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: 05 Jul, 2015

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Mr. Shahid Hussain

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1. PREFACE ........................................................................................................................................................................... 4
2. SOME BASIC GROUND RULES ............................................................................................................................................ 6
3. MEMBERSHIP DRIVE.......................................................................................................................................................... 8
ANNEXURE 1 (SOCIAL MEDIA COC)................................................................................................................................... 9
ANNEXURE 2 (GENERAL COC) ......................................................................................................................................... 11

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PTI – Canada
1. Preface
Considering the exponential growth of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf in Pakistan and
especially abroad, we have decided to revisit and pay special attention to our overseas chapters.
We acknowledge the need to streamline the processes to provide everyone an effective,
transparent and competitive platform to serve our nation in the best of our capacity, to address
this need Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf already has “Office of International Chapter” famously
known as OIC. Primary focus of OIC is to organize and provide platform to Pakistanis living
abroad to contribute in building and developing our nation using their skills and financial
OIC is currently overseeing several International chapters and among other international
chapter Canadian chapters carries equal importance in terms of educated and qualified
Pakistanis working in the region. We intent to make these chapters more organized so that the
best of leadership/talent emerges not just in Pakistan but also overseas.
Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf believes that Overseas Pakistanis are the best of our resources and we
are hopeful that they will get “right-to-vote” before upcoming election, for the very reason OIC
has appointed Mr. Shahid Hussain as Deputy Secretary International Affairs (DSIA) for Canada
and Middle-East. Notification of Mr. Shahid Hussain can be found on following link.

Here is a brief Introduction of Mr. Shahid Hussain:
I, Shahid Hussain have worked in construction industry for 20 years in UAE, UK and FarEast, since 1998 I’m running my own business in UK,UAE and Pakistan. Working for PTI is a
“Political Love Affair”, and PTI is “One of the love of my life” and probably the last one. I was
never affiliated with any political party before joining PTI and for last four years have been a
member of PTI’s Central Finance Office in UK.

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PTI – Canada

Here are few words from him which describes his vision for the region:
Canada has reasonable number of skilled and educated overseas Pakistanis, so we
understand its importance and are well aware of the challenges faced by PTI workers in the
region. In past few weeks I’ve been in constant touch with several workers and officials
appointed by OIC and also with those who are working independently. I understand that there
are groups and individuals who have difference of opinion on how PTI should be functioning in
the region. We in PTI respect diversity and believe in “difference of opinion” as “healthy”, as
long as it remains within dignified mechanism and within Party’s code of conduct.
Like most of the International Chapters, Officials in Canada Chapters were also
appointed based on their performance and long affiliation with the party. We value their hard
work and dedication for the party for last several years and we believe that these party workers
are important assets, but wherever there are appointments, there are issues, appointments are
always questioned, so to ensure discipline in the party, elections in every chapter in the region
is inevitable.

Shahid Hussain

Middle-Eastern Chapter under Mr. Shahid Hussain
Appointment of Mr. Shahid Hussain as Deputy Secretary International Affairs (ME &
Canada) brought major change in Middle Easter region, all chapters in middle-east were
depriving of elected and democratic setup, Mr. Shahid Hussain started with the most difficult
chapter in the region i.e. Saudi Arabia and successfully delivered democratically elected setup in
the country making it one the highest paying overseas members among overseas community
with UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman to follow. It was painstaking process and took few months
to get all different groups and panels onboard.

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PTI – Canada
2. Some Basic Ground Rules
Before we begin, it is important that we set some ground rules and number one rule is to “Raise
above all person likings and differences to work for a greater cause i.e. To Build A Prosperous
Pakistan”. We all love our nation equally, some express it loudly and some prefer to remain
quite, so we should respect and honor every fellow Pakistanis.

Here is a high level roadmap for the region.





First and foremost, we respect and abide by the law of the land we are living in, so we
request our fellow Pakistanis to do the same.
None can collect any kind of funds/fees unless approved and authorized by
We intend to start awareness campaign / paying membership drive in Canada in few
months from now.
Membership drives will be started to lay the foundation for party elections in the region.
We’ll be setting minimum paying membership targets for each City in order to conduct
party elections
Elections are tentatively targeted to be announced as soon as we find ourselves ready.
OIC will be forming two committees to ensure transparency; these committees may also
act as an advisory board. Any appointed member for this committee may have to leave
their existing positions in Party if they hold any. OIC may share members between these
two Committees.
2.7.1 Conflict Resolution Committee
Role of Conflict Resolution Committee is well defined within Party and
can be shared with everyone if requested.
OIC will appoint CRC members after consultation with relevant
All conflicts within Party to be directed to CRC
CRC members will not be able to participate in election and/or hold
any party position unless nominated by OIC
All workers are requested to read and adhere to “PTI Social Media Code of Conduct”.
Any member found in breach of the code of conduct may face disciplinary action. For
details on “PTI Social Media Code of Conduct”, please see “Annexure 1”
All workers are requested to read and adhere to “PTI General Code of Conduct”. Any
member found in breach of the code of conduct may face disciplinary action. For details
on “General Code of Conduct”, please see “Annexure 2”
We also request everyone to read below.
2.10.1 Pakistan-Tehreek-e-Insaf-Constitution (
2.10.2 PTI-Manifesto-2013-Urdu (
Everyone to present themselves as PTI workers and NOT represent/tag
themselves as a specific group

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PTI – Canada

Culture of complain / escalation emails:

Any conflict that arises should not be immediately followed by derogatory emails,
chain of command should be respected and local authorities should try to resolve
the conflict without escalation within 48 hours
If complain email had to be written then complainant should include other parties
involved in “CC” of the complaint email.
Once the complaint email is initiated, CRC will give 24 hours to take back the
complaint within 24 hours.
If complain is not retracted with 24 hours CRC will start processing the case
Complain emails will only be replied by CRC officials and CRC may individually ask
for explanation from each individual involved to avoid email-fighting.
Once complain is launched matter will be referred to CRC for resolution and
disciplinary action if required.

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PTI – Canada
3. Membership Drive.
Membership campaign /drive is the foundation of upcoming elections in region, apart from party
election it holds huge amount of potential to generate funds and spread party’s message, it’s
important for every one of us to carry a unified message of our party. Following rules are laid
for membership campaign to effectively increase membership and generate funds at the same
time. These rules are flexible and may wary country to country.



Unified process to be followed by everyone for membership drive
Yearly paying membership for Canada is CAD 60/Every City may have panels and each panel will have membership coordinators,
membership coordinators will be wetted and later listed on to help them carry
membership drive in their respective region
Membership coordinators will be directly reporting to Financial Committee to submit data
/ Membership fees.

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PTI – Canada
3 Annexure 1 (Social Media CoC)
Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf Social Media Code-of-Conduct:
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is dedicated to bringing about a positive & constructive change in
Pakistan and urges all its supporters to embrace the core values of the party which revolve around
Justice, Humanity & Self- Esteem. PTI believes that a stable democratic society is pluralistic in nature
with wide ranging ideas and opinions. We respect others point of views but consider our ideology lest
suited to reform the social, economic and political culture in Pakistan.
PTI is a pioneer in using technology in political arena of Pakistan and encourages its supporters to
actively communicate through these mediums to spread the message to a wider audience and help
the party win a majority mandate in the upcoming election
These guidelines cover all social media platforms including but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter,
Youtube,, blogs, forums and other websites where Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is being
actively discussed. This code of conduct is for PTI supporters and members who interact in social
media, the social media administrators and officials abide to far stricter discipline and administration
Online abuse constitutes the use of foul language, personal or racial attacks and discourteous
remarks, in this digital era it is impossible for a political party to technologically stop or prohibit
people from making abusive or derogatory remarks in the social mediums, However, those who claim
to be PTI supporters, or are our members and those who are our office bearers should show an
increasing sense of responsibility and courtesy in the social mediums when they express their opinion.
For a vibrant democracy it is essential that PTI encourages a courteous exchange of dialogue and
discussion among all people on the social media. PTI supporters and members who interact on social
media must take the following oath.
Our Core Values and Oath:
• We act in the best interest of PTI and value its reputation
• We act with honesty and integrity
• We treat others with respect and dignity
• We give due respect to senior members of the party and to party office bearers.
• We identify conflicts and manage them responsibly and refrain from airing such differences in
the public, PTI values the right of expression for every person but hope conflicts and
disagreements are amicably sorted out with dignity and courtesy.
• We expect all PTI supporters to use their real names online, Fake accounts will not be
accepted as they raise questions about the credibility of the supporters and may become
detrimental to the party.
• PTI strictly prohibits using of disrespectful and abusive language. IF abusive contents are
reported, PTI reserves the right to take disciplinary action against the offender.
• It is in the best interest of Pakistan to have an open and independent media that transparently
questions the decision and functioning of the government and political parties. PTI supporters
will respect media personnel. At times the of view expressed by the columnist, anchors and
© PTI Canada 2015. All rights reserved


PTI – Canada

journalists may be against the party, in which case PTI supporters will present counter
argument with dignity, respect and courtesy, taking strong care not to abuse or attack media
personnel in any way whatsoever
We respect and maintain privacy and confidentiality
We shall comply and abide by this code of conduct and PTI’s directives and policies

Abuse Monitoring Cell and Disciplinary Action
In an effort to monitor and implement this social media code of conduct we need discipline, and help
our teams in creating a dynamic political organization that is truly representative of Pakistani culture
and civilization. PTI has constituted a Social Media Abuse Monitoring Cell.

All PTI supporters on twitter will publicly declare their acceptance to the PTI Social Media Code
of Conduct by the following tweet “I hereby pledge to adhere to the PTI Social Media Code of
Conduct - @PTIOfficial”
Administrators of PTIOfficials will verify the authenticity of the account and after verification will
list the person in a PTI supports twitter list on at –
If any person is found violating the PTI Social Media Code of Conduct – please immediately
report to
If possible the hyperlink of the abuser/abusive content (or hyperlink of the uploaded screen
captured) should also be sent.
The Abuse Control Team will first conduct a preliminary investigation to be completed within
three days asking for detailed clarification from the abuser and the reporter.
If a violation has taken place the Abuse Control Team will take disciplinary action against the
Depending on degree of violation, action may include;
o An initial warning to the abuser where he/she may be requested to issue a public
apology on the same medium on which the offense was carried out.
o Blocking of the offender from PTI official Facebook pages and PTI official Twitter
o Official rejection of the said comments
o Removal of the person from the PTI supporters twitter list
o Reporting of the banned twitter uservia Twitter account @PTIAbuseControl & listing of
o Suspension from the membership of PTI if the person is a member of PTI in which case
the matter shall be referred to the Secretary General’s office.
o On a repeat violation much stronger action will be taken. The abusive person will be
reported on all mediums and it shall be announced that the person has no association
and linkage with PTI.
PTI leaders on twitter –
PTI Social Media Team on Twitter –

© PTI Canada 2015. All rights reserved


PTI – Canada
4 Annexure 2 (General CoC)
Each representative of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf who undertakes to hold office or bear responsibilities
for the representation of the party is required to confirm that they understand and agree to comply
with their obligations under these policies.
This code aims to ensure and uphold party principles, adhering to the best interests of our country and
our party. In order to serve our people with discipline, dignity and fairness we need to understand and
be in compliance with the Code of Conduct and Ethics of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

W hat is the Code of Conduct and Ethics:
The Code of Conduct and Ethics sets standards for the way we work together as a team in PTI. In
striving for performance and results, we cannot compromise our ethics or principles because PTI places
great importance on honesty, integrity, equality and trust.
The Code of conduct provides a practical set of guiding principles to help you make decisions in the
most ethical way and also lays down principles of ethical behavior within the party.

The Principles of the Code are as follow s:
4.1 – We act in the best interests of PTI and value its reputation.

Undertake our duties and perform them with diligence. We are accountable for the
decisions we make and the actions we take.


Deal fairly and honestly with everyone.


Help protect PTI against potential fraud.


Help protect PTI from being associated with entities or individuals who are corrupt or of
criminal repute.


Always be aware of PTI’s reputation at all occasions and events.


We should never air party differences in the public or in the press even by innuendo and
accuse other members of the party or any office bearer, as such action degrades the
party image. Such action is a serious breach of conduct.

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PTI – Canada
4.2 – Act with honesty and integrity.

In all matters whether financial, or in communicating about people we must remain
honest and refrain from innuendo and rumors.


Discuss and then report any suspicion of fraud, theft or other dishonest behavior to the
appropriate office bearer in private.


Never improperly use your position within PTI, or any information you receive to further
your own personal gains and interests.


Be honest and forthright in all of your communications and dealings with others.


Ensure all donations and expenditures are properly recorded and transparent.


Never amend any transaction to disguise, conceal or misrepresent the involvement of
any person or the true nature of the transaction except in the case of anonymous
donations where the name of the donor need not be disclosed.

4.3 – We treat others with respect and value diversity and difference of opinion.

Treat all people with dignity and respect. Never discriminate.


Never harass people or bully them.


This includes being aware that some behavior may be acceptable to some and not to
others, and we must act appropriately and impose on ourselves the best standards.


Never treat somebody less favorably because they have brought or propose to bring a
genuine complaint of unacceptable behavior.

4.4 – We give due respect to senior members of the party and party office bearers

We must follow decisions made by party office bearers


As office bearers we should command respect and not demand respect


We must make decisions based on merit, and not on attributes that are irrelevant to


We must never form groups. Our party is one large group

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PTI – Canada
4.5 – We maintain proper decorum in party meetings and are polite, courteous and
forgiving in all interaction with party members

Party meetings should be a conducted with proper decorum giving due respect to party


The minutes of the meeting must be recorded.


The decisions and tasks assigned should be recorded clearly in every meeting.


People responsible for implementing the decisions/tasks should be identified in writing
and the relevant timeframe for completion of the tasks should also be written down


We should never use abusive language. If it has been used against us we must file a
complaint. We must not retaliate otherwise there is no difference between us and the
abuser except of timing.


Heated discussion can take place but it should not be a shouting match, the chairperson
must control time and allow people to speak.


Never stifle others opinion. Every opinion comes from a legitimate but different point of
view. Allow people to express their opinion freely and we must respond with utmost
courtesy even in disagreement.


We must never make personal remarks and accuse others of lying.


We must never spread rumors about others.

4.5.10 All of us wish and think we can do a lot but sometimes due to some pre-occupation we
fall short. Either we should give up the position or improve our own performance.
4.6 – We identify conflicts and manage them responsibly. We must also identify conflicts
of interest

If there is an evident conflict between individuals/office bearers the matter should be
handled by a conflict resolution effort by a committee or a person so designated.


If a meeting degenerates into a shouting match, or flared tempers urge postponement
of the meeting with a sincere effort made by all to reconvene soon with off the record
conflict resolution and apologies where needed


Letters and emails which have the potential of very wide circulation should not CONTAIN
disparaging and insulting remarks. Circulation of emails on controversial issues should
be limited to concerned individuals and not cc’d or bcc’d to everybody


Be alert to actual or potential conflicts of interest


Acting honestly and with integrity also means managing conflicts of interest and never
putting yourself in a situation that puts, or appears to put, your own personal interests
before those of PTI.

© PTI Canada 2015. All rights reserved


PTI – Canada
4.7 - We respect and maintain privacy and confidentiality.

Do all we can to keep information secure. This includes not SHARING

private or

confidential information with other people unless they need it to perform some work for

Never release information about anyone, this includes to family members, friends.


Follow procedures and requirements to protect information whenever you provide details
over the PHONE , by email or fax.


Work within the data protection laws when dealing with confidential or members’

4.8 – We do not make or receive improper payments or benefits for personal gains.

Never accept any gift of any sort if it could create any obligation or expectation that
could conflict with PTI policies and goals especially when we are in government.


Where any form of reward is offered in the expectation that you will give preferential
treatment to the person or company offering the reward, the reward is improper and
must be refused.


All funds should be routed and processed via approved accounts only.


Obtain proper approval for, and properly record all donations, sponsorships, charitable
contributions, and gifts.

4.9 – We follow PTI’s constitution, policies and procedures and comply with this code of

Do not take any action that may breach this Code, PTI’s policies, procedures or


Ensure your awareness and understanding of relevant laws, policies, procedures and
practices and explain them to others.


If you are unsure whether a particular law, policy, procedure or practice applies, seek
guidance from the higher tier of leadership.

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PTI – Canada

– We immediately report any breaches of the Code, the law or PTI policies

and procedures as defined in the constitution.
4.10.1 The best way is self discipline.
4.10.2 If we are witness to any breach of this Code, we can guide the person ourselves to avoid
such a breach.
4.10.3 If the above does not work we report in writing.
4.10.4 The written complaint shall be filed with the President of the tier of which the
complainant is the member or to the President of the tier of which the offender is the
4.10.5 We should not report frivolous things nor should we become personal and use this
instrument of reporting as a tool in a personal vendetta.
4.10.6 Appropriate action as defined in the constitution means investigation is done and action
taken which may mean exoneration if the complaint is found untrue or cannot be
substantiated or it may lead to a reprimand, suspension or removal from position of the
4.10.7 An intentionally false or malicious report may result in action against the complainant.

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