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Hebrew is a beautiful ancient language which is spoken in mainly in Israel and by Israelis and Jews across the globe. Hebrew has long been considered to be a poetic language composed of three thousand year old metaphors. The Bible is also written in Hebrew and the Jews believe that god created the world using Hebrew letters therefore each letter has a special meaning and weight and it's written in a certain way. Take the word "‫( "אמת‬truth) it start with the letter "‫ "א‬which is the first letter in the order of Hebrew letters The second letter is "‫"מ‬ which is strait in the middle of the letters and the last letter is "‫"ת‬ which is the last letter in the Hebrew language.. Therefore the word truth "‫ "אמת‬holds the entire letters of the Hebrew language inside it and is organized from start to end in the right order. All this, while the word "‫( "שקר‬lie) has 3 letters positioned almost at the end of the Hebrew letters order and are mixed in order. Further more while the letters in the word truth in Hebrew (‫)אמת‬ Has a wide base (the actual letter structure) and each letter stand on two feet in the word Lie (‫ )שקר‬the first letter has a curved button meaning its moves from side to side when pushed. The second letter breaker the line and stands on one leg and so does the last letter. If you had the patient to read my entire explanation you can easily see the logic. And so does millions of Jews world wide that hold the Hebrew language on a pedestal. English to Hebrew translation is a work of art. Picking a freelance translator or a translation company depends on the type of Hebrew translation needed. If you need to translate a professional text that deals with academic, Medical or technical and so forth subjects you better off asking a translation company to translate it since they can select a translator with experience in the specific field. Take for example Hebrew to English translation of legal documents. Using a regular translator to translate a legal document would probably end with a badly translated document since the translator doesn't understand the legal terminology. Therefore, for a legal translation into or from Hebrew you must use a legal translator and such is the case for any type of text of a professional nature. Best regards, Zamenhof translation services. (In Hebrew)

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