U. S.

-Backed Israeli Terrorism
What’s the difference between children who are going hungry and without the medicines they need because they live in some impoverished land somewhere and children who are going hungry and without the medicines they need because their land is being blockaded by a powerful nation—with the backing and support of the United States of America? You may have guessed the answer to this: the first scenario is a tragedy whereas the second scenario is a crime. Israel, with the support of the U. S., has imposed a blockade upon Gaza, Palestine for the past three years now, which is not a tragedy—it is a moral evil. As an American citizen, especially if you are a Christian American citizen, my question is: Are you even aware of this fact? And if you are: Do you care about the fact that children are suffering as a result of this blockade?

The United Nations, in the link provided above, says that the Israeli blockade of Gaza is a crime against humanity and I agree. Do you? I understand that most people in American, especially most Christians in America, think of the Palestinians as terrorists who kill Israelis, but the truth is that the Palestinians weren’t bothering anyone until Jewish settlers, who were a part of the Zionist Movement, began taking over the land of Palestine; beginning in 1700 and continuing to this very day. What many American citizens, especially Christians, don’t realize is that the modern nation we think of as Israel was born out of terrorism: Jewish, Zionist terrorism which was directed against . . . the British. 1946 saw the birth of the modern nation of Israel, and Israel has one man, in particular, to thank for the important role which he played in creating the modern nation of Israel: the Zionist terrorist leader Menachem Begin, who went on to become Israel’s sixth Prime Minister. Begin was the leader of the Zionist Israeli terrorist group the Irgun. From the end of the First World War (1917) until the founding of the modern nation of Israel (1946) the land of Palestine, which is what it was called, was under the protection of the British as a British Protectorate. The Zionists were determined to drive the British out of the land of Palestine so that they could establish the nation of Israel and rule the land for themselves. The violent, murderous act of terrorism which finally succeeded in driving the British out of Palestine occurred when the Zionist terrorist group, the Irgun, which was led by future Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, was the bombing of the King David Hotel (in Jerusalem) on July 22, 1946, killing 91 people and injuring many others. THIS IS HOW THE MODEN NATION OF ISRAEL WAS FOUNDED: UPON BRUTAL, VIOLENT ACTS OF TERRORISM. And Israel, today, has the gall to say that the Palestinians are the guilty parties in all of this? Israel has the nerve to say that Hamas is a terrorist organization? What about the Zionists and the Irgun . . . WHO STARTED THE WHOLE DAMN THING?! The Israeli-Palestinian issue is not one of senseless hatreds and endless retaliations, it is an issue of: who started what and when did they start it? In other words: who, in the beginning, did the wrong thing? And the

answer to this question is that the Zionists were the ones who first imposed themselves upon the Palestinians, the Zionists were the ones who first occupied and began to settle in the land of Palestine in order to turn Palestine into a Jewish homeland by driving out the Palestinians. And it was the Zionists who, in order to accomplish this act of international thievery, USED TERRORISM in order to drive the British out of Palestine. And we wonder why the Palestinians are so angry? Why they resort to terrorism? Please. And now Israel is blockading Gaza; starving and shooting little Palestinian children; burying them beneath the rubble of their own homes? Cowards! Criminals! Terrorists! Read your history Americans! Read your history American Christians! Read your history lovers of Israel! Open your eyes and SEE what’s really been going on all of these years. Israel will reap what it has sown; God will not be mocked; and the blood of the innocent children who have been murdered by the Israelis will be avenged. The United States of American, because of its continued support of the Israelis and the nation of Israel, will also reap what it’s sown; and you can add to that the innocent blood of over 49,000,000 babies, who have been “legally” executed in their mother’s wombs in America, since 1973.