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An accomplished, performance-driven professional with Financial and Pharmecutical industry experience in a variety of technical functions at all levels. Particular expertise in handling all aspects of HP Openview NNM, Cisco Secure ACS, Alterpoint and Config of Router/Switches. Adept at LAN/WAN Network Support and Mainframe Network Support. Technology proficient and knack for multitasking. Outstanding capacity for interpersonal communication and a strong work ethic. Enthusiastic team player with commitment to excellence. Highly organized professional with superior documentation skills. You will get 100% from me every day!

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Cisco Routers Cisco Switches Cisco CATOS CATIOS, IOS Operating Systems Cisco 3550, 6506, 6509 CATOS and IOS SUP2's, SUP32's, SUP720's, EIGRP Adtran ADT3 Muxes Digital Link Muxes Riverbed Steelheads Cisco Secure ACS Alterpoint, Server / LAN Closet Cabling Connect Direct VPS/DRS/LRS

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VTAM, NCP/SSP/EP TSO/ISPF, RACF TCPIP NPM Easytrev Attachmate Extra Personal Client Hummingbird Exceed HP Openview / NNM HP Scripting (Crons) HP/UX OS V10.01, V10.20, V11.0 HP Jet Direct Print Servers Visio

CIT, Livingston, NJ Network Systems Analyst, 2000–2008 Support of LAN / WAN Cisco network which included Digital Link, Adtran Muxes, monitoring of network devices via HPUX Openview NNM, network device authentication / security via Cisco Secure ACS and Alterpoint along with IBM Mainframe network, supporting TCPIP, Connect Direct, VPS/DRS/LRS, FTP, OSA Gig Adapters. Roles and accomplishments include: LAN / WAN  Coordinated with ATT on all circuit issues to sites not ATT managed. This included any circuit testing prior to turn up and all issues with the turn up and testing of ISDN lines after turn up.  Performed CATOS/IOS upgrades on Cisco routers and switches to maintain and improve network availability and security.  Maintained documentation on routers, switches, network connections, and IP addresses.  Built scripts and crons on HPUX 11.0 system for TFTP backup of router and switch configs, cron utilities for maintaining router / switch daily logs, router/switch password changes, copy of configs to flash cards for routers not having access to TFTP server due to firewall restrictions, push of new IOS, CATOS to flash cards, and port utilization monitoring.  Developed Cisco Secure ACS to replace Tacacs for authentication.  Developed Remote Admin access to switches via Cisco Secure ACS and Alterpoint allowing personnel at remote sites to reset their own port security issues.  Used Alterpoint, developed management of router and switch config backups, change reporting for Internal Security group, mass changes by device type, and change control tracking.  Converted network device access / authentication from telnet to SSH.  Implemented port security on all supporting switches.  Setup, tested, and installed network in new Jacksonville FL office. Two routers w/ISDN PRI backup, 2 6506 Core Switches with SUP720’s and 5 6506/9 floor switches with SUP32’s.


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CIT ( C O N T ’ D . )  Worked with entire Network Group to develop, test, implement new network infrastructure. 'Access' switches which feed 'Distribution' switches which feed 'Core' switches which have connections to network router interfaces.  Coordinated port assignments and cabling for D/C access switches for servers, migrations off old switches to 6509’s, setup of 'backup switches', and setup of 'dual NIC' switches.  Migrated all access switches (closet switches) from 5500 to 6506/6509’s which included complete re cabling of all switches.  Worked with Network group to implement Riverbed 'Steelhead' network optimization units which drastically improved response time.  Utilized Openview/NNM, developed monitoring of all devices in network, which included Emails sent on any failures of interfaces on routers/switches, 'outages' files which were loaded to server share for documentation and review for patterns in failures.  Enhanced network monitoring to include Event Correlation to eliminate redundant messages and implemented paging on Node Down / Up (router/switch down/up) to Network On-Call personnel.  Worked with Windows Server group to setup VM Trunks, Virtual, and SCON Connections and Failover redundancy between 2 primary 6509 switches. MAINFRAME  Configured all Mainframe Printing using VPS/IP, DRS, and LRS.  Updated TCPIP with LU Pools for reference to LUMAP to logappl TN3270 sessions to CICS production regions.  Made changes to TCPIP to support 2000+ LU's on each LPAR for conversion of TN3270 connectivity from CIP router to GB adapters.  Tested and implemented all Vtam, NCP, TCPIP maintenance.  Provided support of FTP, TN3270 to mainframe via CIP Router and OSA adapters.  Supported Connect Direct on mainframe for file transfer which included coordination of changes with Advanced Tech (Firewall) group. All connections through Partner Router forwarded to Firewall and had IP addresses natted.  Developed, tested, and implemented Connect Direct procs for batch jobs to transfer files to / from Partner sites.  Participated in Disaster Recovery testing for network recovery on Mainframe and Wan remote sites. HISERV N.A. INC. (formerly American Hoechst, Hoechst Celanese), Bridgewater, NJ HPUX System Administrator, 1998–2000  Served as Administrator for up to 15 HP9000 systems.  Performed hardware upgrades, software maintenance in form of patches, Operating System upgrades (HP/UX 10.1 to 10.20), file system conversions from HFS to VXF Sand upgrades for Y2K compliance.  HPUX OS experience A.09.04, 10.01, 10.20, 11.0.  HPUX OmniBack Backup software working with HPUX DLT7000 Tape Backup unit.

From 1973 to 1997, held a variety of positions which included:
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Supervisor of Operations (2nd Shift) Supervisor of Operations Support (Technical Support group & Production Control) Network Support for VSE 4381 and VSE running on IBM 3090 LPAR Mainframe Network Support for Vtam configuration changes, NCP gens for local and remote NCP's and TCPIP. Coordinator of Data Center Floor space, network cabling to switches and power arrangements with Facilities Management

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Raritan Valley College, North Branch, NJ PL/1 Workshop, TCPIP Workshop HP/UX 10.20 System Administration., HP Openview / NNM Integrating Cisco Network Devices Configuring, Managing and Maintaining Windows Server 2008 CCNA – Work in progress. Studying course material & taking software package test prep.