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(Complete Plan of Action)

The social media marketing umbrella includes sites that are both Web 2.0 and Web 1.0 – basically you want to be anywhere that enables discussions, sharing, and user-generated content (UGC), such as:
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Blogs and Forums / Discussion Boards Consumer Review Sites Social Networks / Online Communities Social Bookmarking Sites Social News Sites Social Music Sites Video and Photo Sharing Sites Wikis

Social networking – only hit the communities relevant to your issue, product, company, topic or you will get poor quality traffic, if any. Are you infiltrating tight-knit interest-specific online communities? If so, you will need to ingratiate yourself into the pack. Social media builds awareness and drives conversation. It’s a powerful way enable communication between the company & customer. Always remember, selling is a secondary or tertiary benefit of social media. 2.0 BUDGETING How are budgeting typically categorized? • Social Marketing as its own Campaign – Create something to go after a specific market segment via a discreet Social Marketing effort • Social Marketing as part of a larger Campaign – Already spending on online/offline media – use Social Media to amplify it and “give megaphones to your evangelists” • Distributed Applications as a Platform Extension – Creating a ongoing “channel” to reach customers/prospects off of your existing Destination Site, by putting products & services into external contexts.

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2.1 COSTING Strategy/Planning: Included Design & Development: • Widget Application: $500 – $1000 (Depends) • Facebook/fanpage App: . $200 - $500 • Optimized Landing Page: $200 - $300 • Branded Professional Blog: $200 – $300 • Video Profile & Presentations: $250 - $500 • Professional PPT Slides: $1 per slide (without slide cast) • Corporate LinkedIn Profile: $100- $200 • Youtube Branded Profile: $100 - $200 • Branded Twitter Profile: $100- $200 (All features with complete optimization support-Google) Ongoing Management & Hosting: $100K – $200/month • Complete Website (HTML base: $200, Flash Base: $500 to $1000) Complete Media Campaign Package - 3-5 weeks is a good design & development estimate for many Social Marketing efforts* ★★ Including more value added services - (traffic, SEO, tagging, webcast, slidecast 3.0 BENEFITS Best Opportunities for Leverage • Market directly to existing customers, members, etc. • Hitch to an existing online campaign These are Free, So Might as Well Do Them • List it in all the Widget/Gadget Galleries • Use a widget ad network (Facebook)

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4.0 ACTION PLAN Only after learning about your business, analyzing your competitors, researching your keywords, and understanding how customers interact with your products and services do we develop your 90-day action plan. We know that giving you a list of things "to do" may never get done -- that is human nature. Our goal isn't simply to 'give you an action plan' -- our goal is to see you apply the plan and reap the benefit. We break every step down step by step in as much detail as possible so that you can literally take the ideas and either execute them yourself or give to one or more people on your team to execute. 4.1 Keyword Analysis Report Keywords are the cornerstone of every successful online marketing campaign. You will have to provide a list of the at least top 10 keywords to target based on expert keyword research. 4.2 Training Videos - VLOGS Through the marketing strategy and training you'll receive as part of this package, you will naturally target longer tail keywords and be able to carry on marketing online smoothly after the transfer. Our goal is to teach you how to create your own marketing copy -4.3 Conversion Analysis Report Our goal is for you to not only achieve visibility for your business, but to turn that visibility into customers and/or leads. Driving traffic to a business that isn't converting is not a good use of your time and does not achieve the ultimate goal -- to gain sales, leads, customers, and profitability. 4.4 Content Marketing Template Package Many of the actions you'll be given in your action plan involve developing content. We understand that starting with a blank page can be daunting and overwhelming. We'll provide you with a package of templates that you can build upon to develop a variety of content pieces. 4.5 Facebook Page Optimization Your Facebook page is one of your most important pages to optimize in terms of SEO and conversion. Every detail from the title tag, to the menu, to the content, to where things are positioned on the page can effect rankings and sales.


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As per our conversation, the following package meets to your requirements “Small Business” Package
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Facebook Page and Profiling. Ad Placement. Status Updates and Interaction. Event creating and updates Analyze and make recommendations in regards to your current social media strategy Twitter, linkedln and youtube accounts creating and link – Without custom Background Mass Broadcast. Assist you in clarifying your online brand, outcome, and differentiator Assist you in monitoring online conversations and show you how to respond. Invitation to all existing clients and alumni. Promotion of facebook page and fan base.

6.0 TRAINING 30 Minute Social Media Marketing, Twitter: How to Tweet, How to Gain Quality Followers and How to Monitor Conversations, Get Involved, and Find Qualified Leads. Our Online Marketing Training Session. 7.0 SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEFY- MAP WORKSHEET 7.1. Objective a. What do you want to accomplish with social media? • • • • • • • • • Research and Learning Increase Brand or Issue Awareness Reputation management Get your fans to talk about you (word of mouth) Content Generation and Issues Awareness Increased Relevant Visitor Traffic and Page Rankings Take Action (sign petition, send email, leave comment, etc) Fundraising Other:

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b. Now, restate your objective so it is “SMART” – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based.

7.2 Target Audience a. Who must you reach with your social media efforts to meet your objective? Why this target group?

b. What key points do you want to make with your audience?

7.3 Integration a. Facebook Advertising - Reach your exact audience and connect real customers to your business. Connect with Real People
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Reach over 400,000,000 active Facebook users. Attach social actions to your ads to increase relevance. Create demand for your product with relevant ads.

Facebook Page All information of the product and business to be provided i.e the dates, details , contact information of course and profile of business. Alongside all art work and 10 different tag statements to be provided. Facebook account of employees required to moderate page.

Facebook Ad

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7.3.1 Ad Design
• • •

Title – 35 words, Images and 130 characters body text based ads to be provided – 10 different pitches. Advertise your own web page or something on Facebook like a Page or an Event. We will follow to pay per click (CPC) with a minimum bid of $0.9.

Ad message - Write clear, targeted ads with concise text that speaks directly to the audience you will reach. The title can have up to 25 characters, and the body can have up to 135 characters. Photo - Put an attractive and relevant image in your ad that is appropriate for the product or service being advertised. Image will be resized to fit in a 110px wide by 80px high box.

Ads Optimization - Tracking of progress with real-time reporting with insight about who’s clicking on your ad, making modifications to maximize your results.

Link –The Event i.e the course would be created along with the upcoming events.

7.3.2 Targeting Provide the following for each Target Segment:
• • • • • • • • •

Location Age Sex Keywords Education Workplace Relationship Status Relationship Interests Languages

Target your exact audience with demographic and psychographic filters about real people.

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7.3.3 Campaigns and Pricing The Campaign would be named as per the course but keep in mind ads in the same campaign share a daily budget and schedule.

Now that you’ve set up your campaign, set your daily budget and your schedule. How much do you want to spend per day? The minimum budget is US $5.00 a day. Now schedule your ad. Do you want your campaign to run continuously starting once the ad is approved or at a specified start and end date?

b. Is there an “offline” component that you need to support/connect? 8.0 CONCLUSION
Human beings are far more likely to communicate ideas and information with others when they are emotionally engaged. Find the key issues that concern your audience and then inculcate them within your marketing plan to get an emotional response


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Publish photos, video, audio, text and files on over 100 online destinations, social networks, photo/video

sites, blogs, and other online services.

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“Evolution is evolution – and it’s happened before us and will continue after we’re gone. But, what’s taking place now is much more than change for the sake of change. The socialization of content creation, consumption and participation, is hastening the metamorphosis that transforms everyday people into participants of a powerful and valuable media literate society.“ - Brian Solis,

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