled on SLAs by maintaining 2-fold productivity
and 99% accuracy in STM projects for Aspen, Springer,
Blackwell, Tata McGraw Hill, Wiley.
Co-edited Major Reference Works (International
Textbook of Diabetes Mellitus), Wiley.

Asst. General Manager

B2C Business Regional Manager Retail Business
Development - North India
Led a sales team of 26 handling a channel of 50
showrooms, 120 retail counters, 7 company stores and
5 franchisees.
Region achieved highest business growth from ` 37 Cr
to ` 71 Cr in two years by inculcating retail mindset and
setting up processes which were later replicated across
the country.
Involved in CRM design & implementation, new product
design, TOC implementation, initiatives like Business
Excellence and BCG project management office, and
developing growth strategy for Godrej.

Mayukh Basu

Mazhar Khan

B.E. (Information
Technology), Nagpur

B.Tech. (Electrical
Engineering), IIT Roorkee

PGPX was an extremely enriching

and out-of-body experience. Looking
8+ years of experience in IT Project Management, Business
Solutions and Technology Consulting (India, USA and the

10 years of Technology, Business Development, Project

Proposal and Project Management experience in the
Energy Sector

back at my decision to take a

Assistant Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services

Head of Mobile Network Inventory Cluster for Telenor
Instrumental in starting TCSs involvement in
modernizing Telenors IT systems in 2011
Spearheaded process of knowledge transition from
incumbent vendor and Telenor developers
Managed 25-member team maintaining and upgrading
Telenors legacy inventory applications to HUAWEI

Manager Business Development, Toshiba

Group Leader-Project Proposals, responsible for bid
management of EPC Super Critical, Ultra Super Critical
Thermal and Combined Cycle Gas Power Projects in
India and South East Asia. Won Projects of total Order
Value $180 mn
Task Force Leader for competency build up,
resource ramp-up and project management process
standardization for EPC project execution in India
Spearheaded low cost country sourcing and vendor
development for Toshiba Japan leading to project cost
reduction by 15%
Established Engineering capability for Turbine Island
Projects in India office through Technology transfer from
Toshiba Japan

asked for a more rewarding and

OSS Design Lead for Tele Denmark Corporation (TDC)

Led 10-member team responsible for analyzing
requirements and formulating designs in the $3 mn
Operations Support Systems (OSS) area
Spearheaded the design effort for Pair Bonding rollout
in TDC, leading to 2-fold increase in broadband speed
Coordinated design and development efforts for critical
TDC projects, including rollout of GPON, Bit-stream
Access and Upgrade of TDCs voicemail platform
OSS MIO Manager for TDC
Received client appreciation in 2013 for working with
TDC and TCS management to achieve 51% growth in
delivery of MIO - projects with less than 250 personhours of effort
ITF certified tennis official at the national level

Project Manager, Siemens

Delivered the first EPC Combined Cycle Power Project of
Siemens India with net cost saving of 10%
As key member of Business Development Team, bagged
consultancy orders of value 0.75 mn
Developed strategy for implementation of EPC roadmap
of Siemens AG in India and Middle East
Design Engineer, BHEL
Member of core design team of Gas based power plants
One of the youngest Project Manager in Siemens and

break from work, I could not have

enjoyable process of sharpening my
intellect, applying my experience
and honing complimentary skills
towards grooming myself for a future
leadership role. Im blown away by
the quality and diversity of experience
in the classroom. PGPX gave me the
opportunity to shift industries from
Technology Consulting to Finance
Rajesh Premchandran - PGPX Class
of 2011
Vice President- Operations, Goldman
Sachs, India


Medha Dixit
B.E. (Computer Science),
Army Institute of
Technology, Pune

RQP, USA and Canada

P.E, New Mexico, USA
M.S. (Mining), SIUC, IL, USA
B.Tech. (Mining), ISM,
Dhanbad, India

7 years of diverse experience across marketing, business

development, education (non-profit) and impact investing

12 years of international experience in management,

operations, planning, and consulting in coal and metal

Associate - India Fellows Program, Acumen Fund

Managed launch of Acumens leadership development
program for outstanding social entrepreneurs
and change-makers. Led recruitment strategy,
administration, selection and candidate evaluation for
450+ entrepreneurs across India

Senior Strategic Planning Engineer, Freeport McMoRan

Inc., AZ, USA
Led the planning of two growth and capacity enhancing
projects of Freeports Chilean and African mine sites
Reviewed life-of-mine and operating plans of different
mine sites as a member of the core group of central
Lead the collaborative effort with mine planning software
vendors for product development and enhancements to
meet planning and reporting needs

Fellow, Teach For India

Led a class of 41 students from marginalized communities
to high academic success achieving an average of 2.3
years of student academic growth
Achieved 60-80% performance linked scholarship for 14
girl students.
Coached a team of 20 teachers in pedagogy for improved
learning outcomes


Mohammad Masroor

Business Development Manager, Accel2Market

Founding team member. Managed multiple client
Key member of a client marketing Customer Reference
project designed to enhance sales through new
customer acquisition; achieved 11% ( $43.2mn) increase
in sales revenue
Conducted virtual CRM training workshops for fieldsales reps across Asia Pacific and Japan
Identified by Coca-Cola for their 5by20 women
entrepreneur initiative
Annual sponsorship under UBSs 150th anniversary CSR

Senior Mining Engineer, Marston & Marston Inc., MO, USA

Coal project feasibility, pre-feasibility and due diligence
studies as a member of the core group of six senior
Led team of engineers and geologists in creating
resource models, optimization studies, mine planning
and costing to generate a portfolio coal resources for
clients strategic guidance
Trained engineers on resource modeling, optimization,
planning, and production strategy
Under Manager, The SCCo Ltd., A.P, India
Led a work-shift of 250 men, including supervisors, to
achieve production targets while maintaining safety

Dr. Mukul Shastry

Ph.D, LL.M, LL.B, BBM, CS,

B.E. (Computer Science &
Engineering), CEG - Anna

Namita Jain
B.Tech. (Electronics
& Communication
Engineering), West Bengal
University of Technology
(Gold Medalist)

11+ years of experience in the field of law, focused on the

banking and financial regulation domains

13 years of global experience in IT Consulting, Project

Management, Business Development and Client
relationship management

7+ years of experience in Business Analysis & IT Solutions

(Telecom) and Product Management (Telecom Analytics)

Legal Officer Reserve Bank of India 2009 to present

Served in an advisory capacity to the operational
departments of RBI, on a variety of legal and regulatory
Successfully defended RBIs stand in various judicial and
quasi-judicial forums.
Drafted/Vetted a wide variety of banking contracts.
Trained RBI/non RBI bank officers on banking & financial

Project Manager, Infosys, USA

Modelled the business process, managed crossfunctional team of 30 members and the integration of an
ecommerce platform of chip manufacturer
Handled client engagement, strategy, financials and
vendor management for projects worth $1.5 mn
Led recruitment drive in US

Product Manager, Digital Solution for Customer Insights,

Developed the Telecom Consumer Insights Portfolio for
Digital Transformation with a potential market size of $25
mn across Banking, Retail & Telecom domains
Worked with external and internal stakeholders to
understand gaps in existing Telecom Analytics products.
Researched consumer behaviour through market
research and competition analysis and clearly defined
and prioritized product requirements for Telecom
Customer Insights module
Worked on 5+ Business cases & RFPs, worth more than
$5 mn, for the Consumer Insights product

Asst. Professor National Law University, Jodhpur 2006-09

Member of the teaching faculty for Competition Law,
Criminal Law, and Financial Law.
Held the post of Executive Director, Centre for Criminal
Law and Studies
Advocate, Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur 2002-06
Dealt with multiple complex cases pertaining to criminal,
corporate and arbitration laws.
Achievements and Awards
Key- note speaker at prestigious conferences organized
by Wolters Kluwer group, CUTS International (NGO).
Silver Medallist - Indian Institute of Bankers for securing
All India 2nd rank in the CAIIB exam.
Ph.D. guide at two premier law schools - NLU, Jodhpur
and GNLU, Gandhinagar.
Published articles in reputed national and international
law journals.

Project Manager, Infosys, India/ USA

Program managed the delivery of IT services for a large
ecommerce (B2C) project for aircraft manufacturer
Managed cross-functional delivery teams of 40 members
Formulated and executed program specific training for
the entire team
Project Manager, Infosys, USA
Managed the technology and project delivery of
e-Commerce (B2B & B2C) and digital delivery applications
for semiconductor manufacturer
Provided thought leadership and technology roadmap
for multilingual and product lines of an e-Commerce
platform resulting in ease of integration across
geographies and product lines
Infosys Awards for Excellence and PRIMA award for
execution excellence
Received MVP as project manager for outstanding

Business Analyst, Telecom & BI, TCS

Led a team of 5 Business Analysts for the Transformation
program of the biggest Telecom Service Provider in UK.
Performed gap-analysis for the entire telecom stack and
suggested transformational changes to improve system
performance and customer experience
Architected and led the E2E business automation
solution for the Telecom billing application delivering
0.5 mn in savings to the client
Won TCS Achievers Award in 2010 (out of 2 lakh+


PGPX program at IIMA gave me

Narayan Singh Rao

Natalie Singh

B.Tech. (ECE), IIT Roorkee,


Industrial Designer with

specialization in Product
Design, SLPEP, NID,

Author, Poet, Social Activist

and Youth Leader

a new perspective and lots of new

knowledge that is helping me in
pursuing my professional career post
the program. PGPX has equipped me
with skills that I use in my current role.
Method of teaching exposes students
to business realities. I feel that now I
can see bigger picture and bring the
solution to company. The quality and
competencies of professors coupled
with support of office makes PGPX a
great learning experience not only in

the classroom but outside it too.

Rakesh Sharma - PGPX Class of 2013
COO at Quadio Devices

9 years into research & analytics, pre-sales, and people

Member, National IT Committee, BJYM (Youth Wing of BJP)
CPA Global, Sr Manager
Led a team of 25 analysts
Led development of product offerings to retain and
attract new customers. Designed high end complex
offerings to move up the value chain within existing
Won 28,000 as the Best Team of the Year for valued
added IP Insight Reports to large customer accounts
Managed pilot projects worth $10mn+ of recurring
Secured contracts by helping customers fully understand
our offerings
Key role in development of a patent scoring model
Evalueserve, Research Associate
Worked on 100+ IP search ICT projects, helping clients in
taking patent filing decisions
Accenture, Junior Software Engineer
Developed 3 software modules for a life insurance
domain client
Social Presence and Contribution
Social Media, Political Research and Marketing
Set up Control Rooms and Research Centers in 15 states
Travelled, organized workshops in 12 states, and trained
1500+ volunteers on effective use of IT and Social Media
Author and Poet
Authored 2 books. 10,000 copies of the first book
Blog writing on social issues
Light and Lyric Poetry

A thoroughbred marketing, strategy and design

professional. Leverages expertise in design to strategize
innovative approaches
Brand Manager - Discover, Kristal, Bajaj Auto Ltd
Designed and Led the launch for Bajaj Discover 125
Motorbike, Led brand to 2nd largest market share in
segment within 2 months of launch
Spearheaded Kristal relaunch, Achieved 15% sales
volume of top competitor in 3 months
Media Manager, Digital Focus, Bajaj Auto Ltd
Structured cross-functional interactions between Sales,
Production, R&D Division, Finance, Spares, Service and
HR in the transformation of Bajaj Auto to a Digital savvy
Conceptualized and coordinated first in Industry
all digital landmark campaign for a TV Commercial,
reaching 140% of targets at 15% of budget
Implemented innovative practices in e learning, setting
up and developing call center activities, retail magazine,
e biking and web analytics as media of feedback and
analytics for marketing & sales
Stylist, Honda R&D Pvt Ltd
Led Design team on Project for first indigenously
conceptualized Motorcycle resulting intosuccessful buy
in for commercial production
Represented all Honda in South Asia Pacific at Munich,
as project leader for Activa, Dio, CD Series and other 2

Nikhil Thadani

Nita Menon

Pankaj Kumar Kashyap

Chartered Accountant (CA)

B.Sc. Statistics

Certified Information
Systems Auditor (CISA)

US Citizen with OCI

B.E. (Electrical), Amravati


B.Com. Mumbai University

9+ years of experience as domain specialist in Banking and

Financial Services - consulting, managing and executing IT

Senior leader with 17 years of experience in strategic

planning, revenue generation and process improvement
through technology

Assistant Vice President, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Led a team of 12 to automate business metrics reporting
across banking products for submission to Reserve Bank
of India
Spearheaded a team of 6 to automate classification of
Non-Performing Assets across loans, investments and
derivatives books
Managed initiative to cut processing time by 80% for
debt securities transactions
Executed projects across Asia on equities and derivatives
broking, fixed income and currencies

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Elevate3 Inc, NJ, USA

Led a large scale strategic effort - from conception
to deployment of a global portal for all of Associated
Presssimage assets
Worked with Capital IQ (a McGraw Hill Financial
company) on creating and executing a strategic roadmap
for technology asset consolidation

Associate Consultant, Oracle Financial Services Software

Consulted BancABC (6 countries in Africa) on banking
Implemented profitability analytics at Indusind Bank
Business Analyst, Tata Consultancy Services
Team lead for automation of internal operations at SEBI
Ongoing Independent Professional
Manage accounts, VAT and income tax matters for 3
small businesses with revenues of Rs. 10 mn each
Achievements (BAML)
Special recognition award (2013) from the President,
Asia Pacific for exemplary performance in regulatory
reporting automation
Six Platinum Awards (highest global recognition) over 5.5

Chief Architect,, NY, USA

Part of theExecutive Management teamwith a primary
responsibility to realize innovative uses of IT to create
sustained, long-term competitive advantage
Technology decision maker for merger and acquisition
related asset consolidation
Managed the execution of multiple projects; with an
budget ranging from $5mn to $30mn
roadmap contributing to a growth in revenue of
over$20mn annually
Hired, retained, managed and built from ground up the
technology organization of the company. Total team size
managed includes 30+ people onsite with over 150+
offshore resources
Structured and led a strategic offshoring operation for
technology resource augmentation including inviting
RFPs and vendor assessment

16 years of diverse international experience in IT Delivery

Management, Business Development and Presales
Divisional Head Application Development & IT
Infrastructure, Colruyt India
Member of core team responsible for setting- up captive
IT unit for multinational retail chain Colruyt Belgium, in
Hyderabad, India, and built 250 member organization in
3 years
Led key application development projects with 120
members application development team and managed
IT infrastructure projects and operations with 70
members IT infrastructure team
Built and sustained relationships with vendors for
facilities team for Colruyt India
Provided strategic leadership, and setup delivery
management policies and procedures
Formulated corporate policies to reduce attrition from
15% to 7%
Project Leader, NIIT Technologies
Managed 90 member ODC account from Halle, Belgium
as Business Relationship Manager, increased revenue
from 3 mn to 4.5 mn within 1-year
Handled as Onsite Project Manager in-charge of 50
member ING Bank ODC account from The Hague,
Key role in negotiations and presales activities to
win service contracts for Nationale Nederlanden,
Netherlands and Colruyt, Belgium


Prabhat Gidda

Pradeep K R Rao

Pranav Rajvanshy

M.Sc. (Defence & Strategic

Studies), University of

B.E. (Information
Technology), MIT, Manipal



B.Tech. (Electronics )(Gold

Medal), Jawaharlal Nehru
20 years of leadership experience in Strategy, Operations,
Defence Acquisitions, Engineering & HRM with Indian Army
Director: Capital Acquisition
Part of core group to systematize multi bn Defence
Acquisition Process for Indian Army. Led transformation
initiative to establish RFP Cell at Army HQ
Deep understanding of Defence Procurement Procedure.
Drove capital procurement worth $500 mn
Commanding Officer (Colonel)
Led several Multidisciplinary Engineering Units of
strengths 200-600 sustaining $1 bn+ assets. Designed
and executed strategies for superior operational, human
and fiscal efficiencies through resilient engineering &
supply chain systems
Formulated & implemented HRD metrics for over 500
officers and 4000 personnel


Domain Expert to Foreign Govt

Executed domain consulting with Foreign Govts in
Southern Africa (Reporting to High Commission of
India, South Africa). Implemented strategic mandate to
augment Indias political and economic ties
Officer Commanding-in-Chief Awards
(Commendations) for Professional Excellence in 2007,
2010 & 2011
Established community for disadvantaged girls in alliance
with local Govt.
Served Specially Abled Children as coordinator ASHA

ITIL V3 Foundation, LOMA

Level 1
9+ years in Program Management, Product Development,
Strategy and Client Relationship Management
Senior IT Project Manager, Sabre - India
Managed a portfolio of projects worth $ 5 mn as part of
Strategic initiative to increase European market share
Turned around a companys top priority project by
managing multicultural and cross-functional teams
spread across 4 continents

Lead Consultant, ITC Infotech - India, Denmark

Led and successfully delivered a $ 1 mn complex
migration project that had a history of failures through
innovative practices and process compliance
Nurtured a new customer relationship, created a
roadmap for growth and grew revenue to $ 700K within
6 months
Technology Lead, Infosys - India, USA
Led and delivered a multi-technology project worth $ 2
mn with 10% margin improvement
Built a 20+ strong team in multi-platform skills and
enhanced execution capability in transformational
Saved $40K by developing tools for increased application
stability and quality
Most Valuable Player - Infosys BU Award received by 1%
of 7000 employees
Global Team Excellence Client award for Best project
for delivering $ 5.5 mn project with zero defects

B.E. Hons (Computer

Science), MBM Engineering
College, Jodhpur

7+ years of experience in FMCG and consulting in areas of

demand planning and forecasting, production planning
and logistics
Replenishment Manager, BNext - Britannia
Led process excellence cross functional initiatives in FG
sales and distribution with ` 50 mn savings
Anchored business strategy project on manufacturing
and sales network for ` 4 bn Bread division
Coordinated futuristic projects on Zero Day Inventory,
Cross-Docking and vertical storage
Consultant, SCM - Infosys
Managed demand planning processes for leading global
players in FMCG and Apparels sectors
Improved forecasting accuracy by 10% for pilot project
in Central Europe
Implemented Sales Order Extrapolation algorithm for $6
bn European market
Expedited demand modeling by 20-30% through Reusable artifacts
Regional Logistics Manager Unilever
Supervised logistics team in managing network of 900
SKUs, 10 warehouses and 1200 dealers
Production Planning Manager, Central Planning - Britannia
Managed production planning and dispatch scheduling
for ` 30 bn business
Anchored pan India capacity enhancement project
Published paper on Design & Operation of Distribution
Innovated CRSE and aggregate planning at Britannia

Prasanna Kumar
M.S. (Comp. Science), Ohio
State Univ. Columbus, USA
B.E. (Comp. Science), CEG
Anna Univ. Chennai, India

Prashant Vashisht
B.Tech. (Electronics and
Communications), National
Insititute of Technology
(NIT) Jalandhar

13+ years of global experience in ecommerce, software

product delivery, business development and technology

7+ years of experience pivoted on Project Management,

Quality Analysis and Delivery of IT and Telecom network

Manager, Electronics for Imaging (Nasdaq:EFII), Bangalore

Managed and developed Digital Store Front product
to attain industry leader position in web-to-print
Achieved 20% growth in Staples contract value by
developing innovative features
Improved development efficiency using priority system
Lead a multinational team from India, UK, USA, Ireland
and Australia

Technical Leader, Alcatel-Lucent, India

Led globally distributed team for planning and executing
access and core network projects with annual revenue
of $330mn
Managed product specific quality control, handled RFP
and RFI, reviewed feature specification documents as per
3GPP, IUI-T guidelines
Created strategies for product development and
certification pertinent to ISO9000
Managed resolution of customer issues by coordinating
cross-functional activities
Provided technology expertise in critical issues related to
technology changes, hardware and site upgrades

Technical Manager, IBM, Bangalore

Increased revenue by 45% from ABB CCP project by
doubling team size
Single Point of Contact for all technical project details
Developed rapid response processes and decreased
defect turnaround time by 60%
Senior Lead Consultant, Ryder (NYSE:R), Medley, FL, USA
Lead the development of deal analysis for Canada
ecommerce and reduced manual work
Grew the team of consultants and increased revenue
Nominated for Leadership Essentials program in EFI
Awarded twice in a row for top leadership performance
in EFI
Received best performer award in Ryder Systems
Certified Scrum Master by Scrum Alliance

Senior Engineer, Alcatel-Lucent, USA, France & India

Contributed to the extensive array of feature
implementation in LTE, IMS, UMTS and GSM networks
Supported lab trials for new customers in bids worth
Represented team for bringing new technical skills in the
India R&D unit from other units in France and USA
Filed 2 patents- 1 published that was ranked 2 by bell labs
Won ALTA Excellence Award for innovation
Won Best Business Idea Award

Jury Member of Alcatel-Lucent Innovator ForumBest
Business Idea Award.


Prasun Bansal

Pritish Sharma

Priya Chaturvedi

M.S. (Aeronautics &

Astronautics), Stanford

B.Tech. (Computer
Engineering), Kurukshetra

B.Tech. (Electronics
and Communication),
Kurukshetra University

B.Tech. (Mechanical Engg),

IIT Delhi

PG Diploma (Systems
admin), CDAC

6+ years of R&D, project management and consulting

experience in developing technology for Aerospace and
Defense industry
Research Engineer, Boeing Research & Technology

Managed and supported various research projects in
India on Structural Technologies, both in-house (IP
sensitive) and with external partners at IITs, IISc and Govt.
labs (NAL, HAL etc.)
Developed core technology for Stochastic aero-elastic
calculations and Composite topology optimization
Deputy focal for University Relations - IIT Bombay:
interacted with students and faculty to promote
Aerospace as a field of study and career
Key organizer for Boeing-IIT National Aeromodelling
Competition 2014, a first of its kind competition with
150+ teams and 400+ participants across 5 IITs


Research Intern, NASA Ames, CA, USA

Worked with a multi-disciplinary team to develop
prognostic algorithms and predict the Remaining Useful
Life of composite structures
Defined scope of collaboration and executed a Space
Act Agreement between NASA Ames and Stanford for
the project
7 papers in international journals and conferences
Fellowship from Stanford Graduate School of Business to
attend Summer Institute for Entrepreneurship

9+ years of global experience in project management and

IT consulting in Financial Services domain

9+ years of global experience in Technology Consulting,

Business Development and People Management.

Assistant Vice President, Barclays Capital, Singapore

Managed a global team that enforced the information
security policy of the bank.
Planned the audit schedule of 900+ applications by
interfacing with various stakeholders to successfully
drive application recertification.
Transitioned the application recertification of retail
banking and African entity of the firm to Singapore.

Technology Consultant, Infosys

Spearheaded an engagement with 6 cross functional
teams at US and converted a distress project in a $1mn
contract via strategic analysis and negotiations.
Strategized the functioning of geographically distributed
teams that led to business development for the
Conceptualized and implemented a plan to better utilize
the service capabilities of existing systems and resources,
saving 20% potential cost overrun for the client

Technology Lead, Wipro Technologies, Singapore

Led second level support team and coordinated support
activities globally for fixed income trading at Credit
Transitioned the support functions to Singapore resulting
in significant cost reduction.
Automated error diagnostic process that led to three fold
reduction in incident response time.
Senior Consultant, Zensar Technologies, Singapore
Coordinated with teams responsible for compliance
reporting, upstream feeds and support to ensure 100%
regulatory compliance reporting at Credit Suisse.
Best Innovation of the year award by Credit Agricole
Extra Mile Award by Infosys
Certificate for demonstrating leadership by Infosys

Program Analyst, Infosys

Led Technology consulting for a networking solution
involving multiple stakeholders and a team of size 60+
Ideated and incorporated performance improvement
solution leading to 35% reduction in application running
Consistently positioned in the top 5% achievers in a
program of 150 members
Individual Excellence Award for Innovative Knowledge
Management in a team of 200+ at Infosys

Pronomita Prasad

Puneet Sharma

B.E. (Electronics &

Communication), R.V.
College of Engineering,

B.E. (Electronics &

Instrumentation) Thapar
Prince2 Practitioner APMG

10+ years of global experience in Technology Consulting,

Project Delivery & Client Engagement in Financial Services

8+ Years of global experience in Business development,

Project management and Product development in Telecom

Worked in multiple roles across functionalities and managed

cross- functional teams at diverse locations

Business Development, Aricent, Ireland

Instrumental in driving business case for new services
portfolio in Ireland. Contributed in developing strategy
for setting up new business entity in the region.
Strengthened annual project pipeline to grow business by
100% within a year by pursuing new sales opportunities.
Secured top satisfaction rating from 1 bn client,
rewarded with opportunity to be the youngest Client
Engagement Manager in the group

Technology Consulting, Infosys and TCS

Lead Design Architect for a strategic fleet expansion
program targeting a 2-fold increase in revenue for a
leading European fleet rental service company.
Anchored architecture and application design efforts
while working closely with the business during
development of a communication platform, worth $2
Project Delivery, Infosys, USA and India
Owned project planning, effort estimation, team
management, client interaction, quality management
and risk assessment and mitigation for a project worth $
5 mn for a large US bank.
Led multiple projects at client locations with end-to-end
responsibility for design, development, implementation
and financials.
Led a Code Migration Automation project for Market
Risk Simulation Suite of a leading US based investment
banking group
Rated in the top 5% performers across the organization.
Received Spot award at Infosys and TCS Gems at TCS for
outstanding performances in the projects.

Delivery Management, Aricent, Ireland/UK

Managed a multicultural team of 20+ members located
in UK, Ireland & India, to deliver end to end managed
Successfully managed critical deliverables on Clients
20 mn fixed mobile convergence program
Spearheaded team of 5 specialists to integrate network
elements of a large scale telecom solution, improved
quality of service and reduced network issues by 15%
Product Development, Aricent, India/USA/China
Led onsite consulting and product integration team to
reduce issue resolution time by 40%, appreciated via
Individual excellence award
Led design and development of 3 high-technology
software products. Received Team excellence award for
demonstrating best practices in software development


R Raghuram

Y.M.Ravi Shankar

B.Tech. (Chemical), Anna

University, Chennai

Master of Finance and

Control, University of Delhi
Post Graduate Diploma in
IT, JNTU, Hyderabad
BCA, Andhra University

11+ Years of Experience in Marketing, Sales (B2C & B2B),

Supply Chain Management and Operations.
Operations Management, Indian Oil
Key member of Quality Assurance team responsible for
first IOC unit to be ISO/TS 16949 certified.
Reduced Inventory of Lube Packaging materials by
15% YoY through Data Analytics and efficient Inventory
Key Account Management, Indian Oil
Achieved annual sales of `600 mn at 8% CAGR in
B2B segment by increasing sales in Key accounts in
Engineering, Paper, Cement and Sugar industries.
Developed a channel partner to focus sales in low
volume industries and achieved significant market share.
Got high customer satisfaction indexes through effective
SCM and services.


Retail Sales Management, Indian Oil

Achieved annual sales of `500 mn at 10% CAGR
by successfully implementing Business Process
Reengineering in Retail Lube Oil distribution.
Ensured effective SCM of 500+ SKUs and lead a team to
reach more than 1000 retail outlets.
Achieved 80% YoY growth of Cobranded products by
FMCG Marketing.
Completed IOCs leadership development program for
mid-level executives conducted by IIMA.
Awarded CPM Certificate by UPES, Dehradun.

A banker with over 9 years of experience in Consumer

banking, investment management and strategic planning,
across geographies in India.
Assistant Vice president & Sales Head, Citibank, India
Led a team of 9 managers to drive private client and
commercial bank sales and developed a 2-year business
plan for client acquisition strategies.
Formulated and implemented a shift to revenue
generation increased revenues by 200%, commercial
bank liabilities by 15% and assets under management by
Conceptualized process optimization to reduce
turnaround time from 6 days to 2 days with zero defects.
Senior Relationship Manager - Citibank, India
Managed equity/debt portfolios of US$ 22 mn, across
corporates and HNIs.
Advised corporate clients on hedging strategies, debt
and export/import financing, and treasury sales.
Strategized key metrics to achieve 110% of revenue
targets by growing assets under management from US$
7mn to US$ 22 mn in a span of 18 months.
Cluster Head, HDFC Life, India
Led life insurance sales team - 7 corporate agency
managers and 24 insurance officers and delivered
premium of US$ 8 mn per year.
Relationship Manager, HSBC Bank Ltd, India
Managed equity and debt portfolios worth USD 5 mn for
HNI clients.

Sachin Pethkar

Samson Samuel

Samuel James

B.E. (Computers
Engineering), Goa
Engineering College, Goa

B.E. (Computer Science),

Madurai Kamaraj University

MBA, Bharathiar University,

B.Sc., Computer Science,
PSG College of Arts and
Science, Coimbatore

11 years of experience in relationship management and

leadership in IT for office equipment and data center

10 years of experience in global IT Delivery,Project

Management,Client Relationship Management and
Business Development roles

9 years of experience in B2C and B2B across Channel

management, Trade marketing and International business

Development Manager, Equinix, Singapore, USA & India

Managed a multinational team of 40 consultants for
implementation of global IT transformation
Managed multiple vendors for delivery of global one
invoice experience to customers
Led the integration of CRM, order processing and billing
of an acquired company, adding monthly revenue of $20
Reduced the rollout time for new products and services
at Equinix by 2 weeks
Evaluated impact of REIT implementation on IT

Delivery Manager, Cognizant, India

Led the development of a strategic banking account,
comprising of a cross-functional team of 120+ associates,
from annual revenues of $5 mn to $10 mn
Managed Delivery, Operations, Financials, Client
Relationship and pre-Sales for the account
Championed the adoption of Agile methodology and
Managed Innovation
Received Innovation Evangelist award for training 200+
Received customer award for stellar delivery of complex
cross-technology, multi-vendor and multi-geography
projects on time and within budget ($50K - $250K)

Country Manager - Sri Lanka, Philips Lighting

Developed Sales & Marketing plan and aligned execution
with channel to grow by 2.6x in 3 years

Developed and executed visibility campaigns with
localized BTL and ATL content
Led a cross functional and cross cultural off roll team of
Increased demand generation, call conversion rate with
the right Go-To-Market strategy in place for professional
lighting business to grow by 10x in 3 years
Liaising with statutory and government authorities for
product approvals and project biddings

Senior Consultant, Canon, Singapore

Designed and implemented interface with third party call
center system.
Lead Consultant, Infosys, USA, UK & India
Streamlined inventory management and shipping at
Ricoh by implementing warehouse management system
Spearheaded the integration of 5 US districts and
Germany operations onto Ricohs global system
Performed system assessment by interviewing
the customer care center users at Ricoh US and
recommended solutions that reduced user time by 60%
Led consolidation of contract renewal and credit-rebill
processes at Ricoh, US
Awarded most valuable player award at Infosys

Project Manager, Cognizant, USA

Managed the integration of IT support of 50 applications
for a global Insurance major
Led a $2 mn portfolio comprising of 35+ associates
Performed Program level Risk/Scope/Schedule/Cost
Developed the client relationships and set stakeholder
Led Proposal Responses
Gained Subject Matter Expertise on the clients product
offerings and helped establish a Center of Excellence
Received individual excellence award for contribution to
account growth

Assistant Manager - Tamil Nadu, Philips Lighting

Successfully turned around Chennai and upcountry
markets in 18 months with a 30-50% growth through
excellence in channel execution
Sales Executive - Chennai, Coca Cola
Achieved volume growth of 45% by focusing on channel
expansion and key account management
Consistently won best performer awards in Philips for
surpassing targets and taking ownership of business

Adjudged All India Number #1 among budding
managers evaluation in 2008
Coca Cola Silver medal winner in inter team sales volume


Sandeep Balakrishnan

Sandeep Chadda

B.Tech. (Information
University of Kerala

B.Tech. (Electronics
and Communication
Engineering), GGSIPU Delhi
Microsoft Certified Systems

10+ years of global experience in IT consulting and Program

Management across diverse industries

IIMAs PGPX is very well designed to aid

the experienced professionals elevate the
trajectory of their career progression. The
program offers a great blend of hard and
soft skills that make it possible to achieve a
quantum leap in ones performance.
Vinayak Bhat- PGPX Class of 2011
Country manager, FactSet, India


Project Manager, Hages Business Solution, India

Managed key accounts developing and maintaining
ERP solutions for clients across India and Middle East.
Achieved 50% revenue growth in six months.
Spearheaded development and marketing of customized
ERP & Business Analytics product built over SAP platform.
Project Manager/Consultant/Solution Architect, Various
Companies, U.S.A & Singapore
Managed SAP implementation projects across various
industries Manufacturing, Hi-Tech & Construction.
Improved corporate cost roll process for a leading US
based flash memory maker by standardizing product cost
across plants and by automating the cost roll process to
reduce time taken for cost roll by 50%.
Developed reporting systems to evaluate profitability
based on market segments and strategic business units
for worlds largest brewery.
Programmer Analyst, Infosys Technologies Ltd, India,
Created roadmap for new pricing systems to improve the
accuracy and efficiency of price transmission to retail
stores for a leading US grocery retailer.

10 years of global experience in IT Services - Program

Management, Client Engagement, Strategy Implementation
and Presales
Associate Manager, Accenture
Led $7.2 mn Technology Transformation project for
Australian bank reducing operations cost by 27% per
Anchored Accenture Innovation Center with a 14
member team and delivered 2 award winning solutions
in 2 years
Technology Architect, Infosys
Architected private cloud solution with ROI of 18 months
and ongoing savings of $1.2 mn per annum for a mutual
fund company
Led a team of 53 to implement automated build
engineering for software manufacturing firm in USA
transforming a cost centre to a profit making entity
Spearheaded pre-sales activities securing 7 business
deals ranging between $120,000 and $10 mn in
technology transformation and cloud services area
Managed a AUD$ 13.4 mn Technology Transformation
project for one of the largest mining firms
1st Indian to win the Global Accenture (Internal)
Innovation Contest for paper and demonstration on
Testing as a Service
Microsoft Cloud Architect award winner for creating
Innovative cloud solution

Toastmasters extempore speech contest winner for
Region 6 (Michigan and Canada)

B.E. (Electronics and
Communication), NIT
Surathkal, Karnataka

Satish Chandra

Saurabh Negi

B.E. (Instrumentation),
Ramanand Teerth
Marathwada University

B.Tech. (Mechanical)
M.S. (Industrial) (WMU, USA)
Six Sigma Black Belt & Lean
Champion (Emerson, USA)

7 years of experience in upstream oil and gas operations,

engineering and business development across Middle East
and Asia Pacific

11+ years of diverse manufacturing experience in project

execution, operations, maintenance and technical support

9 years of experience in Operations, Quality, Supply Chain,

Training & Organizational Development

Engineering and Business Development Lead, Halliburton, Sydney

Led technical and commercial tender responses for
projects up to $5 mn
Core member of the team responsible for contract
rollover of second largest account in Australasia
Led business unit activities for logistically and geologically
challenging operations in Papua New Guinea
Streamlined regional procurement and reduced critical
items lead time by 4-6 weeks

Collaborated across geographies to enable smooth
startup of a strategic international expansion project by
an Australian client

Manager - Controls Engineering, Ingersoll Rand,

Ahmedabad, India
Project Management
Led Installation and commissioning of Compressed Air
systems across India, Middle-East and Asia. Projects
include Vedanta, MRPL, IOCL, MUL, Volkswagen, JSPL
and Arvind mills
Initiated and led remote monitoring project resulting in
cost saving of approx. $50K annually

Manager - Six Sigma (Jubilant Life Sciences, India)

Manufacturing strategy formulation for 5 year rolling
forecast. Received Capex approval for equipment worth
`17 Cr
Improved monthly plant throughput by `5 Cr by
improving planning process and removing bottlenecks
Consolidated monthly Plant reports. Worked with VP
Operations, and Department Heads for successful
closure of performance issues
Led Lean project in solid dosage packaging area resulting
in annual savings of `2.2 Cr

Lead Operations Engineer, Halliburton, Middle East

Focal point for a 9 rig offshore drilling project with yearly
revenues of over $15 mn
Drove business unit operations for a 3 rig turn-key
project. Reduced material costs by up to 15%
Collaborated with R&D group from redesign to rollout
stage of an existing product. Increased market share by
Led the regional rollout of a global product change
management program

Technical Support
Led team of 5 for technical support to sales and service
teams in India and Middle-East
Collaborated with engineering team for new product
development (Phase-Gate process) and large projects

MVP award for training 50 engineers in MENA region on
a new software
Selected for Leadership Development Program

New Business Line

Established marketing, operation and logistics for
Electronics Repair Lab, generating annual revenue of
$100K at CAGR of 65% in 4 years

Asst. Manager- Instrumentation, Serum Institute of India

Limited, Pune, India
Led team for Installation, commissioning and validation
of $1 mn high speed vaccine filling lines
Extra mile award for successful commissioning of $3.6
mn project at MRPL
Extra mile award for Designing and conducting
customized training for sales and service teams of 70
members across India

Quality Manager (Emerson- Knaack, USA)

Led a team of 6 QA engineers and technicians
Reduced Cost of Quality from 2% to 1% of sales resulting
in $1.1 mn annual savings
Trained 40 people in Lean Six Sigma
Reduced manufacturing lead time by 2 weeks by
instituting Pull system (Kanban)
Industrial Engineer (Contract) Caterpillar, USA
Led Engineering Change Management process for
launch of M-series Motor Graders


Saurav Bharadwaj

Shishir Saraiya

Shobhit Saxena

M.S. (Operations
Management), UT, Austin

M.S. (Computer Networks)

Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles

B.E. (Electronics and

Telecom), Mumbai

B.E. (Electronics) Mumbai


PMP, Project Management

Institute, USA

B.E. (Metallurgical), NIT,


12 years in Consulting, Analytics across North America,

South Asia and Middle East
Director, Fractal Analytics Mumbai / US
Grew revenues by 120%, acquired clients and initiated
pre-sales for Retail clients
Part of Customer Genomics, Test & Learn, and Assortment
Optimization product teams
Head Client services, Cartesian Consulting Mumbai /
Responsible for client revenues and delivery quality
Liaised with CXOs on customer strategy.
Designed 5 loyalty programs for customer and channel.
Maximized ROI through CRM, marketing and loyalty
program analytics


Manager, Mu Sigma, Bangalore / US

Amongst first 50 to join Mu Sigma. Contributed to 16X
growth through delivery excellence, pre-sales and
organizational initiatives
Led projects for pharmaceutical, retail, hi-tech and
manufacturing clients
Won Direct Marketing Association Challenge 2013,
Authored paper on service supply chains (WSC 2004)
and white papers on segmentation, Retail Analytics and
Loss prevention

9 years of experience in Quantitative Finance, Big

data, Social/Mobile Analytics, Consulting and Product
Data Scientist, Disney Interactive
Led Business Intelligence for 3 game studios ($35 mn)
with mobile and social games.
Increased user acquisition, engagement, virality,
retention and monetization across products.
Guided design and roadmap of games.
Generated insights that led to Kitchen Scramble and
Words of Wonder to go from launch to #2 and #3 games
within Disney in 4 months.
Created a virtual item recommendation engine for ingame virtual items that provided a ~5% revenue lift.
Designed and developed Big Data processes to handle
data volume > 1TB/day.
Director - Mortgage Analytics Consulting, Black Knight
Grew new consulting practice to $2 mn in billings in 2
Advised a top 3 US bank on benchmarking their loan
portfolio against the entire mortgage market at the zip
level. Estimated the impact of defaults on HPI and ranked
zip codes by risk.
Managed a 4 member Chinese outsourcing team.
Built a predictive Loss Model and strategies to improve
collection from defaults.
Productized predictions for the entire mortgage market
on a monthly basis.

12+ years of experience in leading and managing diverse

business and technology teams across multiple geographies
Business Project Manager, ACT Consulting Inc., USA
Rollout of a new $5 mn insurance product; leading
multi-vendors, business analyst, sales, underwriting,
legal, marketing, and contracting and communications
Implemented agile in division. Doubled efficiency of
claim processing and saved 5 FTE per year.
Project Manager, Consultant; Cognizant, USA
Led a 12 person team for a 40,000 Phrs of effort that
allowed business sustainability for next 10 years.
Managed communication between 40+ interfacing
Led a program deployment of 20000 Phrs involving 15+
engineers to add life and disability product
Supported launch of new healthcare products with
development work of 5000 Phrs to 8000 Phrs
Project leader, Infosys, USA & India
Setup a new onsite engagement
Setup offshore team and project processes. Project was
certified at CMMi level 4.
Awarded with Above and Beyond for zero production
defects and 4 star business satisfaction in life and
disability product deployment

Siddharth Gupta

Sonali Bhangay

B.Tech. (Mechanical),
Aligarh Muslim University

Bachelor of Ayurvedic
Medicine and Surgery
(BAMS), University of Pune

Certified Scrum Master

PGDEMS, Symbiosis
German (B1)
13 years of Business Transformation, IT-Strategy, People
Leadership and Pre-sales experience

9 Years in leadership, management and innovation in

healthcare services and emergency management domain

Lead Architect, American Express

Executed strategic project for Amex US and Singapore
worth $40 mn to change procure to pay processes
Created Strategy for international market deployment
of ERP platform including vendor comparison and
technology roadmap
Built strong team of 35+ partners and FTEs consisting
of Project Leaders, Technical and Functional consultants
that delivered project with 10% reduced cost
Created innovative frameworks that led to savings of
$250K in execution costs
Designed new processes for Chart of Accounts Mapping,
Purchase card payments and Intercompany transactions
to allow better data analytics and management decisions

Led multiple cross-functional teams across Operations, SCM

and Quality. Interacted with Govt. functionaries as part of
Public Private Partnership responsibilities

IT Analyst, Tata Consultancy Services

Member Pre-Sales team that interacted with senior
C-suite executives
Led delivery of Technology projects for various clients
like LG, Applied Materials and GE across geographies (US
and Europe)
Amex Blue Box Values Award: Top 5% contributor from
India region (total 500 employees)
Amex Technologies Innovation Award: Created inbound
invoice framework that led to one-time savings of $60K

GVK Emergency Management and Research Institute,

Associate Partner
Founded Emergency Medicine Learning Centre for
Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat operations
Designed and implemented training programs at all
levels. Instituted EMT Program, training 45,000+ cadre
manning 7400+ ambulances in India
Pioneered first ever Emergency Simulation Lab Ananya
and introduced innovative training methodologies
simulating real-life scenarios
Designed and implemented Delivery Kit replicated by
Govt. of Gujarat
Key role in formulating and implementing protocols
across organization to improve quality of patient care,
contributing in 1 mn lives saved
Drafted proposals for Gujarat Govt. and Maritime Board
Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Emergency Officer
Responsible for entire activities of Emergency Dept.
handling advanced life support teams 24/7
Om Hospital, Resident Doctor
Doctor In-charge of OPD and In-patient departments
performing clinical and managerial role


Soumendra Das Sarma

Soumika Dutta

Srinivas Cherla

B.Tech. (IT), University of

Kalyani, West Bengal

B.E. NIT Durgapur

M.S. (Mechanical), Texas

A&M University
B.Tech. (Mechanical),
Jawaharlal Nehru
Technological University


9.5 years of Business Development, Product and Project

Management experience in IT Services and Products

13+ years of diverse experience in Natural Gas value-chain,

demand-supply management and SAP implementation

Manager - Business Development, Alumnus Software

Business Development
Worked with CEO on Business Development for $2.5 mn/
year IT Services/Products business.
Played lead role in client acquisition and securing $100K/
year repeat business from global industry standard
organization DLNA.
Contributed to three client acquisitions in USA and Japan
in 2012-13, accounting for over 30% of annual revenue
in FY 13-14.

Manager, GAIL
Business Process Integration
Implemented Asias first SAP based Gas Management
System for end-to-end supply chain solution covering
Inventory Management, Procure to Pay and Order to
Cash cycle for fortnightly accounting
Post-implementation, managed cross functional team of
over 120 for seamless integration
Initiated streamlining of business processes and online
data acquisition to achieve 97% billing within first day of
billing cycle

Product Management
Led from conception phase of two products in the Home
Networking domain till demonstration to global market
leader Netgear and international industry consortium
Managed market opportunity identification and product
prototyping initiatives in Solar Energy, Railways, Retail,
Shipping domains for Indian market.
Technical Leadership
Led a six member team to build core modules of one of
the worlds first web browser based video conferencing
Programmer Associate, Cognizant Technology Solutions
Built solution accelerators, including an automated data
conversion utility to reduce 1-4 weeks of manual effort,
for projects in the Insurance vertical.

Techno-Commercial Functions
Team-lead for implementation of unbundling regulation
in Southern gas grid
Scheduling and distribution for major LNG terminals
Conceptualised and implemented strategy to reduce
transportation losses across pan-India Gas Grid;
managed cross functional team to achieve massive
reduction in losses (`9.5 Cr)
Key member of team liaising with regulatory body for
revision in tariff structure

Prepared roadmap for KG D-6 gas distribution.
Coordinated with regional control centres to achieve
optimal distribution across grid
Contractual clause assessment for proposed crosscountry pipeline (TAPI) and major contracts

Engineering manager with 8+ years of experience in

Organization Building, Product Development, and
Computer Aided Engineering in manufacturing industry
Organization Building Manager, CAE Team, Kennametal
Inc., India (May10 Apr14)
Streamlined systems and policies to align operations of
the new Technology Center with the global teams
Leveraged internal connections to get 40% of global
design workload to India within 3 years
Conceptualized the CAE team and worked on assimilating
CAE technologies into engineering and manufacturing
functions across enterprise
Organized FEA Steering committee activities leading to
standardization in simulation practices, and integration
with CAD/CAM
Product Development Product Engineer, Kennametal
Inc., USA (Nov05 Apr10)
Led a platform project for product development, and
manufacturing processes for commercial scale up
Launched 4 new standard tool platforms having a
cumulative NPV of ~$12 mn

Executed projects using Design for Six Sigma
methodologies (VOC, QFD, AHP) and modeling tools
Lead inventor on a patent titled Toolholder and
Toolholder assembly with elongated seating pads US
20110052337 A1
Recognized by top management at Kennametal for
numerous technical and team contributions

Subhadip Banerjee
M.S. (CS) Drexel University
B.Tech. (IT) Kalyani
MDP (Business Analytics) IIM
9 years of global experience in strategic planning, business
development in BI and Analytics in Retail, Telecom and
Principal Consultant, Oracle India
Established strategic alliances with 3 Retail clients on BI
and Data Analytics portfolio worth $2 mn as ambassador
to Nordics
Successfully led a cross functional team of 25 people
reducing inventory cost of client by 15% using predictive
Managed P&L and pre-sales activities of Oracle BI
services in Vietnam achieving growth of 40%
Spearheaded projects worth $1 mn in telecom industry
in Africa comprising 100+ financial BI dashboards
Improved campaign responses by 8% using marketing
analytics and segmentation
Provided executive decision support for DWH and BI
portfolio in Airlines, integrating with Oracle ERP
Developed reusable solutions to predict procurement of
critical Airlines components utilizing 1200 man-days
Founder member of advanced analytics and big data
COE engaging 12 consultants
Built business worth $0.5 mn in 1 year performing
sentiment analysis on social networks for high tech
innovative products
Team Lead, eThink Solutions USA
Built decision models to improve customer loyalty and
prevent churn by 8%
Oracle Star Performer (Top 2%)

B.E. (Electronics), Pune
PMP, Project Management
ITIL V3 Foundation
Six Sigma Green Belt
10+ years of global experience in IT Strategy, Project/
Program Management, CRM and Product development in
the BFSI domain
Project Manager, Citibank (Singapore)
Led the formulation of IT strategy aligning to a strategic
business integration program. Managed end-to-end
implementation for a $12 mn system integration
program with a team of 300+ people across Singapore,
Hong Kong, Shanghai and India.
Successfully managed a $5 mn IT program for
implementation of regulatory and compliance systems
for Citibank SEA business.
Project Manager, TCS (USA and India)
Spearheaded a team of 40 employees across India and
US involving a $6 mn integration project for a large US
Designed and implemented systemic data archival
and restore process leading to reduction in EOD batch
processing time by 40% and annual cost savings of $4
Appreciated by the senior leadership team for flawless
execution of the NRI transformation project involving
91K accounts across 50K+ customers in 8 countries.
Won the Beyond Excellence award (TCS, 2009) for
outstanding contribution to process improvement
initiatives resulting in annual cost savings of $8 mn.
Won the Best Project Leader award (TCS, 2008)

PGPX was a platform that gave the

complete 360 degree view of running
and transforming a business. Rigorous
yet structured and guided approach
towards learning inter-linkages between
financial ratios, strategy formulation
and organizational structure gave deep
insight into strategy formulation and
successful implementation. PGPX helped
me transform from manager to executive
leadership role.
Nitin Sharma - PGPX Class of 2010
CIO and Head Corporate Strategy &
Business Development at Raychem RPG


Sunil S

Surabhi Sharma

B.E. (Mechanical Engineer),


M.S. (Environmental
Engineering), Purdue
University, USA
B.E. (Environmental
Engineering), Gujarat
University, India


10+ years of experience in managing product design and

development in automobile sector for Indian and Global

Management professional with 10 years of experience in

environmental and infrastructure-related sectors across US
and India.

Design Engineer, General Motors

Led a team of engineers for Design and development of
Fuel system for Opel Germany. The new enhancements
in the design led to savings of 1.5mn in tool design.
Developed and implemented a strategic project plan as
a part of the cross functional initiative-Workplace of
Spearheaded the cross function team of suppliers and
designers and carrying out the project from concept
phase to detailed design
Improved work cooperation by building strong relations
with vendors, clients and operators across emerging
market countries

Operations Manager, ARCADIS India | Pune, India | 201214

ARCADIS is an Amsterdam-based, publicly listed,
US$3bn+ global infrastructure design and engineering
consultancy with 22,000+ employees
Second-in-command for Indian operations responsible
for budgeting and financial reporting, recruitment and
mentoring, and business operations management
Co-leader driving post-acquisition integration of 3 firms
across 4 infrastructure sub-sectors (300+ employees)

Technician, MICO, BOSCH Group

Played a pivotal role in assembly line team by improving
productivity of Fuel Injection pump by 21%
Redefined quality control scheme for fuel injection
pump assembly line.
Technician, C.R. Seals, SKF Group
cross functional collaboration between
manufacturing and quality teams in reducing the
rejections of components by 10%
Responsible for Assembly & maintenance of Molds and
Managed manufacturing process on the shop floor

Project Manager, Greeley and Hansen |Chicago, Philadelphia and Indianapolis| USA 2003-10
G&H is a US-based, privately-held, $75mn+ boutique
water and environmental consultancy with 300+
Lead client advisor for multiple water and wastewater
engagements ranging from $500k to $125mn in capital
Regional point-of-contact (100+ employees) for firms
partners on all business considerations

Handpicked for partner-track leadership development
program at Greeley and Hansen
Recipient of Elmer F. Ballotti Memorial Fellowship and
Joseph P. Chu Fellowship for outstanding graduate
students at Purdue University

Tarun Bansal

Tarun Kumar

Udit Kulmi

M.Sc. (Physics),IIT Delhi.

M.S. (Quantitative
Economics and Finance),
University of Paris 1 and
Autonomous University of

B.Tech. (Mechanical), IIT


PRINCE2 Certified
Nationality: Dutch
(European Union) with OCI
8 years of global experience in Business Strategy,
Operations, and Engineering Management in Medical
Devices and Semiconductor Industry
Program Leader, Johnson and Johnson Medical Devices,
Developed Cluster wide Business Transformation Strategy
to accomplish Holistic Marketing oriented Operations.
Cost advantage and New Product Development through
Continuous Innovation and Improvement.
Managed Cross-Functional team of Sales and Marketing,
Manufacturing, R&D, Engineering, Lean, Quality, and
Created long term Project Roadmap and Pipeline
consisting of 105 committed projects, 30 backup
projects (savings worth $130mn).
Project Manager, MAPPER Lithography BV, The
Managed Semiconductor Machine Manufacturing
Operations, identified bottlenecks and resolved
problems across the Supply Chain. 6mn savings by
Implementation of Toyota Production System.
Established end to end Infrastructure of MAPPER Taiwan
to develop Strategic Relationship with Customers and
Suppliers based in Asia.
Space Research Organization of the Netherlands
Developed fabrication process of sensors and quality
metrics for space mission devices.

5+ years of experience in credit rating and research

Associate Director, Fitch Ratings India Private Limited
(renamed to India Ratings and Research Private Limited-Fitch Group), Mumbai, India
Led the rating assignment of several Indian banks and
finance companies and published research reports and
press releases
Co-authored annual outlook reports on Indian banking
Played a key role in assigning ratings to different classes
of debt instruments and structured products for financial
Interacted extensively with local and global investors on
Indian financial sector
Have analyzed diverse sectors (like real-estate,
industrials, infrastructure projects) as part of rating
financial institutions
Setup the internal financial database of Indian banks in
the company

Six Sigma Black Belt (GE)

10 years of experience in innovation, technology

development and consulting for Aviation and renewable
Wind Energy Business.
Research Engineer, GE (India)
Inventor of 3 patents in new Wind Turbine Blade designs
and Nanotechnology.
Led team of 3 researchers to improve efficiency of
Blade manufacturing. Team achieved 14% increase in
productivity, preventing $3 mn loss of sales in 2012 and
reduced cost of sourcing blades by $4.2 mn.
Generated innovative blade design to reduce cost of
wind power. This idea was jointly funded by DOE (USA)
and GE for $5 mn in 2013.
Led quality improvement project for GE Wind Energy,
eliminating 60% defects and annual rework cost of $0.5
Engineer, GE (India)
Led a team of 4 researchers for material cost reduction in
wind turbine blades, resulting in annual saving of $1 mn.
Designed manufacturing process and commercial scaleup plans for Nano-porous foam.
Enabled business to bid for high value EURO 2012
football stadium roofing contract by quickly designing a
new ultra-stiff panel.
Awarded Best Project Review Award among 150 globally
sourced GE analytics for Engineers certifications.
Awarded GE MST Global Award for technology feasibility
demonstration of Nano-porous foam.


Ujwal Deole

My sole reason for joining the PGPX was

to get ready for the corporate world. The
rigour of the course and the contributions
from the faculty and peers ensured that.
In retrospect, however, I feel that the
more important value adds were in terms
of developing a sensibility to learn to
live with ambiguities and a structured
approach of making decision based on
reasonable assumptions and validating

those assumptions, during and after

Vineet Sharma - PGPX Class of 2009
Director HR Indus Valley Partners

M.S. (Mechanical
The University of New
Mexico, USA
B.E. (Mechanical
University of Pune, India
8 years of global experience in technology management
and strategy development for R&D functions in agriculture
and defense industry
Manager Product & Technology Development, Larsen &
Toubro, India

Spearheaded a cross-functional 15 member team for
design & development of Indias first Water Jet Propulsion
System, having a potential of $15 mn reduction in import
Played a key role in product innovation, competitive
assessment and idea conception for indigenous product
Responsible for liaising with key clients in defense
industry and preparation of techno-commercial
Participated in internal capability development of team
through hiring and mentoring initiatives
Selected for L&T Management Leadership Program
Mechanical Designer, Monsanto Company, USA
Stewarded design of variety of automated seed research
equipment, to be used by biotechnologists and farmers
Executed projects through entire life cycle - from
customer interface, concept design, prototyping, vendor
management, to execution and user training
Innovator of a Patent (pending for grant) Small Object
Distribution Automation
Developed a Best Operating Practices Manual for R&D
engineers working in various design teams

Varun Natarajan, FRM

Financial Risk Manager,
Certified Banking
Compliance Professional,

11 years of experience with multi-domain expertise in

Banking/Risk Management
AVP Risk, Axis Bank Ltd, Mumbai
Core member of the Operational Risk Management function.
Role required engagement with regulators and business
heads and coordination with other risk and business groups
to improve risk management practices across the Bank.

Instrumental in roll-out of enterprise-wide Governance

Risk and Compliance (GRC) framework: Conceptualized
structure for aggregation of operational risk intelligence
Framed internal policies and processes for proposed
migration to advanced approaches for computation
operational risk capital charge
Led representation of risk management team in product
evaluation committees and large cross-functional
Devised data collection processes and structure for
creation of bank-wide repository of operational risk

Manager Operations, Axis Bank Ltd, Pune

Managed operations and customer service functions in
one of the largest branches, having a diverse business
profile across Corporate, Retail, International Trade and
Capital Markets
Assistant Manager - ING Vysya Bank Ltd., Indore and
Operationalized branch in new territory with extended
business hours

Venkatesh P. Shenoy

Venkatram Venkatasamy

Vidit Shukla

B.E. (Mechanical)-NITK,

Ph.D (Chemistry), UGA, USA

M.Tech. (Computer
Technology), IIT, Delhi

B.Tech. (Chemical &

Electrochemical), CECRI, India
Six-Sigma Brown Belt (Seagate)
USA Permanent Resident

B.E. (Electronics and

Instrumentation), SGSITS,
DAVV, Indore

10+ years of experience in Vendor management, Purchase,

Component Development and Quality Assurance

11 years of experience in managing product innovation,

technology development and advanced manufacturing

15 years of global experience in entrepreneurship, and

telecom solutions delivery, project management, and
client engagement

Manager-Purchase, Bajaj Auto Ltd

Led the Purchase-Electrical division comprising of 25
vendor groups and managed procurement cost of
`2000 Cr /annum
Achieved YOY 2% cost reductions (`40 Cr) through VAVE,
zero-base costing, business share allocation, alternate
source development and supply chain streamlining
Spearheaded vendor rationalisation project and reduced
the vendor base by 30%
Implemented lean principles, ECRS techniques
and process automation enhancing manufacturing
productivity by up to 10%
Core team member in driving TPM pillar activities across
35 vendor manufacturing facilities

Staff Engineer, Seagate Technology, USA

Led cross-functional team to scale-up a new
manufacturing process, resulting in annual savings of $6
mn through 18% reduction in material wastage.
Achieved savings of $263,000 and favorable service
contract through strategic negotiations with suppliers
during purchase of $3 mn worth process equipment.
Led $1.2 mn worth externally funded research projects.
Managed intellectual property portfolios and developed
strategies to fill critical gaps through analysis of
technology trends and competitor filings.
Established process control and quality metrics, resulting
in yield improvement by more than 50 % through control
of process excursions.
Achieved project milestones through experiment
prioritization, materials management and results-based

Senior Engineering Project Manager, Aricent, Gurgaon

Led a multicultural client team of 30 engineers with
members in US, UK and India for development of 3G
Microcell from concept to launch phase.
Contributed significantly towards establishing Aricent as
client preferred long-term partner, resulting in project
revenues of $22 mn.
Consolidated client relationship by constantly engaging
customer and aligning our processes with theirs, and
won fixed-cost offshore feature enhancements worth
$2.5 mn.
Led cross functional SWAT team to help accelerate time
to market of AT&Ts 3G Microcell.
Anchored presales effort for strategic telecom accounts.
Established Offshore Development Centers for large
wireless OEMs.

Assistant Manager-Component Development

Developed 50+ auto components from concept to
production for 8 motorcycle and 3-wheeler models
Assistant Manager-PPC and Quality Assurance
Implemented Milk Route Logistics and JIT systems
reducing the material storage space by 40%
Resolved multiple field complaints in motorcycle
components and reduced warranty cost by 5%
Conferred with TPM Award in Value Engineering for
outstanding contribution in product cost reduction

Co-op Intern, IBM Research, USA

Led multi-disciplinary team to establish Electrochemical
ALD laboratory to develop semiconductor memory

Excellence Awards by Aricent and Client for Leadership
and Dedication.
Special recognition by the Client for distinguished efforts
to help introduce the product in US Market.

Authored 1 book, 9 Patents, 8 Trade secrets and 14 Peerreviewed publications.
9 awards from Seagate Technology.

Co-founder and Director, PulseConnect Technologies

Successfully launched PulseConnect Technologies, a
product company providing Smart Customer Feedback
and Retail Media solutions.


Vijay Bhaskar
B.Tech. (Civil Engineering),
JNTU College of
Engineering, Hyderabad


Vikram Sethi

Vinamra Pandey

B.Tech. (Comp. Science),


B.E. Hons, (Mechanical),

BITS, Pilani

CSCP, BSCM certified

10 Years of experience in Project Management, Procurement,

Business Development, Channel Management & CRM.

10 Years of Global Work Experience in Supply Chain


Project Management, HPCL

Managed multiple parallel projects worth `160 Cr with
responsibility for design, development, implementation
& financials.
Developed a monitoring model which reduced
construction time for retail outlets (Petrol Pumps) by
Created sustainable system for effective operations and
maintenance for a network of 400 retail outlets and
reduced the complaint down time by 50%.
Identified and developed vendors for projects leading to
a cost saving of 10% through relationship management &
competitive analysis.
Conferred with You have done well award for
outstanding individual contribution FY 2012-13. (Top 50,
<0.5% Pan India)

Solution Architect I2 technologies/JDA software

Diverse experience in SCM consulting domain primarily
in areas of masterplanning, inventory planning, demand
Closely worked with customers in solution architecting,
designing, developing and implementing SCM solutions
to help improve their supply chain efficiencies.
Successfully executed projects across various industries-Steel, Hi-Tec, CPG and OIL industries in APAC, EMEA
regions, Latin and North America regions.
Worked with the key MNCs in each sector like Tata steel
Jamshedpur, Sony electronics Japan, Lenovo China,
Grupo Modelo Mexico, Simplot Australia etc.
Actively involved in pre-sales, trainings and other
strategic engagements.

Sales & Marketing Management, HPCL

Conceived & designed a cobranded sales promotional
campaign with a leading automobile company resulting
in an improvement of market share by 0.5% A first of its
kind in the region.
Instrumental in bringing 50% of the network to loyalty
cards and adding new customers thereby increasing
sales by 9%.
Increased market share of designated sales area for 4
consecutive years by effective channel management

Sr. Consultant I2 Technologies

Supported the project team on data analysis and data
integration from legacy/ERP to I2 systems.
Closely worked with clients in designing the technical
architecture of the of their SCM solution.
Received JDA Team award for my contribution in Sony
and G.M. projects.
JDA spot award for my contribution towards the success
of Grupo Modelo.

13 years experience in Retail Sales and Marketing, Network

Expansion and Channel Management in the Petroleum
Manager Retail Sales, IOCL
Led a team of 5 sales and engineering officers on
retail, network development & implementation of
merchandising efforts.
Demand forecasting & budgeting for retail operations
upto 280K Kilo Litres.
Responsible for sales, branding, supplies, technological
improvements, & prevention of malpractices for the
dealer network
Exposure to retail environment countrywide by working
across 6 cities in three regions of the Country.
Expertise in governmental co-ordination by liaison with
statutory bodies to obtain licences, handling legal issues
& contractual obligations, RTIs etc.
Commissioned 30 green field petroleum products retail
Achieved growth of 13% in Diesel sales by linking sales
across states.
Forged alliances with reputed Banks and Automotive
Dealers for allocation of retail space thus generating
additional revenues of more than ` 50 Lacs annually.
Modernised 35 retail outlets to high Company standards
of service and visual appeal.
Increased the sales of high margin branded fuels through
the retail network to 21% of all sales.

Vinay Solanki

Vineet Kumar Rai

Yasesh Shah

M.S. (Computer Science)

SUNY Binghamton, NY, USA,

B.E. (Mechanical), National

Institute of Technology,

B.E. (Computer), L. D.
College of Engineering,
Gujarat University,

B.E. (Computer Engineering)

Mumbai University, India
Six Sigma Green Belt (2003)
9+ years of experience in global projects & team
management, client engagement and consulting in IT &
financial services.

8+ years of IT experience in system analysis, consulting,

process automation, product design and business process

11 years of international experience in IT project

management and technology consulting with a high-flying
performance record

Vice President, Goldman Sachs, NY, USA

Leadership & Team Management
Led a team of 4 strategists to implement interest rate risk
management tool using factor model based hedging
strategies, saving $2mn.
Promoted from developer to project lead (team of 8) in
5 months time to spearhead a business critical event
management tool. Rolled out to 3000 salespeople,
saving 1.5 hrs. per event setup time & $3mn.

System Analyst, Canon Singapore

Involved in Canons highly strategic ERP transformation
project for CAMG group, as part of core group selected
by IT Director and CEO. Appreciated by management for
effectively handling uncertainty and complexity
Conceptualized a business process innovation, reducing
commission processing time for dealers by 70%
Led a 4 member team to implement budget system,
reducing preparation time from 13 days to 4 days
Collaborated with cross functional users across Finance,
Sales, Marketing and Service to tailor the product to
maximize business value

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

Project Manager, Governance Lead
Headed governance - financials, capacity, expenditure
tracking & revenue forecasting - of a 250+ member team
Established new engagement in risk management
function for a leading Swiss bank, building a global team
of 20, within a year
Turned around relationship with client to preferred
partner, through solutions strategically aligned to their
IT goals

Client Engagement & Consulting

Designed rates derivatives Dodd Frank compliance
monitoring tool for global users (adopted across 5
business units in 4 regions).
Engaged the traders in a closed feedback loop to
eliminate redundancy and delays in the interest rates
bond option exercise and expiry flow.
Product Design & Management
Built an integrated price and inflation risk calculator for
Inflation products (TIPS).
Designed EMIR capturing and reporting tool for on-time
reporting of European Derivatives trades.
Java Garbage Collection white paper, rated top 3 globally
in Goldman Sachs (2010).
GE customer appreciation award for modular design of
power management system, TCS, India (2003)

Techno Functional Consultant, Comtel Solutions

Identified an improvement opportunity on web warranty
system. It led to decrease in frequency of incident logs
by 90%
Managed implementation of CRM system. Received
appreciation from client, Canon
Project Engineer, Wipro
Developed solutions for new government regulations
for a UK utility company; Received Feather-in-my-cap
award for my efforts
Involved in upgrade of ERP system for a US utility
company. Impressed with job delivered, client increased
the project scope by $700K

Lead IT Analyst
Spearheaded a global banks post-merger integration
of debt trade processing to a single platform, saving
$2.4mn annually
Architected dynamic batch framework, cutting legal
entity migration effort by 80%
Steered system continuity program at client site during
multiphase IT architectural transformation, leading a
team of 15 analysts
Extended technology and process knowledge to presales
function, leading to 3 new customer deals
Selected for TCS Inspire accelerated career program
6 time TCS Star awards for client satisfaction & delivery
Special award for conceptualizing performance feedback
process rolled out to 500 employees


The Faculty
Business Policy

Finance & Accounting


Shailesh Gandhi
Fellow (IIMA)

Arindam Banerjee
Ph.D. (SUNY at Buffalo)

Information Systems

Rajendra Patel

Abraham Koshy
Fellow (IIMA)

Rekha Rani Jain

Ph.D. (IIT, Delhi)

Prem Chander
Fellow (IIMA)

Subhash Bhatnagar
Fellow (IIMA)

Jayanth R Varma
Fellow (IIMA)

Arvind Sahay
Ph.D. (Texas Uni, Austin)

N Venkiteswaran


Mahendra Gujarathi
Fellow (IIMA)

Shailendra Mehta
Ph.D. (Harvard University)

Errol Dsouza
Ph.D. (JNU)

Sunil Sharma FPM

(Business Policy), IIM

Satish Deodhar
Ph.D. (Ohio State

T V Rao
Ph.D. Psychology (SPU)

Samar Datta
Ph.D. (Uni. of Rochester)


Sebastian Morris
Fellow, IIM Calcutta

Anurag K Agarwal
LLM (Harvard), LLD
Ajeet Mathur Narain
Ph.D. (IIS, Bangalore)
Karthik D
Fellow (IIMA)
M R Dixit
Ph.D. (IIT, Kanpur)


Asha Kaul
Ph.D. (IIT, Kanpur)
M M Monippally
Ph.D. (Manchester)

Meenakshi Sharma
M.A., Ph.D. (Queensland

Ajay Pandey
(Dean, Faculty) Fellow
Joshy Jacob
FPM, Indian Institute of
Management, Lucknow
Sidharth Sinha
Ph.D. (University of
California, Berkeley)

Piyush Kumar Sinha

Ph.D. (SP Uni)

Personnel & Industrial

Biju Varkkey
Fellow (NIBM, Pune)

Production &
Quantitative Methods
Chetan Soman
MTech (IIT, Bombay),
Ph.D. (Groningen)

Dheeraj Sharma
Doctoral degree Louisiana
Tech University, USA

Goutam Dutta
Ph.D. (Northwestern Uni)


Saral Mukherjee
Fellow (IIMC)

Kirti Sharda
Fellow (IIMC)

Bandyopadhyay Tathagata
Ph.D.(Uni of Calcutta)

Deepti Bhatnagar
Fellow (IIMA)

Samir K Barua
MTech (IIT, Kanpur), Fellow

Parvinder Gupta
Ph.D. (IIT, Kanpur)
Pradyumana Khokle
Fellow (IIMA)
Neharika Vohra
Ph.D. (Manitoba)

A K Laha
Ph.D. (ISI, Calcutta)

Debjit Roy
Ph.D. (Uni. of WisconsinMadison)

Karthik Sriram
Fellow Programme in
Management from IIM

Sachin Jayaswal
Ph.D. Management
Sciences, University of
Waterloo, Canada

Apratim Guha
Ph. D. (University of
California, Berkeley)

Ravichandran N
Ph.D. 1980 Applied
Probability Indian Institute
of Technology, Madras

Public Systems Group

Amit Garg
MTech (IIT, Roorkee),
Fellow (IIMA)
Anil K Gupta
Ph.D. (Kurukshetra), Fellow

G Raghuram
Ph.D. (Northwestern)
Indian Rly Chair
P R Shukla
Ph.D. (Stanford)
Ankur Sarin
Ph.D. (Uni. of Chicago)


How to Recruit From PGPX

talks start from

Placement Process


At IIMA, placements are handled by the

Student Placement Committee under the
supervision of the faculty through a process
that optimizes the interests of both the
students and the companies. The student
committee gets involved in the process right
from corporate interactions (throughout the
year), to pre-placement talks, to coordinating
activities during placement process.
There are two main placement activities on

starts from

Pre-placement Talks (Corporate


On-Campus Recruitment

Companies can plan a visit to the IIMA

campus for conducting placement
interviews and making job offers to
suitable student candidates during the
placement season.

This year the placement season

commences on 10th November 2014
and continues till 31st March 2015.
Companies can approach Student
Placement Committee about 2 weeks in
advance for scheduling an on-campus
placement session. The committee
members can also be approached for
guidance on the transport and lodging
facilities on campus.

Pre-placement presentations (up to 2

rounds) enable organizations to inform
students about companys business,
work culture, organizational structure,
career, and growth opportunities. We
recommend a 30-minute presentation
and a 15-minute Q&A session. Presence
of senior executives and alumni helps
create a better impact.
This year companies can plan to visit
IIMA for delivering pre-placement talks
starting 29th September, 2014. For
scheduling the talks, Student Placement
Committee should be approached at
least 7 days in advance.

2014-2015 Placement Calendar








Corporate Presentations
On-Campus Recruitment

Key Recruitment Policies and Guidelines

1. Student Placement Committee is the single

point of contact:

Companies interested in conducting

recruitment activities at IIMA must
contact a student placement committee
member for placements. Companies are
discouraged to directly approach the
2. Grade Non-Disclosure Policy:

PGPX class of 2015 as well as the placement

process at IIMA PGPX program follows a
grade non-disclosure policy.

3. Offer Negotiations:

5. Reporting Standards Compliance:

Compensation and other terms of

employment should be negotiated directly
between the company and the candidate.

4. Offer Communication:

Offer to the selected candidates should

be communicated through student
placement committee.

Companies are required to provide the final

offer details as per the reporting standards
followed by IIMA. Details can be sought
from a placement committee member.

6. Recruitment Fees

There is a fee for the recruitment process,

levied as a charge per successful hire
(amounts will be informed by the placement
committee member). Placement Fees will
be waived for firms that fall under our
waiver criteria. To know more about this
policy, please contact your Relationship


Other Programs at IIMA




The Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) is

the doctoral programme of the Indian Institute
of Management, Ahmedabad. The objective
of the programme is to provide students
with necessary skills to identify and research
complex issues in the field of management. FPM
seeks candidates with outstanding academic
backgrounds, intellectual curiosity and discipline
needed to make scholarly contribution.

the students own research interests and

professional goals. The programme is strongly
committed to preparing thought leaders both
for the academic and corporate world. Students
spend generally a little over four years that
includes two years of rigourous course work.
Course work in the first year provides a general
management overview and develops basic skills
for analysing managerial problems.

For the students selected, IIMA provides

an excellent environment for carrying out
advanced research, thus creating highly
committed researchers trained in the most
recent methodologies and engaged in
producing original research work. IIMAs
doctoral programme provides a diverse set of
opportunities for interdisciplinary education and
research. The small entering class ensures close
interaction with the faculty, where students
can determine their own directions under the
guidance of their thesis advisory committees.

In the second year, students take advanced

doctoral level courses in their areas of
specialization. The doctoral dissertation, for
the next couple of years, provides them with
an opportunity to make original contribution to
an area of management or to one of its source

The student becomes part of one of the ten

functional/ sectoral groups and acquires the
basic theoretical knowledge and practical
aspects of the area. This allows close
interaction with faculty members, who provide
the intellectual stimulation and help develop

IIMAs faculty have studied and worked in the

best of institutions within India and around
the world. Their involvement with public and
private organizations internationally allows
them to bring relevant managerial issues into
the classroom and in their research. This creates
an exceptional environment for developing
a research programme that can build sound
theory for analysing complex managerial

Selected through the most rigourous

admission procedure, the participants of IIMAs
PGP go through a thoroughly challenging and
enriching academic experience during their
two years on campus. The PGP constantly
strives to remain on the cutting edge of modern
management education, instilling teamwork,
a global focus, an ability to innovate and
above all, an unflinching stress on excellence
in its students. The curriculum exposes the
students to a number of real life situations
and contemporary tools of analysis that have
been perfected through the case method of
pedagogy. The PGP class represents a rich
gamut of socio-cultural and educational
backgrounds, in addition to a healthy mix of
fresh graduates and candidates with prior
work experience. The participants of IIMAs
PGP display great clarity and focus when it
comes to charting their career path despite
the fact that the average age of IIMA graduates
is below that of foreign B-schools. They
choose diverse career interests ranging from
Finance, Marketing, Consulting, Technology,
General Management, Policy Making and
even Non-Profit Sectors. Recent years have
also seen a surge in the entrepreneurial spirit
with a growing number of graduates deciding
to pursue their own dreams.

IIMAs commitment and expertise in agribusiness
sector dates back to its inception when the
institute had accepted managerial issues related
to under-managed but socially important sectors
particularly food and agribusiness - as part of
its thrust area since its inception in 1961. IIMA is
one of the few management schools in the world
which offers a two-year full-time Post-Graduate
Programme in Agri-Business Management (PGPABM). What makes this sector-specific programme
special compared to many other agribusiness
programmes is that the programme curriculum
has a leading-edge managerial foundation firmly
rooted in IIMAs management culture and
proficiency with focus on food and agribusiness.
A key element of the programme is its complete
perspective of the sector rather than approaching
sector areas e.g. agricultural production, input
supply, agro-processing, marketing, and support
services, as separate and distinct activities.
The program is well known for its academic rigour.
The first year imparts the basic fundamentals
of marketing, finance, operations, economics,
management, the building blocks of managerial
aptitude. Building on this strong foundation in
general management, the second year courses
equip students with specialized multifunctional
knowledge and skills that are required by the
agri-business sector managers for excellence
in planning and decision-making. Students
choose from courses including Agricultural
Finance, Strategic Food Marketing, Public Policy,

Agribusiness and Energy Markets, Management

of Micro Finance, Carbon Finance and more.
The Logistics, Supply Chain and Infrastructure
Management in Agribusiness course is highly
appreciated by the business world. The course
also orients students to the global agribusiness
scenario, and has a student exchange program
with ESSEC, France.
The programme has been consistently ranked
Number One in Agribusiness and Food Industry
Management programmes in the World by
Eduniversal, France. The program has evolved to
become a leader in agribusiness management
and goal is to remain a premier programme in
educating the sectors decision-makers. The
programme provides comprehensive exposure to
the managerial concepts, tools, and techniques
required by the food and agribusiness sector and
prepare students for management positions in
this increasingly complex field. The programme
also exposes students to the rural environment,
society and institutions through an innovative
Rural Immersion module in which students spend
about 4 weeks in typical rural areas and undertake
live projects. Rural immersion component not
only brings students closer to ground realities
and constraints in vast rural market, but also gives
them an exposure and firm base on which they
could base their future decisions. PGP-ABM is
specifically tailored to produce the high calibre of
managerial talent that this vital sector requires and
will lead Indias food and agribusiness industries in
the challenging environment.


PGPX 2014-15 Speaker Series

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Rt. Hon. Edward Davey MP

Former President of India

Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change, Govt of UK



Praveen Kadle
MD, Tata Capital

Pawan Goenka
President (Automotive, Two Wheelers and
farm equipment), Mahindra & Mahindra

Renuka Ramnath
Founder CEO, Multiples Equity

Mr Himanshu Kapania
MD, Idea Cellular

Winds of Change, A Panel Discussion on Union Budget 2014 :

Hon. Shri Saurabh Patel

Finance & Industries Minister, Govt. of Gujarat

(LtoR) Prof Errol DSouza, Dr. Ajit Ranade (Chief Economist, Aditya Birla Group),
Prof. Samir Barua, Dr. Shubhada Rao (Chief Economist, Yes Bank), Prof. G Raghuram


Dr. Sumit Chowdhury

President, Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd

Ajay Row
Exec Director, AIMIA

Pradeep Bhargava
Director, Cummins India

Usha Ananthasubramanian
CMD, Bhartiya Mahila Bank

Contact for Placement Enquiry


Placement Committee
Professor Satish Deodhar
+91 79 6632 4817

Placement Officer
Mr Victor Pereira,
Phone: +91 79 6632 4666
+91 79 6632 4665

Students Placement Committee

Amarendra Tiwari
+91 99099 27820 . +91 90330 89099
Anshul Srivastav
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Harish Sridharan
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Nikhil Thadani
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Pradeep Rao
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Sandeep Chadda
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Tarun Bansal
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Programme in
Management for