Eco - friendly Moulding

Timbron International produces a truly sustainable product. Globally and locally we collect and recycle waste plastics, allowing us to play an active role in waste reduction, landfill reduction, and community development. We then process that same plastic to manufacture interior moldings such as; baseboards, casing, base shoe, quarter round, crown, and closet pole. Our finished Timbron product is composed of 75% post-consumer plastic and 15% pre-consumer plastic - a grand total of 90% recycled material! We are proud to state that since our inception (January 2000) we have recycled enough waste plastic to fill the Empire State Building – over 37 million cubic feet!

A closed loop manufacturing system allows us to give the most benefit to the environment. Not only does Timbron recycle plastic, diverting material from the waste stream and conserving precious non-renewable resources such as petroleum, we also possess the capability to recycle any Timbron product at the end of its useful life. By purchasing products with the highest percentage of recycled material, your organization is playing an active role in supporting the recycling system and working towards a healthier environment for you and your families.

The durability of Timbron mouldings also contribute to its environmental benefits. Timbron is long lasting, reducing the need for frequent replacement and use of additional materials in the future. Timbron is waterproof, mold and mildew resistant and can be left its nice white color after installation, improving indoor air quality and making for a healthier house. Timbron is termite and insect proof, eliminating the need for toxic pesticides.

Overall, Timbron Premium Interior Mouldings will give you a healthier, greener, and more durable home.
Waste Collection Waste Processing

Timbron Interior Moldings

Green Building

At Timbron we recognize the importance of sustainable construction and green building certification. National organizations such as LEED and NAHB acknowledge the efforts of green builders, rewarding them for, amongst other things, purchasing local products, using products made from recycled materials, and minimizing construction site waste debris. We are actively researching and working with both national and local green building organizations to strategically position the Timbron premium interior molding product in order for you to reap the most benefit from using a remarkably environmental product. Please feel free to contact us with questions regarding your preferred green building organization.

Top Ten Reasons to use Eco-friendly Timbron Mouldings 1. Comprised of 90% recycled plastics a. 75% post - consumer and 15% pre - consumer b. Certified by Scientific Certification Systems. 2. Timbron can be recycled - reducing overall jobsite debris. 3. Manufactured in Stockton, California. (only applicable if project is within 500miles of Stockton.) 4. Exceptionally durable - long lasting and low maintenance 5. Waterproof - long lasting and low maintenance 6. Termite proof - long lasting, low maintenance, no pesticides needed 7. Low VOC - contributes to improved indoor air quality 8. Does not need to be painted. 9. Has the same density as a soft wood and you can cut it, nail it, glue it, sand it, caulk it, and paint it - Works like wood. 10. Timbron has national distribution.

Environmental Facts

Timbron International produces a green product. A green product is designed to reduce both the direct and indirect environmental consequence associated with its design, development, manufacturing, distributing, and installation. Timbron premium interior mouldings are comprised of 90% recycled plastics; 75% post-consumer and 15% pre-consumer. Purchasing products with the highest content of recycled material supports the recycling system, reduces waste and conserves resources. Post-consumer recycled material is derived from a product that has been used by the consumer for the duration of its useful life and is then recycled. It has a greater environmental value than pre-consumer recycled material. Timbron has recycled enough waste plastic to fill the Empire State Building – Over 37 million cubic feet. Timbron can be recycled at the end of its useful life, thus creating a closed loop manufacturing system. A closed loop manufacturing system continuously converts discarded materials into new raw materials, reducing waste and conserving energy. Timbron is durable and long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent replacement and use of additional materials. Timbron is waterproof, mold & mildew resistant, and can be left its nice white color after installation. This improves indoor air quality and contributes to a healthy home and environment. Timbron is termite and insect proof, eliminating the need for toxic pesticides.

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Low VOC’s - (Volatile Organic Compounds) are emitted as harmful gasses from certain solids or liquids. In addition to causing health problems they react with sunlight and nitrogen to produce ground level ozone. (At ground level, ozone is harmful to human health, the living environment, and is a major contributor to smog.)

Perfect for the ‘Wet Areas’

Timbron is impervious to moisture and mold and mildew resistant, making it the ideal product to use in areas of the home where moisture is a concern:
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Kitchen Bath Laundry Room Basements

Timbron can stand alone or can be a complementary product to wood and MDF.
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As you know, MDF does not hold up well in areas where moisture is found. Timbron can be sold along with MDF for those areas.

Timbron’s best selling market is Hawaii because of the high humidity. Hawaii is less humid than Houston!

Profile Drawing and Dimensions



Available length 7' 10' 14' 12'

Pieces/ Lbs/ Unit Unit 648

Feet/ Unit

Casing TIM 356 Base Shoe TIM 127 Base TIM 623
Quarter Round TIM 105

2 1/4"

1261 4536 1801 6480 2522 9072 1536 19200

7/16" 3/4"



3 1/4"

12' 16' 8' 12' 16' 12' 16'


1863 4680 2484 6240 1167 10240 1751 15360 2334 20480 2014 4608 2685 6144




Crown TIM 49
Streamline Base LTIM 726



3 5/8"

3/8" 2 1/4"



2016 9600

Closet Pole LTIM 232

1 3/8'



1189 3072

* Custom lengths available upon request.

Installation Guidelines

Cut It! - cuts and copes with precision.
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For power saws, use a 7.5 in. blade with 24 teeth, or a 10 in. blade with 50 teeth. Make a quick cut for precision.

Nail it/Shoot it!
• •

Hand nail with #3 or #4 bright finish nails. With a nail gun, use 16 or 18 gauge finishing brads. Set pressure between 70 and 90 PSI.

Glue It!

Gluing Tip: Use any non-solvent based glue.

Caulk It!
• •

Use a flexible latex based caulk. We suggest products such as DAP: Elastopatch, Dynaflex, 230 or Kwik Seal.

Paint it!
• •

Use any water based interior paint. For long - lasting results, consider using a primer to help your final coat of paint adhere longer.