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Types Of Gearboxes

Bevel Gearboxes

Bevel gearboxes are basically mechanical devices widely used for transmitting mechanical
power and motion between nonparallel axes (intersecting axes), usually at right angles. The teeth
on it is straight, spiral or hypoid. The main use of these gearboxes are when the direction of a
shaft's rotation needs to be changed.
Important Specifications to be Considered
Gear center
Bore diameter
Use of Bevel Gear
Automotive industry
Textile industry
Industrial engineering products

Helical Gearboxes

Helical Gearboxes are used in numerous industrial applications. They have teeth that spiral
around the gear and are similar to spur gears. These can be custom designed and are available in

different ratios. They are noise free and have modified output.
Materials Used
Cast Iron
Use of Helical Gears

Offset Gearbox

These gearboxes are used in many applications in different industries. They have optimum power
and are high in performance.
Types of Offset Gearbox
Equipped with durable and long life motors.
High ranging shaft output.
Face mounted in any direction.
Operates in both directions.
Materials Used
Aluminium alloys
Cast iron
Use of Offset Gearbox
Brush drive motors
Traction drive motors
Floor care

Planetary Gearboxes

Planetary Gearbox are highly efficient and has maximum torque capacity. They are such named
because of their physical resemblance to solar system and are composed of sun gear, planet gears
and the planet gears' carrier, and ring gear.
Use of Planetary Gears
Wind turbines
Power industry
Sugar industry
Automotive industry
Material handling equipment
Medical equipment
Robotics machinery
Aviation equipment
Packaging equipment

Right Angle Bevel Gearbox

These gearboxes have curved and oblique teeth. They are used for high speed and performance
industrial machines. They are compact, noise free and incurs low maintenance cost.
Materials Used

Cast iron
Use of Right Angle Bevel Gearbox
Power industry
Printing presses

Sequential Gearbox

These are also known as Sequential manual transmission. It is commonly used in the automobile
industry. It helps the industry for faster, smoother and easier shifting of gears. This gearbox make
use of rotation of drum to switch gears. Its advantage is that it reduces the risk of blowing up
engine due to mis-shift and it takes less space.
Use of Sequential Gearbox
Racing cars

Shaft Mounted Gearbox

Shaft Mounted Gearboxes are used for efficient power transmission. As it is suspended on the
shaft, it does not require base frame for drive system. It eliminates the need of foundation and

coupling. The installation of this gearbox is easy and it takes less space.
Use of Shaft Mounted Gearbox
Conveyor belts
Steel industry
Food processing industry
Mining industry
Aerospace industry
Power industry

Spiral Bevel Gearbox

They are type of bevel gearbox that provides 95-98% efficiency and are widely used to transmit
power between shafts with right angle orientation to each other. It has curved and oblique teeth,
and ensures low noise.
Materials Used
Cast iron
Aluminium alloy
Use of Spiral Bevel Gearbox
Finishing Equipment
Servo-Positioning Systems
Electrical Line Shafting
Boring/Milling Machine Tools
Printing Presses

Worm Gearbox

Sometimes also referred as Worm, these gearboxes has a shaft with screw thread. It meshes with
toothed wheel and changes direction of the axis of rotary motion. It is noiseless, maintenance
free and are available with different precision levels with backlash options.
Salient Features
Good heat dissipation.
Can be universally mounted.
Available in different coupling options.
Lubricated for long life.
Use of Worm Gearboxes
Machine tools
Industrial robots
Tracking systems
Semiconductor manufacturing

Worm Reduction Gearbox

Worm Reduction Gearbox is basically a type of worm gearbox that has numerous industrial
applications. These are available in various sizes, shapes, configurations, designs and different
precision levels with backlash options.
Salient Features

High efficiency and safe operation.

Compactly designed.
High load capacity and overload functions.
Reduced vibration and noise.
Maintenance free.
Available in various mounting options.
Use of Worm Reduction Gearbox
Machine tools
Industrial robots
Tracking systems
Semiconductor manufacturing