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Residential Customer

Energy Price Fact Sheet South Australia

Retail Supply Offer SA Power Networks

The Charges provided in this Standing Contract apply for residential electricity customers in the relevant distribution area, on the
applicable network tariff and metering configuration.
Residential Offer SA Power Networks
single-rate offer

controlled load

Charges (excl. GST)

Charges (incl. GST)

daily supply charge

67.80 cents/day

74.58 cents/day

all-day 1 rate - first 100 kWh per calendar month

27.40 cents/kWh

30.14 cents/kWh

all-day 2 rate - next 233 kWh per calendar month

30.70 cents/kWh

33.77 cents/kWh

all-day 3 rate - next 500 kWh per calendar month

34.95 cents/kWh

38.45 cents/kWh

all-day 4 rate - balance kWh per calendar month

34.95 cents/kWh

38.45 cents/kWh

usage 1 rate - first 667 kWh per calendar month

11.95 cents/kWh

13.15 cents/kWh

usage 2 rate - balance kWh per calendar month

12.40 cents/kWh

13.64 cents/kWh

Please note: All times are CST, unless you have an interval meter, in which case daylight savings time will apply if relevant.
Daily supply charge: a charge that applies for supplying electricity to your premises for each day of the billing period, regardless of how much electricity you use.
kWh: a kWh stands for kilowatt hour and is the unit of measurement for your electricity bill.

Important Information
Key Terms
Cooling Off Period
Terms and Conditions

Agreement Term
Charges and Discounts May Vary

Credit card payment processing fee
Dishonoured payment fee (cheque)
Dishonoured payment fee (direct debit)
Lat epayment fee
Establishment fee
Additional fees

Not applicable
Eligibility and availability criteria apply, including that this offer is only for residential customers who are
located within the relevant distribution area with the appropriate network tariff(s) and metering installation
and configuration. For full terms & conditions, visit our website below or contact us.
No fixed term. This agreement continues on a rolling monthly or quarterly basis as per the bill frequency.
Variations to our Charges will be published on our website and in a newspaper 10 business days before
commencement with details in your next bill if the variation affects you. Standing offer prices will not be
varied more often than once every 6 months.
0.60% (including GST), may be applicable if you choose to pay by Mastercard or Visa credit cards
$20 (including GST), may be applicable if payment is not honoured by your bank.
$10 (including GST), may be applicable if payment is not honoured by your bank.
$15 (including GST), may be applicable if payment is not received before the due date.
$22 (including GST), payable upon transfer to us from another retailer.
Other fees may apply including such items as meter special reads, meter installation, meter reconfiguration,
energisation and de-energisation, see our website or contact us for details.
Offer ID: DIA19936SR

Energy Made Easy: For information to help you compare the retail offers available to you, please visit

Diamond Energy Pty Ltd

ABN: 97 107 516 334

Level 1, 695 Burke Road

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phone: 1300 838 009

03 9006 9031

Effective: March 2015