BREAKING DAWN ''Alice is everything ok ? Alice Alice
I asked . '' Oh sorry Bella i just had a vision''. ''What was it is everything ok ? is it the volturi? I asked . ''Oh no, no its a new trend in the stock market its coming out in 4 days'' she answered .'' Alice'' I moaned ''I was worried jeez you just stared into space.'' '' Oh well sorry ok where were we ? oh yes so do you think we should go home yet , I mean to Forks because were gonna have to move soon our age is starting to notice''. she asked. I didnt want to tell anyone this but the thought of going back back to Forks was making me feel literally sick, (if vampires can feel sick ). Still I'd have to tell her I don't want to go back to Forks. Since Charlie , my dad the chief of police died I've felt like a part of me was missing . It was awful when he died and most of Forks hated me and gossiped about me sayin how I was such a bad daughter because I didn't attend his funeral. I would of did anything to go but Carlisle and my husband Edward convinced me that it would reveal us because I still looked 18 when I was supposed to be around 40 years old. None of us had seen him die so soon , (maybe Alice did but didn't want to tell me ) so it was a big shock. He was around 62 years old when he died. The biggest shock of all was Renee my mother , I hadn't seen her since I had changed , but we kept in contact with phone calls for 2 years.(I didn't get to tell her about my lovely daughter Renesmee because my hairbrained mother woudn't have understood) died she was with her husband Phil they were going on a road trip to New Orleans were in a crash my mother wasn't breathing when we found her. My stepfather Phil was okay and survived we didn't keep in contact after that, it was another part of me missing . Still this may sound mean but none of them was compared to when Edward the love of my life, the only person who ever understood me left. Oops Edward growled I forgot I didn't have my sheild pulled over so he could hear my thoughts. Edward hates it when I bring up when he left , he claims it was th biggest mistake of my life and he would never forgive himself for doing it. Renesmee my daughter is 300 years old but stopped aging when she looked like at 19 year old , lives in Denali with her husband Jacob. She also lives near the other civilized (vegetarian ) coven. Tanya , Kate , Carmen , Eleazar and now Garett lives there. Their sister Irina used to live with them but she betrayed the Cullens and told the volturi about Renesmee , the volturi killed her in the end because she told them that Renesmee was a full vampire child. (Which is not the case as her heart beats ) . Renesmee and Jacob got married only 50 years ago. Edward wouldn't allow them to get married any sooner because he said no matter how fast Renesmee grew she was still only a child. So they waited but one day jacob started freaking out and told Edward that he wasn't going to wait for his permission and was going to marry her. Edward was so shocked by this demand that he agreed to let them get married. hey had a private wedding only for our family and the Quileute werewolves. Billy Black dies long before Charlie because he got terrible pains in his legs he had a heart attack and fell out of his wheelchair. Jacob was extremely upset when Billy died. I had always envied their

relationship because there were no secrets or lies, like Charlie and I Charlie knew that there was something strange witht the family because none of us were aging. He asked once but I told him that if I explained it would put him in great danger (the volturi) . He didn't press his case any further and continued to visit us right up till the end.

Edward's p.o.v
I Just celebrated my 210th birthday 3 days ago. I had forgotten all bout it (as I do every year ) but unfortuantely Alice and Bella hadn't . Bella even helped Alice paln the party which was unlike Bella because
she never made a fuss. They had streamers everywhere and banners, they had to make their own banners co's there were no banner that said 410years old . My daughter Renesmee coudn't make it . I didn't tell anyone how hurt that made me feel , I think Bella saw throught it though. She sent me a card and and email , but she didnt even call . I think she's annoyed with me for breaking Jacob arm last time he came. We were jus having a wrestling match at I squeezed his arm too tight and his bone cracked. Even Emmett was annoyed with me for that because Jacob and himare best friends now. They get on really well and watch sports and stuff together. Bella wasn't annoyed at me (as usual) she's so nice and caring , she just said that '' I'm stronger than Jacob and he knew he was taking a risk''. Which is so true , anyway Jake healed in approximately 2 hours so problem solved .

Rosalie's p.o.v
the past few years of my life have been the best mostly because of Renesmee . She called me yesterday and told me that if Edward doesn't get over this problem with Jacob then she won't talk to him. So I'm gonna be extra nice to the dog , (if he didnt smell so bad it would be easier) I don't really have a problem with Jacob anymore once Nessie is happy then I'm happy , I'm basically her second mother if she can't find Bella {which is very often sice that girl is often in a world of her own } she turns to me . We are very similar are similarities are : we're both exceptionally beautiful , we both like shopping , we both adore mechanics and love workng in the garage together. the one thing I don't understand is why she married that I pretend I understand but truly I don't. Her senses are as strong as ours so she can most definetely smell him. Which is not what I'd like to smell 24/7 . Bella understands and thats why we always argue . She loved Jacob as a friend.


4 months later

Edward's p.o.v
So here we are . we're back at Forks. Where I met Bella for the first time. We haven't been here since we visited Charlie's grave a few years ago. We made up our minds and we're going to start school again . It was Forks High School where my life began , only this time I would be starting with the love of my exsitence Bella Swan/Cullen . ''Bella , love are you sure your ok to start high school again because we don't have to only if you want '' ''Edward stop your dazzling me again'' she complained '' I didnt think I did that anymore ''I questioned . ''You do and yes I wan't to start school again , if thats where you'll be then I'll be there , okay.'' she answered so I said in an excited voice ''Sure love I just didnt want you to be unhappy , I'm gonna call renesmee and see if everythings alright k '' ''Yes do whatever you don't need my opinion'' she snapped . Bella has been acting very strange lately and I know that her , Rose and Alice were hiding something from me. ''Hello'' I said into the phone'' if Jacob answers'' i thought . ''Oh hi dad so hows it going '' Nessie said in a very rough voice . '' Nessie is everything ok have you been crying '' just then Bella snapped the phone off me . ''HEY'' I shouted ''WHATS GOING ON '' .

SO HERE I am at Forks High School . . I 'm happy to be back to go back to our old houses the Cullen in the big house and me and Edward in our little cottage We used to live in our cottage together but then we moved . Now as a surprise Nessie is moving here we have built a small house for Nessie and Jacob . That was the secret Nessie coudnt come to Edward's birthday party because she was busy here making her house . Edward is upset that she's not with us so he'll be over the moon that she's going to be living so close