About John Markis : Die Crack - A fine raised line on a coin caused by a broken die.

Die Defect - An imperfection on a coin caused by a damaged die. Die Variety - A variation of a design attributed to a particular die. For example, among United States cents of 1793 over a dozen different dies were used, all hand-cut, and each a different die variety. Dipping - Refers to removing tarnish, surface dirt or changing the coloration of a coin by applying chemicals, or otherwise artificially treating it with liquids. Disme - One tenth of a dollar. An early spelling of the word "dime." Double Eagle - A United States $20.00 gold coin. Double-Struck - Said of any coin which has received two impressions from the working dies in accidentally imperfect alignment. Double Die - A die that received one of its several blows from a hub or device punch in accidentally imperfect alignment. Doubloon - A Spanish-American gold coin originally valued at $16.00.

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The shield on the eagle’s chest represents Congress consisting of red and white stripes with a blue bar above. The colors are from the American flag; the red represents hardiness and valor, the white represents purity and innocence, and the blue, vigilance, perseverance, and justice. The eagle’s beak holds a ribbon proclaiming E PLURIBUS UNUM, meaning “one nation from many people.” About Trusted Traditions Sport Cards The PSA 10-point grading standard sets the criteria by which each and every card submitted to PSA is graded. When you buy a PSA graded card, you can be rest assured that you are getting the best grading consistency known to the hobby. All cards graded by PSA are evaluated on a tested standard, recognized and accepted by many of the sports card industry's leading dealers. Below are PSA's grades with explanations. John Markis * We always strive to provide professional and courteous service to all clients. * Trusted Traditions is an approved dealer for the PCGS, PMG & CGC grading services. We will gladly submit your notes to either service for grading. * A ten day return policy for all notes purchased from the website. John Markis Contact Some twenty years later, ironically in close proximity of each other, both men decided it was time to liquidate their collections to pay for their children's college educations. The first man had a challenging time selling his collection because of the marginal quality decisions he had made over the years. The second man found astute

individuals who were willing to pay new market levels for his specimens, obviously because of the super quality and rarities he had acquired." John Maragoudakis Shortly after my school years ended, I took a series of Real Estate courses and proceeded to start my Real Estate career in the cold confines of New Jersey. In 1981, with two suitcases and a few bucks, I relocated to Fort Lauderdale, which has remained my home for 28 years.