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Mr. Trump July 5, 2015

My son Dominic, my only child, was killed by an illegal alien from Guatemala on
July 12, 2012. Dominic was 30 years old; a 911 Dispatcher for the Riverside
Sherriffs Department and named Volunteer of the Year of the City of Moreno
Valley, California. Dominic was also a Pilot and owned his own Cessna, was best
friend to so many people and the kind of man you would want to have for a son in
law. He was an incredible son to me and we were best of friends. His dad and I
divorced after 25 years and Dominic and I shared our home and the bills. We both
enjoyed spending time together and riding our motorcycles. He was very funny
and spoke fluent German. He even called himself German chocolate because of
his heritage being half black, half German.
I was born in Germany (as was Dominic) and became an American citizen 1993.
Everything was done the legal and right way and I had to spend a lot of money
and time, filling out lots of paperwork and getting a medical clearance from a
doctor before I could enter the country.
Dominic and I obeyed the laws of this country, lived a decent and honest life and
yet, our government failed us. It failed us miserably.
Dominic was on his way to work on his motorcycle, when an Illegal Alien from
Guatemala turned his truck in front of my son and killed him instantly. (the killer
had no license, no insurance and no registration)
5:45am on July 12, 2012 my life forever changed and my heart was shattered. My
little family was destroyed and life as I knew it was over.
As if that wasnt enough, the information that came forth added to my grief and I
have been fighting about this issue since the day my son was killed.
The driver of the truck was not only an illegal alien, but he had numerous arrests
on his record, including a Felony Conviction for Armed Robbery and 2 DUIs ( the
second DUI was 3 weeks before he killed my son). He was never deported for any

of those crimes. The killer was in the USA for 8 years and ignored all of our laws,
yet when he was arrested, he demanded that the same laws protect him. He was
arrested at the accident site and placed on ICE hold where he bailed out for
$10 000 cash!!!
Because he was so used to having NOconsequences, he showed up for the court
hearing where the judge made a deal with him and Tzun received a misdemeanor
charge 9 month of jail time ( actually served 35 days) and 5 years probation.
35 days in jail for killing my son!!!!
Because of Dominics popularity, me testifying in Washington D.C. before a House
Judiciary Committee September 2013 and my constant outcry for justice, the
media couldnt ignore all of this. However most stayed away from my story and
many other victims families that I met along the way.
The killer was placed into ICE custody again and it took me many trips to the
Immigration Detention Center that held the killer of my son, letters to the judge
and not giving up. In March of 2014, I was informed that he was finally deported.
I had to do what my government failed to do.
I wrote a open letter to the President about him continuing to invite illegal aliens
to the White House, but never meeting with any of us US citizens who lost so
dearly because of this issue. I also sent a letter by mail on the 26th of June.
Breitbart published my letter and a few days later you spoke out, loud and clear,
about illegal criminals and then sadly the news came out about the young lady
being killed in San Francisco.
WOW, what a combination of events and circumstances that will make a huge
difference. What we as parents of loved ones killed by Illegal Aliens have been
working so hard and praying for, has finally come true. This nasty little secret is
out now and cannot be swept under the carpet any longer, thanks to you.
I have been very vocal and always mentioned that I am not just talking about
Mexican Illegals, but Illegals from ANY country.

Mr. Trump, I am so very grateful to you for saying it like it is and for speaking out.
Many American citizens are affected by this and most are afraid to speak out
because of the backlash.
You however, are fearless and not afraid to speak your mind.
Thank you for not backing up and folding under pressure.
Some people might not like how you said it, but they have to admit it is a huge
I just wanted to reach out and thank you from the bottom of my broken heart.

With much respect and gratitude

Sabine Durden aka DomsMom