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Business improvement

As a result of its executive management, institutional banking and corporate

advisory experience, PHiQ has the skills and relationships to assist businesses
to identify and access strategic alliances, commercial opportunities and
financial solutions that might not otherwise be available to them.
Core objective
Conduct a functional review of the business, using the data gathered to:

produce an expert report that critically evaluates operational and financial

performance in the context of relevant markets, and identifies potential process
efficiencies (to improve profit) and governance measures (to mitigate risk)

identify strategic commercial initiatives (both supply and sales side), that are
designed to increase sales revenue and/or margins

PHiQs role
The functional review, and related analysis, is conducted over a 4 to 6 week period,
and involves the following:

4 to 6 meetings (plus email and telephone dialogue) with client stakeholders

and management, to gather information about the internal and external
business environment, historical information, and discuss findings gleaned from
the analysis of data

a series of non-prejudicial, on-site meetings with administrative, engineering or

design, sales, production, and management staff, occurring over 3 or 4 days,
covering various areas of business operations

analysis of available financial and operational data

reviewing competitor websites, marketing materials, and related publications

procuring and reviewing available research materials

high level risk analysis of recommendations

development of a preliminary action plan, including a high level strategic

overview and organisational structure, and immediate operational measures

contact details

Michael Vardavas
PHiQ Group
PO Box 2032
Taren Point NSW 2229
t +61 2 9522 2800

George McElroy
PHiQ Group LLC
205 N. Michigan Avenue
Suite 4310
Chicago IL 60601
t +1 917 969 7357

Project based consultancy for a fixed fee payable on issue of the report, roughly
comprising 67% operational content and 33% strategic content.
Fees range between $10,000 and $30,000 (excluding GST), depending on the size and
complexity of the underlying business.
Implementation phase
PHiQ assists with the implementation of recommendations made in the functional
review via:

business coaching, comprising regular telephone calls, emails, and meetings

that provide clients with guidance on the implementation of recommended
strategies and initiatives; or

strategic services, wherein PHiQ assumes a hands-on role in revising and

implementing operational, financial and commercial strategies.