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Q. Will we go to jannah (paradise)

if we die during the month
Posted on July 17, 2013
A. (#DrZakirNaik): Its the same hadith which I quoted earlier which says, O ye people
the blessed month of Ramadan is approaching and Allah has ordained for you to fast
in this month and in this month gates of heaven will be opened and the gates of the
hell will be closed and the devils will be chained, in this month is a night of Qadr
which is better than a thousand months and a person who is deprived of the
blessings of this month is truly a deprived person. Here again it is a common question
if the gates of heaven are opened and gates of hell are closed then anyone who dies but
natural will go to jannah (paradise). Does it mean even if a non-Muslim dies in this month
he will go to jannah? The reply to this question is when Allah says in this month the gates of
heaven are opened. It means the gates of heaven are inviting you to enter jannah. That
means even if you do a small deed Allah subhanwatala will multiply your reward and as the
prophet said,every good deed will get a reward 10 times and in this month it is very
easy to enter jannah. When our prophet said the gates of the hell are closed indicating that
to enter hell is difficult in this month, Why? Because the Taqwah level in this month rises
and the chances of you to commit sins is less. And further more if you fast the whole month
of Ramadan seeking Allahs reward. All your past sins will be forgiven. So if all the past sins
are forgiven the chances of him to go to hell is Nil. But what we have to realize is the criteria
for the gates of heaven to be opened and gates of hell to be closed is that you have to fast
and furthermore to enter jannah you require a ticket. The ticket to enter jannah is mentioned
in Surah Al-Asar Ch. 103 V. 1-3 where Allah says, By the token of time, man is verily in




a state of loss. Except those who have faith, those who do righteous deeds, those
who exhort people to truth and those who exhort people to patience and
perseverance. This surah according to Imam Shafi, he said, Only if this surah was to
be revealed of the Quran, it would have been sufficient for the salvation of mankind.
Its so important that it is called Rahe Nijhat the way for salvation. And the criteria for any
person to enter janah is FOUR FIRST is eeman, SECOND is righteous deeds, THIRD is
exhorting people to truth and FOURTH is exhorting people to patience and
perseverance. So here we realize the gates of heaven are opened but just because the
gates are opened you cant enter it, you require the ticket! And to get this ticket is very easy
in the month of Ramadan. Because the eeman level rises in the month of Ramadan,
furthermore your righteous deeds, the reward is multiplied. It is easier! And call people to
truth, patience level increases. So when this criteria is fulfilled inshallah you will go to
jannah. That does not mean 100% who die will go to jannah. Surely those who are
unbelievers have got no eeman. So there is no question that they will enter jannah.
Furthermore if you read the hadith only if you fast in the month of Ramadan that means you
follow all the rules and regulations and abstain from things that are prohibited then the
doors of heaven will be opened and the gates of hell will be closed. Furthermore in this
month is a night which is equivalent to more than a thousand months, indicating if you
pray and worship in this one night it is equivalent to a thousand months which is more than
80 years. Imagine! So the chances of you getting the reward in this one night is more than
your lifetime. An average human being lives for 60 years. So one Laylatul-Qadr is more
than a thousand months and the chances for you to go jannah is very high. Ending of hadith
says in this month who is deprived of these blessings is truly a deprived person. Indicating
everyone will not go to jannah. Everyone will not find the doors of heaven opened. It is
telling us Muslims if you cannot get the benefits of this month of Ramadan and then if you
dont make it to jannah then you are truly a deprived person. It even includes the nonMuslims for if they dont get the hidaaya they are truly the deprived people.
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