-----0-----0----00----0-0---0--0---0--------000000-0---0-0-----0-----0----**----0-*000*-00000*-----------------------------------------------------------------UNITMOD v0.24 (Now with added Balance for a more well-rounded experience!) By: Bob Smith With help from: Legion_Darrath C.Lupus PUREVENOM What is UNITMOD? It's fourteen units. Is a man not entitled to the units he desires? NO! Says the man at Gas Powered Games, they are for the expansion! NO! Says the man on Fileplanet, they are for premium members only! NO! Says the man in the Mod Developer forum, that will not work! So I made UNITMOD. A pack where the experimental would not fear power reduction, where the T3 unit would not be oppressed by the T1! Anyway, now Mr. Ryan is out of my system (really, play Bioshock. If you can't play Bioshock find someone who can and bug them until they let you), would you kindly read on to find out more! These are: UEF: "Hacker" T1 Gunship* "Riskbreaker" T3 NGFS (Naval Gunnery/Fire Support) Ship* Experimental Spatial Rift Generator "Templar" T3 Siege Tank* "B-104 Armageddon" Flying Fortress* Aeon: "Absolution" Experimental Shield "Obligation" T2 Siege Bomber* "Miracle" T3 Hover Tank* Cybran: "Kraken" Experimental Dreadnought* "Terror" T3 Carpet Bomber* "Liszt" T3 Submersible ECCM Suite* "Chekhov" T3 Tank Hunter* "Strauss" T2 Howitzer* * Has a custom model (amount of editing varies) *********************************************************************************

UEF "Riskbreaker - T3 NGFS Ship" Fluff text: Commander, the Riskbreaker is the stepping stone between your mid-range navy and the real big guns. It can't put out the damage of a Summit, but its missiles can't be ignored. It's main cannon taps energy from your power grid to fabricate and launch a shell downsized from the Mavor blueprints over a low-arc trajectory, and its aft weaponry can shoot down incoming missiles and aircraft. It might just give you the edge in a surface war if you can get one out before the enemy can bring their own battleships to bear. The real details: It's a more powerful cruiser. It's got two artillery guns which require power to fire, and two clusters of four rapid-firing TacMissiles. Add to that TMD and a SAM turret and the fact it's the cheapest T3 ship and it's a good reason to get to T3 fast. ----"Templar - T3 Siege Tank" Fluff text: The Templar, Commander, is a worthy successor to the Pillar. It hits harder and can take a pounding. But be aware that it has limited intel and is very slow. Consider mixing them with Titans, and you've got a strong force for cracking an enemy defensive line. The Real Details: It's a heavy tank designed around two big guns. It's slow but has reasonable range and does 300 damage a shot. ----Spatial Rift Generator Fluff Text: You are not going to believe this, Commander. You know that a Stealth Generator prevents the enemy from observing you on radar? Well the brains behind Black Sun noticed that if they altered the equations slightly they could make things totally invisible to the enemy. So the SRG was born. It renders your entire base invisible to optical and radar sensors. The real details: It's stealth and cloak in one experimental structure. It gets more useful as the map gets larger (on tiny weeny maps like Winters Duel, an omni in the enemy base can negate its effects entirely) but is a guaranteed annoyance if they haven't got omni. Plus, INVISIBLE MAVOR. ----"Hacker" T1 Strafe Bomber Fluff Text: Our Commanders used to complain that Mech Marines couldn't hit jack from a transport. So we decided to put one of their guns on a stripped-down Wasp chassis,

and see what happens. As it is, R&D fixed the MM's guns, but the Hacker proved so popular in tests we kept it around. It's weak but fast, and can tear light vehicles apart. The real details: If UEF get a T2 and T3 gunship, why not give them a formal T1 one too! It's weak (50dps, but it rarely hits with every shot) but ludicrously fast and fun to use. ----"B-104 Armageddon" Experimental Flying Fortress Fluff Text: Well we've gone a long time without something big and noisy to put in the air, Commander, but it's arrived. And it is big. We've put enough armour on this thing to survive the thickest anti-air fire, and its bomb bays can put eight tactical nukes over a wide enough area for them to count. Now you won't be hunting ACUs with this thing, it's not accurate enough. But if the enemy has buildings clustered together they can wave goodbye to the lot of them. And just in case anything pesky can evade these bombs, by virtue of flying or being small, it has four Plasma Howitzers and a railgun to stop them dead. We've even added a depth-charge to it to hunt subs. The Real Details: Eight Ambassadors, a Stork and two Broadswords combine together, Power Rangers style, to form the ultimate turtle breaker. It can't hit anything smaller than a Mex, or in fact anything that moves at all, but for smashing bases there's nothing better. ********************************************************************************** ******** Cybran "Liszt - T3 ECCM Submarine" Fluff Text: You know I said stealth is key, my boy? It still is. And if you're going to sea, then you'll need one of these to keep hidden. It's a work of art, a submersible stealth generator that can hide a battleship with ease. And its gun can pick off spy planes when it's on the surface. The real details: It's a T1 sub with a built-in stealth, radar, and sonar stealth system. Shifted to T3 and given a power drain of 80 per tick, along with an anti-air gun and long-range torpedoes, it can hide your fleet while sniping enemy sonar buoys etc. Known issues: NONE! THANKS PUREVENOM! ----"Terror - T3 Suppression Bomber" Fluff Text:

Even at the late stages of war, my boy, the enemy will still rely on massed tanks and fields of resource centres. They are fragile, are they not? So why waste a Strategic Bomber when you can carpet bomb the area and kill two birds with one stone! The real details: It's an alternative to the T3 Bomber which does massive area damage rather than focussed damage. So you can shield against it but if you've got a massive army a few of these will take it down in seconds. Likewise, protect your matrices! These things eat closely packed bases. Known Issues: None! ----"Kraken - Experimental Dreadnought" Fluff Text: Why should those vile creatures, the Aeon, rule the seas with their battleship? Or why should the cursed UEF use their submarines and toys to sink our ships? The Kraken, my boy, is the answer! It is everything for a sea war. Its forward guns fire slowly but can tear through armour. Its rear mortars can go from firing to fully reloaded in seconds. Its sponson cannons are lifted from a Gunther. It can rip aircraft apart with its pair of flak guns, one a traditional projectile, the other a laser. Use the Kraken, my boy! Use it to own the seas! The real details: It's a naval experimental. It's got fore guns which are like three TMLs firing at once and rear guns which rapid-fire. Add to that torpedoes, flak guns and four sponson cannons and a secondary front gun for adding a little punch to a broadside and you've got 76k HP of floating death (that's more than a Tempest). It can shoot across a 10km map with ease, but it takes a SCU 16 minutes to build, so you won't be massing them! ----"Strauss" - T2 Mobile Howitzer Fluff Text: The TML-6 is a thing of beauty, my boy. As is the Viper. But missiles have a failing and that is that they can be intercepted. But a shower of shells from on high? It cannot! The Strauss can cover a chokepoint with shells without a second thought, so use it when the Viper cannot fulfil your needs. The real details: It's a rapid fire T1 artillery with longer range and a larger splash. Great fun in large numbers. ----"Chekhov" - T3 Tank Hunter Fluff Text: The Galactic Colossus. Is it not something which strikes fear into your heart? No.

It shouldn't be! And that is why the Chekhov should never leave your front line! Use its four positronic lasers to slice your foes apart! Let its thin profile allow it to evade the inevitable return fire! It is the tip of the spear! The real details: A Rhino which snipes. Long-range, slow-firing lasers. Good against experimentals. ************************************************************************ Aeon "Absolution" Experimental Shield Fluff Text: Those who resist the Way may barricade themselves behind a seemingly impenetrable defensive wall. They may try and shell you into submission. But the Absolution renders this futile. Proven even against the UEF's greatest gun, it shelters you until you have force enough to strike out. The real details: It's a massive shield that can keep your targets of importance safe from even a Mavor. But bear in mind GCs/Monkeylords/Fatboys and nukes can easily bring it down. ----"Obligation" T2 Airborne MML Fluff Text: The Evensong is...lacking, some Commanders say. So we have refined it into a more perfect, more harmonious form. We have taken the Serpentine missile and used it to replace the torpedo tube on a Skimmer in light of these complaints. It provides greater mobility and more chance of attacking behind enemy defences. The Real Details: A FLYING MML! It's perfect for outwitting things like Buzzkills. What strategies could await? ----"Miracle" T3 Heavy Hover Tank Fluff Text: When the enemy cowers on their islands, then a force must cross the seas to reach them. Spread The Way by means of these tanks, Commander. Their guns fire quickly and over a long distance, so as to bring salvation all the faster. The Real Details: It's an Aurora on steroids. Three guns instead of one and nearly as much HP as a Harbinger. ----------------------------------************************-----------------------HOW TO INSTALL: Use the Vault - if you've got SC then you've got it!

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