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Itinerary Receipt

Booking Details
Status : Confirmed
Booking Date : Tue 08 Jul 2014




Guest Details


Flight Details


Davao to




5J 348

Tuesday 28 October 2014 , 1020 H

Francisco Bangoy International Aiport

Tuesday 28 October 2014 , 1130 H

Iloilo International Airport

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All Tigerair Philippines (DG) flights to/from Manila operates in NAIA Terminal 4.
Guest with connecting flights to Terminal 3 or to Terminal 4, please proceed to transit area for free
MIAA shuttle service. Waiting time interval is between 30 to 40 minutes.

Payment Details
Other Fees:
Base Fare:
Fuel Surcharge:
Aviation Security Fee:
Web Admin Fee - manual:
Other Taxes:
Total Amount:

PHP 0.00
PHP 798.00
PHP 700.00
PHP 30.00
PHP 179.76
PHP 240.00
PHP 28.80
PHP 1,976.56

Transaction ID:

XP (Declined)
Tue 08 Jul 2014
PHP 1,976.56

Transaction ID:

PF (Approved)
Wed 09 Jul 2014
PHP 1,976.56

Fare Rules
Cancellation/Rerouting: Not allowed
Rebooking: Allowed but subject to applicable fees and penalties
Name Change: Not allowed
Free Baggage Allowance: Not included. Guest has an option to purchase Prepaid Baggage using the "Manage
Booking" function
Meals: Not included. Guest has an option to purchase Hot Meals using the "Manage Booking" function on selected
For complete summary of applicable fees, taxes and surcharges, please check out Fees Summary. Carriage of
passenger and baggage is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Carriage approved by the Civil Aeronautics Board.
For complete Terms and Conditions of Carriage, please refer to General Terms and Conditions.

Check-in Guidelines:

Guest must bring a valid photo-ID on the day of travel. Guest need to present this to airport security when entering the
airport terminal and upon check-in. The name in the photo-ID should match the guest's name that was entered upon
booking. If guest fails to present a valid photo-ID, he/she may be refused check-in. For senior citizens and persons with
disabilities, OSCA ID and PWD IDs need to be presented at check-in.
Check-in counters open 2 hours before scheduled time of flight departure and strictly close 45 minutes before flight
departure for domestic flights. For international flights using A319 / A320 and A330 aircraft departing the Philippines,
check-in counters open 3 hours and close 45 minutes before flight departure. For flights departing Dubai, check-in
counters open 3 hours and close 1 hour before flight departure. A confirmed booking shall be cancelled and released to
waitlisted persons if the guest failed to check-in within the prescribed time.
Guests must be at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes before flight departure as we close the gate 15 minutes before
flight departure for all flights using ATR/ A319 and A320 aircraft. For flights using A330 aircraft departing the Philippines,
boarding commences 45 minutes and gate closes 15 minutes before flight departure. For flights departing Dubai,
boarding commences 45 minutes and gate closes 20 minutes before flight departure. Guests not at the boarding gate at
the prescribed time will not be allowed to board the aircraft.
Guests are responsible in ensuring compliance with the immigration, custom or other legal requirements of the countries
that guests have flown from, or will fly into or over. Guest should ensure that he/she possesses a valid passport with at
least six (6) months validity from the date of the guest departure and the applicable valid visas. Guest must also have a
printed copy of return or onward ticket and must be able to satisfactorily prove upon request sufficient means of financial
support during the guest's stay in the country of destination.
Cebu Pacific is strictly a point-to-point carrier and shall not be responsible for any connecting flight arrangement which
guest may choose to make. Guests are advised to plan any connecting flights accordingly. Guests with checked
baggage and onward connection from Dubai must arrange for baggage transfer service 24hours prior arrival via (only applicable if travelling without Visa to Dubai).
For web and Call Center transactions, all guests (other than those exempted from paying travel tax), departing from the
Philippines to international sectors shall pay the Philippine travel tax amounting to PhP1,620.00 at the respective airport
in the Philippines prior to departure.
Guests are strongly advised not to bring valuable and fragile items as checked baggage. If guests check them in, the
airline shall not be responsible for the damage to those items and that guests agree that the airline will carry them at
guest's own risk.
Check-in bag must not exceed 32kg per piece in accordance with the occupational safety rules to avoid injury to porters.
To promote swift check-in, kindly ensure that your check-in bag is well within the 32kg weight limit. Otherwise, guests will
be requested to lessen the contents from the bag weighing more than 32kg and transfer the contents to another checkin or carry-on bag. Any bag exceeding 32kg will not be accepted as check-in baggage.

Air Passenger Bill Of Rights:

Thank you for choosing to fly with Cebu Pacific!

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