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About the Author

Eric was born in Leeds and is a proud Yorkshireman. He has two daughters and two
grandsons, Charlie and Seth, who have given him encouragement and patience
whilst putting his thoughts and ideas forward to write these stories.


I dedicate this book to my two grandsons, Charlie and Seth for their criticisms and

Copyright Eric Parker-Quayle (2015)

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A CIP catalogue record for this title is available from the British

ISBN 978 1 78455 867 3 (paperback)

978 1 78455 868 0 (hardback)
First Published (2015)
Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd.
25 Canada Square
Canary Wharf
E14 5LB

Printed and bound in Great Britain

Brian and the Magic Nut


Brian and the Furry Folk


Brian and the Magic Tree


Brian and the White Knight


Brians Magic Ride


Brian and the White Car


Tagram the Giants Busy Day


Tagram and the Wonky Wizard


Brians Adventures

Brian and the Magic Nut

It was a cold windy day and Brian was busy building with
his Lego when his mum called him from the kitchen.
Ive just baked some buns and a cake so will you take
them to Grandpa and Grandmas please?
Ok, he said.
It was quite a long way to their house and they lived at
the far side of the big wood. Brian liked going to see his
Grandparents. Grandma always gave him little savoury
biscuits which were always very nice and Grandpa gave him
little jobs to do which he had saved especially. He also told
Brian of the many places he had seen and the strange sights
he saw when he was a young man in the Navy.
Get well wrapped up and put your wellingtons on, it
will be muddy in the wood, his mum told him.
So putting his winter coat on, the one with the big fur
hood, he pulled on his Star Wars wellingtons, put on the
rucksack filled with buns and cakes, gave a wave and set
off. It was just a small village where he lived with his mum,
dad and big brother Gary. Gary was in the Army so they
didnt see him very often.
There were some shops in the village. Mr Thomas was
the butcher, who had a great big dog called Brutus. In the
post office were the Green sisters and they had a Budgie

called Alf. Alf could say nursery rhymes. He had a bald

head and lived in a pink cage with lots of bells and mirrors.
Next to the post office was Harrys Hardware shop. Harry
was a bit deaf and you had to shout so he could hear what
you wanted. Harry sold everything, kettles, pans, knives,
forks, watering cans, wheelbarrows and more things than
you can think of. Sometimes he even had sweets and ice
cream for sale. He had a huge black and white cat called
Butch who sat in the window watching everybody passing.
Soon he came to the stile, climbed over it and went into
the wood. He had been this way many times and knew every
dip and bend. He had given names to the big trees which
helped to pass the time, like Ollie Oak and Bill Beech and
sometimes they seemed to sing a friendly song as the wind
passed through their leaves.
Striding on through the wood he saw something strange
lying on the path. Picking it up he saw it was some kind of
nut, but unlike any nut he had seen before. It was a purple
colour, pointed at both ends with wavy lines on each side.
He was still quite puzzled when suddenly a squirrel came
running down the path and stopped in front of him. Brian
was quite surprised to say the least but was even more
surprised when it spoke.
Hello, you are Brian arent you?
Yes I am, he said, amazed that a squirrel could talk and
wondering what would happen next.
Dont worry, we knew who you were and where you are
going, you see, the wind told us when you left home.
Now please follow me.


The squirrel turned and ran up a path, a path Brian had

never seen before. He did as he was asked and followed the
squirrel to a grassy clearing. Brian stood in amazement,
there dancing and jumping on the grass, were elves. Not just
one or two but lots and lots of them. All in bright colours
with little pointed green hats with bells, red jackets with
silver buttons, yellow trousers and blue shoes with bells.
Then one of them with a bushy beard whispered
something in the squirrels ear, and then looked at Brian.
Now young Brian this is a special day for you and we
have a wonderful surprise. My name is Elmo and Im fairly
well known to most people. In fact, you could almost say
Im famous, but thats another story.
Elmo went on, That nut you found is a very special
magic nut so please hold it tight, close your eyes and wish
for something you really want.
Doing as he was asked he closed his eyes and wished. He
wished and wished that he could have a new bike. Shiny red

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