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Complete with the correct form of the verb to

be have got present simple and present
Ana: What ________________( you do) ? Is 7 oclock in the
John: I ______________( go) to the bakery.
Ana: But the shops _________________( not open)at 7 oclock.
John: There________________ a new shop in town. It
__________________( open) at 7 oclock.
Ana: What __________________( you want ) to buy from the
John: Some bread. We _____________________ anything for
Ana: Yes, we ___________________. I
_____________________( make ) pancakes now.
John : But I want to go to the bakey? Do you know where it
Ana: I __________________ ( think) it ______________ next to the
library.Buy some eggs and some milk if

2. Write answers for the questions:

1. What type of shop is it?
2. What has Toms pizza got on it?
3. How often do you do sport?
4. Excuse me , can you tell me where is the police

5. What are the rules of the game?

6. Which type of film do you prefer?
3.Fill in the personal pronoun ,possessive adjective
and object pronoun
1. I have got a tortoise. ______is my tortoise. I can see
______in the cage.
2. Nick is in the garden. You can see______. ______is
playing with ______dog.
3. Debbie is 11. ______is English. We can talk to ______in
4. We are German. But ______English teacher can talk to
______in English.
5. Jenny and Sally are in the house. I cannot see ______.
2. ____are listening to a pop-song.
6. You have got a bike. It is ______bike. We can see you
on ______bike.
7. The Scotts have got a house. ______is their house. We
can play in ______garden.
8. There is a good book. You must read ______.
9. Here are two pictures of Ben. You must look at ______.
10. Mike Walker is a pop-star. You can watch ______on
11. Tina Connor has got a cat. It is ______cat. ______can
play with the cat every day.
4.Complete the passage with the correct form of
the verb. Use present simple, present continuous
or past.
My mum usually__________ (do) everything around the
house. She __________ (shop) once a week. Then
she______________ (make) great meals for the family. She
________________ (not like) to buy frozen food. She
____________ (not ask) for help.

Today is different. Mum ______________ (prepare) a big

party . Everyone__________ (help). My dad ______________
(clean) the house. I ____________ (set) the table. Even my
little brother__________ (help). We are all very excited
about the party!
Daniel ___________ (be) very lonely last week. His parents
__________ (fly) to England and __________ (leave) him all by

5.Complete the sentences with the correct form of

the word in brackets.
1 Britain is ____________________________ (hot) now than at
any time before.
2 Its usually ____________________________ (cold) in winter
than in autumn.
3 Places that are sunny are ____________________________
(popular) than places where it rains a lot.
4 I think the weather is ____________________________ (bad)
than ten years ago.
5 India is ____________________________ (sunny) than Britain,
but it is also ____________________________ (wet)!
6 The sea is getting ____________________________ (high).
7 Summer is ____________________________ (short) now than
25 years ago.

6.Complete the paragraph with the words bellow :

There are more words then you need:

Im sorry/come back/score/play/how about going to /

a good idea/frightening/would you like/ prefer /are
you free/I love to/like/next/bring/

Parvati: Hello, Tina.

this afternoon?


cinema? I want to see the new science fiction movie.

Tina: Well, im not sure. I dont really__________ science
fiction film. I ____ adventure films.
Pierre: Hi! I am organizing a party this weekend.
to come? It's on Saturday. Can you _______some snacks?

I am going away to the beach this weekend

and I dont ________until ______ week.

Hans: Hello! We are playing a football match next week. We
are looking for players for our team. Would you like to
Paul: Yes, sure,

Thank you for the invitation.