San Antonio College English as a Second Language Department Spring Semester 2010 (February 22rd – June 11th )

Class: Pre-Level 1 Time: Monday through Friday, 8-11:30 am Location: Building 31A-1

Instructor: Sonia Ortega Voice Mail: (909) 594-5611 ext. 3355 E-mail:

Course Description: Students will develop and practice basic skills in English through listening and speaking and through reading and writing practice. Students will learn life skills, basic grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and basic computer skills. Passing Pre-Level 1 Pass: 70% or higher No Pass: 69% or lower Attendance and Participation – 20% Quizzes – 30% Midterm Test - 10% Final Exam – 15% Homework – 15% Project - 10%

Course Objective: By the end of the course, students will be able to recognize and produce high frequency vocabulary, and provide personal information through speaking and writing. They will be able to communicate and receive messages through the use of basic phrases. Textbook and Materials: • • • English in Action 1 (Foley & Neblett) English in Action1 Workbook Notebook or 3-ring binder

Student Responsibilities: • • • • • Come to class: Tell the instructor if you will be absent or if you will arrive late or leave early. The allowed absences for this class are 33 HOURS. If you miss more than 33 HOURS you will lose your priority for next registration. Turn off your cell phone Be polite and respectful: Listen to the teacher, the tutor, and to fellow classmates when they are speaking. Enter class quietly if you come late. Leave class quietly if you go home early. Speak English in class: Do your best to use English in class. Help other students practice their English. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes! Bring your books and notebook to EVERY CLASS

Mt. San Antonio College English as a Second Language Department Spring Semester 2010 (February 22rd – June 11th )

Measurable Assessment You will be evaluated on your knowledge of basic driving laws, vehicle types, traffic signs, and DMV. Students are required to participate in this assessment. Counseling and Guidance: The ESL office in Building 66 has a counselor/advisor available to help students with visa information, entering Mt. SAC credit classes, problems in school, and other issues. If you need to see a counselor/advisor, please make an appointment in the ESL office in Building 66. College Mission The mission of Mt. SAC is to welcome all students and to support them in achieving their personal, educational, and career goals in an environment of academic excellence. Vision Statement Continuing Education commits to providing educational opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds who are seeking self-improvement, enhanced earning power, increased literacy skills, and access to higher education and employment. Student Learning Goals The ESL department will prepare all ESL students to be: 1. Effective Communicators who ✔ Acquire reading and listening skills ✔ Speak and write to be understood ✔ Work productively as part of a team ✔ Use technology to express ideas 2. Critical Thinks who ✔ Gather, organize, and analyze information from a variety of sources ✔ Form and express a logical opinion or conclusion ✔ Demonstrate problem-solving skills ✔ Apply knowledge to personal, professional, or academic situations 3. Lifelong Learners who ✔ Apply strengths and improve weaknesses ✔ Learn and apply information or skills ✔ Participate productively in the community 4. Self-Directed Individuals who ✔ Set goals, establish, and implement of a plan of action ✔ Work independently ✔ Seek appropriate information and help

Mt. San Antonio College English as a Second Language Department Spring Semester 2010 (February 22rd – June 11th ) Date Week 1: 2/22 – 2/26 Week 2: 3/1 – 3/5 Week 3: 3/8 – 3/12 Week 4: 3/15 – 3/19 Topic Unit 1: Hello Introducing yourself; Present tense Be Unit 2: The Classroom Describing a classroom; Yes/No questions Unit 3: The Family Talking about your family; Adjectives Unit 4: Moving Day Identifying rooms and furniture; Prepositions Unit 5: I’m Busy Describing what is happening; Present continuous tense Unit 8: Money Unit 10: Clothing and Weather Stating Amounts; Describing clothing; Present continuous short questions and answers Unit 11: Food Talking about food; Adverbs of frequency Review Units 1-5, 8, 10, 11 Unit 13: Applying for a Job Describing jobs; Past tense with be Unit 9: Working at the Mall Describing jobs; Wh- questions Unit 12: Finding an Apartment Describing an apartment; There is/There are Unit 7: Downtown Giving directions; Who questions Unit 6: My City Describing a city; Or questions Unit 14: A Visit to the Doctor Identifying parts of the body; Have/Has Unit 15: School Identifying school subjects and activities; Yes/No questions Final Exam Review Notes Quiz: Unit 1 2/26: Class ends 9:45 Quiz: Unit 2 Quiz: Unit 3 1st writing sample Quiz: Unit 4 3/16: Class ends 10:15 3/17: CASAS Quiz: Unit 5

Week 5: 3/22 – 3/26

Week 6: 3/29 – 4/2

3/31: No CLASS Quiz: Units 8 & 10 4/2: Class ends 10:15 Quiz: Unit 11 2nd writing sample 4/14: MIDTERM Quiz: Units 13 4/21 CASAS Quiz: Unit 9 5/4 class ends 10:15am Quiz: Unit 12 Quiz: Unit 7 Quiz: Unit 6 5/26 CASAS SLO Driving Laws & DMV 3rd writing sample 5/31: NO CLASS Quiz: Units 14 & 15 6/9: FINAL EXAM

Week 7: 4/5 – 4/9 Week 8: 4/12 – 4/16 Week 9: 4/19 – 4/23 Week 10: 4/26 – 4/30 Week 11: 5/3 – 5/7 Week 12: 5/10 – 5/14 Week 13: 5/17 – 5/21 Week 14: 5/24 – 5/28

Week 15: 5/31 – 6/4

Week 16: 6/7 – 6/11

Syllabus subject to change with notice from the instructor.