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Construction and Property Management professional with over twenty years of experience in landscape/hardscape, interior/exterior restoration and maintenance/repair of appliances seeking a position where my high work ethic, attention to detail and team-player skills will allow to me to excel. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS
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Highly experienced using Forklift, Bobcat, Overhead Crane and Backhoe bucket loader. Proven certified experience in remediating Mold, Dander, Pollen and Biological Particles from building projects according to environmental standards. Demonstrated attention to detail through extensive Landscape and hardscape design. Constructed diverse landscape, hardscapes and building projects including Radon mitigation systems. Certified Environmental home inspector and Environmental Sampler Highly experienced mechanical and construction abilities through years of carpentry, drywall, equipment assembly and problem solving. Exemplary work ethic, proactive, motivated and results-oriented. Warehouse management as well as shipping/receiving and loading and unloading Supervisory and leadership experience from running own company, erecting various retaining walls and other major construction projects. Business owner experience included sales and customer service skills. Computer experience includes hardware and software knowledge.

2009- Present WASDIN ASSOCIATES Inc. Cocoa, FL  Property Management
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Maintain 7 apartment/condominium properties in 3 cities. Ensure that all units are in perfect structural/working condition on shoestring budget. Document in full detail all work performed on each unit, materials used and man hours required to complete. Handle emergency calls for all properties. Perform annual maintenance on all major appliances, heating and A/C. Worked at heights and utilized personal protection equipment. Supervise 3 employees. Develop project punch lists for property management.

2000-2008 KPG Manchester, NH  Owner/Landscape and Hardscape Designer

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Responsible for the design and implementation of all landscape/hardscape projects . Overlook compliance for all safety regulations at each job site. Maintain all records, equipment and vehicles. Supervised 4 employees. Responsible for ordering all materials

2004-2007 CHOICE METALS. Goffstown, NH 03045.  Warehouse Driver
• • • Responsible for loading/unloading materials for all company transactions. Organized all items in warehouse, responsible for warehouse inventory and kept warehouse clean. Maintained all the trucks and forklifts.

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Delivered materials to customers and picked up materials from distributors. Inspected Mig and Tig welded connections on various projects.

1998--2000 FEDERAL PIPE and STEEL. Manchester, NH. 03103.  Warehouse
• • • Responsible for loading/unloading of materials Warehouse maintenance. Maintained side loaders, forklift, cranes.

1995-1998 Hog Wild Bicycles. Bedford, NH 03102.  Owner/Bicycle Technician
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Expert repair/ knowledge of various types of high-end bicycles from multiple vendors Managed warehouse as well as shipping/receiving and loading/unloading of all products.

1993-1994 MARK RYNERSON Company. Goffstown, NH 03045.  Landscape/Hardscape Technician
• • Responsible for the installation of landscapes and hardscapes. Maintained all machinery and vehicles

Bicycle Technician Certification. Haggart’s Bicycle School, Concord, NH. March 1991.

Degree in SAT Build Control. Rise Institute of Electronics, Nashua, NH. October 1987. .

PatentsMP1- Mine Pod (Under Earth Survival Unit) LIFE plus heated backpack

PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES Al Schwager, Supervisor at Wasdin Associates 321- 223- 9739 Chad Buell 321-271-3707 Tom Wasdin, Owner of Wasdin Associates 321-537-6588 Ed Baldwin Taunton, MA. 508-824-0002 Steve Hertz Bedford, NH. 603-325-5983 Jose Fraticelli, Woonsocket,RI. 401-578-3868