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Arellas Repertoire

A Novel

Elayne Zalis

Arellas Repertoire
Copyright 2012 by Elayne Zalis
All rights reserved
Printed in the United States of America
ISBN-13: 978-1434832030
ISBN-10: 1434832031
No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any
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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the
product of the authors imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to
actual persons, living or dead, businesses, companies, events, or locales is entirely

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he story is framed as an online text that Arella posts

incrementally throughout the month of December 1999, as she
prepares for 2000. More at home in cyberspace than anywhere she
has actually lived, she reinvents herself and her life story for readers
of a multimedia web diary she calls Arellas Repertoire, a blend of
memoir, travelogue, and blog. Like her Russian forebears, who
immigrated to the United States at the turn of the previous century,
she imagines belonging somewhere.

Part I
A Time Traveler En Route

On the Cusp of 2000

(Posted December 1, 1999)

hen I awakened this morning on my living room couch, I was

still wearing my gold dancing dress, a reminder of last nights
virtual excursions. Adrift between worlds, I soon felt the lure of my
actual surroundings. The drapes were wide open, letting sunshine
filter through sliding glass doors that overlook the terrace. I could see
the Hollywood Hills in the distance, a perfect backdrop, I thought,
for recounting my latest wanderings.
So here I sit moments later, typing away. Nothing makes
sense at first, and then images begin to flicker, restoring fragments of
memories and dreams. With you, my readers, I share these fleeting
impressions as I transform them into an end-of-the-century finale for
Arellas Repertoire, my space for writing on the World Wide Web. This
is where I remember both the century and the phase of my life that
are drawing to a close. Its also where I envision a fresh start. A blend
of fact and fiction, my stories trace the paths Ive followed to reach
my latest stopover, where I sojourn now, a time traveler en route.
I glance around the space Im learning to call home, a
charming apartment in L.A. that I have all to myself. From my
vantage point on the fourth floor, I have a spectacular view of the
hills, and new horizons to explore. When I turn the other way, the
scene becomes more personal and retrospective. I see unpacked
boxes and stacks of booksmementos from the second half of the
twentieth century. These lifelines to my past comfort me, especially
the diaries, journals, and letters Ive managed to keep. They also
inspire my creative work across a range of old and new media.


Both sanctuary and stage, this space provided the setting for
yesterdays video performance, Still Mind , a New Years tribute
youll have a chance to view soon, after its edited for the web.
Meanwhile, Ill try to piece together for you what I remember, the
real and imagined backstory of my virtual excursions.
A woman, lets call her Arella, strolls around a spacious room
she has all to herself. Sliding glass doors open up the north wall,
revealing a panoramic view of the hills beyond. Sunshine brings the
space to life, playing off Arellas golden brown hair and accentuating
her blue eyes. As though leaving a trail, she removes her high heels
and flowing cape, accessories that complement the iridescent gold
dress shes wearing, a dress made for dancing. The sheer fabric
mirrors ambient colors, an impression enhanced by crystal earrings
that reflect the light. A Tibetan flutist plays in the background. His
spellbinding melodies induce psychic transport.
Before long, Arellas twirling her way to other worlds, a
prelude to choreographed dreams. Her age seems to change from
moment to moment. An agile body suggests stories not written yet.
Soon, she imagines, her words will dance too.
And then something outside attracts her gaze, halting her
fluid dance midstream. Arms outstretched, a faraway look in her eyes,
she stares at the horizon, mesmerized by what she sees: A phantom
vision? A dazzling light show? A supernatural entourage? She is
strong. She has lived. Sacred music stills her mind.
Twilight approaches and the room dims. She starts dancing
again, more relaxed and carefree than before.
As though entranced, Arella gravitates toward the living room
couch and lies down. A spread with shimmering, multicolored
weaves envelops her. She falls asleep as the music fades out. The
glass doors frame a brilliant display of color and light exploding in
the distance. A period of calm follows and she drifts away, no longer
relying on a script. The rest of her travels elude the video cameras,
which have captured everything so far. Movies of another sort play
inside her head. She is the dreamer. She is the dream.
While she sleeps, ghostly figments emerge from her body as
though conjured by magicians of special effects. Each figment


appears as a translucent ray of color. Volatile arabesques of rose,

blue, plum, silver, and black come together and diffuse, one by one
morphing into figures reminiscent of Arella at various phases of her
life, from childhood to middle age. The colors of their costumes
match the colors of their ghostly forms and distinguish the figures
from one another, as do the costumes unique designs.
Thus transformed, the ensemble circle overheadspectral
dancers in flight. As they perform, another figure emerges from the
sleeping woman: a brilliant gold ray morphs into an ethereal figure
who resembles Arella as she appears on the cusp of 2000. The
specter looks radiant in an iridescent gold dress and flowing cape that
offset her golden brown hair and bring out the blue in her eyes. Her
age seems to change from moment to moment, depending on the
light and her speed of travel. With self-assurance, Dancer in Gold
glides through space, a wise elder endowed with humility and grace.
This way, she says to Arella, entering her dreamscape. The
other members of the female dance troupe chime in.
DANCER IN ROSE (young girl): Well guide you through
territory youve visited before and introduce you to places
youve never been.
DANCER IN BLUE (teenager): In these realms, memories
and imagination blend, and many channels of communication
are open at once.
DANCER IN PLUM (midtwenties): Just let everything float
freely and youll be fine.
DANCER IN SILVER (midthirties): And if youre inventive,
youll solve some mysteries.
DANCER IN BLACK (early forties): Most of all, enjoy our
renditions of your repertoire.
DANCER IN GOLD (late forties): We hope youll join us.


Arella welcomes the dancers into her dream and takes off
with her guides. As the great-granddaughter of Jewish immigrants,
she follows paths her ancestors could not have imagined when they
fled Russian ghettos a century ago, even though she shares their
desire to belong somewhere, and like her great-grandfather Daniel, a
celebrated mystic, she ponders esoteric dimensions of space and
On her latest excursion she encounters a wondrous theatre
that concurrently showcases scenes from the past, present, and
future, reenactments of her own life. Great-grandfather Daniel would
have loved this, she thinks, trying to experience the magic firsthand.
No playhouse bound to the real world could replicate the freefloating, fanciful stage sets she discovers, nor could earthly
performers interpret the repertoire as adeptly as the dancers she has
followed here, to this timeless space.
On six separate stages, one for each dancer, Arellas guides
demonstrate their skills as choreographers and dramatists, recreating
episodes from an ongoing story. Unable to take in everything at once,
Arella watches one performer at a time, beginning with the youngest,
Dancer in Rose:
A piano accompanist plays in the shadows as a ten-year-old
girl performs on a stage designed just for her. She wears a rose
unitard and a short gossamer skirt with silver, blue, and plum sequins.
She is slender, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Inspired by her
life in Miami, she keeps the mid-1960s alive by reciting diary entries
that she recorded with care, celebrating a fifth-graders world.
DANCER IN ROSE: We had a little art lesson. For extra
credit I turned in the Greek gods that I sculpted with soap.
At the park Rita and I chanted witch verses. They go: Ish ka
bibaly, olton dolton, bo bo ba de tan dot an, wa bash ba do.
Everyone thought we were casting a spell.
In the territory she has claimed as her own, Dancer in Rose
spins with abandon.


On an adjacent stage, an obscure figure plays acoustic guitar,

enlivening the performance of a teenage dancer who wears a sky blue
unitard. Around her slim torso flows a cotton skirt tie-dyed in rose,
plum, and silver hues. Her sandy blonde hair is long and wild, her
eyes a sparkling blue. Inspired by her contemplative notes, Dancer in
Blue commemorates her high school years in Miami during the late
1960s and early 70s.
DANCER IN BLUE: Astray one day in a dreamy cotton
candy wonderland looking for a smile, we, gentle tiptoers,
romped with auras of magic and sighed as the radiance
waned. Power to the People!
One reflection leads to another, perpetually charging a body
in motion.
Nearby, jazz rhythms filter through the domain of a twentysomething dancer who is immersed in a nuanced performance. She
wears a plum unitard and a silk sarong with marbled rose, blue, and
silver patterns. The costume accentuates her well-toned body and
dramatizes her sinuous travels through space and time. As she
moves, her light brown hair blows in the wind. Her blue eyes dazzle.
Its the mid-1970s. Back in South Florida after graduating from
college, Dancer in Plum works through experiential layers her journal
writing has shaped.
DANCER IN PLUM: Maybe I need to live in equilibrium,
taking only controlled excursions into any extreme. This way
I would surrender to passion selectively, rather than giving in
to emotional intensities that rock me into desperate madness.
Moving images start to shape my graphic world. The
blank page acquires new dimensions, and my imagination
opens to designs unforeseen. I work on a choreography of
everyday rhythms.


Dancer in Plum relishes her private space, where, under the

influence of her personal repertoire, she translates impressions with
her body.
Elsewhere, avant-garde musicians improvise. Their hypnotic
minimalist score creates the mood for another performance
unencumbered by the passing of time. Free to replay familiar scenes,
a woman in her thirties defines a space that suits her style. She wears
a silver unitard and a black silk skirt. A shimmering weave of rose,
blue, and plum runs through the fabric. Her tousled chestnut hair is
pulled back off her face, drawing attention to her blue eyes. At this
juncture in the late 1980s, Dancer in Silver is living in a Midwestern
college town and struggling to write her first novel. She considers
where she has been and where she may be going, as her reflections
DANCER IN SILVER: Im trying to collage a new map, to
go places Ive never been before. Intuition guides me. My
tasks: unearth treasures from distant passageways; translate
memories of physical pleasures into words. Subtitles peer
through . . . mirror reflections.
No one can accompany me here, in contours
designed for imagining. I transcend limits that get in my way,
again and again.
Absorbed in elusive scenarios, Dancer in Silver preserves
traces of other worlds.
In the distance, members of an international ensemble roam
about a fantastic set. They fuse Eastern and Western musical
traditions. The groups enchanting world music permeates the
sanctuary where a free-spirited woman in her early forties inhabits a
space she has remodeled for dancing engagements. Her sheer black
gown reveals hints of the black unitard underneath. A silver necklace
with assorted gemstones adds touches of rose, blue, and plum. Her
long auburn hair falls loosely around her face, almost hiding her blue


eyes. In Los Angeles during the mid-1990s and writing a screenplay,

Dancer in Black invokes her own form of alchemy.
DANCER IN BLACK: Little by little, fragments of a life take
shape, collaged reflections that look backward and ahead, a
tribute to the in-between spaces one may occupy along the
I revisit imaginary havens, retracing pathways.
Memory layers unfurl, a mad rhythm, a dervish pace.
I create a repertoire of virtual memories from which I
will develop characters and scenes. I experiment with voices I
have known or imagined. I play many parts.
While Dancer in Rose, Dancer in Blue, Dancer in Plum, and
Dancer in Silver perform solos on their respective stages, their
avatars join Dancer in Black in her sanctuary. Members of the
ensemble thus cross paths, enjoying their visitation rites. Music plays
under the scene as Dancer in Black addresses new audiences,
wherever they might be. She channels private visions into public
DANCER IN BLACK: I speak to you from a transitional
space, an unmarked passageway. I share with you the sites
Ive visited and invite you to explore uncharted territories that
lie ahead. Together, well glimpse realms where obstructive
boundaries melt away and new spaces of thought, feeling,
language, and creativity appear.
(To the ensemble): I hope youll explore my sanctuary.
Youre safe here.
Encouraged by their host, the dancers invent rhythmic
patterns. They work by themselves and they collaborate. To their
surprise, Dancer in Rose, Dancer in Blue, Dancer in Plum, and
Dancer in Silver find openings to their private domains, spaces they
call home. Through trial and error, they discover how to leave the
sanctuary and how to return. Along the way they find a network that


links all their home bases with one another. New routes appear. The
dancers become fearless travelers.
Dancer in Goldwho resembles Arella as she appears
nowcircles overhead. She looks radiant in her iridescent gold dress
and flowing cape. The sheer fabric reflects the colors of the other
dancers costumes. Crystal jewelry enhances this mirroring
DANCER IN GOLD (to Arella): Welcome to our magic
theatre. Please drop by any time. Were always happy to
discuss the repertoire, whether youre interested in the past,
present, or future, terms that mean little to us but a lot to
Arellas repertoire assumes a life of its own with this
remarkable cast, which resists being fixed in any one form, whether
on the page, on the screen, or in the mind. The performers embody
stories in motion, characters transmuting, becoming extrasensory
forces and colors dancing rhythmically in space. Evanescent designs.
Fleeting impressions. Make-believe. Arella tries to grasp the role shes
playing in the dramas that unfold around her.
ARELLA: I imagine myself everywhere and nowhere. My
thoughts flow and my work remains fluid, one project spilling
over into the other always becoming something else.
DANCER IN GOLD: Know how far to venture into the
unknownthats the key.
ARELLA (to ensemble): Thanks to you all, my next role takes
shape. I envision myself as an agent of travel and psychic
transport. Ill specialize in imaginary places and secret
passageways. Ill conduct guided tours and design itineraries
for other time travelers en route.



The dancers slowly morph back into shimmering rays of

color hovering over Arella, asleep on the living room couch. The
Tibetan flutist plays in the background. No longer visible, Dancer in
Gold speaks from other realms.
DANCER IN GOLD: We leave behind traces of where
weve been, entre to a virtual journey that can be revisited
and reconfiguredat will. Now were all fearless travelers.


Homeward Bound
(Posted December 2, 1999)

ost in dreamscapes that recreate memorable scenes, I watch

movies play inside my head. As the retrospective unfolds in
strange temporal and spatial zones, I surrender to the allure of other
worlds. Amid the real and imagined spaces through which I navigate,
ephemeral scenes drift by. Rhythms and colors sweep me along. On
the way I tap into my personal repertoire.
Once again I discover the spectral dancers, who have become
my personal guides. Masters of flight, they enchant from above.
Dancer in Gold, the senior member of the troupe, soars above the
others and then they vanish, leaving her in the spotlight. Luminous,
she undergoes metamorphosis, relinquishing a fixed identity. One by
one she becomes the other dancers: Dancer in Rose (young girl),
Dancer in Blue (teenager), Dancer in Plum (midtwenties), Dancer in
Silver (midthirties), and Dancer in Black (early forties) come to life
anew as Dancer in Gold improvises.
Adept at most forms of contemporary dance, she repeats the
cycle several times, each variation more vibrant and colorful than the
last. New passageways open. Through subtle gesture and inspired
movement, she unleashes creative reserves. After several rounds, the
nimble Dancer in Gold resumes her initial persona, and with a few
flourishes of her own, she concludes the electrifying performance.
Special effects diminish. She flies off, joining the troupe.
Now the dancers pass over territory I recognize. They fly
effortlessly from South Florida to Southern California and back
several times, following a circular route. The expedition takes only


seconds. As though scouting locations for a movie or staging a play,

the dancers plan my itinerary for the next phase of the tour.
Destinations include Miami and L.A. By the look of things as I zoom
in, the New Millennium remains several years away.
While exploring a stage of the world that remains in flux, I
learn to decrypt secret messages. Leah, who made her debut in
Visitation Rites, my first novel, returns to help. At the same time, she
updates her stories, a blend of fact and fiction channeled through my
own memories. Visitation Rites left Leah in 1980 when she was
planning to move away from South Florida. Youre about to meet her
fifteen years later on her first trip back. This is where my
retrospective of the twentieth century begins.
A native of Miami, Leah has gravitated westward after many
stops along the way. She passes for an Angeleno at this juncture in
1995. As you read, check out the hyperlinks Ill be adding to the tales
that she and the rest of the cast tell. (Look for highlighted passages,
or go directly to lists at the end of each post.) Among other things,
youll find leads to a variety of sources that address the characters
cultural memories, which are shared collectively and documented
across a range of media, including the web. These external sources
complement the characters personal memories, which are preserved in
Arellas Repertoire. Besides the written narrative, theres also a
Multimedia Gallery, where Ill be showing my latest video. Stay
If all goes well, Ill be posting installments throughout the
month of December until 2000 arrives. Youre invited to join Leah
and me as we look backward to move ahead. After the first of the
year, Ill add a personal tour of the web based on our memory


Digital Remembrances

Arellas Multimedia Gallery

his collection of videos, audio recordings, images, and assorted

memorabilia complements the end-of-the-century finale that Ive
posted on Arellas Repertoire. (Links to relevant sections are indicated
parenthetically.) Professional actors and seasoned dancers bring the
characters to life in most of the original productions. The six videos
that showcase the spectral dancers are identified by an asterisk (*). To
view any work in the gallery, click on the highlighted title.
Please be sure to check out my tour of the web. It adds a collective
dimension to what youll find here.

Still Mind (On the Cusp of 2000; Magie Noire): Arella

dances inside her Los Angeles apartment on the cusp of 2000.

She wears an iridescent gold dress and crystal earrings that reflect
ambient colors. While she performs, colorful images projected
onto the walls morph into figures reminiscent of Arella at various
phases of her life, from childhood to middle age: Dancers in
Rose, Blue, Plum, Silver, Black, and Gold thus emerge. A Tibetan
flutist plays on the soundtrack. The scene repeats with subtle
Water Cycles (Ocean Views): Leah performs a ritual dance on
Santa Monica Beach, 1993.


Candlelight Reception (Flashbacks; Cardio Theatre): In

this film clip from Leahs first dramatic screenplay, Helene strolls
through a New England forest while playing a flute, circa 1972.
Undercover (Free Zone): This footage from Estelles
clandestine production captures the frenzied mood at the 1995
grand opening of Free Zone, South Beachs state-of-the-art
nightclub for the wired world.
Tryst (Miamis Finest; Cardio Theatre): In this scene from
the late 1970s, Paloma lies on a black furry couch, her head
toward a mirrored background. An obscured video camera
surveys from above.
Countercultural Haven (Psychic Transport): Colorfully
attired hippies mingle in Peacock Park, Coconut Grove, Florida,
circa 196971. Teenage Leah flits happily amid the crowd.
Namaste (Psychic Transport): Teenage Leah participates in a
small yoga class, Peacock Park, circa 196971.
Elusive Lifelines * (Psychic Transport): Dancer in Blue, the
teenage member of the troupe, commemorates her high school
years in South Florida during the late 1960s and early 70s. She
explores the counterculture in Coconut Grove and reflects on the
writers, artists, thinkers, and other visionaries who inspired her to
reshape her worldview.
Vagabond Scribe * (Ephemeral Scenes): Dancer in Plum, the
twenty-something member of the troupe, returns to South Florida
in the mid-1970s after graduating from a small New England
college. During her five-year stopover in Greater Miami, she
begins a novel, writes a screenplay, and discovers the magic of live
performance. Moving images start to shape her graphic world.
A Nomads Dreams * (Grand Designs): Dancer in Silver, the
thirty-something member of the troupe, reflects on her sojourn in
the American Midwest as a graduate student during the late
1980s. Using a personal computer and multimedia tools for the
first time, she reinvents her life story, a journey that takes her
beyond writing. One text morphs into another. Reality gives way
to dreamlike images and fanciful tales.



Virtual Sanctuary * (Virtual Sanctuary): Dancer in Black, an

Angeleno in her early forties, revisits South Florida to research an

autobiographical screenplay during the 1995 holiday season.
Guided as much by a childs longing for fantasy as by a womans
desire for truth, she creates a repertoire of virtual memories from
which she will develop characters and scenes. She invokes her
own form of alchemy.
Juice Bar Diva (Eyes of a Child): Ten-year-old Leah squeezes
oranges behind the juice bar at Tropical Emporium, her familys
souvenir store, and poses for tourists, South Beach, 1964.
Catching Waves (Eyes of a Child): Young Leah tries surfing
at South Beach, 1964.
A Childs Space * (A Childs Space): Dancer in Rose, the tenyear-old member of the troupe, remembers the mid-1960s in
South Florida while reciting diary entries that she recorded with
care, celebrating a fifth-graders world. She celebrates popular
culture and shares personal reflections about current events,
school, and everyday life in Miami.
Recycled Memories (Recycled Memories): The two-minute
digital compilation preserves Leahs 8 mm home movies from the
The Scene of Writing (Cardio Theatre): Inside her South
Florida apartment in the late 1970s, Paloma types on a portable
electric typewriter and reads her text aloud. Movie posters and
shelves of books adorn the private, interior space.
Cyber Fashion (ShoreLines): During the 1995 holiday season,
a party unfolds at ShoreLines, a South Beach fashion house.
Guests dance under the stars as reggae plays in the background.
Leahs there too, wearing an exquisite black dress that Deborah,
the host and an old high school friend, has designed for her.
Cosmic Plays (Magie Noire): Estelle walks along the Third
Street Promenade in Santa Monica, 1996. She meets Julio, her
virtual pen pal, for the first time.



Collaged Reflections * (Magie Noire): Dancer in Gold, an

ethereal woman in her late forties, resembles Arella as she

appears on the cusp of 2000. The otherworldly dancer guides
Arella and Leah on their real and imagined travels through the
second half of the twentieth century. Elegant and wise, Dancer in
Gold appears in all the other dancers performances as well as in
her own solo at the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica,
1996. She is the senior member of the troupe.

Audio Recordings

On the Move (Guided Tour): Leah records her observations

as she drives from South Beach to Coconut Grove during her

visit to South Florida in 1995. She continues her commentary
after she arrives.


The archive includes scenes from the characters travels to real

and imagined places.

Assorted Memorabilia

Various artifacts from the characters lives enrich the collection.


Arellas Personal Tour of the Web

hanks for stopping by. This tour situates the personal stories Ive
told in larger social, cultural, artistic, political, and historical
contexts than I could present on my own. Hyperlinks embedded
within the narrativesand also listed at the end of each entry
accomplish similar goals. For this tour, however, Ive reorganized
that material according to selected topics: Literature and Writing;
Film and Media Arts; Television; Music; Dance; Theatre and
Performance; Visual Arts and Architecture; Philosophy, Psychology,
and Critical Theory; Mysticism and Spirituality; Internet, New Media,
and Virtual Reality; Postmodernism; Fashion; Public Figures;
Historical Events; Social and Cultural Movements; Science and Outer
Space; Recreation; Health and Fitness; and Place.
As the tour demonstrates, most references to these topics in
Arellas Repertoire are represented somewhere online. Besides sparking
imaginative memory work, the web thus serves as a collective archive
that offers easy access to long-forgotten resources and at the same
time preserves new contributions. Part of the networked, interactive,
multimedia repository that the web supports, Arellas Repertoire has
been transformed into a theatre of recollection, and my stories have
found a home in cyberspace, where the Multimedia Gallery that
complements this tour also resides.
Highlighted titles listed under each main topic lead to external
websites, and parenthetical titles lead to corresponding posts in
Arellas Repertoire. To get the most out of the itineraries, I suggest that
you follow them with the stories in mind. Theres a lot of territory to


cover, so improvise as you go along: mix and match and invent

navigational strategies. Feel free to suggest links of your own and to
offer comments; there are always sites to add and gaps to fill. Links
were current circa January 1, 2000. Enjoy the tour!
Literature and Writing

The Diary of Anas Nin, Volume Six, 19551966, Anas Nin;

Thinking of Anas Nin (Flashbacks; Cardio Theatre); The
Diary of Anas Nin, Volume Five, 19471955; Anas Nin

Homepage (Ephemeral Scenes; Cardio Theatre)

Steppenwolf, Demian: The Story of Emil Sinclairs Youth ,
and Siddhartha , Herman Hesse; Hesses Domain; The Nobel
Prize Internet Archive: Herman Hesse (Psychic Transport)
The Prophet, Kahlil Gibran; Kahlil Gibran (18831931)
(Psychic Transport)
Nausea , Jean-Paul Sartre; The Existence of Jean-Paul Sartre
(Psychic Transport)
The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupry; International
Little Prince Online (Psychic Transport)
Desiderata (poem), Max Hermann (Psychic Transport)
The Literature of Alienation (Psychic Transport)
The Stranger, Albert Camus (Psychic Transport)
The International Lawrence Durrell Society (Ephemeral
Scenes; Cardio Theatre)
The International Virginia Woolf Society Web Page
(Ephemeral Scenes; Cardio Theatre)
Hopscotch, Julio Cortzar; Reading Julio Cortzar; The
Electronic Labyrinth: Hopscotch (hypertext adaptation of
Cortzars novel) (Ephemeral Scenes; Cardio Theatre)
The Samuel Beckett Endpage (Ephemeral Scenes)
The Four-Gated City , Doris Lessing; Doris Lessing: A
Retrospective (Ephemeral Scenes; Cardio Theatre); Doris
Lessing: A Retrospective: The Golden Notebook (Magie



Vagabond , Colette; Featured Author: Colette

(Ephemeral Scenes)
Tln, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius, in Ficciones , Jorge Luis Borges;
Jorge Luis Borges Center for Studies and Documentation;
Borges (and I): An Introduction (from The Secret Books)
(Ephemeral Scenes; Cardio Theatre); Being There:
Borgess Limitless Aleph (Magie Noire; Millennial Cheers);
Traveling Alephs (Millennial Cheers)
Justine , Lawrence Durrell (Ephemeral Scenes)
One Hundred Years of Solitude , Gabriel Garca Mrquez;
Devoted to Gabriel Garca Mrquez; Encounters with
Magical Realism (Ephemeral Scenes; Cardio Theatre)
Invisible Cities , Italy Calvino; Audio Special: Celebrating
Italo Calvino (Ephemeral Scenes; Cardio Theatre; Magie
Marguerite Duras: The Unspeakable, She Said (Ephemeral
Scenes; Cardio Theatre)
A Writers Diary , Virginia Woolf; Leonard Woolf, ed.; A
Domain of Ones Own: Guided Tours of Womens
Homepages (Ephemeral Scenes)
The Madness and Artistry of Sylvia Plath (Ephemeral
Scenes; Cardio Theatre)
Storytellers for a New Age (Grand Designs)
A Farewell to Master Narratives (Grand Designs)
Gender and Genre (Grand Designs)
Hypertext Fiction: A Timeline (Grand Designs)
24 Hours in Cyberspace: Dear Diary, The Story of My
LifeIs Anyone Listening? (A Childs Space) Journals and Diaries Online (A Childs Space)
The Diary Project (A Childs Space)
Girls Diaries: An Enduring Tradition (A Childs Space)
A Wrinkle in Time , Madeleine LEngle; Book Reviews by
Young Readers: A Wrinkle in Time ; The Tesseract: A
Madeleine LEngle Bibliography in Five Dimensions (A
Childs Space)


Pippi Longstocking and Pippi Goes on Board , Astrid

Lindgren; Pippi Longstocking: International Heroine (A
Childs Space)
Little Women by Louisa May Alcott (hypermedia presentation
of text) (A Childs Space)
Internet Pen Pals for Girls and Boys: A Global Network (A
Childs Space)
Remediating Epistolary Traditions: E-mail Exchanges
Collective Storytelling Online: Real and Imagined Scenarios
(Millennial Cheers)

Film and Media Arts

Star Wars (Free Zone)

The Complete Adventures of Indiana Jones (Free Zone)
The Home of Blade Runner (Free Zone)
Official Rocky Horror Picture Show Website (Free Zone)
The International Wizard of Oz Club (Free Zone)
Fritz Langs Metropolis (Free Zone)
Battleship Potemkin and Montage (Free Zone)
Man with a Movie Camera: An Avant-Garde Documentary

(Free Zone)
The Magic Works of Ingmar Bergman (Ephemeral Scenes)
Federico Fellini Internet Fan Club (Ephemeral Scenes)
Luis Buuel Filmography (Ephemeral Scenes)
Alain Resnais and the French New Wave (Ephemeral
Cinema=Godard=Cinema (Ephemeral Scenes; Cardio
In the Age of the Auteur: Franois Truffaut (Ephemeral
The Eric Rohmer Oeuvre (Ephemeral Scenes; Cardio



Alain Robbe-Grillet Bibliography (Ephemeral Scenes;

Cardio Theatre)
New German Cinema: Rainer Werner Fassbinder
(Ephemeral Scenes)
The Road Movies of Wim Wenders (Ephemeral Scenes)
The Enigma of Werner Herzog (Ephemeral Scenes)
Behind the Scenes with Bernardo Bertolucci (Ephemeral
Scenes); Films by Bernardo Bertolucci: Last Tango in Paris
(Magie Noire)
Liliana Cavani Directs (Ephemeral Scenes)
Michelangelo Antonioni Archive (Ephemeral Scenes;
Cardio Theatre); Antonionis Blow-Up: Cortzar for
Cineastes; Michelangelo Antonionis The Passenger (Magie
The Centenary of Sergei Eisenstein (Ephemeral Scenes)
Akira Kurosawa Database (Ephemeral Scenes; Cardio
The Power of Maya Deren (Ephemeral Scenes; Cardio
Theatre); The Legacy of Maya Deren (Grand Designs)
A Profile of Andrzej Wajda (Ephemeral Scenes)
Satyajit Ray Film and Study Collection (Ephemeral Scenes)
Marguerite Duras: The Unspeakable, She Said; World
Cinema: Hiroshima Mon Amour (Ephemeral Scenes;
Cardio Theatre)
Jeanne Moreaus Lumire : A Directorial Debut (Cardio
Transforming Video with Nam June Paik (Grand Designs)
Illuminating Video: An Essential Guide to Video Art, Doug
Hall and Sally Jo Fifer, eds.; Experimental Television Center:
Video History Project; Video Data Bank; Electronic Arts
Intermix (Grand Designs)
Laura Mulveys Gaze (Grand Designs)
The Identities of Trinh T. Minh-ha (Grand Designs)



Glass Pages: Philip Glass on the Web; Koyaanisqatsi and

Philip Glass (Grand Designs)
Chantal Akermans Cinema (Grand Designs)
Between Mothers and Daughters: Reframing Personal
Videos; Self-portraits In Motion; Video Critique: Dara
Birnbaum and Mass Media (Grand Designs)
Beyond Video Art (Grand Designs)
Under Surveillance: Alfred Hitchcock, Master of Film and
Television (A Childs Space)
John Travolta and Saturday Night Fever (Cardio Theatre)
Prt--Porter (Ready-to-Wear); Unzipped (ShoreLines)
Video Art Movements; Three Decades of Video Art
2001: A Space Odyssey (Magie Noire)
Richard Linkletters Films: Before Sunrise (Magie Noire)
Ethan Hawke (Magie Noire)
Julie Delpy (Magie Noire)
Jack Nicholson (Magie Noire)
Maria Schneider (Magie Noire)
Juliette Binoche (Magie Noire)
Louie Malle: Damage (Magie Noire)
A Tribute to Filmmaker Krzysztof Kieslowski: Blue (Magie
Volker Schlndorffs Cinema: Voyager (Magie Noire)
The Sam Shepard Website (Magie Noire)
Marlon Brando: Living Legend (Magie Noire)
Rebecca Miller Directs: Angela (Magie Noire)
Miranda Stuart Rhyne: Child Actress (Magie Noire)


The X-Files Magazine (Free Zone)

The Twilight Zone Archives (Free Zone; (A Childs Space)
Father Knows Best: Episode Guide (Eyes of a Child)


TV Classics: The Donna Reed Show (Eyes of a Child; A

Childs Space)
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet: ABC Situation
Comedy (Eyes of a Child)
Leave It To Beaver: Meet the Cleavers (Eyes of a Child)
Forever Fans: The Patty Duke Show (Eyes of a Child; A
Childs Space)
Television Milestones: Assassination and Funeral of JFK
(Eyes of a Child)
Reviewing the Home Front: Sixties TV (A Childs Space)
I Love Lucy in Cyberspace; (A Childs
Space; ShoreLines)
The Honeymooners: Where the Honeymoon Never Ends
(A Childs Space)
Sitcoms Online (A Childs Space)
The Fifties Web: TV in the 50s; TV Families of the 1950s
(A Childs Space)
TV Party: Captain Kangaroo and Tom Terrific; Romper
Room Delights; An Invitation to The Shari Lewis Show ;
Howdy Doody Time ; The Mickey Mouse Club:
Remembering the Mouseketeers; The Big Cartoon
DataBase; Toonopedia: Casper the Friendly Ghost; The
Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (A Childs Space)
Beverly Hillbillies World Wide Website (A Childs Space)
The Dick Van Dyke Show (official site) (A Childs Space)
Welcome to Hooterville: The Home of Petticoat Junction
(A Childs Space)
The Ed Sullivan Show Presents (A Childs Space)
Tuning in to My Favorite Martian (A Childs Space)
TV Land: Nick at Nite (A Childs Space)
Under Surveillance: Alfred Hitchcock, Master of Film and
Television (A Childs Space)
Maynards CoffeeHouse (homage to The Many Loves of Dobie
Gillis) (A Childs Space)


The Munsters: The First Family of Fright (A Childs Space)

Morticias Morgue: The Addams Family (A Childs Space)
Kudos to Skipper Chuck, Host of Popeye Playhouse ;
Official Popeye Fanclub (A Childs Space)
Dance Parties: Shindig! and Hullabaloo (A Childs Space)


The Ravi Shankar Foundation (Flashbacks)

Reggae Celebration (Guided Tour; ShoreLines)
A Tribute to Rock Music (Psychic Transport; ShoreLines)
Bob Dylan Online: The Times They Are A Changin
(Psychic Transport; ShoreLines)
Moody Blues Lyrics (Psychic Transport)
In Praise of Joni Mitchell: Ladies of the Canyon (Psychic
Birds, After the Gold Rush (Neil Young); A Salute to Neil
Young (Psychic Transport) (Frank Zappa) (Psychic Transport)
Musician of Chance: A Tribute to John Cage (Grand
Glass Pages: Philip Glass on the Web; Koyaanisqatsi and
Philip Glass (Grand Designs)
Laurie Andersons HOMEpage OF THE BRAVE: (Grand
Designs) (Grand Designs)
Meredith Monk: Interdisciplinary Artist (Grand Designs)
Nawang Khechog (Virtual Sanctuary)
Hermans Hermits Fan Page (A Childs Space)
The History of Rock n Roll: The Golden Decade, 1954
1963 (A Childs Space)
Teen Idols of Rocks Golden Years: Paul Anka, Fabian,
Bobby Rydell, Frankie Avalon, Ricky Nelson, and Bobby
Darin (A Childs Space)


Long Live Elvis! (A Childs Space)

Lets Do the Twist (A Childs Space)
Spotlight on the Beatles (Eyes of a Child; ShoreLines)
British Invasion: Music of the Sixties; Sixties British Pop
Culture (A Childs Space)
The Rolling Stones Rock On (A Childs Space)
Meet Diana Ross and the Supremes (A Childs Space)
The Lovin Spoonfuls Magic (A Childs Space)
HipHopSite (Recycled Memories)
Donna Summer: Queen of Disco (Cardio Theatre)
Enyas Discography (Cardio Theatre)
Music Videos and Pop Culture (ShoreLines)
Give Peace a Chance: Protest Rallies of the Sixties; John
Lennons Mantra: Give Peace a Chance (ShoreLines)
Beatles Lyrics: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Sitar Masters; Indian Classical Instruments: Sitar
World Music and Global Fusion (ShoreLines)


Planet Salsa (Sightseeing)

The Tango: A Dance, A Culture, A Way of Life (Miamis
Merce Cunningham Dance (Grand Designs)
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (Grand Designs)
Twyla Tharp On Stage (Grand Designs)
Meredith Monk: Interdisciplinary Artist (Grand Designs)
Dance Parties: Shindig! And Hullabaloo (A Childs Space)
HipHopSite (Recycled Memories)
Disco Dancing: The Hustle and More (Cardio Theatre)
John Travolta and Saturday Night Fever (Cardio Theatre)
Donna Summer: Queen of Disco (Cardio Theatre)


Choreographed for the Web: Appreciating Cyberdance

(Millennial Cheers)

Theatre and Performance

Venice Scenes; Street Performers (Saltwater Memories)

Theatre of the Absurd: Plays and Playwrights (Psychic
Highlights from the Grove Arts Playhouse (Ephemeral
Scenes; Grand Designs; Cardio Theatre)
See Out of Our Fathers House, Eve Merriam, et al. in The

New Womens Theatre: Ten Plays by Contemporary

American Women , Honor Moore, ed. For additional

background, visit Women Playwrights of the Twentieth

Century (Ephemeral Scenes).
Robert Wilson (Grand Designs)
Performance: Live Art Since 1960 (Grand Designs)
Amazing Decade: Women and Performance Art, 19701980,
Moira Roth (Grand Designs)
Laurie Andersons HOMEpage OF THE BRAVE (Grand
Meredith Monk: Interdisciplinary Artist (Grand Designs)
Cirque du Soleil: Spectacle in Flight (Virtual Sanctuary)
Youth Theatre in Focus: An Interactive Forum (A Childs
Dialogues with Performance Artists (Cardio Theatre)
Women and Live Performance (Cardio Theatre)
What Is Performance Art? (Cardio Theatre)
Experiments with Virtual Performance (Millennial Cheers)

Visual Arts and Architecture

Art Deco District Welcome Center (Ocean Views;




Miami Design Preservation League: An Insiders Look

(Sightseeing; ShoreLines)
Historic Preservation in the Twentieth Century
Vizcaya Museum and Gardens (Guided Tour)
Spatiality, Architecture, and Pastiche (Grand Designs)

Philosophy, Psychology, and Critical Theory

This Is It and Other Essays on Zen and Spiritual

Experience , Alan W. Watts; Alan Watts: Lectures and Essays;

Zen Master D. T. Suzuki: A Bridge Between East and West

(Psychic Transport)
Nausea , Jean-Paul Sartre; The Existence of Jean-Paul Sartre
(Psychic Transport)

The Divided Self: An Existential Study in Sanity and

Madness and The Politics of Experience , R. D. Laing; R. D.

Laing Collection (Psychic Transport)

Irrational Man: The Legacy of Existential Philosophy
(Psychic Transport)

Welcome to the Magic Theater: A Handbook for Exploring

Dreams , Dick McLeester; The Electric Dreams Virtual

Community (Ephemeral Scenes; Cardio Theatre); Dream

Network (Cardio Theatre)
PopCultures; Storytellers for a New Age; A Farewell to
Master Narratives; Modernism and Postmodernism; High
Art Meets Popular Culture; Spatiality, Architecture, and
Pastiche; Gender and Genre; Postmodern Navigations: Art,
Culture, and Everyday Life (Grand Designs)
Baudrillard on the Web; The Scene of Writing: Freud and
Derrida; Deconstruction and Differnce ; Roland Barthes
Web Page; The Lyotard List; Julia Kristeva: A Bibliography;
Lacanian Ink; Re: Michel Foucault; The Philosophical
Imaginary: Another Look; A Guide to Fredric Jameson; On
the Trail of Walter Benjamin (Grand Designs)


Mysticism and Spirituality

Astral Projection: Beginning the Journey; Paranormal Meetups (Psychic Transport)

Aldous Huxleys The Doors of Perception (Psychic
High on Yoga; OM Is Where The Heart Is (Psychic
Transport; Cardio Theatre)
Yoga, Youth, and Reincarnation , Jess Stearn (Psychic
Tales of Power, Carlos Castaneda; Carlos Castaneda and New
Age Shamanism (Ephemeral Scenes; Cardio Theatre)
A Healers Guide to Gemstones (Virtual Sanctuary)
Zen Teachers (Virtual Sanctuary)
A Readers Guide to Metaphysical Books and Bookstores
(Cardio Theatre)
Aeclectic Tarot (ShoreLines; Magie Noire)
The American Tarot Association (ShoreLines)
Psychics Without Borders: A Cosmic Network (Magie
Kabbala for Beginners: Discover the Tree of Life (Magie
Being There: Borgess Limitless Aleph (Magie Noire)

Internet, New Media, and Virtual Reality

An Atlas of Cyberspaces (Free Zone; ShoreLines)

MIT Museum of Holography (Free Zone)
Resources in Virtual Reality (Free Zone)
Internet Caf Guide (Free Zone)
Net Art Takes Off (Free Zone)
Transforming Video with Nam June Paik (Grand Designs)
Illuminating Video: An Essential Guide to Video Art, Doug
Hall and Sally Jo Fifer, eds.; Experimental Television Center:



Video History Project; Video Data Bank; Electronic Arts

Intermix (Grand Designs)
Hypertext Fiction: A Timeline (Grand Designs)
Intermedia Convergences (Grand Designs)
Beyond Video Art (Grand Designs)
New Media Vanguard (Grand Designs)
At Home in Cyberspace (Grand Designs)
24 Hours in Cyberspace: Dear Diary, The Story of My
LifeIs Anyone Listening?; Journals and
Diaries Online; The Diary Project; Girls Diaries: An
Enduring Tradition (A Childs Space)
Internet Pen Pals for Girls and Boys: A Global Network (A
Childs Space)
Multimedia Artists in the Digital Age; Experiments with
New Media and the Web (ShoreLines) (Correspondence)
A Look at Online Lives (Correspondence)
The Digital Revolution and Beyond (Correspondence)
Hallmarks of the Information Age (Correspondence)
Remediating Epistolary Traditions: E-mail Exchanges
Dutch Geo Fiction Association: Imaginary Worlds (Magie
Experiments with Virtual Performance (Millennial Cheers)
Choreographed for the Web: Appreciating Cyberdance
(Millennial Cheers)
Collective Storytelling Online: Real and Imagined Scenarios
(Millennial Cheers)


PopCultures (Grand Designs; ShoreLines)

Storytellers for a New Age; A Farewell to Master Narratives
(Grand Designs)


Modernism and Postmodernism; High Art Meets Popular

Culture (Grand Designs)
Spatiality, Architecture, and Pastiche (Grand Designs)
Gender and Genre (Grand Designs)
Postmodern Navigations: Art, Culture, and Everyday Life
(Grand Designs; ShoreLines)
Tattoos and Body Art (ShoreLines)


Fashionistas Demystified (ShoreLines)

Fashion Houses Today; Fashion Designers in the Spotlight
Haute Couture and Fashion History; Ready-to-Wear on the
Runway (ShoreLines)
Vintage Styles and Trends; Fashion Dig (ShoreLines)
Yoga Wear for Her (ShoreLines)
The Museum of Costume (ShoreLines)
The Evolution of Barbie Dolls; Barbies Sense of Fashion

Public Figures

John F. Kennedy Library and Museum (Free Zone); John

Fitzgerald Kennedy: 35th President of the United States;
Television Milestones: Assassination and Funeral of JFK
(Eyes of a Child; ShoreLines); Inaugural Address of John F.
Kennedy (A Childs Space)
Martin Luther King Jr.: I Have A Dream (Free Zone;
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: An American Icon (Eyes of a
Child; ShoreLines)
The Ninety-Nines: Amelia EarhartA Timeline (A Childs



The Presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower (Recycled


Historical Events

Apollo 11, 30th Anniversary: 19691999 (Free Zone)

Exiled in Miami: The First Wave of Cuban Refugees (A
Childs Space)
The Space Race: USA vs. Soviet Union (A Childs Space)
U.S. Presidential Election of 1964: Lyndon B. Johnson (D)
and Barry Goldwater (R) (A Childs Space)
A Timeline of Cold War America (Recycled Memories)
McCarthyism and the Media (Recycled Memories)
Ethel and Julius Rosenberg on Trial (Recycled Memories)

Social and Cultural Movements

Communes USA: Collecting Our Stories (Flashbacks)

The Sixties Project; The Psychedelic 60s (Psychic
Transport; ShoreLines)
Give Peace a Chance; From the Archives: Vietnam
Moratorium Day, October 15, 1969 (Psychic Transport)
Revolution for the Hell of It, Abbie Hoffman; The Abbie
Hoffman Web Page (Psychic Transport)
The Alternative: Communal Life in New America , William
Hedgepeth and Dennis Stock (Psychic Transport)
Politics and the Sixties Counterculture: A Global View
(Psychic Transport; ShoreLines)
American Cultural History: 19601969 (A Childs Space)
Civil Rights in the South: The Road to Change (A Childs
Boomers International: Cultures, Counter-Cultures, SubCultures (A Childs Space)
Baby Boomers Headquarters: What Happened in the
Sixties? (A Childs Space; ShoreLines)


Sixties British Pop Culture (A Childs Space)

HipHopSite (Recycled Memories)
Hippyland Glossary (ShoreLines)
Protest Rallies of the Sixties; John Lennons Mantra: Give
Peace a Chance (ShoreLines)
Profiles of Generation X (ShoreLines)

Science and Outer Space

Miami Museum of Science and Planetarium (Guided Tour)

Welcome to Kennedy Space Center, Americas Gateway to
the Universe (A Childs Space)
Views of the Solar System; The Search for Extraterrestrial
Intelligence; Solar System Simulator (Magie Noire)
Virtual Trips to Black Holes and Neutron Stars (Magie
Spacetime Wrinkles (Magie Noire)
Beneath the Surface: Wonders of the Sea; Underwater
Spectacles (Magie Noire)
Planetaria Around the World (Magie Noire)
StarDate Online (Magie Noire)


Bayside Marketplace (Guided Tour)

Hard Rock Caf Miami (Guided Tour)
CocoWalk (Guided Tour)
Planet Hollywood (Guided Tour)
Online Guide to Florida Water Sports (ShoreLines)

Health and Fitness

High on Yoga; OM Is Where The Heart Is (Psychic

Transport; Cardio Theatre)



Yoga, Youth, and Reincarnation , Jess Stearn (Psychic

The Vegetarian Resource Group (Psychic Transport)
Health Clubs USA; Full-Service Fitness Centers and Spas
(Cardio Theatre)
Weight Training for Health and Fitness (Cardio Theatre
The Aerobics Boom (Cardio Theatre)
Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork: A Primer (Cardio
Trendwatching: Cardio Theatres (Cardio Theatre)
For Lap Swimmers Everywhere; Aquatic Delights; Water
Aerobics (Cardio Theatre)
Vegetarian Dining Around the World; International
Vegetarian Union; VegWeb (Cardio Theatre)
Health Food Stores and Cooperatives: A Checklist (Cardio
The Organic Way (Cardio Theatre)
Ayurvedic Massage Oils; Ayurvedic Healing Traditions
(Cardio Theatre)
Vegan Exchange: Discussions, Recipes, and Health Tips
Herbalists Worldwide; Ancient Herbal Remedies
Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health (ShoreLines)
Yoga Wear for Her (ShoreLines)
Raw Food Cuisine (ShoreLines)
Ancient Ways of Healing: A Guide to Chinese Herbs
(Magie Noire)


LAX International Airport (Ocean Views)

Miami International Airport On-Line (Ocean Views)



Tropicool Miami: Greater Miami and the Beaches (Ocean

South Beach: The Heart of South Florida; The Great Streets
of South Beach (Ocean Views; ShoreLines)
Remembrances of Miami Beach (Ocean Views;
Art Deco District Welcome Center (Ocean Views) (Ocean Views)
South Beach Magazine (Sightseeing)
Miami Design Preservation League: An Insiders Look
(Sightseeing; ShoreLines)
Welcome to Downtown Santa Monica; Promenade Online
(Saltwater Memories)
Venice Scenes; Street Performers (Saltwater Memories)
Enchanting Coconut Grove (Miamis Finest; Cardio
Miami City Web: Coconut Grove and Coral Gables (maps)
(Guided Tour; Cardio Theatre)
Bayside Marketplace (Guided Tour)
Hard Rock Caf Miami (Guided Tour)
Luxurious Brickell Avenue (Guided Tour)
Vizcaya Museum and Gardens (Guided Tour)
Miami Museum of Science and Planetarium (Guided Tour)
Lincoln Road Mall: A New Image (ShoreLines)
A History of Miami Beachs Grand Hotels (ShoreLines)
Peacock Park (Guided Tour; Cardio Theatre; ShoreLines)
CocoWalk (Guided Tour); Before CocoWalk: A History of
the Grove (Ephemeral Scenes; Cardio Theatre)
Planet Hollywood (Guided Tour)
The Magic of Coconut Grove: Past, Present, and Future
Spectacular Dinner Key (Psychic Transport; Cardio



The Adirondack Mountains (Upstate New York) (Ephemeral

Greetings from the White Mountains (New Hampshire)
(Ephemeral Scenes)
Welcome to Nantucket Island (Massachusetts) (Ephemeral
A Guide to Cambridge, MA, and Harvard Square
(Ephemeral Scenes)
Berkeley, University of California (Ephemeral Scenes;
Magie Noire)
Carmel, California: A Visitors Guide (Ephemeral Scenes)
Sunset Celebration (Key West, Florida) (Ephemeral Scenes)
Virtual Travelogue: The American West (Ephemeral
Coral Gables: The City Beautiful (Ephemeral Scenes;
Cardio Theatre)
The Spirit of Calle Ocho, Miamis Little Havana
(Ephemeral Scenes)
Garden of the Gods: A Photo Gallery (Ephemeral Scenes)
Highlights from the Grove Arts Playhouse (Ephemeral
Scenes; Grand Designs; Cardio Theatre)
Welcome to Kennedy Space Center, Americas Gateway to
the Universe (A Childs Space)
Mercy Hospital (Recycled Memories)
University of Miami (Cardio Theatre)
Welcome to Juilliard (ShoreLines)
Discover Florida: The Sunshine State (ShoreLines)
Memories of Florida: The Sunshine State (ShoreLines)
The San Francisco Bay Area (Magie Noire)
A Journey through San Franciscos Chinatown; Welcome to
San Franciscos Fishermans Wharf (Magie Noire)



Elayne Zalis, PhD, has an interdisciplinary
background in writing, communications, and the
media arts. She explores media in transition, a
range that encompasses film, video, print, digital
arts, and the web. She is interested in what artists
and writers are doing and in what critics and
scholars are saying. Her recent work focuses on
personal and cultural memory. She lives in
Southern California.
Arellas Repertoire forms part of a quartet that also
includes another work of fiction, Vagabond Scribe
(Leahs Backstory), and two nonfictional texts,
Video-Graphic Alchemy: Transforming Dear Diary
and VirtualDayz: Remediated Visions & Digital
Memories. For additional background, see