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Our Lady of Good Counsel

& Guardian Angels Parish

54 Harvey Street,
Elton, Bury BL8 2RD
Tel: 0161 764 1630

Email: olgcga@b

Parish website:
Parish Twier: @olgcga
Diocesan website:

Newsleer for the weekends - 11th/12th July 2015

Fieenth Sunday of the Year (Year of St. MarkYear B)
Bro. Nicholas Hutchinson,
David Lindley, Elaine Hardman,
Michael Dewsnap, Phyllis Daly,
Maurice Berry, Margaret Reilly,
Sean Reilly, John Cullen, Joan
Hearle, Phillip Bailey, Alan
Radcliffe, Mary Hanson, Joyce
Greenhalgh, Maddie Clayton,
Paddy Harrison, Larry Hindes,
Lillian Graves, Alex Riley,
Michael Naughton, Sean, Diana,
Phil Bailey, Ted Whiley, Bill
Vincent Maguire
Ed Dutton
Gordon William Smith
Kath Ramsahoye (nee Holly)
Mary Ellen McBryan
To include someone on the prayer list
please give their name to Fr. Paul, put
it through the letterbox of the Parish
Office, call the Office on: 0161 764
1630 or e-mail to

First Reading: Amos 7:12-15 God
sends Amos to prophecy to the people of Israel

Psalm 85 ; Let us see , O Lord,

you mercy, and give us your
saving help.
Second Reading: Eph 1:3-14 God
chose us in Christ, before the foundation of the world.
Gospel: Mark 6: 7-13 Jesus sends
the disciples out two by two to bring
peace and preach repentance.

First Reading: J er emiah 23: 1-6
Psalm 23
Second Reading: Eph 2:13-18
Gospel: Mar k 6: 30-34

St Theresa of Lisieux
For the week beginning Sunday
12th July 2015 we pray for the
priest and people of the Parish of
Holy Family, Kirkholt, Rochdale

Please use the White Mass Intention

envelopes for Mass intentions which
you will find in the porches. Thank
When adding the name of someone
sick please ensure that you have their
permission (or the permission of their
family). The list is updated each week.
and because of space the names of the
sick will be removed from the list after
four weeks. You can ask for them to
be added again.


Saturday 11th June: 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time
3.00 pm Wedding Service for Rebecca Baxter & Paul
7.00 pm: Mass
Sunday 12th June: 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time
8.45 am: Mass
10.30 am: Mass
12.15 pm: Celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism
Monday 13th June:
9.15 noon: Eucharistic Service
Tuesday 14th June:
7.00 pm: Mass
Wednesday 15th July: St Bonaventure.
9.15 am: Eucharistic Service
Thursday 16th July: Our Lady of Mount Carmel
9.15 am: End of Year Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes
Friday 17th July:
9.15 am: End of Year Mass at Guardian Angels School
12.30 pm Funeral Service for Gordon William Smith at
Radcliffe Crematorium only.
Saturday 18th July: 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time
7.00 pm: Mass
Sunday 19th July: 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time
8.45 am: Mass
10.30 am: Mass
12.15 pm: Celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism
Sacrament of Reconciliation
Saturday 11th July: No Confessions
Saturday 18th July: 6.00 pm
The Rosary (for the sick and peace)
7.00 pm every Monday

Preparing the Way Consultation 2015

You are now able to access the

weekly parish newsletter from
our twitter feed @olgcga

As promised in the recent Pastoral Letter from

Bishop John, the diocesan consultation is now ready and
will remain open for several weeks. It can be accessed at where
responses can be entered directly onto the electronic
form. This is the best way to complete the questionnaire,
since the system will also do the analysis of responses.
For those of you who do not have access to the
internet, paper copies of the questionnaire can be collected from the back of church.
You can bring back your completed forms back
to the Parish if you wish and we will send them off
together. The deadline for responses is Friday 7th
August 2015. Please take part in the consultation.

15th Sunday of Ordinary Time

12th July 2015
If you wish to contribute to the View from the Pew,
please contact the Parish Office. These are anonymous
comments from parishioners.
When Jesus sent out the Twelve in todays Gospel, he didnt
equip them with very much, just a walking stick, the clothes on their
back, and a pair of sandalsand of course the Good News! For the rest
they had to depend on God. Yet they had great success on their mission.
Perhaps one lesson we can learn is dependence on God. Let us listen to
Gods holy word, keeping in mind how we can depend more on God.
Question for the Week: What unclean spir its can I identify within
the circle of my daily life and work, social circle, or neighbourhood?
How specifically might Jesus expect me to exercise authority over
The new Eucharistic Ministers & new Readers Rotas
are now available to collect from the
Welcome & Information Centre.
To receive our Parish Newsletter by e-mail each weekend, simply
e-mail the Parish Office on: with the tag line newsletter and we will
add you to the list. Follow us on Twitter also @olgcga for reminders
and updates on parish events.
Follow the Department for Evangelisation: @SalfordDFE
The Offertory Collection for:
For the weekend 4th /5th July was:
Envelopes: 779.29 Loose collection: 304.18
Total: 1083.47
Thank you for your generosity.
If you wish to join the Gift Aid scheme please see Fr Paul at the back of
Church after Mass. It only takes a couple of seconds!
If you cannot fulfil your rota duty, please arrange a swap with another
team. Thanks.
This weeks team: Michael Harrington and Janet Turner
Next weeks team: Marcia and Lawrence Cook
Spaces on the Minibus: We cur r ently have some spaces on
the minibus for the 10.30 am Mass minibus run. If you or someone you
know would benefit from this fantastic service please call the Office.
Having got some new volunteer drivers, we are now in need of a few
more non-drivers who would like to team up with drivers in helping
the people we collect to get into the minibus. If you would be interested
in doing this please contact the Parish Office.
Please contact the Parish Office if you would like to volunteer or for
more information.

A big thank you to all our agents, and to everyone taking part in the 10
Week draw. The second draw will take place this Sunday in Parish Centre Tea and Coffee after the 10.30. Come and join us.
Week Eight (5th July)
No: 657
Alison Dutton
Anthony Ingham
No: 507
Samantha Williams
Jean Harrington
Sunday 19th July is the final draw of this series of the 10 Week Draw
make a note of it in your diary and join us for a Parish Bar-B-Que

Saturday 11th July
Proclaim 15National Evangelisation Conference in
3.00 pm: Wedding Service of Rebecca Baxter and Paul Lowe
Tuesday 14th July
Tuesday Club: Music & Dance
UCM : Talk by Sue on HCPT
Thursday 16th July
End of Year Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes School
Friday 17th July
End of Year Mass at Guardian Angels School
Sunday 19th July
Final Draw of the 10 Week Draw and Parish Bar-b-que after
the 10.30 am Mass
Tuesday 21st July
Tuesday Club: Lunch/bingo
Thursday 23rd July:
7.30 pm Baptism Preparation Meeting (2) in the Walsingham
Friday 24th July
Wedding of Damian McKenna & Carolyn Edgington
Sunday 2nd August
10.30 am Mass: Welcome & Presentation for Baptism
After Mass: Baptism Preparation Meeting (No 1)
Friday 7th August
Wedding of Sophie Baxter & James Harvey-Hamilton
Saturday 29th August
Wedding: Aine Hoy & Stephen Delaney
Monday 31st August (Bank Holiday)
Parish Outing to Cartmel Racessee page 3 for full details.


I would like to say a big thank you to Janet Turner & John
Wolstenholme who, in response to the note in last weekends
newsletter, have very kindly volunteered to become our
Churches Together in Bury representatives.

The Clusterers
Thursday 9th July
Longridge Fell (not the easiest!)
Leader Jeff Smith: 764 7269
Start time: 9.30 am Guardian Angels Car Park

Our Social Events Group are looking into the possibilities of organising A Day at the Races on the August Bank
Holiday Monday (31st August).
To establish whether this is going to run we need an
indication of people who would like to go, so that within a
week or so we can buy the admission tickets in advance
(which are cheaper than paying on the day) and also get a
firm booking for a coach.
We estimate that it could be around the 20.00 per
person mark (including admission & coach), but obviously
this might go up or down a little bit according to the numbers
interested. Children under the age of 16 get into the racecourse for free (as long as they are accompanied by an adult
of course! - so they would only have to pay for the coach).
If you would like to book a place on this Parish outing,
please put you name on the list at the back of church, and
then we can decide if the day out will go ahead. Please sign
up this weekend. As soon as we have an indication of the
interest we will publish the full details.

Awaken Your
Catholic Faith
Sometimes important
things get away from us
things like faith.
Is this you? Too busy?
Not been to church in a while? Children asking questions
about faith that youre not sure how to answer? Looking for
an opportunity to explore your faith? Were you baptized and
then not confirmed or didn't make your first communion? Do
you know people who are in this position?
Awakening Faith will be just right for you. This is a
six week programme which includes topics such as
Spirituality Can I Accept Gods Mercy? Can the Mass
Make My Life Meaningful? and The Church and Me. You
can learn and ask questionsall in a friendly and confidential
setting with other parishioners.
Please tell other people about this six week
programmethey will all be made most welcome.
If you would be interested in attending or would like
more information about it, please call the Parish Office on
0161 764 1630 or e-mail us on:
If you would like to join us, please complete the form below and return to the Parish Office, and we will be in
touch with you.

Thinking of
becoming a
Seeking Christ is a programme aimed at people who want to look at the Catholic
church, who have either been baptised in another Christian
tradition or never been baptised.
Initially there are eight sessions in the programme to
help welcome and engage those who are thinking of possibly
becoming a Catholic. There is of course no obligation after
completing the eight week programme, but if people decide
they would then like to move forward to becoming a catholic
we can then help them to move forward.
If you know of people who might be interested in this
programme please let them know about it. If they want any
further information they can contact the Parish Office on
0161 764 1630 or by e-mail on
If you would like to join us, please complete the form below and return to the Parish Office, and we will be in
touch with you.
I am interested in attending Awakening Faith or
Seeking Christ

Planning on getting married in 2016

at Guardian Angels?
Please remember that all couples are required to
give at least 6 months notice (by Diocesan Law) in order to
marry in the Church. So, if you are planning on getting married in 2016
and have not yet made contact with us and booked in your wedding,
please do so as soon as possible.
Please telephone the office (0161 764 1630) to make an appointment for an initial meeting with Fr Paul, so that the availability of the
Church can be checked and details can be put in the Parish Diary.

Jesus: A Pilgrimage
Fr James Martin, SJ brings the Gospels to life
in Jesus: A Pilgrimage, providing an experience of
Jesus through Scripture, prayer and travel. Combining insights of historical Jesus studies with profound
spiritual insights about the Christ of faith, he recreates the world of first-century Galilee and Judea to
usher us into Jesus's life and times and show readers how Jesus speaks
to us today.
Fr Martin brings together the most up-to-date Scripture scholarship, wise spiritual reflections, and light-hearted stories about travelling
through the Holy Land with a fellow Jesuit, visiting important sites in
the life of Jesus of Nazareth.
This is an excellent book by Fr James Martin SJ. After the summer holidays we are planning to set up a scripture study group, using
this book as the text, because it covers the whole of Jesus life and ministry.
The book is a little expensive (we can get copies at 18.99 a copy
(its only available in hardback at the moment) - but you might be able
to pick it up cheaper on internet book sites, and you can certainly get it
for a kindle or ipad or tablet a lot cheaper (I think I paid less than 5.00
for it for my ipad).
We will set up the group in Septemberthis is just to give you a
little notice about itand we will be exploring the content of each chapter and looking at the different scriptural passages.
To help us to plan and prepare for the sessions, if you are planning on coming along, please let us know by completing the form below.
If you would like us to order a copy of the book for you, then you can
indicate that also on the form below. Please return to the Parish Office
as soon as possible. Many thanks. Fr Paul.


 I am intending taking part in the Jesus. A Pilgrimage
Meetings after the summer holidays.
 Please order a copy of the book: Jesus. A pilgrimage for

Name: ..

Address: ..
E-mail: ....

Please return to the Parish Office as soon as possible to
enable us to plan the evenings (or e-mail us)

Tel: No: ...

(or e-mail the office on

Many thanks,
Fr Paul.

Having your child baptised at Guardian

If you are planning on having your child baptised,
please pick up a leaflet from the Welcome and
Information Centre, which outlines our baptism
preparation programme.
Please note that the first thing that parents have to do is contact the
Parish Office (telephone on 0161 764 1630 or call in) to book onto
the First Meeting, held on the first Sunday of each month. Please do
not just turn up for the meeting without first booking in through the
Parish Office. This means that our Baptism Preparation Team have a
workable number of people each month.
Launch of a special fundThe Parish Minibus
At the quiz night last Friday evening we launched a special fund.
Aware of the age of our parish minibus, and of how much it is used in
the parish, we felt that it would now be a good time to start building up a
fund in order to have some money set aside for when we will have to
replace the minibus. The minibus is a great asset, bringing some of our
older parishioners to Mass (who wouldnt get here without it), enabling
our two schools to take the pupils on trips that would be too expensive
because of the cost of coach hire, different parish groups using it, and of
course being a very visible sign of the presence of the parish in our area.
This coming week it is booked out every single daydoing more than
one job some days!
So the Quiz night opened the fundwith 700 in the kitty! Plus a
200 donation, and this week another donation of 200 (thank you!)
Therefore the running total in the fund currently is: 1100.00
Please submit all items for inclusion in the newsletter to the Parish
Office no later than Wednesday evening.
Either pop them through the Office letter-box or e-mail them in. Anything received after Wednesday evening cant be guaranteed to make it
into the next weekends newsletter.
Two new DVDs available from the Dept for Evangelisation (on the
table at the back of Church): 10.99 each
Fr Denis McBride: The Passion Narrative in the Gospels
David Wells: Evangelii Gaudium and the vision of Pope Francis for the
Flowers on the Sanctuary.
If you would like to have the flowers on the sanctuary in memory
of someone or something special just let Fr Paul or Sharon know and
they will arrange it, or you can simply put all the details on an envelope,
and put the donation in the envelope and pop it through the office
Laudato Si a week last Thursday Pope F rancis first
encyclical was published. The full version is available
on lineand has now been published as a booklet. In
the meantime, we have printed off a summary of the
encyclical which will give you a flavour of the encyclical, which are available from the porches.
We are hoping to have the ordered copies of the booklet available for collection this weekend, as long as
they arrive from our suppliers! The cost is 4.95 a

Singing and Music in the Liturgy

Many thanks to those who responded to the request to get involved in the singing and music at Mass. We have had a few people
who have come forward. If you have been meaning to let us know that
you are interested, please e-mail us or see Fr Paul after Mass at the back
of church. Still room for more people to get involved.
Dont forget we have Tea and Coffee in the Parish Centre
after the 10.30 am Mass each Sundaycome and join us!

Proclaim 15 the National Catholic

Evangelisation conference is taking place
this weekend (after over 2 years of preparation!), taking place this SaturdayJuly
11th in Birmingham. The 40 delegates
from our diocese are travelling together
to the Conference. Thank you to everyone who have taken
part in the three preparatory meetings in our cluster of parishes, the discussion has been great, and there has been a lot of
sharing of ideas, which can only help our three parishes, both
individually and as a cluster.

During this weekend of the Conference and the

week after could you please say the following
prayer each day.
Loving Father,
you so loved the world that you sent us your only Son,
that we might believe in him and have eternal life.
May we encounter Jesus Christ anew this day
and live the Good News with joy.
Through the power of your Holy Spirit,
help us to go out to the whole world and proclaim
our faith with confidence.
Give us the courage to witness to the Joy of the Gospel
by our words and actions.
Help our parish to become more welcoming and missionary,
so that you may be known and loved by all people.
We make this prayer through Our Lord Jesus Christ Your
Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God for ever and ever,
Our Lady, Star of the New Evangelisation, Pray for us.
Blessed John Henry Newman, Pray for us.
St Thrse of Lisieux, Pray for us.
Next Sunday we are having a Bar-b-que to end the 10 week
draw. We need volunteers to look after the bar-b-que! So if
you have always wanted to cook 150 burgers and sausages etc
at one time, nows your chance to show your bar-b-que skills!
If you can help out please contact the Parish Office.
Advance notice of two talks organised by the Department
for Evangelisation in September.
Tuesday 8th September:
Paul Vallely (author of Pope Francis: Untying the knots)
will be speaking about:
How Pope Francis will change Catholic Social thinking.
Thursday 17th September:
Rev Dr Jeremy Duff will be speaking about:
Peters Preaching: The Gospel of St Mark
(this is also the title of Jeremys new book, published in June
Both talks will be at:
St Gabriels R.C. High School, Bridge Road, Bury,
7.30 pm9.30 pm.
5.00 per person
More details and booking forms to follow.