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Friday Report 2015-05-01

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May 2, 2015

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Administrative Content
Board Meetings & Minutes Drafts
Draft minutes for the May 28 special meeting are attached. Please provide necessary changes to Debbie Vanderwilt by noon on
Wednesday, May 6. In addition to the minutes draft, directors will find attached a copy of the notes compiled from comments
offered by the special meeting participants. These will be combined with notes from the subsequent fishbowl processes to
provide a combined topic summary for the board.
Attachment: Board Meeting Minutes 20150428 Special.pdf (14 KB)
Attachment: Special Board Meeting Notes, Fishbowl No. 1 20150428.pdf (44 KB)
Board Agenda Items
Everett High School Monetary Gift: Everett High School received a $10,000 gift from the Everett High School Blue and Gold
Club. The purpose of the donation is to fund trust accounts. The Academics/Activities Trust and the Athletics Trust will each
receive $5,000. Policy 6114 provides that any gift to the district or to an individual school or department of money, material or
equipment having a value of $5,000 or greater requires board approval. This item will be submitted to the board at the May
12, 2015 regular meeting.
Attachment: EHS Blue & Gold Club Monetary Donation 20150501.pdf (378 KB)
Community Resource Center Audio Visual Project Final Acceptance: Final acceptance of the Community Resource Center Audio
Visual project will be presented for approval at the May 12, 2015 regular board meeting. The project engineer has informed the
district that Dimensional Communications has met all of its obligations for final completion of the project. A letter from Hargis
Engineers notifying the district of Dimensional Communications' contract completion and recommending final acceptance is
Attachment: Community Resource Center AV Final Acceptance Letter 20150429.pdf (189 KB)
Secondary Social Studies Adoption: On April 24, district staff attended the Since Time Immemorial (STI): Tribal Sovereignty
Curriculum training at the Tulalip Tribes Administration Building in Tulalip. STI resources are instructional materials the
Secondary Social Studies Adoption Committee has recommended to the Superintendent to recommend to the Board for
adoption. STI instructional materials have been developed by OSPI and 29 federally recognized Tribes. Aligned to Washington
State Social Studies Standards and Common Core State Standards, these resources provide information about the culture,
history, and government of the American Indian peoples, who were the first inhabitants of the state, and link to locally-based
tribal information. If adopted, these materials will be integrated into instructional plans for secondary social studies courses,
and teachers will have the opportunity to participate in professional development to learn how to effectively implement the
lessons and units, all of which are available online.
Board Annual Goals Progress Report 2: Directors will find attached a draft of the second report on the board's progress toward
achieving its annual goals for the current year. Directors may send suggested revisions to the superintendent during the
coming week, in anticipation of the draft inclusion in the upcoming board meeting.
Attachment: Board Annual Goals 2014-15 Report 2 Draft.pdf (67 KB)
Board Meeting Follow-Up
Strategic Plan Update: Attached for directors' information is a bill format (overstrike/underline) version of the strategic plan
updates proposed for 2015-16. This is a companion document to the April 14, 2015 board presentation on the 2015-16

7/6/2015 12:22 PM

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strategic plan update, and shows the proposed changes that were presented to the board at that meeting. This does not yet
show any of the changes discussed at or resulting from that meeting. The final proposed updates to the strategic plan for
2015-16 are still being developed and will be presented for approval at the June 9, 2015 board meeting.
Attachment: Strategic Plan Update 2015-16 20150414 (1.1).pdf (72 KB)
Board-Superintendent Communication
Three items of correspondence are provided for director background with this edition of the Friday Report. The first is a flyer
communicating the success of the Everett Community College Foundation anunual breakfast. This event raises funds for college
students primarily in Everett. The second is an announcement from the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights
describing the release of the most current data from the Office's annual data collection and reporting process. Assembly and
reporting of this data takes several district staff numerous hours each and every year. The third is an announcement from
Governor Inslee's office of an event to be held in Everett on July 23 at Xfinity Center. The superintendent serves on the
Governor's Healthiest Next Generation Council, and the district's role in leading related efforts like Gear Up & Go will be
highlighted at this event.
Attachment: Everett Community College Foundation Flyer 2015.pdf (1,367 KB)
Attachment: Lhamon Email (US ED OCR annual report) 20150430.pdf (60 KB)
Attachment: McGill Email (Governor's HNG Council in Everett July 23) 20150430.pdf (202 KB)
Legislative Update
The WSSDA Legislative Update and WASA's This Week In Olympia (TWIO) keep school directors and school leadership across
the state informed on budget issues and legislation impacting K-12 education. The versions available at the time this edition of
the Friday Report was released are the April 27, 2015 edition of WASA's This Week In Olympia, and the April 30, 2015 edition
of WSSDA's Legislative Update. Directors are encouraged to read these publications. For additional background, the Attorney
General's end-of-session special report to the Washington Supreme Court is also attached.
Attachment: Attorney General Progress Report 84362-7 20150428.pdf (942 KB)
House Appropriations Committee: Rep. Ross Hunter held a hearing last Thursday afternoon on school levy and compensation
reform, and invited the Everett and Mercer Island business managers to serve on a panel during the hearing. Rep. Hunter
recognizes that EPS and MISD are among several districts that are outliers in the funding scheme, have an important role in
guiding how legislators figure out school funding, and felt strongly legislators need to hear these perspectives. Hunter has
written insightfully about this topic on his website. The PowerPoint depicting Everett's story is attached, as are a separate chart
and table depicting the dramatic growth in consumption of levy funding by the special education program (a school funding
subject that has not been discussed to any extent in the recent hearings). Everett's special education program is projected to
consume nearly 14.5 percent of the 2014-15 levy revenue, depending upon the level of Special Education Safety Net funding
approved by OSPI. Rep. Hunters current proposal is also attached for directors' information.
Attachment: WA House Appropriations Committee 20150430.pdf (751 KB)
Attachment: Special Education Revenue and Expenditure Summary Chart 20150429.pdf (293 KB)
Attachment: Special Education Revenue and Expenditure Summary Table 20150429.pdf (45 KB)
Attachment: Hunter Proposal.pdf (125 KB)
Special Education Isolation and Restraint Bill: Legislation regarding isolation and restraint, HB 1240, is still in process, but has
not yet been signed into law. SB 5679 related to transition services for student is also still in play, but was recently amended
to include 504 students as eligible for postsecondary transition services. Absent additional funding, the amendment to include
504 students in the postsecondary transition process in SB 5679 will have a significant cost impact on districts. OSPI continues
to monitor SB 5679 and has provided a fiscal note associated with the amendment. (OSPI Special Education Update, April
Smarter Balanced Assessment Progress (Strategic Target: 1.1.a)
The district is nearing the end of week three of Smarter Balanced assessment administration. The chart below shows the
completion rate of grades 3 through 8 exams given thus far. This data show very high completion rates. To put it in
perspective, this represents on average 4 students in grade 3 per school who have not yet completed their English Language
Arts Computer Adaptive Test (ELA CAT) and 4 students per school who have not yet completed their English Language Arts
Performance Task (ELA PT). At grade 6, this represents on average 10 students who have not yet completed their CAT and 10
who have not completed their PT per school. With online testing, students can resume testing next week and still have plenty
of time to finish within the window. The successful implementation of this wide scale online assessment program is a result of
extensive planning and effort by the Information Systems team, Assessment and Research Department team, BOATs,
principals and teachers. The support of the school board in providing students with the resources they need to be successful
was critical to this success.

Test Name

April 2015
Grade Level

Total Students

Total Students

Percent Completed

7/6/2015 12:22 PM

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Elementary Science Portal Work (Strategic Target: 1.2.b)
The science department continues to develop its instructional support for teachers through the expansion of the curriculum
portal, available to every teacher through the district website. This week marks a milestone for the elementary science
curriculum portal work. All K-5 integrated lessons for our science curriculum supporting integration of Common Core State
Standards (CCSS), Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Smarter Balanced assessment (SBA) have been updated
and linked to Instructional Map-Overview documents. These integrated experiences provide opportunities for students to
gather information from multiple sources, state a claim and support it with evidence, engage in accountable-talk using
information from text, video and hands-on science learning, and practice opinion writing with SBA-like assessment items.
Additionally, SBA-like Performance Tasks for science units for grades 1-5 have been created and linked to the Instructional
Map-Overview documents so students will have the opportunity to practice opinion writing within their science units. Training
on these integrated lessons and SBA-like Performance Tasks has been provided to all elementary administrators, select literacy
trainers, STEM science leaders, and building staff at five elementary schools (Garfield, Hawthorne, James Monroe, Lowell and
Secondary Teacher-Librarians (Strategic Target: 1.2.b)
The middle and high school teacher-librarians met this week to discuss the Teacher Principal Evaluation Project (TPEP)
framework specific to their role as library/media specialists. They also collaborated and shared the latest thinking related to the
library program, such as the use of various databases, applying OneNote as a collaborative tool, technology needs and
aspirations and our vision of 21st century teaching and learning. The secondary librarians support teachers with the
SpringBoard curriculum and units of study. They provide structures and support for students in a variety of ways as students
conduct research projects and access multiple sources for content area studies.
Revision to Regulations Requiring Third Grade Conferences (Strategic Target: 1.5.a)
In 2013 the state legislature created a process detailed in SB 5946 for school districts to follow when a student in third grade
scores below basic (level 1) on the English Language Arts (ELA) portion of the Smarter Balanced assessment (SBA). It required
a conference with the parent after SBA results were received to discuss grade retention and strategies to improve the student’s
reading skills. Legislation signed last week, SB 5803, revises this process: Now, elementary schools must require meetings
between teachers and parents of students in third grade who are projected to score at level 1 on the ELA SBA. The teacher is
still required to inform parents of reading improvement strategies that are available for the student and to explain the district’s
grade placement policy. Districts may use regularly scheduled parent-teacher conferences for this purpose. Third grade
teachers in the district held extended conferences with parents of students projected to score at level 1 during parent-teacher
conferences in October and March to establish student growth plans. Through these conferences we have met the requirements
of the new legislation. Teachers will still follow up with parents to create summer reading growth plans.
Attachment: SB 5803 Synopsis 20150501.pdf (94 KB)
Attachment: SB 5946 - SB 5803 Comparison 20150501.pdf (219 KB)
Counselors Trained in Youth Suicide Prevention (Strategic Target: 5.2.a)
District counselors recently participated in a three-hour Youth Suicide Prevention training, Networks for Life, presented by
Youth Suicide Prevention Program (YSPP). The session included training in the areas of prevention, intervention, and
postvention. School counselors receive training on Suicide Prevention on an annual basis. The state now requires three hours
minimum of training in suicide prevention as part of earning or renewing ESA certification. The mission of YSPP is to reduce
youth suicide attempts and deaths in Washington State. YSPP's vision states, "YSPP envisions a state where youth suicide is a
rare event, where young people are nurtured and supported, where individuals and families are aware of risk factors for suicide
and actively seek help from accessible, effective community resources. We seek to break the taboo that suicide is something
you shouldn't talk about, and to change the public's resistance by acknowledging the problem with pro-active awareness and
prevention efforts."

7/6/2015 12:22 PM

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Increasing Early Childhood Education & Assistance Program Services (Strategic Target: 5.3.a)
The Cady Road Early Childhood Education & Assistance Program (ECEAP) site run by Volunteers of America will be closing at
the end of this school year. As a result, Snohomish County ECEAP is shifting 29 slots to the Everett Public Schools ECEAP
program. As a result, in 2015-16 the district ECEAP program will serve 200 low income/high needs children/families at five
elementary school sites (Lowell, Garfield, Hawthorne, Silver Lake and Madison). The largest change will be at Lowell where the
ECEAP program will expand from one to two classes (from 20 to 40 children/families). The other nine slots will be shared
between Garfield, Hawthorne, and Silver Lake, bringing each site up to 40 children/families. This increase will allow the
program to provide one teacher and two assistants for each ECEAP classroom, lowering the teacher-child ratio from one to nine
to approximately one to seven in every class. Madison currently has two ECEAP sessions with 20 students enrolled in each
Food and Nutrition Services Audit
Every three years, OSPI conducts a routine audit of the Food & Nutrition department operations. This audit commenced with
program data being sent to OSPI for off-site assessment in June 2014. The on-site assessment is expected to occur during the
first week of June, 2015. The on-site assessment includes meal access and reimbursement, nutrition quality and meal pattern,
and general program compliance in alignment with local and federal regulations. The audit will include review of the free and
reduced meal application process and qualification, recipe and nutrition information for school menus, smart snack and other
healthy food initiatives, safety inspection reports, staff training and other meal service programs such as afterschool snacks,
etc. Food and Nutrition staff have been in the process of preparing for the audit for the past several months and expect a
smooth audit process.
School Bond Election Update
Piper Jaffray provided the district a report on preliminary election results for the special election held this past week. There
were eight (8) school districts across Washington State that placed capital bond measures before their constituents. Of those
eight, three were passing, which is a 37.5 percent success rate. However, the value of the bonds the appear to be gaining
approval by votes represents 43 percent of the total value submitted during the election. Final election results will be certified
by each county on May 12, 2015. While this is a considerably better result than when the district's bond was placed on the
ballot (only one of twelve passed), the capital bond environment is still very challenging. This does not bode well for districts
that may need to request bond funds to respond to legislatively-funded expansion of kindergarten and lowering class sizes in
elementary grades across the state.
Attachment: Piper Jaffray School Bond Election Summary 20150429.pdf (67 KB)
Public Records Request Updates
Andrea Tucker: Ms. Tucker’s request for any letters of interest received by the district for the Longfellow building property has
been fulfilled.
Daily Herald: Reporter Chris Winters of the Daily Herald has requested records pertaining to the recent investigation of several
special services staff members, documents related to the conclusion of employment of the retiring executive director, and
documents pertaining to the previous request for an attorney's report, submitted by former Cascade High School student Derek
Ogle. That request was denied on the basis of attorney-client privileged communication and/or attorney work product, and as
records that are relevant to a controversy in which an agency is a party but which records would not be available to another
party under the rules of pretrial discovery.
Attachment: Exemption Log Ogle 20150218.pdf (36 KB)
Jeff Heckathorn: Mr. Heckathorn requested historical aggregate data on inter-district transfers similar to information previously
provided to him. There are no records responsive to his request.
Attachment: EPS School Capacity Info Summary.pdf (215 KB)
Matt Greenway: While continuing to seek clarification on various portions of his request, staff have also informed Mr. Greenway
of an available installment of records in response to his extensive request for records dating back to 1998 on myriad financial
and operational topics.
Field Trip Requests
Attachment: Jackson HS I-SWEEEP OOS FT 20150501.pdf (6,245 KB)
Attachment: Everett High School Jazz Choir FT to Port Townsend, WA 20150605.pdf (5,128 KB)
Miscellaneous Attachments, News Releases & Articles
News Releases
Points of Pride
Budget Articles

7/6/2015 12:22 PM

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Directors' Dates to Remember
Tuesday, May 5 - Special Board Meeting - 6:30 p.m. - Jackson High School
Wednesday, May 6 - Special Board Meeting - 4:30 p.m. - Community Resource Center
Thursday, May 7 - WASA Region 109 Awards Ceremony - 11:30 a.m. - Everett Golf & Country Club
Monday, May 11 - Middle School Art Show Reception - 6 p.m. - Community Resource Center
Friday, May 15 - Special Board Meeting - 7:30 a.m. - Community Resource Center
Tuesday, May 19 - Special Board Meeting - 6:30 p.m. - Everett High School
Wednesday, May 20 - Superintendent Scholar Ceremony - 7 p.m. - Everett Golf & Country Club
Monday, May 25 - Memorial Day Holiday - District Closed
Wednesday, May 27 - PTSA Council Awards Banquet - 5:30 p.m. - Holiday Inn, Everett
Thursday, May 28 - EPS Retiree Recognition Event - 4 p.m. - Community Resource Center
Wednesday, June 3 - Special Board Meeting - 4:30 p.m. - Community Resource Center
Monday, June 8 - EPS STEM Expo - 5 p.m. - Xfinity Center
Wednesday, June 10 - Sequoia High School Graduation - 6 p.m. - Everett Civic Auditorium
Saturday, June 13 - High School Graduations - Noon - Xfinity Arena
Tuesday, June 16 - Last Day of School
Thursday, August 20 - Summer Commencement - Jackson High School
Thursday, August 20 - Annual Planning Workshop - Community Resource Center

Everett Community College Foundation Flyer 2015.pdf (1,367 KB)
Jackson HS I-SWEEEP OOS FT 20150501.pdf (6,245 KB)
Everett High School Jazz Choir FT to Port Townsend, WA 20150605.pdf (5,128 KB)
EHS Blue & Gold Club Monetary Donation 20150501.pdf (378 KB)
Jackson HS Boys Tennis State Tourney FT 20150501.pdf (2,946 KB)
EPS School Capacity Info Summary.pdf (215 KB)

Exemption Log Ogle 20150218.pdf (36 KB)

Strategic Plan Update 2015-16 20150414 (1.1).pdf (72 KB)
Community Resource Center AV Final Acceptance Letter 20150429.pdf (189 KB)
SB 5803 Synopsis 20150501.pdf (94 KB)

SB 5946 -SB 5803 Comparison 20150501.pdf (219 KB)

Board Annual Goals 2014-15 Report 2 Draft.pdf (67 KB)

Board Meeting Minutes 20150428 Special.pdf (14 KB)

Piper Jaffray School Bond Election Summary 20150429.pdf (67 KB)
Lhamon Email (US ED OCR annual report) 20150430.pdf (60 KB)
McGill Email (Governor's HNG Council in Everett July 23) 20150430.pdf (202 KB)
WA House Appropriations Committee 20150430.pdf (751 KB)
Special Board Meeting Notes, Fishbowl No. 1 20150428.pdf (44 KB)
Special Education Revenue and Expenditure Summary Chart 20150429.pdf (293 KB)
Special Education Revenue and Expenditure Summary Table 20150429.pdf (45 KB)
Attorney General Progress Report 84362-7 20150428.pdf (942 KB)

Hunter Proposal.pdf (125 KB)

Executive Content

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