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General information
NAME: Ibrahim Mohammed Abd Elkader Elaraby DATE OF BIRTH: 19-12-1977 MILITARY SERVICE: exempted MARITAL STATUS: married ADDRESS: Kafer Elshorbagi village, Kafer Elzayat, ElGarbia, Egypt MOBILE PHONE: 002 0128294942


QUALIFICATIONS: B.Sc. In Electrical Power Engineering, good (70%) grade, Tanta University, 2000. PROJECT: Direct digital detector of loked rotor for motor protection. PROJECT GRADE: Excellent

Membership of professional organization
Egyptian Syndicate of Professional Engineers.

Arabic: Native language English: very good written and spoken

Interests and Activities
Highly developed interpersonal, organizational and communication skills, altruism and friendly approach, Sociable personality, tolerant and respectful towards all nationalities and cultures.

Computer Skills O.S.: WINDOWS 95, 98, XP and WINDOWS 2000 family.
SOFTWARE: Proficient in windows application (MS-office), and internet applications RELAYS SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS SKILLS • CAP [for ABB product ] • MICOM S1 [for AREVA T&D products] • EnerVista [for GE MULTILIN products] • IPSCOM [for BECKWITH ELECTRIC products] • SFT2841 [for Schneider products] • DEGSI 4 [for SIEMENS products]


Positions Held
DATE: April 2002 to June 2007 TITLE: Operating Engineer INSTITUTION: West Delta Electricity Production Company (WDEPC) – Kafer ElDawar power Station4*110 MW DESCRIPTION OF JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: carrying out factory electrical maintenance DATES: June 2007 until now TITLE: Protection Relay and Control Engineer INSTITUTION: Middle Delta Electricity Production Company (MDEPC) -Nubaria Power Station 3x750MW PLEASE NOTE: Nubaria power station is a new project under construction started from year 2003 until now, this power station consists of 4 CTGs[ SIEMENS ] and 2 STGs [MITSUBISHI] with total power 1500 MW, in addition to the extension 2 CTGs [GE]and 1 STG [750MW which will be start soon to complete the total power of the Station to be 2250MW.This power station consist of • • • • • 500 KV switch yard [HITACHI] 220 KV switch yard [ABB] Two 500 KV OHTL Eight 220 KV OHTL Four tie transformers 500/220/12 KV

DESCRIPTION OF JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: My position is performing protection and control works in the stations and substations. This works summarized in 1- We have in the Protection section the Modern digital and numerical relays protection such as: • ABB relays (REL316*4, REL531 and REB500] for 220 kV OHTL. • SIEMENS relays [ 7UM62 SIPROTIC ] for CTG generators • Micom family relays [ P741-P742, P437-P442-P126-LFAA, P632-P141, and P143 for 500 kV BUSBAR, OHTL ,and Tie transformers. 500/220/12 KV • GE Multilin relays [ UR family T35-T60, MIFII, MTV and DTP ] for CTG main and aux. transformer • BECKWITH ELECTRIC relays [M-3425A, M-3310] for Mitsubishi (STG) Generator and Excitation Transformer. 2- For 6.3 kV distributions, we have Sepam l000 and Sepaml00LD [Schneider deliveries and ABB products REJ523 [OC , SC, EF...J and REU525 [UV, OV…..]


3- Participating in Studying, Analyses, Test and Make Specification for Electrical Components in My Branch's. • 500 kV switchyard control center • 220 kV switchyard control center • 6.3 kV switchgear panels 5- All tests on power transformers, CTs, VTs, C.Bs and bus bar in (500 kV, 220kv, 16.5kv and 6kv).

These Tests Like
• • • • • • Tie, auxiliaries and main transformers commissioning tests [Tan ∆ test, insulation (MEGGER) test, DC resistance Transformers mechanical protection relays tests (Buchhlez relay, pressure relief device, rapid pressure device. CB's tests [timing, DC resistance, high voltage test for 500 KV CB’S and megger test. CT'S tests |turns ratio, magnetizing test, polarity test| VT's tests [turns ratio, insulation (megger) test Disconnecting switches tests (timing and contact resistance test.

We have in our protection department Measuring and Injection testers with high tech. Such as (ISA DRTS and OMICRON CMC356) Corporation. And another primary injection sets.

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