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High Performance Service Assurance for Ethernet

and IP Networks


EtherNID & MetroNID

Demarcation at the edge of the network provides assured, end-to-end

SLAs and standards-based management to deliver carrier-grade Ethernet
and IP services for even the most demanding applications.

Intelligent Demarcation

Accedian Networks High Performance Service Assurance platform the EtherNID

and MetroNID demarcation units, define the boundaries of the network, enabling
end-to-end service provisioning and assurance with carrier-grade performance.
The EtherNID and MetroNID units are based on Accedians wire-speed Fast-PAAs
chip, a unique hardware-based engine that provides advanced performance testing
and service creation capabilities in a low delay, carrier-grade, in-line hybrid test and
network element for compact and cost-efficient deployment at the boundaries of
the network.
Unlike store-and-forward architectures, Fast-PAAs proprietary silicon design
provides wire-speed pass-through performance without adding delay or delay
variation, while at the same time providing microsecond measurement resolution
and real-time processing for every packet flowing through the unit.

Product Highlights
Proprietary Hardware Design
1 s measurement resolution
Ultra-low delay performance



Ideal for assuring real-time services


Service Assurance and Creation Features

Establish SLA-backed Ethernet services,
point-to-point and multi-point
Enhanced fast and exible service
creation by mapping any VLAN IDs
to the same EVC.
1-way delay and delay variation,
throughput, packet loss, availability
and usage statistics

Test Set and Monitoring System Support



Aggregation Node

Handoff Point

With MEF 9+14 and NEBS Level 3 certification, no moving parts and 3-way redundant
power link protection, EtherNID and MetroNID units are truly carrier-grade. A variety
of mounting options ease installation at customer premises, cell sites, central offices
and aggregation nodes.

EtherNID Demarcation Device

MetroNID Demarcation Device

Designed for service demarcation at the edge of your network,

EtherNIDs offer advanced, high performance service assurance
and creation directly from customer premises and cell-sites.

Accedians high performance MetroNID demarcation device provides

carrier-grade demarcation within metro and access networks.
Designed for cellular hubs, aggregation nodes and CPEs, MetroNIDs
segment, monitor and bridge diverse networks, delivering traffic
conditioning and performance monitoring visibility.

With a full range of Ethernet rates and interfaces, the EtherNID

fits your network from end-to-end.

EtherNID & MetroNID - High Performance Service Assurance

for Ethernet and IP Networks

General Functionality
Service Assurance Functioning
RFC-2544 Automated

Jumbo Frames Support

SNMP v1 and v2c

All functions support Jumbo Frames up

to 10,240 bytes at all rates (10/100/1000

SNMP v1 and v2c support for monitoring,

alarms, OSS integration.

Test Suite and Reports

Intelligent Loopbacks
Per-Flow Statistics

Service Creation and

Traffic Conditioning
Service Mapping

Dry-Contact Inputs4

3Way Redundant Power

Units can be powered using 5VDC, or dual
24 / 48 VDC feeds, all mutually redundant.

Units support 2 dry-contact inputs

accessible through an RJ-45 connector.

Plug & Go Instant Provisioning

Automated zero-touch provisioning,
auto-configuration and inventory tracking

Bandwidth Policy
Zero delay Traffic shaping
Wire-speed filtering
Switch Free Aggregation



Scales to 100 endpoints

line, tree or mesh

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Monitor 100s of Flows

or SLAs


GbE link

Customer Traffic

Generated Y.1731 Traffic

In-service throughput testing with no impact to customer traffic