Coup d’ etat In America, The Murder of a President Update

With the 46th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy approaching, I felt the need to rewrite this article updating and finalizing it. Although as long as there is information withheld and hidden by our government, can we truly write the final chapter? I must give credit where credit where credit is due. The excellent connecting of the dots by author Michael Collins Piper in his 6th edition of Final Judgment, America #1 banned book, finally puts to rest my investigation of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy I began in 5th grade. For many years I had come to the conclusion the Mob & CIA were the major mover and shakers in the plot of kill and then cover up this Coup d’etat that took place that fateful day in Dallas November 22, 1963. The evidence Piper has unveiled shows the major and largest co-conspirator was the Mossad of Israel. I made the tie-ins to the mob through Ruby, Sam Giancana, and growing up in Louisiana, was very familiar with the connections of mob boss Carlos Marcello. I had access to the taped confessions of one James E. Files who was serving 50 years in Joliet Prison for the murder of an

Illinois State Patrol Officer. Files, was only one step down from Sam Giancana, and confessed in very great detail to being one of the assassins in Dealely Plaza. He gave details that proved true, and would have only been known by a man who pulled a trigger that day. The trigger he admitted he pulled was to the Remington Fireball XP-100

which fired a .222 rifle cartage with a 50 gr. bullet traveling in the in the 2600-2700 fps range, which would have been consistent with the head wound received by the President. This was a large pistol more easily concealed than a rifle. It had extreme accuracy. Johnny Roselli and Charles Nicoletti, were implicated by Files as accomplices, both known as dual operatives for the CIA and Mafia boss Sam Giancana.

Who is a direct underling of Meyer Lansky

and his crime

syndicate. ood James Files claims that he stood behind the picket fence atop the grassy knoll to fire one shot. Files said that he aimed for Kennedy's eye but missed and "came in on the left side of the temple." A bullet from the rear had hit Kennedy, only a split second before Files fired. This is consistent with the wounds described by physicians at Parkland Hospital in Dallas. Two others were also implicated as assassins Guillermo & Ignacio Novo were in a the two cars organized by contract CIA agent Frank Sturgis that traveled to Dallas November 21, 1963, according to former CIA operative Marita Lorenz. Sturgis later confessed to her “we killed the president that day.” Sturgis was a former Hagannah mercenary during the first Israeli Israeli-Arab war, according to July 1975 issue Argosy magazine. The motive seemed clear. Atty. General Bobby Kennedy had prosecuted the mob relentlessly, ve double-crossing their support that got his brother elected. The CIA was about to be thrown to the crossing wind, as well as the Federal Reserve. When you make those kinds of enemies it is easy to be it targeted, even if you are the president. However, when Piper’s investigation brought forth the secret war being waged by President Kennedy against Israel’s secret nuclear weapons development, the case took a turn. President Kennedy offered Hawk Missile batteries, if onsite inspections were allowed of Dimona, Israel’s secret nuclear reactor and weapons program. Trying to bring control through of appeasement of

Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion and his nuclear bomb program. Ben Gurion Ben-Gurion considered the president’s Middle East policy a “threat to the survival of Israel.” s President Kennedy had reduced support to Israel by half. He and his brother Bobby had caused irreparable damage to Meyer Lansky’s Jewish crime syndicate, effecting Sam Giancana, an his and entire outfit. The CIA connection with this mob boss and the heroine they flew from the golden triangle region, and the drugs that funded black operations were threatened. President Kennedy had printed $50 MILLION in US notes and planned the dissolv of the dissolve Federal Reserve. He learned of the approval of CIA Operation Northwood, a plan to attack our own bases in Florida, hijack and blow up airliners, set sniper teams loose in Florida and Washington, DC, to accomplish “creating a substantial body count” all to draw American’s count” sympathy for a war in Cuba. A plan approved all the way up through the Joint Chief of Staff and the Vice President. President Kenn Kennedy was horrified with the plan. President Kennedy planned the dissolve of the CIA. President Kennedy Ten days before his assassination at Columbia before University stated; “The high office of President has been used to format a plot to destroy the American’s freedom, and before I leave office I must inform the citizen of his plight.” He said we have no business in Vietnam pulled out 1500 troops and observers and said he would have

the rest out by the end of the year. Before the end of the year came, November 22, 1963, they blew his head off.

They had their patsy set up Lee Harvey Oswald.

He had been well groomed, by

CIA handler former FBI agent and CIA contract operative, Guy Bannister, making him appear quite the Cuban sympathizer. Oswald was a mediocre shot at best. He could not have pulled off the shots required in the record time required, as neither could FBI exper that tried. experts

Let us not forget that Jack Ruby (formally Rubenstein) was a Zionist and investigated by the FBI and testified about drug running in the 1940’s. Although through Meyer Lansky, Ruby had also run guns to Israel after World War II. Lansky also an avid supporter of also Israel sending money skimmed from His casinos in Cuba and Las Vegas to help support Israel. I met Caroll Jarnagin at his home on Sandy Lane in Ft.Worth Texas in 1972. Jarnagin was a Dallas attorney that testified that Lee Harvey Oswald was the man using the name of H L. Lee H. and met with Jack Ruby at the Carousel Club in Dallas Texas Oct 4 1963, stating he “would need more money to kill Governor of Texas He wanted “half up front and half when it was done. Texas.” half done.” Jack Ruby told Oswald “he would not be paid until after the job was done. Caroll Jarnagin he done.” Jarnagin’s statement was passed on to the Texas Department of Public Safety on Oct 5 1963 by telephone ed telephone, copy of a letter and an eight-page statement received at the Federal Bureau of Investigation on page December 5, 1963 His testimony appeared as Exhibit C E 2861 in the Warren Commission Commission’s Report. The Warren Commission relied on the “Magic Bullet” Theory, a theory concocted by Senator

Sphincter…. I mean Senator Arlen Spector, is also an admitted Zionist. A “magic” onist. bullet making seven wounds dipping, diving and turning and shattering the ribs and wrist of Governor Connelly after exiting Kennedy’s neck, and yet staying in absolutely pristine condition as if not even fired.

Let us not forget the CIA man in charge of the information the Warren Commission received

from the CIA was James Jesus Angelton the youngest man to hold a desk for the CIA, at the age of 27. He was also the man in charge of the Israel desk and over Middle East affairs. Angelton had been investigated on more than one occasion for being a possible spy for gelton the Mossad, Israel’s secret intelligence agency. After having coffee with Dr. Charles A Crenshaw on at least two separate occasions while I A. worked K-9 patrol at John Petersmith H 9 Hospital, I identified the major problem with the Warren Commissions “magic bullet” theory the bullet was going the wrong direction! That’s right the theory, bullet striking President Kennedy in the neck left a FRONTAL ENTRY wound, i identified by Dr. Crenshaw who worked on both Oswald and Kennedy at Parkland Hospital. If you work at Parkland Hospital emergency room as a resident as Dr. Crenshaw, I guarantee you have NO rkland problem telling which way a bullet traveled. They treat gunshot wounds daily there even in 1963.After leaving Dallas, the neck of President Kennedy was mutilated to turn a half inch entry wound into a three inch “exit wound.” I also had lunch with Dr. Crenshaw on another occasion continuing the discussion of his book JFK Conspiracy of Silence.

There is one other Israel connection first discovered by Jim Garison. Clay Shaw was the director of the New Orleans Trade Mart and was a board member of on European trade organizations known alternately as Permindex and/or Central Mondiale Commerciality. The CIA tely had at least contacted Shaw 32 times, all classified documents regarding Clay L. Shaw, including, but not limited to, the Domestic Contact Reports made by Mr. Shaw to the Central Intelligence Agency in the '40s and '50s; all files regarding Mr. Shaw's involvement with a CIA project code named QKENCHANT, for which Mr. Shaw had been assigned a covert security approval in 1962. (CIA document, "Subject: Clay L. Shaw [201 813493]," "Enclosure 21"). [201-813493]," The prime stockholder of Permindex was Banque de Credit International (BCI) created by Rabbi Tibor Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum, served on the board of the Swiss Israeli Trade bank, served as Director General for Finance and Supply for Israel’s Mossad, director of the Jewish Agency in Geneva Switzerland, international vice vice-president and co-founder of the World Jewish Congress. founder BCI served to launder Casino money from the Meyer Lansky crime syndicate. It also served as chief financial institution of Israeli arms deals. Consequently, here again we have numerous deals. contacts between members of the conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy, and the Mossad, Israel, Meyer Lansky and the CIA. When you weigh the factors, which profited most from the assassination of Presid Kennedy? President Israel profited more than anyone. Lyndon Johnson completely reversed Mid East policy. He turned a blind eye to their nuclear program, although approving the 1968 non proliferation treaty. He made the US their number non-proliferation one supplier of military hardware. He gave $92 MILLION in 1966 for military funding alone to rdware. Israel. President Kennedy had approved $40 million in assistance to Israel for budget year 1964, NONE of which was for military funding. Jordan, Palestine and the rest of the Arab world no

longer had an impartial mediator in the USA, but had been left to the wolves. Israel had become for all intent and purposes our 51st state, and has been a millstone around our neck ever since. Our “America first” stance had ended. Our national security objectives in the Middle East had been flushed down the toilet. Dan Kurtzman’s Ben-Gurion: Prophet of Fire quoted Ben-Gurion “My people have a right to exist…and this existence is in danger” as one of the last communication with President Kennedy. In fact that danger was felt so strongly by Israel that one of the last orders given by David Ben-Gurion was to “take care of the Kennedy problem,” before he stepped down in June of 1963. There were billions made by the Lansky Jewish mob syndicate in heroine traffic from the Golden Triangle of SE Asia. JFK’s immediate reversal of our Vietnam policy is reason enough for the assassination. The CIA drug profit for black operations was reason enough. The war profit made by Israel and the USA war machine in Vietnam was reason enough. The Federal Reserve and its European Jewish banking consortium owners, continuing unscathed, was reason enough. The Israeli nuclear superiority over Palestine, Jordan and other Arab countries was reason enough. When you put them all together, motive is more than established for the Mossad to have set up the coup d’etat in America for the murder of the President, which occurred in Dallas that fateful day in November. Means and opportunity go without saying, as the number of, Israeli first, conspirators in the CIA, FBI, Senate, Congress, Warren Commission and high places are to innumerable for me to count. I think the Washington Jewish Week October 9, 1997 states their position best; “Israel need not apologize for the assassination or destruction of those who seek to destroy it. The first order of business for any country is the protection of its people.” In short, it would appear that Israel takes its role in the world too seriously. It is a country the size of New Jersey, (no offence New Jersey). 95 % of Israel’s people are descendants of the Khazars a fierce Mongol tribe of Northern Russia that accepted the Jewish faith in 741 A.D. History confirms this. (See Jewish Historian; Arthur Koestler’s The 13th Tribe) They have NO relationship to the tribe of Judah or ANY of the tribes of Israel but are the descendants of EsauEdom. They have NO claim to anything in the Middle East, as they have no kinship to ancient Israel AT ALL. Of the Warren Commission staff nine were Jewish, one had a Jewish wife and several others had ties to the Israeli lobby. All too convenient to lead any evidence pointing to the Mossad and Israel in another direction. These are but a few of easily hundred connections to the Mossad and the assassination of our President John F. Kennedy. We have seen over and over that things do not happen by accident in the scheme of things especially where Washington and our government are concerned. As one James Forrestal, America’s first Secretary of Defense so brilliantly put it, “if these things happened by accident they would occasionally make a mistake in OUR favor”. Supreme Court Justice Frank Murphy had discovered that there was really a plot to destroy our Republic, he had meetings with Martin Dies chairman of the House Committee on Un-American Activities. Ralph Epperson on page 304 of his book The Unseen Hand quoted Murphy telling Dies committee (1949) “ We are DOOMED! The Communists control completely. They’ve got control of Roosevelt and his wife as well” in the same year Murphy was treated and released completely recovered from an illness, then suddenly died from an apparent heart attack. Martin Dies was convinced he had been murdered. Although this seems a bit retroactive, when you understand the US State Dept. had been loaded with communists and communist sympathizers, and closet socialists, it makes things

much more clear. Many high officials were convicted during McCarthy’s investigation. Unfortunately the closet socialists, and sympathizers entrenched ultimately encouraged and saw to it that the Eastern Establishment & media and destroyed McCarthy. The pro communist within the International Bankers, the Federal Reserve, and Wall Street using their wealth influence and control of the media had done their job well. They had not only destroyed McCarthy but had successfully brainwashed the American public in to acceptance of socialistic, I.E. liberal programs. Through the fomented depression of the 30’s wars of the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s Americans had been programmed to accept such things as “good for the country.” They had been always led to believe that the “threats” demanded action. These threats had always been promulgated I.E. manufactured. The controlled US news media did an excellent job of programming the people of the fear of these threats. You may say we have a “free” press; they are the best prostitutes money can buy. Example therein being: Council on Foreign Relations Trilateral Commission Past & Present Media Members (Partial Listing) CBS Television Roswell Gilpatric……CFR James Houghton…..CFR Henry Schacht….CFR Marietta Tree….CFR C.C. Colingwood…..CFR Lawrence LeSueur…..CFR Dan Rather…..CFR Harry Reasoner…..CFR Richard Hottelet…..CFR Frank Stanton…..CFR Bill Moyer…..CFR William Paley…..CFR Lawrence A. Trisch…..CFR Walter Chronkite…..CFR NBC Television (RCA) Jane Pfeiffer…..CFR Lester Crystal…..CFR R.W. Sonnenfeldt…..CFR T.F. Bradshaw…..CFR John Petty…..CFR David Brinkley…..CFR John Chancellor…..CFR Marvin Kalb…..CFR Irvine R. Levine…..CFR H. Schlosser…..CFR P.G. Peterson…..TC/CFR John Sawhill…..TC/CFR Tom Brokaw…..CFR John F. Welch, Jr. …..CFR ABC Television Ray Adam…..CFR John Connor…..T. M. Macioce…..CFR John Scali…..CFR Barbara Walters…..CFR Diane Sawyer…..CFR

Thomas S. Murphy…..CFR Ted Koppel…..CFR

Cable News Network (CNN) W. Thomas Johnson…..CFR Daniel Schorr…..CFR Public Broadcasting Service Hartford Gunn…..CFR Robert McNeil…..CFR Jim Lehrer…..CFR Gault…..CFR Hodding Carter III…..CFR Daniel Schorr…..CFR

C. Hunter-

Associated Press Keith Fuller…..CFR Stanley Swinton…..CFR Louis Boccardi…..CFR Harld Anderson…..CFR Katharine (Meyer) Graham…..TC/CFR United Press International (UPI) H.L. Stevenson…..CFR Reuters Michael Posner…..CFR Boston Globe David Rogers…..CFR

L.A. Times Syndicate Joseph Kraft…..CFR Baltimore Sun Henry Trewhitt…..CFR Washington Times Arnaud de Borchgrave…..CFR Children’s TV Workshop (Sesame Street) Joan Ganz Cooney, President…..CFR U.S. News & World Report David Gergen…..TC New York Times Company Richard Gehlb…..CFR James Reston…..CFR William Scranton…..CFR A.M. Rosenthal…..CFR Seymour Topping…..CFR James Greenfield…..CFR Max Frankel…..CFR Jack Rosenthal…..CFR Harding Bancroft…..CFR Amory Bradford…..CFR Orvil Dryfoos…..CFR David Halberstram…..CFR Walter Lippman…..CFR L.E. Markel…..CFR H.L. Matthews…..CFR John Oakes…..CFR Adolph Ochd…..CFR Harrison Salisbury…..CFR A. Hays Sulzberger…..CFR A. Ochs Sulzberger…..CFR C.L. Sulzberger…..CFR Steve Rattner…..CFR Richard Burt…..CFR John F. Akers…..Dir. CFR Louis V. Gertsner Jr. …..CFR George B. Munroe…..CFR Donald M. Stewart…..CFR Cyrus R. Vance…..CFR Flora Lewis…..TC Time Inc. Donald M. Wilson…..CFR Alexander Heard…..CFR Thomas Watson Jr…..CFR

Ralph Davidson…..CFR Henry Grunwald…..CFR Rawleigh Warner Jr. …..CFR

Louis Banks…..CFR Sol Linowitz…..CFR Strobe Talbott…..CFR

Newsweek/ Washington Post Eugene Meyer Owner W. Post…..CFR Katherine (Meyer) Graham (heiress of W. Post)…..CFR Sen. Phillip Graham…..CFR Arjay Miller…..CFR N. beB Katzenbach…..CFR Frederick Beebe…..CFR Robert Christopher…CFR A. De Borchgrave…..CFR Oseborne Elliot…..CFR Phillip Geyelin…..CFR Kermit Lausner…..CFR Murry Marder…..CFR Malcolm Muir…..CFR Maynard Parker…..CFR George Will…..CFR Robert Kaiser…..CFR Meg Greenfeild…..CFR Walter Pincus…..CFR Murry Gart…..CFR Peter Osnos…..CFR Don Oberdorfer…..CFR Dow Jones & Co. (Wall Street Journal) William Agee…..CFR J. Paul Austin…..CFR Charles Meyer…..CFR Robert Potter…..CFR Richard Wood…..CFR Robert Bartley…..CFR Karen House…..CFR National Review William F. Buckley (CIA)…..CFR Richard Brookhiser…..CFR Readers Digest George V. Grune, CEO…..CFR William G. Bowne, Dir…..CFR Syndicated Columnists Georgie Anna Geyer…..CFR Ben J. Wattenberg………CFR David Rottenfeller, I mean Rockefeller, Former Chairman of the Board of the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Chase Manhattan Bank & Bilderberger member, once stated : “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion (silence) for almost forty years…. It would have been IMPOSSIABLE for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during these years.” England’s famed statesman Benjamin Disraeli in Conimgsby once stated, “The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.” Indeed it is! We are constantly brainwashed through the idiot box we call TV, the most insidious brainwashing invention ever made. Not only do they feed us their lies but they now have ways through a nearly thirty year old electronic technology to even alter our consciousness MAKING us believe it is as gospel through digital technology. George HW Bush was in charge of the Bay of Pigs “Operation Zapata.” The two Navy ships dubbed the “Houston” and the “Barbara” was in charge of the landings. Zapata Oil was Bush’s oil company located in Houston, and Barbara is his wife name and also the name of his three planes in the navy. As head of the CIA he had much to do with James Jesus Angelton and the CIA information Angelton turned over to the Warren Commission.

Now we have a few new faces but the force that killed John F. Kennedy is still very much in charge of our government. They were the force behind 9-11 and the list of false flag operations carried out and blamed on their enemies is almost endless, or at least too long to be dealt with here. If we don’t wake up and get these Neo-conservatives that hold dual citizenship with Israel out of our state department, cabinet, Congress and Senate we are doomed from ever being a free Republic again. Much of this we have brought on ourselves by not following God’s laws. The Almighty has a way of chastising His people for not following His will. We are doomed to a one world government with them in control it’s here now breaking down the doors. There is but one hope: “2Ch 7:14 If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and
seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. Choose well whom you will serve!

Michael Treis