Karl Wendlinger (AUT), Development Driver 2005 Formula Superfund car: “I was expecting a very fast, powerful car and I was impressed when I got behind the wheel. The 2005 car worked extremely well from the start. It’s a spectacular looking racing car with enough power, downforce and grip to produce some very fast lap times. The cornering speeds are very fast and the new car is going to be very impressive in race conditions.” Jonny Reid (NZL), John Village Automotive driver: “The 2005 Formula Superfund car a very physical car to drive and I was amazed by the horsepower behind it. We’re going to see some very close, hard racing next year and it will definitely be the survival of the fittest. On top of that, the sound of the V10 engine is something else. I just hope I get the chance to drive it again in the future!”

Alex Lloyd (GBR), John Village Automotive driver: “I was really impressed when I first saw the new car as it looks amazing. The way the exhaust system is integrated into the side pods is like an F1 car and the paintwork really emphasises the clean lines of the car. The gears worked well and with one click of a button, the paddle shift changed gears quickly and efficiently. You only have to look at the huge front tyres to see that it’s going to be a physically demanding car to drive and will require the same level of fitness from drivers as Formula One next year.” Vincenzo Sospiri (ITA), Euronova Team Owner and ex-Formula One driver: "We had a very positive and productive day's testing. The car has good balance, is easy to drive and I am very impressed by its power. Next season's drivers will find the step to Formula 1 is only a small one in terms of power and driveability."

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Alexandre Premat (FRA), F3 Euro Series driver: “I love everything about the new Formula Superfund car – the look, the engine, the power, it’s awesome! The new car is a very fast, well-balanced, powerful racing car and will be an excellent learning ground for Formula One.”

Bruno Spengler (CAN), F3 Euro Series driver: “This is the first time I’ve driven a car more powerful than Formula 3 and it has certainly proved much more powerful than I’m used to. As soon as I came out of the first corner, I could feel the acceleration which was incredible! This has been a fantastic experience for me.”

Timo Glock (GER), 2004 Jordan F1 driver: “The SF01 is a very impressive car and is sure to be a good training ground for young drivers looking to make the step up to Formula One. In my experience, it’s definitely the closest car to F1 in terms of horsepower as it’s an incredibly powerful car. I’m used to traction control in Formula One with less margins for oversteer and understeer but I found a good rhythm - I think its looking good for next year.”

Bas Leinders (BEL), 2004 Minardi F1 Test Driver: “The SF01 is much quicker than any other car I’ve driven, with the exception of Formula One and even then it’s not far off the mark. I was amazed by the power behind the car and also its driveability – the SF01 is very stable and not at all nervous. Also, there’s no traction control so it was really fun to drive!”

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