Christian Baha, CEO Quadriga Investment Group
In 1991,Christian Baha and Christian Halper (CEO and CTO of today’s Quadriga Group) started their collaboration in developing a financial software. In 1995, Mr. Baha and Mr. Halper used their program and expertise to establish “TeleTrader,” a company that focuses on financial software development for global institutions, and has been listed at the Austrian Stock Exchange since 2001. In 1995, Mr. Baha and Mr. Halper founded Quadriga AG, today known as the founding office of the Quadriga Investment Group, one of the world’s leading hedge fund managers. In March 1996, Quadriga launched a profit sharing rights certificate, the first alternative investment product for private investors in Austria. All Quadriga and Superfund products are based on the internationally awarded fully automated computer trading system. The strategies of the products differ in their risk/return ratio. The quality of Quadriga’s self-developed trading systems is confirmed by their constant and positive performance. With an annual value increase of approximately 20%, Quadriga AG (closed fund per March 1,2004) the flagship product of the group highlights the success of the investment philosophy. Due to the continued success of our funds, Quadriga has continued its international expansion. After establishing branches all around the globe, Quadriga unified its funds in 2003 under the umbrella brand name SUPERFUND. Since it’s inception in 1996, the Quadriga Investment Group has grown to become one of the most successful retail Managed Futures Funds providers in the world with more than 1.25 billion EUR under management and 50.000 investors worldwide. Today, the Quadriga Group has offices around the globe with more than 260 employees.

Martin Schneider, Head of Motorsport Development
Martin Schneider joined Superfund in 2002 and is responsible for all motorsport development including the sponsorship of Formula One team, Minardi. Martin now has full responsibility for the development and marketing of Formula Superfund. Prior to joining Superfund, Martin spent five years at Nike as the Alpine Region Sales Director for Footwear before moving on to FC Tirol as their Commercial Director in 2001. Martin also has a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Karl Wendlinger, 2005 Formula Superfund Development Driver
Austrian driver, Karl Wendlinger is one of the leading drivers in the FIA GT Championship. In 1991, Karl was chosen alongside Michael Schumacher, to be developed by Mercedes Benz Motorsport. He made his Formula One debut at March finishing fourth in the 1992 Canadian Grand Prix before moving to Sauber in 1993. In his first season with Sauber, Karl finished fourth in Monza and the following year took another fourth place in Imola before suffering serious head injuries in a practice session crash at Monaco. Karl recovered to resume a successful racing career in GT and Touring cars. In 1999, he won the FIA GT Championship in a Chrysler Viper.
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