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PAN File Generation

PV Evolution Labs (PVEL) PAN files reduce energy model uncertainty, lower risk of plant
underperformance caused by misrepresentations in the energy model, and improve performance
testing margins.
PV Modules are rated under standard test conditions (STC), yet rarely operate under those conditions in
the field. PAN files describe module performance under a wide range of environmental conditions, and
serve as the basis for PVSyst performance forcasting models - the standard forecasting software in the
industry. PAN files are only as accurate as the measurement data used to generate them.
PVEL PAN files are based on precise measurements over a wide range of operating conditions.
PVEL measures PV module performance at irradiances and temperatures per IEC 61853-1. Table 2 of
IEC 61853-1, reproduced below, outlines the performance measurement metrics used in PVELs PAN file

Module Temperature

Irradiance (Wm-2)
15 C

25 C

50 C

75 C





Table 2 of IEC 61853-1, ISC , PMAX , VOC , and VMAX versus irradiance and temperature

During performance measurements, temperature uniformity in a given sample is within 2 C across the
three measurement locations defined in Figure 1 of IEC 61853-1. In addition to these measurements,
a sophisticated combination of methods outlined in IEC 60891 and IEC 60853 help maintain data
integrity and bolster result confidence.
All modules used in PAN file development are light-soaked to achieve full light-induced degradation (LID)
prior to performance measurements. In the LID protocol, the modules are initially flash tested at STC. The
modules are then exposed to outdoor sunlight until they are stabilized.
PVEL can provide a direct upload of the files into the PVSyst database
the strongest PAN file offering in the industry.

reduce uncertainty

with better data.

our laboratory
PVELs staff and facilities are paramount in the industry. From
our grid-connected outdoor testing at PV-USA, to our state-ofthe-art laboratory, our service offerings provide the data that
is advancing solar.
Headquartered in Berkeley, California, the PVEL team advises
key decision makers at many banks, developers, EPC firms
and IPPs. For our downstream partners, PVEL provides
visibility into module technology, quality, and performance.
For manufacturers, PVEL provides access to many buyers
through one qualification program.

To discuss our full range of capabilities and services,

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