Interdisciplinary – The Holland Project

Rainshadow Community Charter High School – Fall 2009 ID Project Group Syllabus Joe Ferguson *** ***
Course Description: This semester we will be working with The Holland Project, a local youthcentered arts non-profit, on a variety of projects involving local music, arts, activism, and education. The Holland Project is a space ran by young people like you - artists, musicians, activists, students for young people. The class will focus on making our school a place where young people from all over town want to come so they can see or play music, create or view art, lead or partake in a workshop or class, learn new skills, host a gathering, discuss an event, a cause, a movement - a place for you created by you and your peers. Students in this class will be in charge of deciding what kinds of events they would like to organize and carry through with implementation. We will be learning about the need for youth-centered arts and music-based community projects both here in Reno, NV and elsewhere. We will take an active role in the operation of The Holland Project. We will be collaborating with diverse community members who have been active volunteers with Holland on a variety of projects and we will help the community at large develop an appreciation for a youth-run community space where you and your peers can gather and congregate for a wide variety of events, causes, movements, etc. Course Aims and Objectives for this Nine Weeks: Upon completion of this 9-week course of study, students will be able to… - demonstrate their understanding of and the need for youth-centered arts and music based community projects both here in Reno, NV and elsewhere. - take an active role in the operation of The Holland Project by collaborating with volunteers & community members on a variety of tasks designed to help the project move forward. - develop an appreciation for a youth run community space where you and your peers can gather and congregate for a wide variety of events, causes, movements, etc. - help The Holland Project fulfill its mission of becoming a place for art, music and culture designed by young people, for young people. - work with other community and nonprofit groups on a variety of projects related to Holland. - develop and execute at least one large fundraiser for Holland that stays consistent with its mission and beliefs. - Promote, market, and execute musical and other artistic events to show young talent off to the community at-large. - Create individual websites to communicate with classmates and the outside world. Requirements:
Participation in classroom and field activities every day. Record of notes, journal entries, other writings and classroom assignments. Completed portfolio of projects and assignments (see requirements below). Completion of major student-driven projects and presentations.


Week / Dates
1) Jan. 25-28 2) Feb. 1-4 3) Feb. 8-11

Monday - Thursday
Theme: An introduction to the Holland Project. What is the HP all about? Who are the players? How can we get involved? What does this class want to do? No School Monday (Professional Development) Theme: Youth needs and desires. What goals can and should the HP aim to fulfill? What are the needs for the youth of Reno in 2010? What should the HP try to offer? Start to make some plans for after-school programming. Meet more Holland folks. Theme: Other youth-centered organizations. Investigate other youth-based organizations and non-profits. What do they do? Who do they cater to? What is their history, mission?

4) Feb. 15-18 5) Feb. 22-25 6) Mar. 1-4 7) Mar. 8-11 8) Mar. 15-18 9) Mar. 22-25
10) Mar. 29-Apr. 1

11) Apr. 5-8 12) Apr. 19-22 13) Apr. 26-29 14) May 3-6 15) May 10-13 16) May 17-20 17) May 24-27 18) May 31-Jun. 3 19) Jun. 7-9

Theme: The Holland Project’s Mission. Take a look at the Holland Project’s bylaws and mission? Write your own mission. Establish rules for the ‚club.‛ What is your personal mission and goal? No School Monday (President’s Day) Theme: Our first show. Planning and preparing for a show at Rainshadow. How to operate a venue 101. Promotion, setting up the PA, collecting money, operating sound and lights, taking care of the bands, etc. Theme: Financial stability. How to financially sustain a non-profit organization like this. Grant-writing, budgeting, the non-profit vs. for-profit business model. Business plans, branding and marketing our idea to the public. Beginning to plan our big fundraiser. Theme: Local music. What local bands are active right now in Reno? Do they want to play at a Holland event? Putting together our own events at Rainshadow. The ins and outs of show promotion and follow-through. Theme: Local art. What local young artists are active right now in Reno? What galleries are out there? The NMA, Wonder Well, McKinley, etc. Curating an art exhibit. Finding artists who want to show. A Washoe County high schools art competition. Theme: Posters. How to create effective posters and flyers to get people to come out to your events. Date, time, place, cost, etc. Using software like photoshop and learning how to silkscreen posters, shirts, etc. Theme: Workshops galore. What kinds of crafts do we want to work on? What can we learn about and then teach to other kids? Button-making, knitting and crocheting, sticker-making, clothes design, sewing, etc. Learning from crafting pros. Theme: Preserving youth. How can we maintain our youthful ideals well into adulthood? How can we stand out in this world of conformity and never compromise your ideals? Think about your future. No School Monday (Professional Development) Theme: Do it yourself. What have Rainshadow alumni done with their real-world skills and education. What does it take to become a DJ, emcee, to start, maintain, and run your own business. Learning from your slightly older peers. Theme: Consistency. Creating consistent, repeating events that become popular over time. Hearing from the Spoken Views community. Creating our own monthly or even weekly consistent programming. Open mic night, poetry slams, DJ night, etc. Theme: Social Media. Updating our websites that show what we learn. Using social media sites to advance your groups purpose and agenda. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc. What will the social media of the future look like? Theme: Publishing our works. How to publish DIY style and otherwise. Putting together ‘zines of ideas, CDs of music, spoken word, and poetry, showing off our photos and videos, showing our art in collections, etc. No School Monday (Professional Development) Theme: Counter cultures. Looking at the culture of youth. Rebellion, angst, fear, uncertainty and coming of age in the modern world. Putting on the alternative prom for all Reno youth? Making adults pay attention to the leaders of tomorrow. Theme: Summer plans. How can we and Holland use Rainshadow this summer? Creating a place for kids to be when school is out. Summer school opportunities to catch up on credits and graduate on time. Holland summer programming and Artown in July. Theme: Finishing up. Wrapping up the school-year in style. End of the year celebration Holland-style. Summer is almost here and getting ready for a summer of (safe) fun. No School Monday (Memorial Day) Theme: The end. Last week of the semester. Finish portfolios and websites. Course reflection and evaluation. Have a great summer vacation! See you in the fall.

Grading Policy and Assessment: This interdisciplinary course of study is worth approximately 2500 points. It is worth 1 high school elective credit per semester. Point Breakdown: Attendance and Participation – 500 points Completed Work Folder – 500 points - includes notes, journal entries, website updates, mini-projects, quizzes, and other classwork. Major Group and Solo Projects and Presentations – 500 points Completed Rainshadow Online Portfolio – 500 points Club Attendance and Participation – 500 points Portfolio Contents: You will submit components from this course into your Rainshadow portfolio that will showcase your work for the full semester course of study. Your portfolio will contain your best work from this class and will be a demonstration of your skills and growth as a Rainshadow CCHS student. It will be expected that your major projects and several other pieces of work from this class will be components of your portfolio.