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Advertising project
Launching a new product in beverages industry
In this project we decided to launch a new beverage product in the name of ROO JUICE
(sugarcane juice) in a tetra pack packaging. This would be launch first time in the beverage
industry like other juices come in the industry in mango, apple and pomegranate e.t.c. The
purpose of choosing that product in Pakistan is because mostly people enjoy that drink especially
in rural areas and as well as Urban area. And this sugarcane juice is become a national juice of
Pakistan. So in a new way we decided to launch product that target to all segments of people in
every season. Sugarcane Juice is a new Marketing idea that deals in product. Our product is
sugarcane juice in the name of ROO JUICE in tetra pack packaging. Sugarcane juice is widely
used in summer season because it is good in taste and low in cost. But problem with this is that it
cant be preserved for longtime. In Pakistan no company has launched sugar cane juice till now
in tetra pack. So we have decided to launch a sugar cane juice because sugar cane juice is
naturally sweet, so it can be sold with a little additional processing.

Basically this drink is a traditional drink that depicts the culture of Pakistan. Mostly people enjoy
that drink but hated to see the quality of that drink. So we decided to launch in a best tetra pack
quality with a high Advertising campaign. This is an innovative approach in the beverage market.

Goals and Objective:

Our objective is divided into different parts.

Continuous growth in sales
Increase the seasonal sales volume
Improve the companys image
Delivering the good quality and taste to the consumers at a fair price.

Financial Objective:

Maintain positive, steady growth each month.

Experience an increase in new customers who are turned into long-term customers.
Generate brand equity at the Farmer's Market as well as within the commercial restaurant
industry market.

Awareness regarding services offered, develop the customer base, and work
toward building customer loyalty.
To enter into new market

Our main issue is about the perception of people about the sugarcane juice building brandies
very difficult due to perception because they will think that it is easily available in fresh form
then why we buy it in tetra pack.
We must invest heavily on promotion of juice and also marketing plan will change time to time
because we are new in the market so we have to create awareness in customer about our product
and to attract them.

Method of advertising
Basically we conduct this advertising campaign through

Teaser ads
Traditional color
Social media
Electronic media
Bill boards

Product Characteristic Attributes of ROO juice Brand

Hygienically extracted
Rich in salts
Contains natural sugar
No artificial sweetener
Low calorie juice with medicinal properties

SWOT Analysis

1. Quality conscious
Roo juice produces a good quality product in a best tetra pack quality. Basically mostly people
avoided to drink because of their poor quality. But in a modified tetra pack become strength of
our product.
2. Well develop strategy
Roo juice recognizes there is a right time and place for their product. Therefore their strategy
makes room for their adjustment.
3. Hygienic Drink
Our main strength is to provide the good , healthy and hygienic drink for the people who love
Roo juice and this thing become make positive image for the health conscious people.
4. Product innovation
The Roo juice has been continuously introducing a new product, than expand it product offering
first time in the Beverages Market.

Sugarcane- juices not store able for long time. Consumers are brand loyal toward competitors
product so we have to convince them. Because there are already competitors who are dealing in
juices and beverages, so it is difficult to shift them from other juices.


Healthy organic and natural drinks oriented global and local culture.
Limited option in locally produced in real fruit juices.
High export potential.

We face problem if government employ taxes on them which force them to raise the price of
their product.

Marketing strategies:

1. Marketing Research(R & D)

During the initial phase of the marketing plan development, several focus groups were held to
gain insight into prospective customers. These focus groups provided helpful insight into the
decision making processes. An additional source of dynamic market research is a feedback
mechanism based on a Questionnaire system. There are also several open ended questions that
allow the customer to freely offer constructive criticism or praise.
The ROO juice will work hard to implement reasonable suggestions in order to
improve their service offerings, as well as show its commitment to the customer that
their suggestions are valued. The last source of market research is competitive analysis. The
consumers will send people to local competitors to gain information about their product

2. Marketing Communication
By integrating all messages in all media, we will reinforce the brand name and the main points
of product differentiation. Research about media consumption patterns will help our advertising
agency choose appropriate media and timing to reach prospects before and during product
introduction. Thereafter, advertising will appear on a pulsing basis to maintain brand awareness
and communicate various differentiation messages. The agency will also coordinate public
relations efforts to build the Roo juice brand and support the differentiation message. To
generate buzz, we will host a user-generated video contest on our Web-site. To attract, retain, and
motivate channel partners for a push strategy, we will use trade sales promotions and personal
selling. Until the Roo juice brand has been established, our communications will encourage
purchases through channel partners rather than from our Web-site.

3. Market Needs
In summer people of all ages take soft drinks and juices to quench their thirst. So Sugarcane juice
in tetra pack is highly demanded by customers because it reduces the thirst and it is useful
for healthy life because it is hygienic and pure. So when it is highly available at affordable price
at everywhere customers will use Sugarcane juice than soft drinks because it has no side effects
and it is safe.

4. Market Trends
In target market there is trend of soft drinks and juices. People use juices to have a fit life and
also to serve their guests as well. Because juices are hygienic and nutritious and have a good

taste then soft drinks. In summer its usage is more so the availability should be increased to meet
the demand of customers.

In the segmentation point of view Roo juice focused on variety of segments on the target region
that are following.

Market Demographics:
Geographic segmentation

Rural Areas
Urban areas
Densely populated regions
Regions with predominantly hot and arid climates

Demographic Segmentation:

Individuals with age 3 years and above

Individuals across all income groups
Working and non-working individuals
Institutions and offices
Restaurants and hotel
Retail shops

Psychographic Segmentation:

Health conscious consumers

Consumers who have inclination towards nature and natural products
Quality conscious consumer
Consumers who have diverse tastes and seek variety Non users and potential user

Target customers:

Our customer will be:

Students at every level from school to universities.

Employees who works entire day.
Students at every level from school to universities.
Employees who works entire day.
Households and passengers.

In summer session every kind of people with no age limit use this juice because of
unhygienic products most of the people avoid this. We will specially target those kinds of people.

Brand strategy is at the heart of marketing strategy. It is the act of designing the company
offer and image so that it occupies a distinct and valued place in the target customer mind.
Sugarcane juice is very beneficial for health and provides refreshment. As we are launching
sugar cane juice in tetra pack, so we want to create positive and long lasting image in the minds
of customers that we are providing hygienic juice.

Positioning Statement:
For every individual, who wants a 100% natural product that offers Quality and freshness, the
ROO JUICE is a packaged drink that provides energy and refreshment at affordable prices, best
quality and value for your money. So therefore we mentioned the slogan of our positioning
statement are PEE LIAA TOU GEE LIAA that thing create the positive image in the mind of
customers we give quality with real taste of nature.

Distribution Channel Overview:

In generally there are different types of marketing distribution system. Consumers are able
to buy the products from different market place. All these distribution strategies are consists of pr
oducer, wholesaler, retailer, and finally to the consumer.




We select the conventional marketing channel to distribute our product. Our juice wills be
distributed by the specified distributor which will be selected by the company. The selected
distributor will supply the juice product to the wholesaler and also to the retailer and the
consumer will collect the product from the retailers.

The promotion of the product i.e. the advertisement, sales promotion and other promotional tools
can change the buying behavior because some of the individuals highly influenced by the
advertisement of the product. We have decided to use integrated marketing communication in
which there will be blend of different marketing promotional tools that will convey clear and
consistent message of our product to the customers. These Promotional tools are given below,
1. Newspapers
Newspaper has the widest readership and circulation among our targeted market; these wouldcar
ry most of the advertisements for the publication media. Also, the print ads will be published in
other much read newspapers like be designed, i.e. half page and quarter page.
2. Television
Tele commercials will be aired on sports channels and news channels as the viewer ship of these
channels is highly common among the targeted market.

3. Billboards
Billboards will be placed at busy thoroughfares in big cities. Billboards will be our
most permanent and long lasting form of advertisement.

4. Promotional Vans
Promotional vans would be deployed on public places which would distribute sugar cane juice
for free giving out the message of being an instant energy drink. This campaign of free sampling
would last for three months at least in order to make people aware of the benefits and the

5. Teaser Ad

We also use the strategy of teaser ad for 1month duration that makes curiosity in the mind of
costumers. Some teaser ad on bill board and other marketing tool that we use for making teaser


Use attractive POS displays at all retail outlets

Ensure availability to keep up with the brand promise of quality service


Pure and tasty product package in attractive eco-friendly packages which are convenient
to use.
Packages would use attractive color schemes and would highlight the brand name and the
logo with all mandatory information about its nutritive value.
Different color schemes to be used for different variants mentioned earlier

As we are going to launch a new product in the market, we do not have any idea whether the
price would be accepted or not by the customers. If we select extensively high price, customers
will not buy and volume of sales will be very low.
On the other hand setting lower price will not cover our costs. So we have to
following things in selecting price.

Acceptance of product
As our product faces competition against both other juice and beverage drinks, price of
our product should be accepted by customers. Our product fulfills both juice needs and be
verage needs. For this extra utility we will charge higher price than our competitors.

Profit Margin
As a business our main objectives is to earn profit. So we should not set any prices that will not
cover the cost of the product. After covering the cost we set a profit margin for our pricing

Main competitor in the beverages market:

Our main competitor in this markets that are branded and unbranded fruit juices like Nestle
mango, guava or apple juices Shezan juice, fruita vital in every flavor. All Natural mineral
water and Fruit shakes and all Fruit based milk drinks.

1. Political Analysis
The sales depend on the political situation of a country. Uncertain political is a major reason
for the business failure.

2. Taxation Law
If government imposes heavy taxes on the industry then it badly effects the
industry growth. The taxes impose is from government side and it
varies from industry to industry.

Social Factor:
Health consciousness
Today people are more health conscious so ROO juices by identifying this need of the people
they are also producing health conscious juices with more vitamins

Customer service:
Our philosophy is whatever needs to be done to make the customer happy must occur, even at
the expense of short-term profits. In the long term, this investment will pay off with a fiercely
loyal customer.
Finally ROO JUICE and all its employees shall align themselves with the brand promise and
strive constantly to deliver it in the best possible way at each point of consumer contact.
Every touch point shall deliver the promise of the brand in the best possible manner. Further
improvements shall be made on the basis of customer feedback, complaints and market research


The idea of sugarcane juice is new in Pakistan Our ROO juice is an innovative and new idea for
marketing. Customers who are aware about their health must accept our product. According to
our marketing research(R & D), we see that our product will be the best marketing product
within a few years. We will achieve our targeted market share and become the leader of the juice