THE CHURCH Leadership in the Christian world has to focus on the church.

We are all part of the body of Christ—the church. When we speak of Christian leadership, whether it is in the church or in the business/political, we are talking about a relationship with the church. It is not a small subset of our relationship with God. It is the key to our life in Christ. Let’s look at it from three angels. First, the church is a community of people. It is not a building. We are called the family of God with core values of love, loyalty, and mutual support. Life in a family revolves around caring for the weakest person, normally the baby. Perhaps our experience of church would be much fuller if we focused on raising new—baby—Christians into mature family members rather then being so concerned about ME and what I need in my life. What we all get from membership in this community or family is security. We can feel safe and protected. Second, the church is a cause. Paul talks about soldiers and we talk of the army of God. We are told in Eph. 6 to put on the armor of God, most definitely warrior attire. We have wars to fight, prisoners to take, enemies to be conquered and prisoners to be rescued. The core value for us, as an army, is winning the war or furthering the cause. The key person is the one most highly committed to the cause. You become a part of the army by volunteering and the leave through martyrdom or the end of the war. From these battles we obtain glory and reward from the Lord. Third, the church is a corporation exemplified by the fact that it is an institution. The value in this third angle is managing itself efficiently and effectively, so we can go on in history. The most productive person becomes the key. With the gifting of administration there is an assurance that everything is done in good order. 1 Cor 14: 40. The church is a union of all three of these angles or perhaps circles is better. They must intersect for the church to be truly fruitful. If we ignore the CORPORATE side of things we do not plan or budget well. We start to “build” and run out of money or energy. Often time there is no structure that allows for the body to care for itself. Without the CAUSE we become ingrown and introspective—navel gazers. There is nothing to cause the adrenaline to flow. There is nothing outside of ourselves. Ignoring COMMUNITY leads us into a life that is not family-like. It is simply another project to get done. We don’t care about the young ones amongst us and we certainly aren’t going to give ourselves to each other. We—the church—needs leadership in all three areas. There may be an overall leader that is weak in two of the three circles but if he is truly God’s leader he will build a team around and work with them in areas of his deficiency. You and I need to understand our gifting and what our purpose is work in that area with the comfort of knowing the shepherd has put us there. The more we understand these three spheres of church life the more effective we will be as a church and as leaders.

The Scriptures is full of “one another” passages. The majority of these don’t