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An Oracle Java PL/SQL developer / programmer analyst position in IT responsible for the design, development, support and maintenance of new business applications/software products and to leverage the existing ones using Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle Application Express (APEX), Oracle SQL Developer, Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, and PL/SQL. Identifying the new requirements to increase the business effectiveness, managing the overall application infrastructure including legacy system migration, process improvements, could be integral to this position.

Motivated, personable Oracle PL/SQL and Java developer and talented User Interface designer with proven expertise in the Oracle Developer Tools, Developing 24/7 Real Time Web Applications, Technical Leadership, and all facets of Software Development Life Cycle, from analysis and design to technical specs to application coding to implementation and maintenance. Talent for quickly mastering technology. Diplomatic and tactful with professionals and non-professionals at all levels. As an Oracle PL/SQL Developer/Analyst for over 17 years I have been involved in 24 plus software development projects in various fields, including State/Federal government, UI Tax Systems, Internet/Intranet systems, IT systems, project management, case management, customer relationship management, sales force automation, automated workflow, financial & insurance services, real-time systems, manufacturing, and fax & telephony. Throughout my tenure I have demonstrated extensive hands on experience leading the analysis, design, developing, coding, testing, implementing, and supporting Oracle database application systems. Diverse experience integrating Oracle systems with Java tools in business, web, and client-server environments including Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle Application Express (APEX), Oracle SQL Developer, Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB), ETL, Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE), Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), JavaServer Pages (JSP) and Faces (JSF), Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), and Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) technologies. Flexible and versatile – able to maintain a sense of humor under pressure. Poised and competent with demonstrated ability to easily transcend cultural differences. Thrive in deadline-driven environments. Adept at building strong working relationships with coworkers and management. Excellent team-building and mentoring skills.

Skills Summary
✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ Oracle JDeveloper Oracle Forms/Reports Oracle PL/SQL Java/Oracle Integration Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Oracle WebLogic Server 11g Oracle 11g,10g,9i,8i,8.x,7.x,6.x Oracle Application Express APEX Oracle Warehouse Builder ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ Oracle SQL Developer Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler Oracle Designer Quest SQL Navigator & TOAD Embarcadero ER/Studio UNIX Shell Scripting with C/C++ Java Web Services Java JAXB Marshalling/Unmarshalling JSP, JSF, Swing, JDBC ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ Java Report Writers Oracle ADF NetBeans IDE w/Frameworks AJAX and JavaFX Object Oriented Analysis/Design Stylus Studio XML IDE IBM Rational Rose

Professional Experience
Senior Technical Lead and Programmer/Analyst ✗ Serve as a leader for projects by coordinating and otherwise involving staff members from multiple organizational units; follows systems development life-cycle techniques, utilizes joint application development processes, employ project management techniques and knowledge about specialized software packages and applications. ✗ Participate in and facilitate planning and implementation of long range systems goals; research and participate in the development of system requirements, and evaluation and selection of information systems. ✗ Define the scope and objectives for applications, along with constraints and system requirements; analyze and define current organizational functions, processes, sources and uses of information, and other data to determine application needs and requirements. ✗ Analyze user business processes and designs applications and solutions to optimize their use of systems; document work and information flow using organization and data flow charts and other related materials; design and produce application design specifications and documentation on inputs, outputs, and data structures. ✗ Design inputs, including data entry screens, scanner forms and files; design outputs, including reports, files, and display screens; design, develop, and implement logical and physical database structures and corresponding internal relationships.

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Dale Leonard
(775) 781-5651 ~ dll@intermerchant.com ✗ Design, code, test, and maintain application software on legacy and networked platforms; consult with users on applications and data requirements. ✗ Coordinate and guide the work of project team members in converting or integrating applications among platforms; installs, integrates, tests, and tunes software according to test results. ✗ Coordinate and implement data conversions, integration, and transitions; develop user and system documentation; plan and conduct user training, including preparation of training materials. ✗ Provide technical support, problem resolution, and data research for end users; provide support and training for integrated data management applications. ✗ Troubleshoot application errors; isolate problems from symptoms, determine alternatives and develop and implement solutions; work with user community to improve user instructions and training for greater understanding of application functionality. ✗ Conduct feasibility studies for proposed applications and prepare recommendations for customers; estimate value-added potential in enhanced service, productivity, and financial benefit. ✗ Maintain up-to-date knowledge of evolving computer technologies, including hardware, software, languages, problem solving techniques, and development tools; prepares periodic briefings on technologies that would have relevance to the Agency. ✗ Coordinate with vendors and users to integrate third party software into Agency systems and databases. ✗ Design, code, test, and maintain data transformation services for transfer of data between the primary host system and database and auxiliary operating systems, databases, and third party applications.

Employment History
STATE OF NEVADA - Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation - Carson City, NV IT PROFESSIONAL III, Apr 2004 to Present
✗ Technical Project Lead/Project Manager and Senior Developer for the Contributions Redesign Project (CRP) https://uitax.nvdetr.org/ web site, internal client-server application (CARS), reports, and custom ETL procedures. ✗ Directed and coordinated the application design, development, and implementation efforts of 8 Application Developers, 4 Business Analysts and 8 Application Testers ✗ Served as the primary technical resource creating and maintaining ER Diagrams, Data Models, Functional Hierarchy Diagrams, Storyboards, Prototypes, Software Requirements, Detailed Design, and Project Plan documents. ✗ Facilitated JAD sessions with project sponsors in designing business process models, user interfaces, reports, agency data exchanges and data synchronization methodologies. ✗ Developed the data migration plan, processes, procedures and coding of migrating legacy data to Oracle. Developed the daily data exchanges and synchronization procedures for maintaining legacy and Oracle data. ✗ System based around Oracle9i Database using Oracle PSP pages, Web Deployed Oracle Forms and Reports 9i, and Oracle9i Application Server. ✗ 2008 security review and new security policies mandated that oracle based systems phase out the usage of unix shell scripts, oracle sql loader, unix crontabs, etc. Converted the existing shell scripts and re-engineered them as Java Console Apps. These Java Apps where then loaded into the Oracle Database and Published as PL/SQL objects. Coded a custom FTP package that allowed the system to FTP data extracted from oracle to the mainframe. ✗ Re-engineered Java Servlet applications into a JSP Web Applications using Oracle JDeveloper. ✗ Began re-engineering application into a Oracle Fusion Web Applications based on the Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF). The Oracle ADF is an end to end application framework that builds on the Java EE Platform standards and open source technologies to accelerate implementing service oriented enterprise applications. Oracle JDF and JDeveloper enable you to create, assemble, and reuse web tier and business tier components to build interactive, multitiered applications.

KENDA – Carson City, NV Lead Oracle Developer/Analyst: Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation, Mar 2003 to Apr 2004
✗ Team leader on project utilizing Oracle Developer Suite of Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports to create a fully integrated client case management system for the State of Nevada. ✗ Oversee all stages of design, development, coding, testing, and deployment of new web interface Oracle based case management system for the Vocational Rehabilitation agency. ✗ Work directly with management, vendors, and third parties to ensure that systems transactions and database management applications operate at peak efficiency. ✗ Managed team of five coworkers ensuring project modules were completed on time and within budget. ✗ Played key role in designing, coding, implementing data migration plan from mainframe system to new application.

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Dale Leonard
(775) 781-5651 ~ dll@intermerchant.com

TEAM EXCEL .-. Denver, CO Senior Oracle PL/SQL Programmer/Analyst, Department of Regulatory Agencies, Sept 2002 to Mar 2003
✗ Team leader developing Case Management System for the Colorado Civil Rights Division. ✗ Lead Business Process Re-engineering team in defining and generating Business Process models, User Requirements Documents and Project Plan ✗ Lead System Analysis, Architectural Design, and Detailed Design Phases producing Use Cases, UML Diagrams, ER Diagrams, Data Models, Functional Hierarchy Diagrams, Storyboards, Prototypes, Detailed Design and Software Requirements Documents. ✗ Lead Development and Coding Phase implementing PL/SQL web toolkit application modules, Table API's, and directed team members in coding standards, requirements, and facilitating code review meetings. ✗ System integrated Oracle 9i database, Oracle Object Relational capabilities, Oracle 9i Application Server, Oracle Workflow and custom PL/SQL web based User Interfaces. A/E/C MEDIA GROUP .-. Denver, CO Senior Application Analyst, Data Architect, Developer, and Administrator, July 1997 to June 2002 ✗ Engineered E-business web application systems using Oracle Designer 6i, Oracle Internet Application Server and PL/SQL Cartridges, Thunderstone Texis and Vortex in a Solaris 2.6 environment employing a Rational Unified Process Life Cycle Software Development Methodology. These AEC Industry E-business web application systems supported 70,000 unique users per day. ✗ Analyze software requirements to determine feasibility of design within time and cost constraints. Develop data model describing data elements and how they are used. Prepare detailed workflow chart and diagram to illustrate sequence of steps to describe input, output, and logical operation. ✗ Analyze, test, and implement the physical data base design supporting various business applications, including base definition, structure, documentation, long range requirements, and operational guidelines. ✗ Provide day to day administration, maintenance, performance tuning, system modifications, enhancements, upgrades, technical support, user training, and technical documentation for The BuildFind Network E-business Application Systems. ✗ Ensure that data recovery, maintenance, data integrity, and space requirements for physical databases are met through formulation and monitoring of policies, procedures, and standards relating to database management.

ANALYST INTERNATIONAL CORP .-. Denver, CO Senior Application Programmer / Analyst, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado, Jan 1997 to July 1997
IT Department Project ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ Lead Feasibility Study to evaluate Oracle Designer 2000 capabilities and reusability. Re-engineer existing ERP application generating Oracle Designer/2000 modules. Install Oracle database instances and Designer/2000 Repository on Windows NT Server and Unix HP 9000. Reverse engineered existing ERP database structures into Oracle Designer/2000. Create Business Process Models, Entity Relationship Diagrams, Functional Hierarchy Diagrams, and Data Flow Diagrams. Using the Database Generation tools, generated the physical database tablespaces, tables, indexes, rollback segments. Generated Oracle Forms and Web Application modules. Delivered Oracle Forms and Web Application Systems prototypes for Oracle product evaluation to Senior IT management.

Actuary Department Project ✗ Data Warehouse Development and Programming using PL/SQL. ✗ Develop programs from workflow charts or diagrams, considering computer storage capacity, speed, and intended use of output data. ✗ Created Oracle PL/SQL Packages and Procedures for data warehouse creation and production. ✗ Write instructions to guide operating personnel during production runs.

QUARK, INC .-. Denver, CO Senior Oracle Application Programmer/Analyst, Jul 1994 to Jan 1997
✗ Team Leader in defining, writing, and implementing a Rapid Application Development (RAD) Software Development Life Cycle methodology for the Information Technology department. Page | 3 of 5

Dale Leonard
(775) 781-5651 ~ dll@intermerchant.com ✗ Senior Developer/Analyst interfacing with department managers (QA, Manufacturing, Marketing, Product Development) to coordinate the development of proprietary corporate software solutions. ✗ Train personnel in programming and program coding. Assign, coordinate, and review work and activities of programming personnel. Train users and answer questions. ✗ Revise and direct revision of existing programs to increase operating efficiency or adapt to new requirements. ✗ During my tenure I was extensively involved in 7 cradle to grave mission critical enterprise database application systems. ✗ My participation in these projects required me to act in many different key roles of the development cycle including Business Analyst, Developer/Programmer, Project Lead, Configuration, QA, and Support Manager. These roles required the appropriate documentation to be published along the way such as User Requirement, Software Requirement, Project Management, QA, Transfer, and Support documents. ✗ As well as new system development, I was involved in the ongoing maintenance, enhancement, and support of many existing enterprise production systems.

NEW HORIZONS COMPUTER LEARNING CENTER .-. Denver, CO Senior Database Instructor and Business Application Consultant, July 1992 to July 1994
✗ Classroom instruction on Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Database applications. ✗ Database application development and project consulting. ✗ Developed course ware text and classroom projects.

QUICKSILVER EXPRESS COURIER OF COLORADO, INC .-. Denver, CO Senior Systems Analyst, Jan 1986 to July 1992
✗ Day to day administration, maintenance, performance tuning, backup and data recovery, enhancements, upgrades, technical support, user training, and technical documentation for mission critical dispatching system. ✗ Installation, maintenance, and support of 50 desktop systems. These desktop systems included PC’s, WYSE Terminals, and printers. Visit client offices, install remote desktop systems, train and support the users of these systems, and insure the proper maintenance and operation of this equipment. ✗ Designed, developed, and supported a Sales Force Automation system application using Paradox and the Paradox Application Language(PAL). This system application was installed in four separate offices (Denver, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Milwaukee) and utilized by 15 sales account executives. ✗ Implemented, installed, configured, maintained and supported a corporate wide Bulletin Board System using the Galacticomm Major BBS product. This BBS system was used by the management team providing internal email, group messaging, document sharing, and project collaboration capabilities across the corporate enterprise.

QUILOGY – Carson City, NV ✗ Oracle JDeveloper for Forms Developers, 2009 SUN MICROSYSTEMS – Carson City, NV ✗ Complete Java Technology Web Bundle, 2006 ✗ WJ-1101: Introduction to the Java(TM) Programming Language ✗ WJ-1102: Beginning to Program With the Java(TM) Programming Language ✗ WJ-1103: Using Decision and Looping Constructs With the Java(TM) Programming Language ✗ WJ-1104: Implementing Intermediate Java(TM) Programming Language Concepts ✗ WJ-2501: Getting Started With The Java(TM) Programming Language ✗ WJ-2502: Java(TM) Programming Language Basics ✗ WJ-2503: Using Objects and Exceptions In The Java(TM) 2 Platform ✗ WJ-2504: Using Applets, GUI's and Java(TM) AWT ✗ WJ-2505: Using Java(TM) Technology Streams, Files and Threads ✗ WJ-2506: Java(TM) Technology Networking, Distributed Computing and Foundation Classes ✗ WJ-2751: Getting Started With the Java(TM) Technology ✗ WJ-2752: Understanding the Building Blocks of Java(TM) Technology ✗ WJ-2753: Designing Object-Oriented Classes ✗ WJ-2754: Handling and Optimizing the Java(TM) Technology Code ✗ WJ-2755: Designing Graphical User Interfaces in Java(TM) Technology

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Dale Leonard
(775) 781-5651 ~ dll@intermerchant.com ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ WJ-2756: Input/Output and Networking Packages in Java(TM) Technology WJ-3050: Understanding Servlets WJ-3051: Programming Java(TM)-Based Servlets WJ-3101: J2EE(TM) BluePrints: A First Look WJ-3141: Design and Development of Simple Java(TM) Servlet Applications WJ-3142: Using Java(TM) Servlet Technology in Web Applications WJ-3143: Web Application Development Using JSP(TM) Technologies WJ-3144: Developing Custom JSP(TM) Tag Libraries WJ-3145: EJB(TM) Components and Database Integration in Web Applications WJ-3201: Distributed Computing Concepts and Technology WJ-3202: Distributed Java(TM) Platform Technologies - JDBC(TM), RMI, and IDL WJ-3203: Java(TM) Platform Server Technologies - JNDI, JMS, JTS WJ-3301:Enterprise JavaBeans(TM) Technology Overview WJ-4500: An Introduction to J2ME(TM) Platform and the MID Profile WJ-4601: What is Java Card(TM) Technology? WJ-5501: What Is Jini(TM) Technology? WJ-5502: Getting Started With Jini(TM) Technology WJ-5550: Jiro(TM) Technology Overview WJ-5551: Getting Started with Jiro(TM) Technology WJ-6701: Programming With the Java(TM) 3D API: A Technical Overview WP-1201: Migrating to Object-oriented Programming WP-1202: Implementing Object-Oriented Programming With Java(TM) Technology WP-1203: Advanced Object-Oriented Programming

DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY – Carson City, NV ✗ Project Management for IT Professionals, 2006 QUILOGY – Carson City, NV ✗ Oracle PSP and Dynamic HTML Design, 2005 ✗ Tumbleweed Secure Transport Design and Development, 2005 SUN MICROSYSTEMS – San Jose, CA ✗ Object Oriented Analysis and Design Using UML, 2004 UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO – Boulder, CO ✗ Java Programming, 1996 ORACLE EDUCATION – Denver, CO ✗ Designer/2000: Designing and Building Applications, 1996 ✗ Designer/2000: System Modeling and Tools, 1996 ✗ Oracle WebServer: Develop Web Based Applications, 1996 ARIS CORPORATION EDUCATION – Denver, CO ✗ Introduction to Oracle Forms 4.5, 1995 ✗ Oracle7 Custom Foundation, 1995 MANKATO TECHNICAL INSTITUTE – Mankato, MN ✗ Electronic Engineering Technology, 1982 to 1984

✗ ✗ Sun Certified Java Programmer for Java 5 (SCJP), 2006 Oracle9i PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate, 2005

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