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A Brief Introduction of Li Ning, the Vajra

Master Named Jinke Xuanlei
The Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei was born in Yizhou, Guangxi Autonomous
Region of China in December 1958. He was enlightened and converted to
Buddhism in his childhood by His Greatness Master Jinyin, a Hermit and Vajra
Master of Esoteric Buddhism, who also took him later into the Lianyin
Mountain, deep in the grand mountain areas of Guangxi, where he was
ordained and given the Esoteric Dharma name Jinke Xuanlei and blessed
with Yoga Vajra Abhiseka. In there after Master Xuanlei had practiced
Esoteric Buddha-Dharma with great concentration and austerity for more than
10 years, and finally he achieved the ultimate Enlightment. Master Xuanlei
studied and practiced
<Mahavairocana-sutra>, <Vajrasekhara-sutra>,
<Susiddhikara-sutra>, <Fundamentals of Tripitaka>, <The Sutra of Perfect
Enlightenment>, < Esoteric Baptism by Master>, < Yogayogi Sutra>,
<Ghanavyuha Sutra>, <Avatamsaka Sutras>, <The Dharma to Reach the
Holy World by Dharani>, <Bodhicitta Sutra>, <Commentary on the Mahayana
Treatise>, <Sun and Moon>, < Jinke Mandala Vajradhatu and Garbhadhatu
Esoteric Tripitaka >, <Esoteric Inner Dharma Sequential Meditation>, <RiddhiSaksatkriya Shila and Vinaya>, and many other classics of Confucianism,
Buddhism, Taoism etc under the instructions of His Greatness Master
Jinyin. Many might know Master Xuanlei was born and raised in Guangxi,
where he was introduced to and practiced Buddha-Dharma, but few known
the hardships which he had overcome along this path.
In the depth of the freezing whistling forest there he went. There, in the
desolated forest, the sky was his tent and the ground was his bed,
neighboring with snakes and ferocious beasts, battling with harsh weather all
year round and deprived of all necessities, fruits and dew was all there is. In
the mist of mountain peaks he meditated, in the currents of mountain streams
he exercised, day in and day out. He had suffered from hardships that none
have endured before, and endured pains that none had suffered since! There
is a saying in Chinese: He, who is enjoying the taste of fruits, often forgets the
hardships of those who cultivates. But none the less, he eventually
conquered all in his path and became a Mahasiddha of Wholly Complete.
The brutal forces of nature have made his will as strong as steel, and by
observing the infinite information from the cosmos he had disciplined himself

into overcome all worldly thoughts and enter the Prajna Sainthood. Even after
achieved all his achievements, he did not forget about the people. With an all
merciful heart, he left the mountains to be among the people, for the benefit of
In 1983, Master Xuanlei came down from the mountains to visite a number of
remote and poverty stricken regions in Guangxi, China, such as Hechi,
Yishan, Nandan, Huanjiang, Luocheng, Tiane, Bama, Shanglin, Duan, Baise,
Longzhou, Fengshan, etc Through his wondering, he helped and healed
thousands of afflicted for free, propagated Buddha-Dharma and gave
salvation to those in torment. People of these regions showered him with love
and esteem. In 1985, Master Xuanlei went on to visit temples throughout the
country for courtesy calls with the elders of Buddhist monasteries. Along this
trip, in order to better propagate Buddha-Dharma and gave salvation to all in
torment, he had to conform to the social norms of the time: to be ordained.
He was ordained by the honorary Master Jidu at Wutai Mountain Tayuan
Monastery in Shanxi province, where he was given the monastic name
Beiyuan with a self proclaimed name Huiguang. After the ordination
ceremony, he went back to the deep mountains of Guangxi Autonomous
Region again, namely the Lianyin Mountain, to continue with his secluded
esoteric meditation at the end of the year.
In May of 1993, Master Xuanlei left the mountains again. This time Master
Xuanlei started to propagate Buddha-Dharma and to heal the afflicted with his
Divine Powers in Nanning, the capital city of Guangxi Autonomous Region.
Great sensations sprout up all over the region wherever he went in the most
extraordinary fashion. There on he was invited to Beijing, Shanghai,
Guangdong, Hainan, Hubei, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Heilongjiang,
Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Indonesia,
South Korea, Japan, USA, Canada, Australia, Britain, and France to
propagate Buddha-Dharma and to save all who are willing from torment with
his compassion and mercy. Since then, more than tens of thousands of
people has been treated by the master, most of them improved greatly; many
were fatal and obstinate diseases.
He poured his heart and soul to granted health and happiness to all sentient
beings! In the past three decades, his foot step has been all over the world.
From the remote villages of the south, to the ever so bustling cosmopolitans
of the north, whether it was walking or driving, either to a poor village hut or a
glamorous palaces, as long as there are people who have the will to be
enlightened, he will save them all from torment with sincerity, rich or poor,
powerful as well as powerless. His compassion and arduousness have made
indelible impressions deep in the heart of all those who has ever met him. For
endless times, he healed those with fatal diseases and saved them right

under the hand of death by bearing all their deeds; and at endless other
times, he would give salvation to those under torment and misfortunes
through the strength of his divine powers. His illustrious Divine powers
shocked those who had witnessed and experienced it, and the encounter
would leave an imprint on them for all of eternity. It is no coincidence that
people have faith, respect, and trust in the Master. The pure reflection of his
virtue is shown by the remarkable tales of his extraordinary actions which are
both legendary and numerous.
The wonders of Grammaticalization of Essences from Prajna Sainthood and
of the exquisite Photon Dharmakaya performed by Master Xuanlei are
unprecedented. This kind of astounding Partyaksa can only be obtained by
an Arya through the continuous practice of Esoteric Buddhism. The fame of
Master Xuanlei had been spread around the world, bringing numerous
government officials, internationally renowned scientists, researchers,
specialists and public figures to bear witness and gave high praises in
dedications to the Master, such include Buhe and Wang Zhaoguo, Vice
Chairmens of the National People's Congress, Zhao Puchu, Vice Chairman of
Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Chairman of Chinese
Buddhist Association, Liu Yunshan, Head of the Propaganda Department of
the Central Committee of the CPC, Bayinchaolu, Secretary General of the
Communist Youth League of China, Jia Chunwang, Minister of State Security,
Li Desheng, Vice-President of the Military Commission of the Central
Committee of the CPC, Li Jisong, Director of the Political Department of
Nanjing Military Region, Zhao Zongnai, Administrative Vice Minister of
Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, Xu Penghang, Vice
Director of State Commission of Science and Technology for National
Defense Industry, Li Ziqiang, Director of the Political Department of State
Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry, Cui
Yueli and Zhang Wenkang, Ministers of the Ministry of Public Health, Gu
Yingqi and He Jiesheng, Vice Ministers of the Ministry of Public Health, Lv
Bingkui , former Chief of the Ministry of Public Health, Herbal Medicine
Department, Wu Shaozu, Head of State Physical Culture and Sports
Commission, Zhao Fulin, Secretary of Guangxi Provincial Party Committee,
Wei Chunshu, former Governor of Guangxi Autonomous Region, Tan Jiazhen,
academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Niu Shiwei, permanent
academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zheng Zhipeng, academician
of New York Academy of Sciences, Liu Yicheng, professor of Institute of High
Energy Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wu Jing, the first doctor of
Integrated Western and Chinese Medicine in China, Geng Dezhang, Head of
Central Healthcare Administration Department, Li Junyong, doctor of
Aeronautics and Space in USA, Xiao Gang, academician of British Chemistry
Association and Fan Dian, Head of Chinese Art Gallery in Beijing. The
Masters ample compassion and mercy had enlightened all realms and

influenced the entire universe through the extended recurrence of his

Partyaksa .
Interviews and reports of Master Xuanlei had been published by many news,
media and magazines, including Guangxi TV, Nanjing TV, Asia TV, Guangxi
Daily, Nanning Evening, Chinese Children, Sword, Golden Ages, Sports
News, China Old Age Paper, CPPCC News, Who's Who in the World, Who's
Who in China and the World, Hong Kong Business, American New World
Times, American Chinese Business, Dictionary of Chinese Specialists and
Famous People, Dictionary of Chinese Famous People, Collection of Great
Chinese People in the World, Oriental Descendents and China Talent Pool
Numerous awards and honors were granted to Master Xuanlei from various
organizations around the world, such as the Doctor of Medicine Degree from
the Open International University, which is affiliated with the World Health
Organization of UN, the Fellowship Register of Royal Complementary
Practioner and issued by the Complementary Medicine and Medicine
Alternativa Institute of the Open International University, the Royal Physician
Certificate of Excellence given by the Ancient Order of King, the
Achievements Award of Human Green Medicine from the World Natural
Medicine Organization, the World Famous Doctor Award granted by the World
Peace Foundation of the UN NGO, the Doctorate of Honor Doctor issued by
the World Research Center for Celebrity Culture of USA, the Achievements
Award of Art in China Contemporary Calligraphy and Painting when he was
enlisted as the Outstanding Contemporary Chinese Artists, and he was also
invited to be the Council Member of the Red Cross Society of China.
For the proper propagation of Buddha-Dharma and to give salvation to all
through compassion and mercy, Master Xuanlei has bestowed all the merits,
knowledge and wealth he had acquired in the past decades to all Sentient
Beings by restoring and rebuilding the ancient Lianyin Temple in Shanglin
County of Guangxi Autonomous Region, where he will also lead his disciples
and many entrepreneurs to start the grand construction of the Jinke Mandala
Culture Center, the ASEAN Countries Peace Praying Alter, the Thousand
Buddha Cave and the Medicine Buddha Pagoda. The construction of the
Ancient Pagoda Culture Park in Chaoyang District, Beijing City will include the
restoration of the Temple of Avalokiteshvara, the Jivita Temple and two other
temples, the World Peace Praying Altar, the Jinke Mandala Culture Center,
Beijing Jinke Calligraphy and Painting Academy, and many other structures in
the style of Buddhism Culture will also be part of the project. The efforts for
these projects are to provide a pure land for all Sentient Being to practice
Buddha-Dharma in equanimity and to benefit all human kinds.
Master Xuanleis third trip off the mountains was to give bliss to all Sentient

Beings in Canada who were willing to profess to Buddha-Dharma and to find

an end to suffering and sorrow. For this purpose, he is willing to travel around
mountains and seas with the Buddhas Vajra Seed of Knowledge to form
extensive connections for future salvation and to preach to Sentient Beings by
establishing the Sino Esoteric Buddhism Association. The Vajra Seed of
Knowledge planned by the Master with his compassion and philanthropy is
sure to take root, blossom, and bear fruit all around the world. The power of
Master Xuanleis vow is ever so kind and full of compassion! He never
pursues pleasure and comfort for himself but always vow to save all from pain
and suffering. He often says: My greatest treasure comes from the
awakening of Sentient Beings.
Vajra Master Jinke Xuanlei is a Mahasiddha of Wholly Complete with the
Prajra Sianthood of Inner Radiance Enlightment and Sambhogakaya
Nirmana. He is a great spiritual leader with compassion to return again to
honor his vows. He will propagate Buddha-Dharma, give salvation to all
Sentient Beings through conquering great difficulties and overcoming all
obstacles, never care about fame or fortune, contribute in silence, and
sacrifices when needed. He vows to extend the teachings of the Buddha to
all Sentient Beings, rich or poor, high caste or low, no matter how hard or
painful it will be. He will cleanse and enlighten the souls of all Sentient Beings
for the benefit of the country and its people, bringing hope to all by generating
the thought of enlightenment, give those who wish to professing to BuddhaDharma, courage to progress rapidly in the practice of Buddha-Dharma,
ending all their suffering and sorrow, stand-still the cycle of rebirth for those
who wish to be reborn in the Pure Land of Vairochana located in the center of
the universe.
We wish all those who desire an end to suffering and sorrow will find their way
to Enlightment, and to always make merits to benefit all with happiness and
Ankele! Yekesuo!