ALEX RAKOV E-mail: arakov@yandex.

ru COMPUTER SKILLS Languages: Assembler, Object Pascal, C/C++/C#, VB, SQL, Java Databases: MS Access, Paradox, Interbase, MS SQL Server Tools: VC, VB, Delphi, MS Access, VCL, BDE, ODBC, .NET, ASP.NET, jquery WORK EXPERIENCE (1995-2006) 1995.1996 – Participated in developing series of simulators (Norton commander, DOS). The programs were designed to help students learn these products (DOS, Borland Pascal 7.0) 1997-2002 – Designed, implemented and maintained Salary Calculating System for Kaliningrad Welfare Centre (MS Access 2000) 1999-2000 – Designed and implemented the system managing access to computer rooms in Kaliningrad State University (Delphi, Tcp/Ip, Windows NT) 2005-2007 – Employee of Mediachase; Projects in which are involved: IBN, IBN Import, IBN Toolbox, FileUploader, MetaDataPlus; technologies are used: ASP.NET, Active X, WebServices, ADO.NET 2007 - Employee of Monster Technologies Prague: Projects in which are involved: Seeker, Redux, Apply process, technologies are used: ASP.NET, Active X, WebServices, ADO.NET ACTIVITIES April 1998 – Published small article about interesting approach to programming in EXE Magazine 1999-2002 – Taught Delphi in Additional Education Center at Kaliningrad State University. 2006-2009 – Designed and implemented (on C++) the compiler for the original object-oriented programming language with late binding ( LANGUAGES Fluent English, Basic German